cold water bucket

It’s not often when I’m reading erotica, (and certainly not when I am editing it because then I have my Professional head on) that I have to pause and get up and walk away from the computer and do a circuit of the house because I’m Having A Crisis but uh…I think…I think @deadcatwithaflamethrower might have broke me because I’m, I’m clutching my face and I’m pretty certain there’s…there’s flames coming out of my ears.

Holy fuck.


If you gotta be sick, might as well milk it for all it’s worth.

Or in which Akashi lets him self be spoiled when sick. Furi calls him a big baby for it (cuz he is) but this is also one of the rare times when Akashi let’s himself be spoiled. Furi’s grumbling is all for show. He actually likes to spoil his Tofu Dork rotten. So Furi takes advantage of Akashi being sick as well. So win-win for both of ‘em. ^^