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Someone’s done with Daehyun (。・_・。)

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Happy New Year y'all!

01-11-15 / I have a lecture at 9am tomorrow so I’m trying to speed up my recovery with some cold + flu tablets and purdey’s delicious vitamin drink. I’m determined to get better because tomorrow I have to present part of the lecture to members of the class who haven’t done Linguistics before which I’m quite excited about!

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I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see that you're using a Bamboo Fun :'D I have a silver one and it was/is my very first tablet! (It's held up this long lol) I've been feeling down that I don't have something nicer/bigger to work with but it's nice to see that I'm not the only one using older models.

Yooooooo old tablets ftw!!

Honestly I’m super happy to know someone else owns this beautiful relic too. That stuff was built to last, man.

I’ve told this to my parents before (who got me the tablet for christmas like 6-7 years ago), but I’m holding a freaking funeral for this thing when it finally gives out on me.

I will cry, I will.

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Hey I hope you feel better soon it sucks that your sick especially when you have something important today. Make sure you rest though, drink water and tea and get some medicine!

thank you!! 

i feel so lousy. got my cold/flu tablets, giant glass of water, tissues, my duvet and lots of episodes of Friends!

idk how people cope with colds i haven’t had one in years, literally 5+ years, and i’m like….PEOPLE DO THIS EVERY YEAR???? 

crazy. anyway, thank you again! xxx


I was bored and sick so I made Energon. It’s actually sprite with Alka-Seltzer cold tablets, food coloring, and cake shimmer dust XD That’s the same thing they use to make Viniq look so cool, but you can put it in anything. 

@ask-dr-knockout will be happy to know that I’m having some medical grade and getting rest (not! I’m actually procrastinating from grading XD )

Good ways to fight off nausea (because wow have I got a lot of experience dealing with it and I know how much it SUCKS):

1. applying a cold wet cloth to the back of your neck
2. ginger; in tea or in pills
3. peppermint; in tea or in pills, also simply brushing your teeth if you have peppermint toothpaste usually helps a bit
4. pressure points on your wrists: use seabands if you have them, if not then just use your fingers to press. To find the pressure points, lay three fingers across your wrist; the pressure point will be below the third finger between the two tendons on your forearm
5. listening to very soft slow music will calm you down a bit
6. edible treatments: sucking on frozen fruit, slicing a fresh lemon (don’t eat it tho!! Citrus is not good bc it’s rly acidic and will most likely make it worse), popsicles, sugary drinks, very cold water
7. pepto bismol tablets are p good but they only last for about an hour (and also will leave a rly gross residue in your mouth after a few hours bleh but they take effect really quickly and imo that’s worth the aftertaste)
8. Gravol is a lifesaver and will work 99.9% of the time but it also will make you incredibly fatigued for 12 hours afterwards so only use it if you don’t have anywhere to be in the next 12 hours
9. if you believe in using crystals, yellow jasper, lepidolite, green fluorite, peridot, and green aventurine are all good (moonstone as well if it’s period-related)
10. smelling lavender
11. doing breathing exercises, preferably in fresh, cool air but just learning to control your breathing is surprisingly calming
12. rubbing a stone helps, it sounds weird but it is surprisingly calming

You would think when getting a care package from your parents that it’d include the regular boxed food and treats for you to have in your dorm and some money in case you need it. What do I get from my mother? Cold medicine, allergy tablets, several boxes of tissues, a couple cans of chicken noodle soup, and a note to remember to wash my hands because it’s flu season. I’m just thankful my dad got a hold of it before she decided to mail it and put in actual food I’d like to have. I do miss my parents and all, but I’m not so sure if I’m dreading or anticipating going back for Thanksgiving break.