Ok i was keeping quiet about it until i can be sure but Zay in girl meets great lady of new york had Chinese allusions everywhere near him that ep

First of all his hat, which was called back to excessively in the episode, he and lucas’s, It honestly confused me cause it was kind of orange but also red to some people, any way look at the flag of China and see the star on Zay’s hat, so yej i squealed about this

Next we have zay and China again back in the last scene if the cultural fair, although he was behind the cambodia booth excessively ( there’s a reason) the scene where we last stop to see Farkle is not ok he’s moved and rearranged and is behind a Red CHINESE POSTER with CHINA WRITTEN IN HUGE LETTERS, and a dragon behind him and rileys head

Other places China was called out
The Matthews grandparents experienced Chinese culture in Philli

.(There’s a reason why i found that very 👀👀 because according to cold war it fits  as well as according to auggies story line in that episode) 

There is a Chinese woman in a blue cheongsam walking in betwee in maya and Riley when Maya talks about finally wanting to go to Ireland when its up and over there

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The Chinese woman appears again behind zay at one point

So why well like I said Ireland and India have been very much close to each other for some reason

In girl meets Flaws we get this conversation (paraphrased don’t rememeber)

“Ghandi what did he do?”
Maya-Freed Ireland
Cory- You mean india
Billy- Was it after he freed ireland

Then we have Zay’s grandma with the cookie Riley stole which represents (Lucas) named Grandma Gandi and Maya is linked to Ireland in Girl meets lady of new york because of her mothers family heritage
So is there a link??
Is it foreshadowing that zay may one day help Maya be free?
I’m not goanna die on a hill for this but If My theory is accurate/prediction is close and they do go the route i think they might go with Zay, then Yes Zay does help free Maya from “bmw assumptions” and being “hurt by love” And who is the biggest link to that and both of them 

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We see in bear Zays already started to help her, so why won’t he continue
Also in lady of new york she finally tells him she looks foward to seeing him everyday and Ireland made her part of something, part of a story
Will zay help with that?
Like i said this is just a brain dump theory not yet susure

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Ps gifs dont belong to me Thank you to everyone who contributes by making gifs Also thanks again to @rilesmeetsherpluto love you honey xx

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Wait! Isn't Cold War against Farkle?

It’s Riley’s ideal, but Farkle’s the man behind the curtain. Think of the Ski Lodge fantasy scene. @lucayafever23 has a wonderful post about it:



Just for kicks, here’s my post on it: http://crystallizedheart.blogspot.com/2016/07/farkle-of-oz-girl-meets-world-theory.html

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Operational from the 1950s to 1980s and costing an estimated $8 - $12 billion USD, the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) consisted of a network of 23 pairs of 250-ton AN/FSQ-7 computers, the largest computers ever built, each housed in a 4-story, 3.5-acre concrete blockhouse. Each center held two AN/FSQ-7s, with one acting as a backup in case the other became non-operational. The computers were networked with local radar systems and provided directional data to manned aircraft and Bomarc surface-to-air missiles to provide a first line of defense against Soviet nuclear bombers. 

Though useless against intercontinental ballistic missiles, the SAGE system was a remarkable feat of engineering and pioneered many communications, networking, real-time computing and display technologies, and was at its time the largest software engineering project ever undertaken. While it possessed computational power equivalent to an Intel 386, SAGE’s computers were capable of processing large volumes of data, controlling both manned and unmanned aircraft, supporting hundreds of user terminals and communicating across networks. 

(Further reading: 1 2 3 4)

Photo of a U.S. Marine carrying a skateboard during military exercise “Urban Warrior ‘99”, in March 1999. LCPL Chad Codwell, from Baltimore, Maryland, with Charlie Company 1st Battalion 5th Marines, carries an experimental urban combat skateboard which is being used for manuevering inside buildings in order to detect tripwires and sniper fire. This mission is in direct support of Urban Warrior '99.