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Lake Baikal - Russia 

Lake Baikal is a rift lake in southern Siberia. It the worlds largest freshwater lake (by volume), and with a depth of 1642 at its deepest point, it is also the worlds deepest lake. With the purest freshwater on the planet, in many places on the lake, the ice is completely transparent. It has been reported that you can see 40m below the ice in some of these places. 

On shore, the lake has many grottoes, that form impressive icicles during winter. During the summer, the beaches are also great for fishing, and river rafting.

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can you do 56 from the things you said prompts with peter parker please ?

Peter Parker + things you said in the spur of the moment

A/N: Heyy thanks for requesting enjoy bb!

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A shriek emits from your mouth as cold water hits your bare arm, making you drop the hose in your hand.

“Peter! I’m going to kill you!”

Peter’s laugh sounds from the other side of the car and then another splash of water lands on your other arm. 

It was mid-June, a very hot day, perfect for a water fight. Or so Peter had decided. And of course, he had to use his powers to his advantage.

“Peter,” you start, stepping cautiously around the driveway “I swear if you splash o-” a cold bucket of water is dumped over your head.

A look of disbelief crosses your face as you turn around to look at Peter. Who looks like he is about to die of how much he’s laughing.

Although you’re really fucking mad at him for drenching you in cold water, your heart can’t help but leap as you look at his laughing form. Crinkles form in his eyes whenever he laughs like this, which of course you found absolutely enduring. Yup, you had been crushing on Peter since the beginning of summer, where you two grew incredibly close. He had told you he was Spider-man when you two got out of sophomore year and you felt special from the fact that he had trusted you. Then you realized you were in love with him and your world came to your feet. Now, you had to deal with him looking adorable 99.9% of the time without being able to kiss him.

“I’m sorry,” Peter breathes out, trying to stop his laughing, “I couldn’t help it.”

He finally regains his composure, now being able to look at your pouting face. Your brow is furrowed, making you look like a mad puppy. 

He giggles slightly again, making your angry face morph into one of confusion.

“What’s so funny, huh? Because this is definitely not funny.”

Peter lets out an involuntary laugh again, causing you to slap him on the shoulder. “Peter, it’s not funny,” you say, but the smile on your face speaks the contrary. 

He’s about to say something when a streak of sunlight slips through the trees overhead, giving you an angelic glow. To all your friends, it was a very painful thing to see how both of you were so fucking in love yet so fucking oblivious. And maybe to Peter the possibility of you actually liking him as more than a friend was utterly impossible.

A small smile makes its way to your face and Peter’s cheeks burn red when he realizes he’s been staring.

He feels his head touch cold water and then now he sees the water balloon in your hand and the huge smile on your face. “[Y/N]! Seriously?!” 

You both burst out into laughter and then Peter accidently blurts out without thinking:

“You’re really beautiful.”

Your laughter ceases into nervous giggling and Peter’s eyes widen like saucers.He tries to stutter out an apology, for what he doesn’t know. Because it’s not like he was lying or anything. Just as he begins to form a coherent apology, another water balloon hits his chest, making the awkward tension disappear.

“[Y/N], you are so gonna get it.”

It’s almost new year and that’s why I spend 3,90€ (pretty much $4) for this:

Casting tin is pretty popular way to predict your next year here in Finland. All you need is:

- Ladle for casting tin
- tin horseshoes
- bucket
- cold water
- stove or fireplace
- candle and fire

When you have all those, your first job is to fill a bucket with cold water (pretty much half full)

Now start to melt those tin horseshoes one at the time:

When it’s melted, throw that melted tin in the bucket. Do it fast!

Now tin is cold and hard so you can just pick it up and let next one melt their on horseshoes. (remember, everyone have one horseshoe so you do one and when it’s done, let another person melt their horseshoe until everyone have their own)

Now when you have those weird looking tin lumps, you have to get a candle and look at those tin lump’s shadows and try to figured out what those are

….. Is that Oogie Boogies head? seriously…. (monster means unnecessary fears)

That’s koala! look at those big ears!!! (love of adventure)

sailboat!!! …. right? Stan-o-war!!!! Let me keep that!!! (adventure)

That’s a grim reaper sailing with a rowing boat…. right? (leave the past behind)

twig? I don’t have imagination… (new possibilities)

That’s a hand!!! (helping or warning that don’t trust people… is there a six fingers ;3 Fooooord~)

That’s a ghost!!! A tiny ghost! (same as the grim reaper)

The Moment I Knew pt. 1

Taylor was in ecstasy. Complete and utter bliss. At least, she was about to be. Adam was moving in and out of her and she could feel her body losing control. And then, she felt as if a cold bucket of water had been dumped on her head when she heard an unwelcome noise coming from the hallways. She’d become accustomed to the sounds that the cats would make and the creaks of her house but this was something else. Her hands pushed against Adam’s broad shoulders and he stopped thrusting, looking at her, confused. She held a finger to her lips, making sure he stayed quiet.

And there it was again. Footsteps. Adam heard it this time and looked over his shoulder, concerned. Taylor, frantically, moved to pull the sheet over her naked body.

“What is that?” she mouthed to Adam. He shrugged and pulled out of her, rolling over to his side of the bed and grabbing his discarded boxers. He slid them on and reached for the t-shirt that had been on Taylor earlier in the night.

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It’s not often when I’m reading erotica, (and certainly not when I am editing it because then I have my Professional head on) that I have to pause and get up and walk away from the computer and do a circuit of the house because I’m Having A Crisis but uh…I think…I think @deadcatwithaflamethrower might have broke me because I’m, I’m clutching my face and I’m pretty certain there’s…there’s flames coming out of my ears.

Holy fuck.

monpian answered your question “so is there any official explanation for the state of kaz’s eyes by…”

No but he got tortured by soviets, they go for the eyes (like Volgin went for BB’s eyes) Looks like a chemical burn but most likely sun/light burn from “bright” comment. Either way cornea damage still allows for visibility and heals over time

the only reason i can’t get behind these scenarios is that he explicitly states that his eyes were not damaged during his vacation with the soviets [’did they do something to your eyes?’ ‘no, it’s just bright’] point blank question, point blank response. eyes which were, aside from that cozy shiner and as far as i could tell, clear at the time. Idk man I’m feeling like, bar an official explanation the options are 1] a dropped plot thread involving parasitism, 2] degenerative damage & trauma {eh} or 3] visual cue indicating someone who has lost the ability to ‘see clearly’ i.e his fixation with and determination to recreate a past that is unrecoverable and his descent into shadow boxing paranoia as the story progresses

liking this diy narrative tho

“So the metropolitan area (most of north Puerto Rico) has been in drought since May and by now the 2 major lakes have dried up and have about 15 days (approximately) of water.

We don’t have water for 5 days and only get one day so we can refill the tanks and stuff. So the west part has water and it supplies some water to some parts of the north which are like the tourist areas (where my school is) and the schools around the area close early and do not have school on fridays.

One problems we face are the majority of students shower by cold bucket water and we’re afraid that this will last until December (it was forecasted to last until then) but its a phenomenon called “el nino” which causes the water to overheat and give no rain.“

My friend kttinlove’s experience with the drought. (She’s on mobile and cant get on a computer atm so I posted it for her!!)

Okay so i occasionally have “episodes” of anger/frustration where i feel really violent and want to break things. A “self help” post on this website suggested to smash icecubes to release the destructive urge.

that didnt work actually it made it worse

my therapist told me that a good way to help is to dunk just your face into cold water (in a bucket/tub/sink/etc) and hold it there for 15-30 seconds (or as long as you can hold your breath). 

This activates a “diving reflex” in your brain (your body thinks you are diving underwater) that will lower your heart rate and calm you down

Mind you, this only lasts 20-30 minutes so when you are calmed (even a bit) try to distract yourself. watch a funny video. draw something. talk to someone. play with your pet

it should help