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Cold War
In 1983, the tensest point of the Cold War, a Soviet submarine discovers a strange creature frozen in the ice of the Arctic. When one of the Firebird’s crew breaks it free, it starts attacking. As the crew strikes back, the Eleventh Doctor warns them that the attack could be considered a declaration of war on the entire Ice Warrior race…

Clara Oswald

I loved Clara from the very beginning when she first appeared in Asylum of the daleks. She was feisty and loyal. She was my absolute favourite other than Rose Tyler. Not only was she the Doctor’s companion but she was mine. I laughed with her and I definitely cried with her. I felt her pain and her heartache. I felt her love and devotion. Her death all though I new it was coming broke my heart and my feels. And it wasn’t a pleasant death. She screamed and was in pain, she was in pain. I loved that much like Amy’s goodbye she told the Doctor being alone was not good for him. Essentially giving him the ok to grieve and mourn then move on. Thankyou Clara for all the wonderful adventures and making me feel apart of them. I wish we could have forever. The only thing getting me through her death is I like to think that now she is with Danny Pink. I guess what I am trying to say is “Thank you my impossible girl. And goodbye.” You will be dearly missed.


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Can we stop pretending that “the Doctor takes ordinary people and shows them they’re extraordinary”? Not only is that rarely true, and only marginally more so in New Who versus Classic, it gives the Doctor undue credit. The Doctor doesn’t ever really do shit. It wasn’t the Doctor who ‘made’ Donna realize she was extraordinary. It wasn’t the Doctor who 'made’ Clara realize she could be extraordinary.

The Doctor puts people in a position where they can show themselves that they’re extraordinary. He puts them in an impossible position that requires a certain amount of cleverness, bravery, strength, compassion, and when they handle it with grace, they realize that they’re better than they ever thought they were before. Donna doesn’t realize she’s important because the Doctor says she is. She realizes it because she sees the impact her actions have on the universe. She does something and it saves lives.

Same with Clara. Clara came out of her shell a little bit because she needed to. She was put in a position where she needed to be strong for others, where she needed to command, where she needed to be quick-witted and brave and hide her fear, and she did. She stepped up to the plate and she became acutely aware of her own ability to handle impossible situations.

People like Clara and Donna aren’t gifts waiting for the Doctor to unwrap them. They’re lions waiting for a chance to escape their cage.