cold stone problems


“Hey, and listen, I don’t want this to be a one time deal,” Dean said, looking between the three of you as he sat down to his own plate.

“Yeah, this is a long time coming; today just seemed like a good day for it. You’ve all been there for us through a lot and we wanted to say thank you,” Sam added.

“Plus you kick more ass than 99% of the clowns we usually run into. Don’t think that doesn’t go unnoticed,” Dean continued. You grinned at Jody and Donna, shaking your head before digging into your plate; it smelled amazing.

“If you two want to keep making dinners like this for us, no complaints from this side of the table,” you said.

x x x x

  • fighting my 1st dragon in Inquisition: The dragon is the monster. It rains fiery death upon me and my people. I must destroy it!
  • fighting my last, 10th dragon in Inquisition: I am the monster. Look at it, it's just sleeping there peacefully. Harming no one. And I'm about to kill it. The last of its kind in Thedas. Oh god I am the monster.