cold war gallery

89/365 photo project

HOLY SHIT!!! I was so moved by this hunk of obsolete killing machine that I just had to take the shot (so to speak). British ground to air missile from the cold war. Designed to take out Soviet bombers. For the moment, resident on the roof of the Hayward Gallery on London’s South Bank.

Technology has moved on since the 50s/60s. This big boy can now be packed away in a family car and pretty much launched from a shoulder. Scary thought.

But set amongst the concrete structures of the South Bank Centre, this device looks strangely at home. A reminder of how the future looked back in 50s and 60s Britain. The bleeding edge of warfare with the cutting edge of modernist architecture.

A reminder also, of the ingenuity that goes into mass destruction. If we had the world’s greatest minds working on projects to benefit humanity and our planet, without political interference, who knows what may be achieved.

© StueyB