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Agency Power Releases New BMW M5 F10 Carbon Intake

The BMW M5 and M6 V8 twin turbo is already a beast of a vehicle.  But what every turbocharged car needs is more air flow in, and more air flow out.  Well Agency Power has worked directly with the new V8 turbo BMW M5 F10 to develop several performance and styling products.  New for the F10 M5 and F12 M6 is this complete carbon fiber cold air intake kit.  The intake kit replaces the factory OEM air intake system completely.  Utilizing high flow aFe cone air filters, the kit has carbon fiber MAF tubes, carbon fiber heat shields, CNC machined filter adapters, and includes carbon fiber grill scoops.

The CNC machined filter adapters are 3D machined like a velocity stack to efficiently flow air as they are connected to the carbon MAF tubes.  The carbon fiber intake ducts sit behind the trademarked BMW kidney grills which help guide air flow into the intake system.  The pre oiled aFe filters feature the concave front end filter to gain the maximum amount of air flow possible.

As tested on a BMW M5 F10, the intake reduces turbo lag and improves throttle response.  Gaining performance throughout the power curve, the intake also gives your turbocharged engine a more audible tone.  All Agency Power products come with a limited lifetime warranty when you fill out the warranty card here.

Intake kit fits the F10/F12 BMW M5 M6.  Kit includes:

  • 2 x Carbon Fiber MAF Tubes
  • 2 x Carbon Fiber Heat Shields
  • 2 x Carbon Fiber Intake Ducts
  • 2 x CNC Machined intake to coupler adapters
  • 2 x Silicone Couplers

Purchase a BMW Turbo Intake Here

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SRT Viper Rocks a New Agency Power Cold Air Intake

Just the other day this SRT Viper came and got a Corsa Exhaust installed and he is back for more.  So we installed the new Agency Power cold air intake kit on his ride.  Custom powdercoated in white with a red AP logo, the intakes feature our aFe designed AP logo’d air filters for great filtration and horsepower on the V10 engine.  The intake includes an aluminum heat shield tray and CNC machine mounts for the factory sensors.  This is one of the best designed intakes to come out of Agency Power with its quality being second to none.  Check out all the other Agency Power Intakes here.

Intake The Despair

I got a cold air intake for my S2k dirt cheap on Craigslist the other day and set out to install it on Sunday.  What should’ve taken an hour tops took 4 hours because my dumb ass forgot man invented tongue-and-groove pliers.  Funny thing is I remember removing and installing intakes before, yet my brain thought it’d be cute to omit the one tool used to properly and easily removing hoses.

I started by removing the stock air box before futilely yanking and cussing at the first hose… ended up cutting it out of rage and frustration.  The next hose wasn’t long enough to allow the same luxury.  Neither were the third or fourth, so I started trying different experiments with different combinations of tools for hours before my confidence started wavering.  I can’t do this… I can’t put it back to stock either cause I cut the main hose.  Then, that rusty light bulb in my head flickered on: FUCKING TONGUE & GROOVE PLIERS JOE!

I was in a state of despair in the most literal sense.  Seriously, I thought I was fucked, with a dismantled stock intake system, cut hoses and a car parked in an un-towable area.  But the long story short is I finished the rest in an hour.  Here’s the outcome (I’ve since replaced the colorful rubber bands with zip-ties) 😄 :

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Nissan 350Z Gen II Boosts Up Power from Injen

Nissan wanted to make a comeback to the sports car market after their giant success with the 300zx.  The 240sx was ok at the time, but nobody could predict its heavy drifting involvement today.  So they worked on the new Nissan 350Z.  This Z came out in 2 generations.  The first being the 03-06 and then the 07-08.  On the Gen 2 models, though they looked identical, there were some variances in the engine and performance.  One of the biggest one was the dual intake setup.  What becomes just about everyones first modification of a intake and exhaust was definitely done here.  So our customer equipped his 2007 Z with the Injen cold air intake kit.  Injen has been around a long long time making intakes, exhausts, intercoolers for different cars worldwide.  With their California based R&D department and manufacturing, they ensure each product makes justifiable horsepower and reliability.  This cold air intake is no different.  As you can see from the customers install pictures, it snakes around to be in the perfect spot for drawing in cooler air.  Cooler air to the engine means an increase in performance.  Check out the pictures below and some of the customers installation tips.  Shop all our Nissan 350Z Performance Parts here.

Installation Advice by customer:

1. The removal of the Strut Tower Bar should be done after releasing the pressure by loosening the outer large bolts on the drivers side of the Strut. Counting the turns of the center nut should be done so reinstallation can go smoothly. Reinstallation: Once the 4 nuts on the passenger and drivers side are tight ( always a good idea to mark where the bolts were), retention the center nut and then tighten the outer nuts so tension is maintained. If this is not done correctly, while cornering the strut tower will not perform its job.

2. An additional note should be made with the horns to say that the wiring should be placed in front of the horns and not behind where they could rub against the radiator.

3. Figure 31 shows the placement of the new horn bracket and reads: ” The assembled horns and bracket are now lowered behind the bumper area and attached to the drivers side stock location.” It should read the Passenger side stock location.

4. Figure 36: Installation of the Silicone Intake Hoses. There were no notes to include that on the passenger side there is a stock Oil Cooler. The passenger side Silicone Hose presses on those hoses leading to the oil cooler in front of the passenger side lower radiator. Luckily the hoses are protected, but with the usage of that extra space, you will not be able to get the left side bumper plastic fastener back in the supplied bracket… fig 20 and 38.

Overall a great install

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New SRT Viper Cold Air Intake Released with Dyno Video

They say there is no replacement for displacement, at that is certainly the truth with the SRT Viper V10 engine. However what a big block likes is more air flow to keep that thirsty engine crankin away. The Viper’s performance has been well engineered, but there is always a couple more ponies that can be squeezed out. Agency Power has developed this new cold air intake kit for the 2013+ SRT Viper. The air intake kit is a complete replacement for the stock intake box. Feeding directly from the hood scoop, the new Agency Power intake gets its air via high flow aFe advanced cone air filters with front conical inlets. The filters feed into two separated 3.5 inch ID aluminum tubes with CNC machined sensor mounts. The tubes which are powdercoated wrinkled black, are joined together with a elegant CNC machined AP logo bridge plate. Finally, the intake connects to the stock intake manifold with a pair of AP logo silicone couplers.

As tested on the dyno, the cold air intake made significant gains in the mid to top end RPM range. With peak gains of about 15 horsepower, the cold air intake enhanced the engine sound “100 times over stock”, according to one driver. The cold air intake kit includes all hardware and heat shield needed for installation. Designed to work on 2013+ SRT Viper V10 vehicles. View pricing and more information here.