cold water bucket


Challenge accepted!

Rachel Maddow accepts Shepard Smith’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” and takes a bucket full of ice water over her head for charity.

It’s not often when I’m reading erotica, (and certainly not when I am editing it because then I have my Professional head on) that I have to pause and get up and walk away from the computer and do a circuit of the house because I’m Having A Crisis but uh…I think…I think @deadcatwithaflamethrower might have broke me because I’m, I’m clutching my face and I’m pretty certain there’s…there’s flames coming out of my ears.

Holy fuck.

monpian answered your question “so is there any official explanation for the state of kaz’s eyes by…”

No but he got tortured by soviets, they go for the eyes (like Volgin went for BB’s eyes) Looks like a chemical burn but most likely sun/light burn from “bright” comment. Either way cornea damage still allows for visibility and heals over time

the only reason i can’t get behind these scenarios is that he explicitly states that his eyes were not damaged during his vacation with the soviets [’did they do something to your eyes?’ ‘no, it’s just bright’] point blank question, point blank response. eyes which were, aside from that cozy shiner and as far as i could tell, clear at the time. Idk man I’m feeling like, bar an official explanation the options are 1] a dropped plot thread involving parasitism, 2] degenerative damage & trauma {eh} or 3] visual cue indicating someone who has lost the ability to ‘see clearly’ i.e his fixation with and determination to recreate a past that is unrecoverable and his descent into shadow boxing paranoia as the story progresses

liking this diy narrative tho

Tom Hiddleston’s Tips For Dealing With Stress...

bitemehardtom This one’s for you, love!

When feeling stressed out, depressed or overwhelmed… just think to yourself… WWTD - What Would Tom Do?

#1 - Feel free to just freak out and get angry with the world!

#2 - As Prince once said… GO CRAZY!

#3 - Sometimes a good cry always helps.

#4 - Feel free to let all those around you know… You DO in fact rule Asgard!

#5 - Chocolate… go for the chocolate!

#6 - Cookies… go for the cookies!

#7 - Sometimes it’s nice to take a shower.

#8 - Or just have someone throw a cold bucket of water on you.

#9 - Remember it will pass… so smile because Tom loves you!

#10 - If all else fails… 


Repeat if necessary!

Much Love From Tom!

XxOo ~Piper


Today, I took the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Off to go make my donation to, thought you all might enjoy watching.


Pstew’s Ice Bucket Challenge

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[ID: a video of saber fencers getting doused in cold water and then diving into a pool.]

Back in July, the German Men’s Sabre Team took the cold water/ice bucket challenge to a whole new level. Watch this even if you don’t speak German. There’s underwater fencing. You’ll love it.