cold war: atomic weapons


     Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida has lost its gate guardian. Hurricane Matthew, which swept the East Coast of Florida on October 6th, 2016, has destroyed the world’s only complete Navaho Missile, knocking it to the ground beside its former stanchions. The icon stood before the Cape’s guardshack, welcoming workers every day since March of 1999.

     The Navaho was a Mach 3.5 cruise missile whose mission was to deliver an atomic weapon to the Soviet Union if the Cold War ever went hot. Navahos were test flown during the the mid-to-late 50s, but the cruise missile was never deployed to the battlefield, having been obsolesced by a faster means of weapon delivery, the intercontinental ballistic missile. However, the effort was not in vain, having pushed the Rocketdyne company to reach for superior rocket engines. Derivatives of the Navaho’s engines would become integral to American space and missile programs.

     I have interspersed photographs of the wreckage with images of the missile’s former glory. We’ve lost this iconic vehicle, though the memories of the individuals who made the Navaho possible will never be forgotten.


Cold War Part 1

Warning the following analysis of the show will all be occurring SUBTEXT that means that it won’t be obvious to notice on the surface, however I will try my utmost to show you how it is being shown by providing quotes and scenes where you may notice what’s going on. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, don’t come back and tell me that they never SHOWED IT or never SAID ANYTHING because it’s the actions that are subtext and will have more meaning but I promise you it’s great.

Episodes needed for re-watch for this part

Girl Meets Communism

Girl meets Texas Part 3

Girl meets Bear

Girl meets I do

Girl meets Sassy Halter Top

Girl meets Ski lodge part 1 and 2

Girl meets money,

Girl meets I am Farkle

World of Terror 1

Girl meets Legacy

The first guidelines about the cold war is from 1945, where each of the known countries were celebrating the end of World War 2. America had now finally come back and was recuperating and earning back their power country status and USSR had finally made it to being a power country after the War had ended due to their participation in the World War. They had managed to have gotten back everything they had lost in the world war to Germany. However there was a new change for the position in leadership. The USSR had changed presidents/dictatorship which had caused a scare in America about the taking over of the other countries and turn it into a communist state. This is what started it all, by some actions made by each country it became a competition to outdo the other and then it led to fear of another world war looming, in the middle of this cold war, other countries achieved independence and fought with each other, civilly, and this led to more fears of other countries joining however one civil war between a country led to the splitting with USSR and America, this country was Korea in girl meets world, that represents the very villain of gmw, which is BMW Assumptions, same as the wicked witch of the west represents BMW assumptions as well.

However that is later on in the events of the war foreshadowing. First of all let’s deal with the beginning. Which as you can see begins right after ski lodge and the first event occurs a bundle. Both I do, Sassy halter top and Bear all is linked with what occurs in subtext in the timeline of the cold war.

In particular, American officials encouraged the development of atomic weapons like the ones that had ended World War II. Thus began a deadly “arms race.” In 1949, the Soviets tested an atom bomb of their own. In response, President Truman announced that the United States would build an even more destructive atomic weapon: the hydrogen bomb, or “superbomb.” Stalin followed suit.

So as said before, there was an outdoing war between both countries which involved the development of the nuclear weapons, In terms of GMW this may be foreshadowing that both Farkle and Riley may have to outdo the other In terms of feelings, once she realises. This event will be explained later in my third post I think. But for now…

In ski lodge the foreshadowing of the weapon was used In Mayas fantasy, the first sign that it would affect both Farkle and Riley, is Farkle warning not to reveal the weapon behind the curtain. Sounding aggravated he points and warns both Lucas and Maya to not open the curtain (Michael Jacobs inadvertently telling the audience that he’s not ready to pull the curtain yet in reference to wizard of oz.) but also the fear that the weapon would kill them all. This was due to Riley coming in uninvited and taking over Mayas fantasy, which also shows that she knows about the weapon that’s going to appear. Because the wire is also red that’s needed to cut it, which is a Riley colour, this means that the weapon will be involved with Riarkle, heck it’d even involve the feelings of Riarkle being the weapon, actually that would make sense that the Fear of Riley’s feelings would cause an issue with the show, would occur after the curtain is pulled back. The idea in the scene was that Riley was the one in control of the purple cat world, she is the owner of the weapon. With the quote as she stares at Maya “I know what the weapon is and you aren’t it” That was clarification that although Maya is ironically named the “Bomb” she isn’t the thing that everyone including Riley and Farkle are scared of that is behind the curtain. Using Wizard of oz. analogies, we know that behind the curtains is how the wizard shields his true form, which is just a man who lies about having powers and had manage to acquire knowledge about using technologies to seem advanced when he’s not. Linking that to GMW that means that whatever is behind the curtain is similar to a façade, however due to it being able to “KILL THEM ALL”, the façade would come in a form of feelings that affects everyone’s perceptions including ‘Dorothy’ perceptions of the “Wizard”

The question being what the ‘Wizard’ is supposed to represent? Thoughts have been released that the wizard may have a double meaning/representation. Whilst on one hand the Wizard could actually represent the man himself Cory Matthews giving advice on how to kill the wicked witch, the Wizard may just represent the façade of the concepts of Corpanga being the one and only ‘true’ love. However for me I would agree with both. In terms of ski lodge however for me the bomb behind the curtain represents the wizard as the concept instead of Cory Matthews.

So we have that the wizard has to represent the idea of the concept of Corpanga being that the first person you end up dating is your first true love. So that means that of course, that the way the concept can be revealed is by ‘Toto’ pulling the curtain and revealing that the wizard is a fraud. Which could involve the idea of Riley discovering more information about feelings and love. Thus it would make sense that the Bomb behind the curtain in ski lodge is of course representing Riley’s feelings for someone and since she’s afraid it’d kill everyone when revealed it means that the feelings has to be for someone she’s hiding it for which is of course Farkle.

It’s not just Riley who’s also scared about the impending countdown, also Farkle who seems on edge about actually revealing of those feelings is the one who’s actually trying to prevent that from happening. The first reason being actually explained in girl meets Farkle’s choice. Which is the most important detail the show focuses on, the one thing the show is all about. Rilaya’s friendship. As shown in the pilot, the one thing that is goanna be permanent, that the show and the characters will try to preserve is the friendship that is Rilaya. So as mentioned before Farkle also is one of those characters who are determined in preserving the idea that Rilaya needs to be saved. Heck it’s even the reason he managed to catch Riley’s eye in the first place. The first thing he confirmed was that using his brain, he will be able to love both of them EQUALY.  So how is this linked to Farkle’s choice? Well that’s the deal, In Farkle’s choice the world changes and offers Farkle an opportunity to be able to rule the world by finally having Riley and Maya notice that Canada the greatest ally near America representing Farkle is taken for granted. Luckily for him, Riley notices and Farkle just about to get what he’s been waiting for seven years, actually realises, something Lucas also realised but couldn’t avoid that Rilaya is the biggest deal in his life, their friendship NEEDS to be preserved thus he lets that opportunity go and loses the only time he had Riley actually get willing and ready to fight for him and well give him a chance in being seen as a romantic interest.  He lets it go in that bay window scene letting them know that their friendship is the most important thing to him. In doing that he makes Riley also come to a realisation that she should never settle for less than Farkle however he doesn’t know about this but this can be seen as his reward by the universe for preserving that one important thing and being completely selfless. He also gets rewarded by having both girls actually come to fight for him at the award ceremony.

Linking this to Wizard of oz. theory, that Farkle is the Tin man, for me the axe that was owned by the Tin man and what got him stuck on the day it rained represents the promise to love both girls the same. In the book the story for the Tin man was that he was a wood cutter who fell in love with a maiden whose mother didn’t like him and went to the wicked witch of the east to get him cursed/enchanted, the wicked witch enchanted his axe and caused it to hurt him when he used it and this led to different parts of him being cut by the axe. At first it his legs I think and then it was his head, and then it was his heart. Tin man was more grieved about losing his heart because he couldn’t feel any more for the girl he was in love with, he couldn’t recognise his feelings anymore for leading him to have an indifference. In the meantime as this mutilation occurred, he went to a tinsmith who replaced each body organ with tin apart from his heart which made his chest hollow.  Ok so one day when he was cutting a tree, when he had raised his axe to cut the tree down, it ended up raining on him causing him to be stuck and rust.  So he was not able to move afterwards.  This can be similar to me that the promise to love Rilaya the same as much as it’s the smart thing to do thus he’s a “genius” it led him to also be seen as a nothing to Riley (whom he truly loves in a different way) and caused him to be ‘stuck’ as that nothing. This use of science as the only thing he leans on and believes is what led him to making this decision and it’s also something he’s battling when his feelings for Riley comes up in the way. He has to define if logic and science i.e. using his brain is better than using his heart. And because of Riley aka Dorothy he ends up having a need to grow in girl meets yearbook and discover more about feelings vs science. Of course we know the best answer as he said is to use both head and heart, sense AND sensibility to make the decision. The first thing the axe does when it’s enchanted is that it cuts his legs, which again represents that once he had made that promise it stopped from being able to move forwards to Riley in terms of Romance. Then next it cuts of his head which symbolises to me that his promise to love both of them equally stops him from thinking about what love really is and what it entails. Then it splits him in half, symbolising for me him becoming 2 people, one that wants to chase after Riley, the other who has to keep his promise the same. This struggle is shown in Girl meets Farkle’s choice and mostly all of season 1. In doing so he ends up not having the ability to be able to portray his feelings. As shown in season 1 where he struggles between empathising with the core 4 and struggling with dominion and wanting money and power over friendship. Of course during the journey to the Wizard, Tin man starts to show signs again of empathy and feelings same as with Farkle whose character had developed over season 2, especially Girl meets money, Girl meets I am Farkle and Girl meets Legacy etc…

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