cold sores

There once was a man who had a lot of herpes. People looked at him weird when he did his burpies. And people were afraid of this man. They looked at him and said “No not today. Back away, herpy demon. I don’t want none of your contagion. So the man went home and he was sad. So he put some virax on his cold sore and everyone still freaked out.
—  Jacksepticeye, livestream, tell a short story about herpes
To those who chose to reject someone simply because they disclosed their herpes status

You are entitled to leave if you want. But keep this in mind:

80-90% of the population has herpes. Of those, 85% of people who have herpes have no idea. Of those who are aware they have herpes only half will actually tell you.

So, when you reject someone who is honest enough to tell you they have herpes because you don’t want to take that risk, just remember you are, in fact, taking a much larger risk with all the other people out there who may not know their status or be honest. Statistically speaking you are safer with someone who knows their status and is honest with you than with anyone else. And even those who claim they get tested regularly, herpes is not included in most STD panels unless you specifically ask.

So just keep that in mind when making your decision.

Herpes FTW

So at work last night I went to the hostess stand to claim a water bottle that had been left behind for a couple weeks. This one girl working goes “are you sure you want this, what if they have herpes?” My response was, “I already have that shit, hand it over”. And then another coworker was like "I have it too!” And then we high fived and I was stoked. Herpes FTW!

Successful Emotional Disclosure

OK so I’ve mentioned previously that I have recently got back in the dating game. Well I’ve met this amazing guy who honestly seems too good to be true. So I’ve met up with him twice and we get along fantastic and we are so similar in so many ways. Well last night I had a a few more lovely followers from Tumblr so I decided to tell him about my blog and my experience with my ex. Long story short I told him that I ran a blog about sexual health and asked if he had ever had a cold sore, which he said yes. Then I explained that I also had cold sores but not on my mouth but ‘down there.’

This was his reply “oh herpes, you can get medication for that anyway can’t you? So that means we can have sex then. Was that what you have been stressing about?

His response completely took me by surprise because since contracting herpes from my ex, who cheated on me, I honestly have wondered if I would be accepted and loved by someone else again. I lost so much weight within the first 6 months of being diagnosed with the stress, worry and feeling disgusted that I couldn’t even look in the mirror for a long time. I know that I have come a long way in the past year in terms of loving myself and putting on weight but to hear someone that I like to say something so positive, I just broke down crying. He cuddled me for a long time and kissed me all over and said “of course I want to still see you. What are you up to tomorrow?”

I just wanted to share another milestone in my life with you all as everyone on here has helped me through so much and I’m truely grateful ❤

Not sure if anyone here has watched the new Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events but there is a scene where the main villain played by Neil Patrick Harris is having a conversation with a Herpetologist. The herpetologist asks him “So how did you get into the study of herpetology?”

And Neil Patrick Harris replies “I don’t know anything about mouth sores”

Hahaha I fucking died. I love NPH

Just Stop

So I have a cold sore right now, and I hate it. I mean, I could deal with it if it was just a bump on my face, but its all the crap that comes with it. I’m in pain a lot when I eat, its on the edge of my bottom lip so I can always feel it when I close lips and it hurts. I could still deal with that though. Its people that get me.

My family, even. They make fun of it, and I know they’re just joking, but I really don’t like it. Having a cold sore already takes away from my already lacking self esteem, and their jokes just don’t register as jokes. Its not like I CHOSE to have a cold sore, I get them occasionally, and its usually from stress. Its not my fault, its not something I can control, so just stop it, okay?

Its not funny. Its not cooties, its not an ‘STD’ (because you’re just the biggest freaking moronic idiot I have ever heard of if you believe that). Its a virus, that I caught when I was a little kid, that is stuck in my system. I’ll get them all my life, and so will a bajillion other people. So suck it up.

Thank you for reading my rant. That is all.

All this goodness in one tiny jar!

Cold sore salve:
lemon balm infused in olive oil
calendula and chamomile infused in almond oil
peppermint infused in sunflower oil
comfrey infused in safflower oil
yarrow infused in safflower oil
mullein and rosemary infused in olive oil
thyme and sage infused in honey
jojoba oil
echinacea, goldenseal, and Oregon grape root tincture
eucalyptus essential oil

and beeswax :)

“I know some people might think this is inappropriate, but I’d love to see a character who gets cold-sores. I’ve had herpes since I was around three years old and got bullied for it through my childhood. I used to always colour cold-sores onto princesses faces when I had colouring books so I wouldn’t feel so alone. I think if there was a character like this then maybe children would have been more accepting and people with herpes wouldn’t have to feel so dirty.”



-by contact with someone else’s skin who has the virus.


-by contact with someone else’s skin who has the virus.

Ummmmmmmmmm. Yeahhhhhhhhh. Neither strain is going to kill you. Neither strain should be stigmatized.

People. Need. To. Get. Over. Herpes.

The two strains mean the same fucking thing. Someone’s skin touched someone else’s who happened to have a certain virus.

Whoopdy freakin doo.

Herpes can spread even when there are no visible symptoms present! About 80% people have hsv1 and 16% people have hsv2, yet 85% of people who have herpes have no clue. One of the reasons is because the most common symptom is no symptoms at all. As well as the fact herpes is not included in regular std panels. And yes, cold sores are herpes and it is possible to contract genital herpes from oral sex, even if your partner does not have an active cold sore. This is why it is so so important to 1) ask to be tested for herpes if you think you might have come in contact with it and 2) always disclose your STI status to your partners, which means if you have ever gotten a cold sore you need to inform your partner of this.