cold winter ahead

We once again have reached the solstice and cross the threshold into Winter. Remember that the dark cold days and shorter period of sunlight have an emotionally taxing effect on the human mind/psyche. Have great patience, understanding, and forgiveness during this time for your fellow beings, as well as yourself. Gather strength, love, and warmth from family and friends during this time, as the animals gathered up sustenance for the cold winter days ahead. Work to put away your anger, frustrations, and agitations and reflect on the past year with thanks, appreciation, and strive for betterment in the coming new year…I shall meet you in that place where there is no darkness, that we might all live in love and peace.  ~Robert Herd~

TORONTO AREA: I’m making care packages for the homeless population in the Toronto area. If you are interested in donating or helping please send me a message.

I called shelters around Toronto and these are the most needed items. Many of these can be purchased at the dollar store. Even if you just write a nice note or reblog, every bit counts!

Let’s make a difference and make people feel loved and cared about in these very cold harsh winter months ahead.

“Soddin’… Ugh.” Remus angrily flopped down on his back on the bed, giving up on putting on his shoes. The battered combat boots had caught his attention when he’d been browsing a thrift shop in Muggle London, and he’d mainly bought them because he thought they’d offer him warmth in the cold winter months still ahead of him. Yet with the two pairs of socks he wore (they all had holes in them in different places and he was still perfecting the nifty spell to fix them) he couldn’t even pull them over his heel.

“Alright there, mate?” James’ head popped around the curtains of his bed, hair a messy nest on top of his head.

“Yeah.” Remus replied, and slowly sat up again. “Just can’t put on my shoes.” He wiggled his foot in James’ direction to emphasise his point.

“What’s wrong with Moony’s shoes?” Was the only warning before a mess of limbs and clothes flopped onto his bed. “They were just fine last semester, right?” He rolled on his stomach to look over the edge of Remus’ bed. When his eyes caught sight of the combat boots, he gasped. “Whoa. Those are the coolest shoes ever! Gimme.” He reached for one of them, making grabbing motions like a child until Remus handed one over.

“Doesn’t matter how cool they look because they don’t fit.” Remus said morosely, giving the other boot a regretful look. Seems they had been a waste of money after all.

Sirius had managed to grab one of the boots and put it on over his pyjama pants. “If you don’t want them, I’ll take them.”

“What am I going to wear then? Can’t really walk through the snow barefooted, now can I?” It was so typical for Sirius to jump on any muggle piece of clothing he could get his hands on, he thought, as he watched Sirius gush about the shoes.

Sirius looked up, reluctant to tear his eyes away from the shoes for even a moment. His face was etched in a frown as he looked from the shoes to Remus. As sudden as the frown had appeared, his expression brightened. “Mother got me a pair of shoes for Christmas. You’ll probably like ‘m, they’re very decent.” He said the word as if it was something very disgusting, which made Remus laugh.

The shoes Sirius pulled from underneath his bed him were a rich, warm brown leather, that seemed to change tint in the morning light. They were the most beautiful shoes Remus had ever seen in his life.

“They’re en vogue, at the moment, apparently.” Sirius said with a sneer. “Dragon’s hind. I hate them, so you can wear them.” He all but threw them at Remus, who only barely managed to catch them before they hit him in the face, and turned back to admire the combat boots. “These are way better.”

James, who had up until then been watching them interact, snorted loudly, pushing himself up and stretching. “Now that that’s sorted, I am getting dressed and going for breakfast. Is Pete up?”

“I’m awake.” Came a sleepy voice from underneath the covers of the fourth bed in their dormitory.

“Excellent!” James said, voice muffled with the pyjama shirt already half over his head. “I’m starving, so hurry up, you two.” He made his way to their bathroom, shaking his hips to the cheerful tune he was whistling. Remus vaguely recognised it from last summer’s Top of the Pops, which had been non-stop background music when he had spent a week at the Potter’s. With a smile he turned his attention back to the shoes, which seemed to become more fancy the longer he looked at them.

Sirius had kicked the boot off again and was changing into his uniform. Remus wondered if it was really necessary for Sirius to do so in front of Remus’ bed, but he didn’t say anything. As soon as he was semi-dressed, Sirius sat down next to him, and poked the shoes with a slender index finger. “They change size depending on your feet. So you can wear as many socks as you like.”

Remus gave the shoes another admiring look, awed at the inventiveness of wizard designers, before a thought suddenly crossed his mind. “You sure your parents didn’t hex them to bite your toes?”

Sirius threw his head back and laughed. “There’s always a chance that happens. You’ll have to try them on to find out.”

Yet when Remus slid his feet in the shoes, nothing terrible happened. He waited one, two, three terrifying seconds, but all his toes were still there, and the only thing the shoes did was fit around his feet with a very satisfying zingg. Remus admired how they looked on his feet, and when he got up, he almost sighed in relief at how comfortable they felt. He didn’t even mind that they made his robes look even shabbier than they actually were.


“Yeah, you too.” Sirius replied, and tucked his trousers in the boots, tugging at the laces. “I look so punk rock right now.”

They shared a grin, and Remus opened his mouth to say something, when James strutted back in the room and his eyes fell on the lump in Peter’s bed. “Merlin, Pettigrew, get your ass out of there or I will drag you out!”