Benefits of a Cold Air Intake

Have you thought about adding a cold air intake to your car or truck? Many people claim that it’s one of the easiest and most affordable customizations you can make which adds horsepower to your vehicle. However, unless you’ve actually driven a vehicle with a cold air intake, you’re probably skeptical of such promises.

What Exactly is a Cold Air Intake System?

Unlike other vehicle modifications, a cold air system contains no moving parts or gears. This means once you install it, there’s practically zero chance of it ever breaking. Basically, a cold air intake system is a a box which replaces the air intake, a funnel and a hose leading towards the engine. While there are many different types of systems on the market, most of them are constructed in a similar manner.

How Does a Cold Air Intake System Work?

A cold air intake system does two things – it produces cooler and faster air traveling towards the engine. In turn, this leads to greater combustion power within the engine, increasing your vehicle’s overall horsepower.

All vehicles use an air intake system to pull oxygen into the engine. However, a cold air intake system lowers the temperature of this air by forcing it to travel at greater speeds. When the air travels faster, it has less time to heat up from the engine, therefore it becomes cooler.

Why You Should Use a Cold Air Intake System

Even if you aren’t familiar with engines or auto customization, you probably know by now that more oxygen produces greater motor combustion. The air produced by a cold air intake contains greater amounts of oxygen because it’s more dense. When this dense, oxygen-filled air hits your vehicle’s motor, it’s like feeding fuel to a fire. Your motor will have a significantly greater amount of horsepower and torque with a cold air intake.

In addition to colder air, your engine will also benefit from receiving more air. Cold air intake systems use a funnel which increases the speed and velocity of air traveling to the engine. With more air, there’s greater amounts of oxygen being fed to the engine.

How Much Does a Cold Air Intake Cost?

One of the great things about a cold air intake system is the relatively low cost associated with them. Most systems should only run you a couple hundred bucks and there’s nothing else you’ll ever need to purchase for them. Unlike NOS kits, you don’t have to buy gas canisters or anything else to continue using your cold air intake system. Once you install it, you can continue reaping the benefits of it for years to come.

Cold Air Intake Installation

Time: 1 Hour  of Work

Tools: Phillips screwdriver 

         Teeth screwdriver

         10mm wrench

         10mm bolt spanner

  1. Bought in ebay. Arrived today. Pretty good finishing and the filter is big.

  2. Remove the bolts from both side of bumper with the phillips screwdriver

  3. Remove the bolts under the bumper with the 10mm wrench.

  4. Carefully remove the bumper presses with a little teeth screwdriver. They broke easily. Remove the bumper.

  5. Disconnect the Intake Temperature Sensor and the Oil Return Tube, remove the filter box and remove the bolt that fixes the intake tube and resonator box.

  6. Remove the press that fix the plastic that stops the mud. The picture speaks for it self.

  7. Remove the tube and resonator box.

  8. Tight the armbands. Plug the ITS and the ORT

  9. Fix the filter and tight the armband

  10. To end replace the bumper and store the original parts.