cold steel swords

Wil is the heart, soft and loving one, caregiver. He will care and hold together, even when everything is falling apart.

Amberle is the sword, cold steel with a warm core, determined to serve the greater good. She will fight and die for it, a steady moral compass.

And Eretria is the spark, sharp and hot and solitary, forced to put her life in the hands of others. If it comes to the point, she will burn everything for those she loves.

you and me...

So, I saw this gifset by blowmiakisscolin, based on this post by fergus80 and well, this kinda wrote itself. I am 100% on board that beffudled AU Hook very well could have believed that Henry was his son. I took that headcanon and ran with it…

Days, then weeks, passing slowly at first and then all at once, no nearer to finding her or the whereabouts of Merlin. Every day they try a new land, helped by Ariel, sometimes even Ursula, always returning to Storybrooke with nothing but more questions. Finding Camelot abandoned shaking even Henry to the core, his fierce belief that this was where the answers would lie being ripped from him and settling the first sign of hopelessness behind his young eyes. Killian wishes he knew how to help the lad, his fierce desire to have Henry see him as his family growing stronger, despite the reason he would ever be so feeling further and further away.  

When the dreams start, he tries to find a way to hold on to the way they make him feel when he wakes, grasping for the shreds of the man who believed enough to sacrifice it all in hopes of something better. In his dreams, he doesn’t die. The cold steel of the Prince’s sword stays on the cobblestones as the man himself struggles to find his footing. The Evil Snow is rendered powerless by Emma, her light magic reappearing in her palms as she reaches out to protect him, this other version of him, who she seems to love despite his incessant bumbling. And then there’s Henry, who looks at him like a son does a father, with trust and awe and…love. Henry believes in this man, teaches him that he is better than this world has written for him and shows him the path to being a hero. This Killian, he doesn’t hold back from Henry, stands by Emma’s side as her partner and Henry’s parent, never questions that this is his place. He is happy, they are happy. They are a family.

But then sleep ends, grim reality rising with the sun and Emma is still gone and Henry is not his. The ache in his heart for the life in his dreams grows, fighting against the guilt and self-loathing licking in the corners each time he traces her name etched into the dagger. He’s holding the jagged metal in his hands when Henry comes to him, ducking into his cabin without a knock, but with a fierce look behind his eyes.

“Killian, we have to save my Mom.”

“I know lad, what do you think we’ve been trying to do?”

“No, we have to do it. You and me.”

“Henry, what are you saying, son?”

“Everyone else has someone, a family to fall back on if we never find her. They’ve learned to live without her before, spent years never expecting to see her again. You and me, our family doesn’t exist without Emma. We need her more than they do. We’ll fight harder, go to the end of the world for her. I just need you to believe that we can do it, together.”

You and me, our family doesn’t exist without Emma.

Killian sees the boy from his dreams in Henry at this moment, the truest believer, the hero in him looming larger than his teenage frame can contain. Feeling energized for the first time in weeks, Killian stands and gives the dagger one last look before locking it away and turning to face the lad.

“I offer my ship and my services, young sir.”

Part 2

Frogman News

I’ve been doing okay. My health wobbled for a minute there, but I think I am still doing better now that I have the SAD lamp. I also added some medication to the mix that is helping with my depression. 

Money is a big worry at the moment. With BarkBox dropping the sponsorship I may have to do something I haven’t done before. Pay late. I’ve been managing a low income for decades. I even figured out how to buy some nice things through doing odd jobs and saving strategies. And I also have been able to pay my bills on time. I have been pretty proud of that. I have a substantial amount of medical debt. And I haven’t really paid off any of it in years. But I make the minimum payments every month–on time. 

That may have to change for a while. I can’t seem to get very many photography clients, as I am still just starting out, and I don’t know if I am going to have enough to pay for food AND pay my medical bills. 

It will probably only be for a month or two and honestly it isn’t the end of the world. But, like I said, I was proud to have never made a late payment. Like, even though I have been through all this shit and could have easily headed toward bankruptcy over the years… I figured it out and did at least ONE adult thing. I payed my bills on time. 

In other news… I AM GOING TO A PLAY! My very good friend is a local actress and I have been wanting to see her perform sooo much. I finally decided that snow or shine, good health or bad health, I am going to go see my friend. Car rides are hard. Not being able to lie down for several hours is hard. Keeping my attention and concentration intact is hard. But the decision to go see my friend perform… that was easy. The play is Thursday and I can’t wait. I’m going to turn off my little world of problems and enjoy life for a bit. 

I’m trying to add more cosplay to my portfolio. I don’t quite have enough yet. If you have a costume and are near St. Louis, I would consider shooting you for free. It has to be a badass costume though. 

I am going to do a cosplay myself. I am working on a cool Finn costume. I’m going to try custom making a sword. Cold Steel makes these practice swords and it turns out it looks a helluva lot like Finn’s yellow sword. I made a wishlist for the items I need. If any of you want to help see the Finn cosplay come to life. I am going to do some cool things photographically. And Otis will be my canine companion. 

I feel like I sort of missed the mark on my last two Frog Shorts comics. I am sorry about that. I try to make sure my writing is of a certain quality and I was having a really bad health week when I wrote those. I promise that the future ones will be a lot funnier. I think my batting average is pretty good, and it is really hard not to make a stinker every once in a while. I just wish they hadn’t been back to back like that. 

My assistant is coming to visit in March. We are going to work on starting a Patreon. While I could probably just do one to keep the site going, I am going to try and make it a little more ambitious. We want to fund two new comics. Redesign the site. And we want to hire a person to help us find better content. Fresher content. Maybe make brand new gifs. If people are willing to give us a little each month, I am going to do my damnedest to give them the best website we can produce. If we get enough funding, I promise that we will have a positive, fun, happy place with tons of original content and freshly found content from around the internet. We’ve been working so hard to build the infrastructure for this new version of We are nearly ready to start acting on some of our goals. It’s going to be exciting. And I promise folks are going to love it. 

And of course we are working hard on the pin-up photoshoot. We are making costumes and shopping at thrift stores. I am designing lighting schemes and coming up with battleplans. We shoot March 7-8 and I cannot wait. I am going to do everything in my power to make these the most fantastic photos I have ever taken. 

customers are like “i don’t have the tags or the receipt and i actually never bought this i just picked it up right now but its totally unreasonable that you won’t refund me so its either my money in my hand or the cold steel of my sword in your gizzard”