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For Shiro prompts: Uliro & some sort of culture shock scenario!

I went more for culture confusion haha. BUT THANK YOU I WANTED A ULIRO PROMPT. 

The lake shimmered, speckles of light catching and twisting in the air. It was an alarming shade of pink, but the rest of the Paladins had stumbled into the waters without a care. Well, Keith hadn’t, but Hunk had just picked him up and carried him into the water anyway. The furious howl turned to snickering giggles as the four Paladins tackled and subsequently tried to drown each other in the lake.

Shiro eyed them all for a moment before rolling over onto his stomach, squirming happily as the sun sizzled down his spine. The breeze was heavy enough to maintain a relatively cool temperature. The umbrella beside him shaded the soles of his feet; his metal arm was tucked under a cool towel, hidden from the prickling rays of the sun. Shiro yawned, closing his eyes. Beyond, he could make out the quiet chatter of Allura and Coran, the shriek as Pidge was hefted up and likely thrown into the lake, Lance’s proclamation that no one could dunk him, and Hunk and Keith’s rebuttal that he was going down.

It was – nice.

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Lake Baikal - Russia 

Lake Baikal is a rift lake in southern Siberia. It the worlds largest freshwater lake (by volume), and with a depth of 1642 at its deepest point, it is also the worlds deepest lake. With the purest freshwater on the planet, in many places on the lake, the ice is completely transparent. It has been reported that you can see 40m below the ice in some of these places. 

On shore, the lake has many grottoes, that form impressive icicles during winter. During the summer, the beaches are also great for fishing, and river rafting.

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can you do 56 from the things you said prompts with peter parker please ?

Peter Parker + things you said in the spur of the moment

A/N: Heyy thanks for requesting enjoy bb!

Tags: @heyitsbabycindy @alessandra-writes @theregoesximena

A shriek emits from your mouth as cold water hits your bare arm, making you drop the hose in your hand.

“Peter! I’m going to kill you!”

Peter’s laugh sounds from the other side of the car and then another splash of water lands on your other arm. 

It was mid-June, a very hot day, perfect for a water fight. Or so Peter had decided. And of course, he had to use his powers to his advantage.

“Peter,” you start, stepping cautiously around the driveway “I swear if you splash o-” a cold bucket of water is dumped over your head.

A look of disbelief crosses your face as you turn around to look at Peter. Who looks like he is about to die of how much he’s laughing.

Although you’re really fucking mad at him for drenching you in cold water, your heart can’t help but leap as you look at his laughing form. Crinkles form in his eyes whenever he laughs like this, which of course you found absolutely enduring. Yup, you had been crushing on Peter since the beginning of summer, where you two grew incredibly close. He had told you he was Spider-man when you two got out of sophomore year and you felt special from the fact that he had trusted you. Then you realized you were in love with him and your world came to your feet. Now, you had to deal with him looking adorable 99.9% of the time without being able to kiss him.

“I’m sorry,” Peter breathes out, trying to stop his laughing, “I couldn’t help it.”

He finally regains his composure, now being able to look at your pouting face. Your brow is furrowed, making you look like a mad puppy. 

He giggles slightly again, making your angry face morph into one of confusion.

“What’s so funny, huh? Because this is definitely not funny.”

Peter lets out an involuntary laugh again, causing you to slap him on the shoulder. “Peter, it’s not funny,” you say, but the smile on your face speaks the contrary. 

He’s about to say something when a streak of sunlight slips through the trees overhead, giving you an angelic glow. To all your friends, it was a very painful thing to see how both of you were so fucking in love yet so fucking oblivious. And maybe to Peter the possibility of you actually liking him as more than a friend was utterly impossible.

A small smile makes its way to your face and Peter’s cheeks burn red when he realizes he’s been staring.

He feels his head touch cold water and then now he sees the water balloon in your hand and the huge smile on your face. “[Y/N]! Seriously?!” 

You both burst out into laughter and then Peter accidently blurts out without thinking:

“You’re really beautiful.”

Your laughter ceases into nervous giggling and Peter’s eyes widen like saucers.He tries to stutter out an apology, for what he doesn’t know. Because it’s not like he was lying or anything. Just as he begins to form a coherent apology, another water balloon hits his chest, making the awkward tension disappear.

“[Y/N], you are so gonna get it.”

Pull my hair (the wrong way) - Request

Requested by @narsissisticcracker:  Benedict x Reader fic based on the quote from Ben: “Pull the hair on my head the wrong way, and I would be on my knees begging for mercy. I have very sensitive follicles.” no smut please just lots of fluff and kissing, makeout scene. With the hair pulling…..Yeah. 

Pairing: Benedict x reader

Word count: 1.184

Warnings: None.

A/N: Some fluff for the cumberbitches. 


Originally posted by bethereinagiphy

Benedict was always busy with work. His multiple roles were demanding, and his professionalism and fine manners were also a huge influence to his need of being early to work every single day and leaving until everybody was done working – which means he was the last one to leave.

(Y/N) knew it was important for him, that every character had a big space in his humongous heart. From the Frankenstein Monster, to a dragon in a castle, all the way to a consultant detective. Benedict loved them all, and was willing to give his whole to them.

She missed him, but she never said anything, because she didn’t want to be the kind of girlfriend to discourage her partner just because she wants more attention. Besides, whenever he had free time, Benedict would dedicate solely it to her.

He was the most loving boyfriend in the world. His kind heart and warm soul were more than enough to make her day better just by giving her a boyish grin every morning. He would come home, willing to cuddle with her in spite of being extremely tired, and during the weekend he would wake up early to make her breakfast – which they would eat in bed – and he always had little details; like tiny gifts from his trips, or flowers just because they were pretty, or he would take her out for dinner, or suggest to stay home and re-watch her favourite TV shows. Benedict loved her, and he liked to show it through small actions like so.

Benedict would also call her through video call every night whenever he was out of town. That week, Ben had gone out to Italy to the press tour of his brand new movie. (Y/N) had to stay for work, so she couldn’t join him, but was patiently waiting for him to come back and stay home for a whole week of rest.

“Hello, love.” She greeted as Ben’s face appeared on the screen. The man instantly smiled.

“Hiiii!” He chanted, waving his hand.

“How’s Italy?” She asked.

“Italian.” Benedict joked, and they couldn’t help but to laugh. Those video calls were usually simple as hell, and so they would laugh at everything and anything. “Italy is fine; it’s gorgeous, as usual, but it’s not the same without you.”

“I miss you too, my dear.” She said. Benedict nodded, and (Y/N) caught a tiny glimpse of his background – he was outside. “Why aren’t you at the hotel?”

“Too loud.” Benedict replied instantly, “The whole cast and staff decided it is an amazing day to celebrate the release of the film.”

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt you to celebrate with them.” She suggested.

“I wanted to be with you.” Ben mumbled, “I can’t wait to be on holiday so we can spend it together without any interruption.”

“I know, me too.” She whispered as her eyes watered slightly.

“But it will be very soon. Oh, hello, Mrs. Trent.” Ben greeted their neighbour. “As I was saying, it will be very soon.”

“Yes… Wait a second.” Her eyes widened and Benedict chuckled at her reaction. “Are you really here?”

“Just open the door, England is freezing compared to Italy.” He didn’t have to ask her twice. (Y/N) jumped out of bed, leaving the laptop there, and ran outside to the door.

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Mitsunari prompt

He had gone tearing down the hall, almost taking down an errant retainer in his path. He stumbled once, then again, playing off the retainer for balance before shoving him aside once he righted himself. Mitsunari’s breath burned a trail down his throat that bloomed out into his lungs. 

He could hear Sakon shouting from the corridor, just outside the door to his library. “What happened!? Where are you going!?”

He should go back– if Sakon opened that door now, he would see more than Mitsunari wanted him to. Instead, his feet just kept going, slapping the hardwood floor beneath him, carrying him past the grand hall, then around the side by the servants’ quarters, further from the castle. 

Outside in the open air, he registered a curious mix of two different sensations– slippery and sleek under one foot, and bumpy and uneven under the other. It wasn’t until he crumpled in a heap, in the rock garden, that he realized he had run himself right out of one of his sandals. 

It was probably in a hallway somewhere, but as he lay down against the gravel, all that mattered was how deliciously the sheen of sweat covering him mixed with the ghostly touch of the chilled wind. The sweet prickling sensation simultaneously calmed him and cleared his mind.

It was a few moments before he caught his breath, and in the meanwhile, he berated himself for losing control the way he had, each thought like a hammer striking hot iron: ‘how could you?’ ‘what were you thinking?’ ‘what have you done?’

Still panting wildly, Mitsunari shifted on top of the gravel, feeling the cool touch of the pebbles pooling beneath him. He opened his eyes and turned his gaze to the overcast sky above him, seeing the colorless sky with its moody gray clouds, but not really looking at it.

A sound escaped him on a sigh. A grim, self-depreciating chuckle.

“She’ll probably tell me I’ll catch a cold out here like this.” The sound of his own voice startled him, as he hadn’t meant to speak aloud, and he was glad for the solitude of the small, lonely garden. Feeling self-conscious, he clamped his lips together and listened to make sure that he really was alone.

“That…” he began aloud once more, feeling sheepish. 

‘pull it together,’ he thought, sighing as he rolled up into a sitting position. 

“…shameful…dullard,” it came out as a painful whisper and he could feel his heart tear in one direction and splinter in the other. 

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passengers (2820)

one week before hyperion reaches habitat 7, the pathfinder team is brought out of cryogenic stasis. their first obstacle: shouldering the weight of what they’ve left behind.

scott ryder/liam kosta. 5886 words, sfw, falling in love over improper use of the tempest group chat. written for fun 15 days before andromeda’s launch so everything is Probably Very Wrong

DISCLAIMER: this fic is not based explicitly on the andromeda gameplay that’s been revealed so far, but there are still a few canon bits hidden here and there. if you don’t want to read spoilers then please don’t read.

The first thing Liam Kosta thinks after six-hundred years of cryogenic stasis is: Am I awake?

And then, when it’s apparent that he is: We made it, right? Did we make it?

And after that he isn’t thinking much of anything but thank God, thank God– are the others–? Oh my God, thank God, because no amount of experience in the field could really prepare anybody for something like this, and they’d known that going in.

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12x11: Regarding Dean

Aubrey’s Challenge: Write a fic about each episode in season 12.

Word Count: 1082

Version en Español  –  PREVIOUS EPISODE

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

“Oh, shit!” Your exclamation rang through the room just as the bowl in front of you caught on fire and your phone started ringing. The walls of your house started melting away and all of the hard edges softened as your new test-drug started taking effect.

You nearly ignored the phone, but a glance at the screen showed all of the letters of Rowena’s name floating around. Maybe she could help you fine-tune this spell. “Row! Look, I may have just made a mistake.”

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I reblogged the original post by @whumpcity with my fic attached but I figured I’d just post it here as well! HUGE props to them for coming up with this idea! It made my night. 

Keith walked into the decontamination chamber, a bucket and rag in hand. He let out a deep sigh as he dropped the items next to him and began to soak the rag. With all of the action and far too many Zarkon attacks, and the Castle of Lions was looking a little worse for wear. Allura had the bright idea of taking this rare day of peace to do a little “spring cleaning”, recruiting the paladins to help and do their part.

“We should be training… who knows when Zarkon will attack next. This chamber is literally a washing machine. How could it get dirty??” Keith muttered to himself as he took a breath to settle the frustration bubbling in his chest before beginning to use the rag and wipe off what seemed to be some sort of soap scum off the walls. He finished that section as he stood up straight, exhaling as he wiped the sweat off his brow with the back of his gloved hand. “This is going to take forever.” He sighed as he leaned his hand against the wall to support himself, opening his eyes wide and looking at his hand as he heard a loud beep. His palm was resting against the control panel. Keith let out a gasp his hand reeling back as his body tensed, looking toward the exit as the door slammed shut, the room now illuminating in a pulsing red light. “Crap!” he pressed the button again, then repeatedly before slamming his fist on it—nothing. He ran over to the windowed door panel as he began pounding on the glass. “HEY! ANYONE OUT THERE!” he started yelling, hoping one of his teammates happened to be walking by. He took a steeling breath, telling himself to calm down, though his fears soon escalated when panels in the walls opened with a hiss, water beginning to pour out of them. Keith’s heart froze as he spun around, both fists now pounding on the door, screaming. “HELP!!”

Lance had been down the hall a bit, humming to himself as he moved the Altean equivalent of a broom across the floor. His (or should he say Pidge’s) headphones were on the fritz again, so he had to deal with the silence and his own voice to pass the time. He danced along the hallway, doing his best to make this mundane task as fun and entertaining as possible, when he heard a noise from down the hall. He frowned standing up straight, squinting down the dim hallway as if that would help him hear better.


Before he even knew what was going on, Lance had dropped the broom and was booking it down the hallway. That was Keith’s voice, and he sounded panicked. His eyes shot wide as he came up to the door and, subsequently, Keith. At this time, the room had filled almost half way with water, almost causing Keith to start floating. “LANCE!!” Keith shouted, his voice obviously hoarse from the screaming. “OPEN THE DOOR!”

“U-uh, okay!” Lance jumped before scrambling to the panel next to the door, hitting the button.


He hit it a few more times before looking back at Keith, “it won’t open!”

The water was spilling in faster now as Keith had to wade in the water to stay afloat.

Keith’s heart raced as he looked around for anything that could be of use to him. “Figure out a way to get the door open!!” he yelled before he swam over to where the bucket was floating. He grabbed it and looked down at the control panel he had initially pressed, which was now submerged. He took a deep breath and swam down into the cold water, grabbing the bucket by the sides as he began to hit the panel with the bottom of the aluminum-like bucket. He got a few good hits on it before he had to come up for air—which was decreasing. The water level was getting close to the ceiling. Keith’s head emerged as he took a few gasping breaths. He had another 30 seconds max before the entire room was submerged.


Lance was trying not to panic as he looked around for something to damage the outside control panel with. His head shot back down the hallway as he took off, sprinting toward the broom he had dropped earlier. He slid across the floor grabbing it as he turned to run back.

Keith’s hands were pressed against the ceiling as he took the last few deep breaths of oxygen the room had before it was completely submerged. He grabbed the bucket again, swimming over to the panel as he hit it a few more times before realizing the energy he was exerting only depleted the little oxygen he had left. He swam over to the window, watching as Lance stabbed at the control panel with the handle of the broom.

His chest ached, begging for the air he was refusing to give it. He hit the door a few more feeble times before his eyes began to drift shut, his body automatically trying to breathe in as an inhale full of water entered his body. He struggled for a moment, his vision began to darken as his oxygen starved body began to shut down.

So this was how he was going to die. Not fighting Zarkon. Not saving the universe. But by accidently hitting a damn button and drowning.

Lance screamed as he stabbed the buttons as hard as he could one last time, the panel shattering as the door hissed and raised, a wall of water swelling out from the room. Lance gasped and tried to brace himself but the wall of water knocked him off his feet and sent him sliding a good twenty feet away from the chamber. As soon as he could regain his footing, he scrambled up running to his fellow paladin who laid limp on the wet ground.

“KEITH! Oh god, oh god, oh god”

He grabbed Keith pulling him onto his back as he immediately began doing compression pumps on his chest. “1…2…3…”

He leaned down, pinching Keith’s nose as he blew air into his mouth.

“Keith, come on buddy, breathe!”

Again. “1…2…3!” Blow.


After the third time, Keith’s lungs reacted as he turned to the side away from Lance coughing up water and gasping for breath.

Lance’s body crumbled in relief as he held onto Keith’s shoulder and rubbed his back, “y-you’re okay, you’re okay.” He said with a shaky, strained voice.

Keith could only nod, holding his chest as his lungs burned with the air it had so desperately seeked.

After a moment, Keith had gotten his breathing a bit more under control. “Come on.” Lance said as he stood up, helping Keith up and supporting him as they began walking toward the med bay. “Let’s go get dried off.”

Forgiven: 707/MC

based on a prompt someone on AO3 gave me where Seven and MC get into their first big fight

Summary: Saeyoung says something incredibly stupid in a fit of rage, now he has to redeem himself.

Words: 2740

Rating: T (some swearing)

This was bad. He was allowed to hate himself, for many years he did just that, the reality of it never really bothered him but this … no this was too much to take in. It started with a snide comment, one of his own regrettably, that was spoken out of jealousy and worry. She had returned late, as she had done more frequently as of late, and Saeyoung was beside himself with desperation. Even though she’d told him that day’s meeting would be at one of the benefactors private cottages out in the countryside, meaning no chance to peep on security feeds, Saeyoung had tried anyways. All day he spent trying to worm his way into personal home security feeds, or the cameras installed in the chauffeur vehicles she’d be riding in to no avail. In fact he’d ignored his own work completely in an attempt to track her down; he was unaccustomed to not seeing her for long periods of time. Not to mention that her cellphone was seemingly out of battery or she were in a no-service zone for she’d neglected to respond to any of his text messages. In truth he was beside himself and as each minute passed his aggravation and irrational frustration swelled.  Saeran, who was almost entirely normalized to his brother’s oddly possessive behaviour was even slightly taken aback. When he came in to tell him he’d be going out with Yoosung and Zen in a while Saeyoung barely paid him any heed.

“Oi, did you hear what I just said-” Saeran grumbled, eyeing his brother as his fingers worked speedily at his keyboard.

“Be quiet for a moment would ya?” Saeyoung grunted in response, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture, screen glare reflected in his lenses.

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Clairvoyance - Kaldur x Reader

Prompt: Can you do a Halloween one where the reader uses tarrot cards to read the future for the yj-members at megan’s request and when she lays them for Kaldur she suddenly gets red and starts stammering since the cards just told her that they would marry and they are not even officially dating yet, so she has no idea how to deal with that or what to tell the waiting Kaldur?

“Can I just say that this is a gross misuse of my powers and we’re most definitely going to get in trouble for taking Dr. Fate’s tarot cards.” You reminded the group who sat around you in a circle eagerly waiting for you to begin the tarot reading.

“I prefer to think we’re just borrowing them.” Wally argued. “Besides where’s your holiday spirit [Y/N]! If we have to be stuck here on Halloween we might as well enjoy ourselves!” He said.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to but I think it’ll be fun, [Y/N].” M’gaan encouraged with wide hopeful eyes. With everyone looking at you expectantly you broke down and sighed.

“Fine. I’ll do the stupid bogus reading.” You said shuffling the deck of tarot cards in your hands. “Who’s first?” You asked looking around the circle.

“I’ll go!” M’gaan volunteered.

“Alright pick three cards.” You instructed, levitating the spread deck towards her. She picked her cards and placed them in front of the floor in front of her. You took a deep breath on concentrated your energy on communicating with the magical aura around the enchanted cards. An ethereal wind circulated around you and you began to hover a few inches off of the pillow you were sitting on.

“M’gaan M’orzz I see a great inner turmoil in your future. You will be caught between a love lost and a love gained. I also see great satisfaction and inner peace. You worry now over finding peace but worry not no more. You have found the family you seek.” You read the tangible magical waves of the cards. It would appear that the tarot cards weren’t as bogus as they appeared to be …

“Oh! Me next! Do me next!” Garfield begged. “Do I become famous? Do I get all the ladies? Will I lead the Justice League?” He asked excitedly.

“All will be told in time Garfield Logan. You need only pick three cards.” Your ethereal voice said.

You went around the circle and gave each of your friends their fortunes. It was all fun and games until you got around to reading Kaldur’s fortune. It started off uneventfully like the others but when you began to read the aura of his cards. You were assaulted by vivid visions unlike you were with the others.

The world fell away from you and you were pulled into a hazy dream. White flowers and decorations surrounded you at every turn. The scene clarified when a woman stepped through you. She was absolutely radiant dressed in a angelic wedding dress and her smile completely lit up the room. You followed her warm gaze to the end of the aisle to see the familiar face of Kaldur gazing adoringly back at her. Your gaze flashed back and the woman and you realized in cold shock that the radiant bride was you.

Like being splashed with bucket cold water you fell out of the vision and came back to reality. In the shock of your revelation you fell out of your magic induced trance and landed back on the ground with a hard thud.

“What did you see?” Kaldur asked. You stared at him wide eyed like a deer caught in headlights. You didn’t know what to say. You weren’t dating, you weren’t even sure he was interested in you but that was most definitely his … your future.

“I - uh …” You stuttered trying to find your words and failing.

“Is it something bad?” M’gaan asked.

“No!” You cried quickly. “No nothing’s wrong.”

“Then what did you see?” Dick asked.

“I saw a wedding.” You said keeping your eyes trained to the ground.

“Who’s wedding? Kaldur’s wedding? Who is she?” M’gaan asked excitedly.

“You know what, I don’t want to play anymore. I’m going to bed. Enjoy the rest of your night guys.” You said getting up and storming off to your bedroom. That probably wasn’t the most tactful way for you to hand the situation but you needed to get out of the spotlight and process what you saw on your own.

You were sitting meditating in your room in silence when you heard a soft knock on your door. You sighed and instructed the intruder to enter. You were surprised to see Kaldur hesitantly enter your room and close the door behind him.

“Hi Kaldur. Sorry I made tonight weird. I didn’t mean to make it weird. It wasn’t anything you did, I swear.” You promised apologetically.

“Can I ask what you saw?” He asked after a hesitant moment of silence.

“I saw you … marrying me.” You answered honestly.

“Does that bother you?” He asked.

“Oh! No Kaldur it’s not that! I just didn’t think that you felt that way about me.” You said hurriedly trying to dissuade what he must have assumed by your actions. You really did get yourself into a huge mess didn’t you?

“When you see the future, how certain are the events that you see?” He asked.

“Well the future is more of a fluid stream than something so rigid. It’s possible that what I saw was only a possibility of one of many branching futures but usually the clearer the image the more likely an event is to occur. Kaldur, I thought I was there the vision seemed so real.” You explained.

“So we are to be married in the future.” He concluded his face easily concealing whatever emotions he might be feeling right now.

“Where do we go from here?” You asked sheepishly.

“Perhaps we could start with a date.” He suggested.

“I’d like that.” You said with a small smile thinking of the captivating bride and groom you saw in your vision. That might not ever be your future but you couldn’t help but to look forward to the day it very well could be.

The Seventh House- Where Two Hearts Meet

The Seventh House is the house of partnership, and in this house is where we form relations with another, whether that be a lover, a close friend or even a business partner. It is the fusion of two hearts, where your identity becomes lost in the elixir of someone else and is influenced by the planets in that house. Understand that not all will have a planet there, but the sign on the house cusp is an indicator as to your attitudes to that house.

Sun in the Seventh House- Those with their Sun in the seventh house will need to invest their ego and their identity in that person with which they have a partnership, and they are known to be people to actively seek out a lover or a companion, looking for their self expression in the face of another. This can also be an immensely joyous position, where the Rays of the sun shine down and grace you both with the joy and the vitality of creation and life together.

Moon in the seventh House- Those with their Moon in the seventh house will be emotionally invested in partnerships, and often do not enter relationships lightly. They are known to be somewhat changeable, very much affected by the waxing and waning of the Moon in relationships, yet cast their lunar spell only when their subconscious has truly found a match made in the Moon Lagoon. Their insides will become thoroughly tied to whoever they let have their heart.

Mercury in the seventh House- Those with their Mercury in the seventh house will need an intellectual relationship and rapport with those they enter partnerships with, and often prefer a somewhat light and airy take on partnerships. To truly have their heart bloom, their mind needs to be awakened and stimulated, and the written word or more interesting forms of communication can do just this. They may be somewhat flighty, yet be attracted to those with eccentric and intelligent minds. 

Venus in the seventh House- Venus here truly invests their heart and their sense or companionship in this house, a fitting home for such a blood pumping planet of romance. They may be somewhat idealistic when searching for that one to share their life with, and may look at the ones they love through rose tinted glasses. Venus here needs completely shattering love, someone to have and to hold for a lifetime, and they may somewhat feel incomplete until they find this very person. 

Mars in the Seventh House- Mars in the seventh House creates someone who needs passion, aggression and to some extent, conflict when it comes to a partner, and may even enjoy this to some degree. They may find that they willingly, or unwillingly enter turbulent relationships, yet sometimes enjoy the thrill of this expression, feeling their blood boil over in both rage and passion. Love is not a frivolous affair with this placement, but rather full of lighter fluid ready to flame at the slightest of disturbances. 

Jupiter in the Seventh House- Jupiter here suggests that expansion and freedom are themes of the seventh house, where whoever this person joins with needs room to spread their wings. They may meet their personal growth through someone else, someone who can make them see the bigger picture and take them away from the niggling little worries. Those with Jupiter here find their magic carpet to higher learning and dimensions through the ones they love.

Saturn in the Seventh House- Those with Saturn in the seventh house will find that they feel somewhat restricted and closed off when it comes to finding that special someone who they trust to cradle their hearts. Their charts lessons are in this house, yet once they overcome Saturn’s harsh rules, this placement indicates lifelong partnerships and a certain wisdom when it comes to the people around them. Saturn can be tiresome here, yet patience will reward them with the most flourishing of relationships in time.

Uranus in the Seventh House- Those with this placement will understand love and partnership to feel like an ice cold bucket of water thrown over their heads as the planet of sudden change and revolution demands an eccentric and odd circumstance when it comes to how they find partners. They will truly need to utmost freedom in relationships and any possessiveness will not be tolerated. This is where the one they will give their hearts to will whip out a defibrillator and shock them back to life.

Neptune in the Seventh House- Those with Neptune here will suffer from illusionary partnership and love interests where they often drift away into delirium when it comes to the ones they care for. They will truly hold them up on a pedestal, only to find that the ones they thought cared may just be a mirage of a person. Neptune here wants you to drift into the metaphysical, into insanity, and this placement is known to deliver soul shattering expectations of love, and sometimes, even actual love once reality is attempted to be restored.

Pluto in the Seventh House- Pluto here creates a partnership that will go through soul shattering, intense transformations, and there could even be a sense of danger here. Themes of jealously and possessiveness could be present, yet love can also be all consuming, the complete merging of two souls. Relationships will not be entered into frivolously, yet may withstand much turbulence and hardships, where you may be sure that you have found the one you were always looking for, in this life of a past one.

Son of a Patriotic Biscuit (Part 4)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2067

Warnings: Mentions of torture (Nothing particularly graphic, but if I’m wrong please correct me)

A/N: Two parts to go after this, guys! Thanks for sticking with me for the ride, I really appreciate it! Tag list for this as well as other fics is open, so if you want to be added don’t be afraid to let me know! As always, feedback is appreciated. Gif is not mine

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

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“So, it appears that our very own little experiment 239 has come back to us.”

“Really? I’ve heard the stories, but I honestly thought they were a myth.”

“No, they’re true - this is the only one that ever escaped us. But we’ve got her back now, and she certainly isn’t getting away again.” I heard three voices as I returned to the waking world, my head throbbing viciously. Keeping my breath slow and even, I cast out my net of available senses into my surroundings. I was bound on a table, my wings stretched and restrained as well (no surprise there). With a sinking heart, I realized where I was - back in my old room.

“I think she’s waking up,” one of the bunch finally noticed.

“Well, let’s give her a nice warm welcome home then, yeah?” It was anything but warm. A bucket of ice cold water was tossed over my body and I instantly reacted, only to find that the restraints let me move no more than a couple of centimeters.

“I’m not telling you anything,” I spat once I had regained my breath.

“Oh no, we don’t need anything you can tell us.” The blond scientist on my right chuckled. “No, it’s back to the experiments with you.” With that, I was whisked off under heavy guard to the lab room I knew too well. It doubled as a simulator room - they would throw any possible obstacle at the victim and record the response. Simple enough, but it could be deadly. It was even worse, knowing there was nothing I could say or do to get them to stop, short of dying that is.

Several hours later saw me curled in a corner of the room, shivering violently. I had just faced extremely cold temperatures, and I was only in my battle suit, which was not particularly built to withstand freezing to this degree. My wings were curled around me as best as they could, but they were stiff with injuries and the cold. A strangled gasp left my throat as a massive shock ran through my body, likely generated by the floor. Before, I would have fought to find something non-conductive to climb onto, but my vision was already spotty at best and with the bullet wounds still tender (there was blood leaking through the bandages by now) I was unable to even stand.

All of a sudden, the torment stopped and I looked up, wary of something else starting. The only things I heard, however, were loud voices arguing over something in the observation room. Grateful for the brief respite, I sprawled across the floor, gasping for air like a fish out of water as every muscle trembled uncontrollably.

The door was slammed open and I shot bolt upright, falling backward again as I tried to stand but failed, my injured leg buckling under my weight. A military looking man dressed from head to toe in black tactical gear sauntered into the room, looking at me like I was less than the dirt on his shoes.

“You can’t just take our experiment!” One of the experimenters came rushing after him, white lab coat stark against the black suit as he tried to pull the unfamiliar man out.

“I can and I will. Do you not remember our agreement, doctor? Will I have to remind you?” I knew a bluff when I saw one, and the implicit threat was most definitely not fake. As the scientist shrank back under the man’s intense glare, he strode over to me, hauling me upright by my injured arm. I let out a howl of pain at that, but it only served to tighten his grip. He dragged me to a nearby room, throwing me roughly onto a steel table.

“Now, you’re going to tell me all about your little friends, the Avengers.”

“I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request.” I smirked slightly. “Means ‘no.’”

“I was hoping you would say that.” His own grin, though far more malicious than mine, spread crookedly. “After all, it gives me a chance to test out some of our new technology. I’d hate for it to go to waste. One last chance to give me what I want?”

“Over. My. Dead. Body,” I snarled.

“Lovely. Let’s begin, shall we?”

Days dragged into weeks, all following the same routine. The little guttersnipe would come in, wake me up with a nice, cold bucket of water before asking me to just tell him. I would say no, he would laugh and say that it was the answer he was hoping for. I had been moved into another room, one where I was strung up, dangling by my hands, with my wings held outstretched and my toes barely reaching the floor. Somehow, I continued to hold out against the torture, though I would have preferred to be dead right about then.  Some days, he would be the one tormenting me (quite honestly, I had never bothered to learn his name) while other days he would send a lackey in to do his dirty work. Poisons that made the nerves extra-sensitive were commonplace at the start of these little ‘sessions.’ Blowtorches were a favorite and a common occurrence, as were knives and a particular whip.

“Just give him what he wants. He always gets what he wants in the end.” Today’s minion was just like all the rest of them. “It’ll be easier for you to just tell him.”

“Tell him, huh?” I raised an eyebrow, cracking open a scab a little. “Well how about this. You tell that loathsome, foul, little cockroach that I’ve no intention of telling him. Ever. Capiche? He might as well stop trying.”

“Very well.” He rolled his eyes at me as he stepped toward where I hung, my clothes in tatters, with the vicious whip in his hand. My one good leg wouldn’t hold out much longer, and that would then pull both shoulders from their sockets. It wouldn’t be long now, I could feel it. Whatever had been protecting me was wearing away, and I was tiring. Thoughts flew through my head at a mile a second, thoughts of what false information I could trick him with, what wild goose chases I could send him on.

The sounds of a commotion barely registered in my ears over the tongues of flame licking at my back and the screams I hardly recognized as my own. Even when it did, I was sure I was imagining it, like I had done countless times already. It finally caught my attention when a white-coated scientist came bursting through the door, bringing with him the sounds of a fight as he pulled my tormentor aside and murmured a few words in the man’s ear.

“What? Are you sure?” Black-Suit exclaimed, apparently taken aback at whatever news he had just received. “Alright. I’ll deal with this end.” With a nod, White-Coat went running back through the door, only to be shot down directly in my view. That definitely startled the man still in the room, and he moved to gather up something  from behind me.

As it turned out, even with his speeding up the man moved too slowly. A round shield came flying out of nowhere, barely missing me but hitting Black-Suit squarely in the back of the head. I was too far gone at that point to realize the implications of it until Steve appeared in the doorway. The worry in his gaze only half registered then, but I knew I had to be quite the sight, blood-covered and half dead as I was. Thor was only a half of a second behind him, and while Steve moved to free me the god took care of securing our prisoner.

“Feathers? You with me?” His voice was gentle as he undid my chains and I collapsed into his arms. Despite his tenderness, I let out a cry of pain at the added agony from jostling my injuries.

“Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eating, little artifact with the brains of a donkey,” I managed a smile that felt more like a grimace, curling into Steve’s arms as comfortably as I could. My blood was draining from me much faster than he would’ve liked, I could see it in his eyes.

“How is the Lady Y/N?” Thor asked in his booming voice, though he made noticeable effort to speak more quietly than normal as he slung my tormentor over his shoulder roughly.

“Definitely going to pull through, if her insults are anything to go by.” His words sounded almost more like a reassurance for himself than anything else. The rocking motion of the super soldier’s gait was calming, the safety I now felt slowly luring me away from consciousness. “Hey, stay with me, alright, sweetheart?”

With valiant effort, I managed to crack one eye back open and glare at him like he had woken me for early morning training. “Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eating, little unpunctual perpetually late, purple twinkie… I can’t seem to stay away from you,” The pain must’ve been getting to my head if I was saying that out loud, albeit muttered under my breath, even quieter than normal because I was almost completely unconscious.

“Aren’t you ever going to stop with the insults? I did just save your life.” I felt the vibrations of his laughter from where my head rested against him.

“That’s commendable. Really, it is. But the stars are not in position for that. Nope. Can’t do it. Not today.” The smell of him surrounded me, and I knew I was safe at last. Safe enough that I wasn’t afraid to let go. My fear regarding death had only ever been that I was going to die alone, but I was home now, in his arms. Or as close to home as I was going to get. “Hey, Steve?”

“Yeah, doll?”

“I’m… sorry… I don’t think… I’m gonna…” I trailed off, my eyes closing when I no longer had the strength to keep them open.

“No, no, no, no. You’re gonna be just fine, Feathers.” His voice was desperate, and I felt a little sad at the thought of leaving him behind, but the darkness around the edge of my mind was calling me. “We’re almost to the jet. We’ve just got to get you home, and it’ll all be alright. Open your eyes back up for me. Just look at me, please. We barely got you back, you can’t leave already!

“Please…” I didn’t hear the rest of the phrase as the darkness enfolded all of my senses, warm and comforting like an old friend.

Steve’s POV

“No, no, no, no. You’re gonna be just fine, Feathers,” I said, panicking as I saw her eyes closing. “We’re almost to the jet. We’ve just got to get you home, and it’ll all be alright. Open your eyes back up for me. Just look at me, please! We barely got you back, you can’t leave already! Please don’t go.” It was too late - her eyes were already shut and she had gone limp in my arms.

“Please, doll,” I repeated, blinking back the sudden wetness in my eyes. “Please, I love you. You can’t leave. Not like this.” In a haze, I rushed to the quinjet with Thor on my tail, desperately hoping that there was still something that Bruce could do. When we made it, I saw his face pale at the sight of her as he moved to check her over. I barely registered anything more than his voice telling me where to put her, to hold her down, to lift something as he examined the suddenly small figure I had been holding in my arms.

What felt like hours later, he finally slumped into a chair with a sigh of some emotion I didn’t pay attention to. I could feel my heart sinking, thinking that there was nothing more to be done, when he looked up at me with an exhausted smile.

“She’ll pull through.” Three little words brought the smallest of smiles up to tug at my lips, too tired to do more than twitch. That was all it had taken to bring hope back to what had become a very dark and almost empty world at the thought of her not being in it.

Part Five

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A Series of Unfathomable Feelings (5/10)

AU Rommate!Steve x Reader

Summary: After Bucky decides to move in with his long-time girlfriend, Steve has to look for another roommate. But destiny, or rather Bucky, will set him with someone less boring than Steve intended.

Word Count: 1,953

Warnings: Language, Sexual References, Kissing (hehe)

A/N: Forelsket (Norwegian) is the euphoric feeling you experience when you are first falling in love.

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Originally posted by forassgard

A week or so after, what Wanda liked to call, the ice cream incident, Bucky barged into your flat as if he still lived there. Dot scolded him and apologised to you and Steve, her heels clicked on the wooden floor as she crossed the living room.

“Hell no!” Bucky shouted when he saw you in your pyjamas in front of the television and Steve sitting in a chair near the sofa, reading a book. “Guys, even my grandparents have more fun than you.” He snickered. You both rolled your eyes and returned to your screen and book.

“Let’s go to the fair!” Dot beamed before you shoved popcorn into your mouth, looking at her with very little excitement.

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He doesn’t love you

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: Wanda Maximoff and Clint Barton

Words: 1506

Warnings: alcohol and angst.

Tags: @vashanatasha

Notes: hope you like it! xx

Originally posted by sweet-teavodka

“You have to tell him”, Wanda told you for the first time. “It’s obviously he likes you too!”

You didn’t know how many times you already had that conversation. Damn the moment you decided to tell her about your crush on the Captain. Ever since, she was always watching your every move and also his, looking for any signs of his feelings towards you. At the beginning you thought it was funny and even entertaining, but not anymore. You just wanted her to drop the topic and stop telling you to tell him how you feel.

You weren’t going to do such thing. He was just nice to you, as a friend. Sometimes he would hug you or even kiss your head but he would behave the same way towards Natasha and even Wanda. It didn’t mean he had feelings for any of you, it just meant that he cared about you in a friendly way. It was obvious.

“I’m not saying anything, Wanda”, you sighed.

“But why not?” She whined.

“Because there is many possibilities that he doesn’t feel anything for me, except friendship”, you said.

The two of you were in your room. You were braiding her hair for the party Tony was throwing that night while the whole room was a mess. You still didn’t know what to wear. Your intention was to impress Steve but you didn’t want it to be too obvious.

“But there are still possibilities of him liking you”, she shrugged.

“Can you please stay still?” You groaned. This was being much harder than what it should be and everything because she just couldn’t stop moving around. “Look, Wanda, in case you didn’t notice, Steve behaves the same way towards me, towards you and towards Nat. There’s only friendship there, don’t you see?”

“You’re just being negative. I still think there something”, she repeated.

This time you just rolled your eyes. She wasn’t going to drop it so you just decided to stay quiet. It would be much easier letting her dream about you and Steve. Being honest, you wish you were as positive as she was. But you had always been so unlucky with boys that you just couldn’t even think about the possibility of someone as amazing as Steve liking you.

When you finished braiding her hair she helped you choosing an outfit. Finally, you ended up wearing some high waist shorts, a top and some heels. The good thing about the party being held at the Stark Tower was the fact that you just had to come to your room in case your feet started to hurt.

“Wow, you two are breath taking”, Clint said when Wanda and you made your entrance in the living room.

“Thank you, Robin Hood”, you winked at him. As he laughed you looked around trying to see him among the people.

“He’s still not here”, Clint told you as he gave you a glass containing a blue liquid.

“Who?” You quickly asked innocently. He smirked before laughing and walking away. Ok, maybe your feelings were a bit obvious.

It was weird that you didn’t see Steve during the first hour of the party. Tony told you he was there somewhere but you just couldn’t catch a glimpse of him. Eventually you just focused on your drink and stopped looking for him.

The night went by, the drinks disappeared down your throat and the presence on the alcohol started being obvious in your head. You started feeling carefree, even a bit dizzy, but not enough to make you stop. Not until you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned around smiling widely but that smile faded a little as you found Steve’s eyes looking down at yours.

“Hey party girl” he smiled down at you.

“Hey there, Cap”, you smiled back at him, feeling confident at that moment.

“You seem a bit intoxicated”, he chuckled.

“What? No!” You laughed looking around and then at him. “Want to dance?”

“Eh…sure”, he said chuckling a little.

Biting your lip you placed your hands on his shoulders and started moving your hips following the rhythm of the songs. Hesitantly, he placed his hands on your hips and followed your moves. He wasn’t a really good dance but neither were you, so none of you really cared.

“Ok, ladies and gentleman! Let’s slow things down! Make sure you grab a partner!”

You looked at the DJ table and frowned as you saw Wanda there. She winked at you and put the microphone down as the music changed to a slow one. You looked at Steve not knowing what to do. Lucky for you, he smiled sweetly and took your right hand in his and placed his free hand on your waist. You placed your other hand on his shoulder as he started moving from side to side.

“I’m more used to this music”, he chuckled looking down at you.

“I’m not used to this at all”, you chuckled shaking your head. “I’ve only seen it in movies”, you added.

Slowly, you let go of his hands and wrapped both around his neck as he wrapped his around your waist, pulling you a bit closer. Looking into his eyes you couldn’t help but think that maybe Wanda was right. Why would he be slow dancing with you if he just saw you as a friend? And why would he be holding you so closely?

“Steve…” You whispered moving your face closer to his.

“Yes?” He said back frowning a little.

Probably you shouldn’t do it, probably it was the worst thing you could do at the moment, but your mind was blurry and you weren’t thinking straight. So you closed the gap between you two and kissed him slowly. At the beginning you felt your whole words shake, like an earthquake, but that feeling vanished the moment he pulled away and took a step away from you.

“(Y/N)…” He said looking at you like he had no idea what was going on.

You felt so embarrassed at that moment. It was like a cold water bucket that erased every single trace of alcohol from your system. You shouldn’t have done it. It had been such a huge mistake and the way he looked at you just confirmed it.

Before he could say anything you hurried away from him. You saw Wanda looking at you wide eyed and covering her mouth with her hand. She tried to take your hand but you were faster and ran upstairs. You didn’t know how you managed to make it to your room without twisting your ankle due to the heels, but you were in there you closed the door and walked to the window.

You were so stupid. Why did you have to do that? You were supposed to be smarted than that! You had always knew his feelings were not the same as yours, and you still did kiss him, without even thinking about it.

“(Y/N)?” His voice came into your room. Why couldn’t he just leave you alone? It just wasn’t a good time.

“Leave”, you mumbled whipping away your tears.

“I think we need to talk”, he said.

Slowly you turned around to face him. Indeed, he had walked into your room and had actually closed the door. He was standing there, looking at you with confusion all over his features, and you didn’t know what to do or say.

“Why did you kiss me?” He asked.

“I was drunk”, you replied quickly. It was true that you were drunk but you also knew that wasn’t the only reason to kiss him. With a sigh you looked down and shaking your head you took off your heels. Definitely your night was over. “Just forget it, I shouldn’t have done it. It was completely out of place”, you said.

“I just want to clear it up. I mean…we are friends. There’s nothing else and I don’t want anything to ruin it. You’re important to me, you know? You’re like my little sister”

You tried to fight the tears as he said that. Like a little sister. That was all. You were in that place that was even worse than the friendzone: the family zone, and there was no coming back from there.

“It’s ok Steve, really”, you said quickly as you walked into the bathroom so he wouldn’t see your face.

“Ok then… Eh… Well, goodnight”, he said.

You heard his footsteps, then the door opening and closing and finally silence. You let yourself fall to the floor and hugged your knees, supporting your back against the wall. Wanda had been wrong the whole, and you had been right. You weren’t enough for Captain America, you weren’t enough for Steve Rogers and that idea ripped your heart and made it difficult for you to breath. Maybe he cared about you but he didn’t love you and he would never do it. Not like you wanted him to and you didn’t even know how to live with that.


Challenge accepted!

Rachel Maddow accepts Shepard Smith’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” and takes a bucket full of ice water over her head for charity.

Keeping Fish Cool

It’s summer here, and I’ve noticed several tips going around for rabbits, dogs, and reptiles, but none for fish, so I thought I’d write up a few tips on keeping your fin friends cool during a heat wave, especially if you don’t have air conditioning!

Cool the Room

First, focus on the room where your fish are located. Try to keep your fish in the coolest room, dark and away from windows, if possible.

* Keep your drapes closed during daylight hours.

* Turn off room lights. Turn off other electronics. Unplug stuff.

* Be mindful of airflow in your home. If the fish room is generally cooler than the others, keep the interior door closed. If it’s hotter, keep the door open, and even aim a large box fan out the door to draw hot air from the room into the rest of the house.

* Use a fan to draw hot air from the room outside, by placing it in the window facing out. If the temperature outside drops to lower than the temperature indoors, turn the fan around to draw cooler air in at night. If possible block the area around the fan with cardboard or something similar.

* Aim a fan at a large, shallow bowl of ice. Tilt the bowl towards the fan so the fan is blowing directly on the ice. A metal bowl works best (acts as a heat sink). Ceramic is second best. Alternately, blow a fan on gallon plastic jugs of frozen water (when you fill them to freeze, be sure to leave extra space for the water to expand). Replace the ice as needed, but even cool water will help a little.

* Go for stable room temperatures. Even houses with AC, particularly those with small room units, can suffer from fluctuations. Remember, stable temperatures are best for fish, even if they’re a little high. If whatever you’re doing to try to cool your tanks is causing fluctuations, you might need to move your tanks to somewhere safer in the house. Keep an eye on those temps! Some thermometers have max high and low readouts, and these are very helpful.

Cooling the Tank

After you’ve worked on the room itself, then you can start to focus on your fish tanks.

* If your tank is only a few degrees above your fish’s maximum preferred temperature, but stable, it’s best not to mess with it too much. For example for bettas, 82 is fine, if not ideal, and they can handle a temperature of 84 for a week okay; they come from tropical areas with extreme temperatures and live in shallow bodies of water. But if you’re getting up to the higher 80s or 90s, you must do something. However, cold water fish like goldfish, or deep water fish, which are less used to large temperature swing, like lake cichlids, may be more sensitive to temperature swings depending on species. Remember, stable temperatures are the most important; do not shock your fish.

* Add extra aeration. Warmer water holds less oxygen, leading to stress for your fish, especially cool water fish. Also, aeration can pull in cooler air from near your ice fan, for example, to help cool the water.

* Replace the glass lid with a screen lid or a lid made out of plastic canvas. Remove the hood. Turn off the tank lights. (Don’t remove the lid entirely if you have a jumping species or cats or other dangers!)

* For temperate and cold water fish (and amphibians) in the summer, it can be lifesaving to invest in a chiller. These are expensive but many are cheaper than air conditioning units (and many cold water fish prefer temps below room temperature even with air conditioning).

* Do small water changes often with water cooler than tank temp. For many tropical fish (particularly those who don’t come from deep water) this mimics natural conditions where a rainstorm would lower the temperature, so it is okay to do. Do not, however, do a large water change with vastly different temperatures. This could shock your fish! Also, as a warning, this can stimulate breeding behavior in some species, which for some species does involve some aggression, so keep an eye on your fin friends in community tanks.

* Float dechlorinated ice in your tank inside of some sort of closed container (baggies or an aquarium-safe bottle). The ice cubes must be made of dechlorinated water properly treated for your fish, in case the container leaks. (Let people know not to use your “special ice” in their drinks and smoothies. Haha.) Use really high quality baggies (and possibly double-bag them), mostly because otherwise they’ll sink and you’ll have to fish them out. A water bottle also works. Replace as the ice melts. Keep an eye on your temps, to see how many ice cubes you’ll need per day and how often you have to replace them. 

* For sensitive fish, drip cooler water into the tank slowly over time. You’ll have to keep a close eye on this method (so you don’t cause a flood, mostly), and it’s best if you’re home if you use it. If you look up “drip acclimation” you can see how to physically set this up, but the purpose is different. What you’re going to do is use a line of hose (like airline hose) to drip cool water into the tank, and use another length of hose to drip the too warm water out of the tank. You’ll need a jug or bucket to hold your cold water, and another bucket (as big or bigger) to catch the old water. In the fresh water jug, you’ll want to put in cold water – dechlorinated and properly treated for your fish. You can cool this water with dechlorinated and treated ice cubes. Run a siphon line into the fish tank. An airline holder is useful to keep the hose from moving and spilling water all over your house. Using knots in the line, or better yet an airline control valve, control the rate of flow to around 2-4 drips per second. Use another line to drip out of the tank into your catch bucket at the same rate. Be sure your buckets are bigger than the amount of water going in and out so you don’t have a spill. Be sure to do this steadily, keep the cool water refreshed so you don’t cause fluctuations in the tank!

mymisstina  asked:

I really like your writings! Can you do a scenario where Jin helps his wife (you) cooking when you suddenly feel sick and dizzy because of some smells and as a doctor he thinks you're pregnant and he's right?

Originally posted by hob-e

Of course! Thank you for enjoying my writing!! I appreciate your nice messages so much. I didn’t really understand if Jin was the doctor or not but I’m just gonna roll w/ it and make it an AU~~~ I hope you enjoy!! (I made it pretty dramatic right? Lol, this was so fun to write!!!)

Words: 1439

You’d woken up this morning feeling groggy and wondering if you’d had the flu or not. Jin had work early, so you decided not to let him know. You were sure it would pass, so this time you let it slide.

He’d woken you up by accident, but you still decided to get up and dress. While he was showering you cooked some breakfast for the both of you, despite feeling unwell.

When he got out of the shower, he walked to the kitchen and met you with arms around your waist.

“Don’t do that while I’m cooking,” you complained, slapping his hands teasingly. He pressed his lips fondly to your cheek before putting his hand on yours.

“You’re supposed to stir it like this, Jagiya.”

“Oh. That’s so much easier than I was doing it.” You grumbled, pouting sheepishly. Grinning, Jin kissed your neck this time.

“Seokjinah! Stop distracting me or I’ll burn the food.” You snapped, pushing him off. You felt cramped, and your morning sickness still hadn’t gone away yet.

“Okay, okay. But, can you put some of this on my food when you’re done? I need to get dressed.”

“Mm, okay.” You nodded, taking the little tin of spices and placing it down near his plate. He left the room, and you turned the element the pan was on off. You decided to just cover the whole thing in whatever spices Jin had given you because you had no appetite.

You sprinkled it on top, and were engulfed by a sour scent.

“Jin, what did you make me put on your food?” You shouted to the back of the house, wafting whatever it was away from your nose.

Jin came out while tucking his shirt into his pants, his tie loosely hanging around his neck.

“I don’t know, my mom gave it to me. It tastes really good on what you’re making… (Y/N)ah, are you okay?”

You dropped the pan on the floor with a loud clatter, holding onto the stove for support. Dizziness clouded your vision, as you reached for anything that would hold you up. In the process of trying to find something to hold onto, you knocked over a few plates and they shattered on the floor.

Jin hurried over, wrapping his arms around you to keep you upright.

“Jin,” you mumbled, clinging onto him weakly. What was happening? You thought you were going to throw up, so you covered your mouth and tried to breathe evenly through your nose.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Let’s just sit down.” He stopped in the middle of the kitchen, glancing around at the messy floor. On the way to the table, glass was everywhere. Jin picked you up bridal style, holding onto you protectively.

“Jin,” you mumbled again, laying your head against his shoulder. You were going to throw up, but you didn’t want to do it on him. “Put me down.”

“No, there’s glass everywhere.”

“I’m going to throw up, please put me down.”

He stepped through the glass, and you heard it as he stepped on it. His feet would definitely be cut up. 

“Jin, stop! Put me down.” You desperately tried to get out of his grip, but he didn’t stop. You both made it to the bathroom and he put you down gently. You put your head into the toilet and threw up loudly.

“Were you drinking last night?” Jin questioned, kneeling beside you and brushing hair away from your face. You shook your head, feeling the need to throw up again. You did. Twice more.

“How long have you been feeling sick, Jagi?”

“Since I woke up,” you whined, wiping your mouth clean with your hand. You were still so dizzy, and you wondered if you were going to throw up again. Weakly, you leaned against Jin for support and he helped you stand up.

“Are you still dizzy?”

“Mm,” you replied, keeping a hand firmly on your raw stomach. “Is there something wrong with me?”

“I’m not sure, yet. Let’s just clean you up a bit, okay? If you feel like you’re going to throw up again, tell me.”

You knew the worst was over. Instead of wanting to throw up, you just felt weak and dizzy. Jin would take care of you, he always did. If it was something bad wrong with you, Jin would be blunt about it. He’d been a doctor for however many years even before he met you.

You washed out your mouth with mouthwash and he brought you back to bed. When you were tucked away snugly, he came back with a glass of cold water and a bucket.

“I need to call my work and tell them I’m not coming in today.” He sat on the side of the bed, stroking your hair and lightly kissing your forehead.

“No, go. I’m fine, now.” You tried to sit up, but he wouldn’t let you. Jin stood up. He looked a little uneasy, and it made you feel anxious as well.

“I’m going to go out and buy a few things, too. I think I know what’s wrong.”

“Is there something wrong with me?” You took his hand and pulled him back down to you. He shook his head quickly.

“Nothing bad, but there might be something.”

“Okay, go, then.” You turned away from him, burrowing under your blankets like a bear going into hibernation. He chuckled quietly and left, leaving you alone in the sun filled room.

You didn’t rest a pinch the whole time he was gone. When you heard the front door click, you got up and began to clean the messy kitchen. Although Jin didn’t say anything about his feet, there were shards of glass covered in blood near the bathroom door and in the bedroom. It made you feel terrible, but you were sure he was just out buying some disinfectant cream and band aids. 

He returned quicker than you thought, holding a brown paper bag. The moment Jin saw you, his eyebrows furrowed and he made you sit down on a chair.

“Stop moving so much. Leave this to me, okay? It’s fine, jagi.”

“No, no I can’t. I made this mess, so I’m going to clean it. How are your feet, are they still bleeding? Let me see.”

“No, they’re fine. Here.” He handed you the paper bag, prodding you to stand up and holding you all the way to the bathroom. Why was he doing this? He was treating you like a delicate flower.  

“What’s in the bag?” You wondered, about to open it when Jin closed the door. 

“I’ll be out here,” he replied on the other side of the door. You finally opened the bag, and pulled out a small purple box that had the words PREGNANCY TESTING written on it.

Hauling open the door, you stared at him incredulously.

“Do you really think I’m pregnant?” You accused, swallowing a large amount of building saliva in your mouth.

“I don’t know for sure, (Y/N).” Jin sighed, pushing you back into the bathroom. “Take the test quick, because we’ll know sooner.”


“Just do it.”

You listened to him, closing the door but not bothering to click the lock. Nobody else was in the house, and even if there was, Jin was guarding it like a hawk. You took the test out of the box and stared at it for a moment, before taking it.

When you emerged from the bathroom, Jin warmly smiled at you.

“Are we ready for this? Do you even want a baby? Do I? Jin, I’m-”

“Don’t say you’re scared.” He commanded, placing both of his hands on your shoulders. “We don’t even know, yet.”

“What if I am, then?” 

“I do want a baby, if it’s with you.” He promised, pulling you into a hug. You sighed against his chest, closing your eyes tightly. It made you feel better, but only slightly. You were both still young, and you wondered if this was really the right time.

“What if I am scared, Jin?”

“If you think about it, our babies will be pretty good looking-”

Jin, seriously.”

He sighed, pulling away from the hug. “I can’t make you feel better about this. I’ve never had a baby with anyone. If you are pregnant, we’ll make it work. Jagi, I promise. I love you.”

After waiting for what seemed like forever, you both went back into the bathroom and checked the test.

“You look,” you prodded him forward, and he picked it up.

“Well,” he put it down, turning towards you. “Better start thinking up some baby names.”

Do you ever have those days where you feel so tired that you don’t even think having someone throw a cold bucket of water on you could wake you up? That’s me right now. The amount of times I have zoned out today thinking about my bed is unreal. I need some sort of active distraction. Oh, I’m Madelaine! Probably should have opened with my name.