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Cold remedies and tips

I am currently sick af and thought I’d use this time to give some great remedies for colds.

Aromatherapy: I actually got an aromatherapy diffuser for Christmas, and I have been using peppermint oil to help clear my sinuses. There are all sorts of oils that you can use that help when your sick, just look on Pinterest!

Use shower melts too, you can pick up a shower vapor tablet at CVS and take a warm shower to open up your sinuses. Plus, you always feel better when you’re clean and fresh, especially after laying in bed all day.

I like using my mint face scrub, which does the same thing as the peppermint oil in my diffuser. It makes me feel like I can breathe better.

Take Emergen-C if you think you’re likely to get sick. Tho these are for more preventative measures, it has something crazy like over 1000% of your daily vitamin C, and other vitamins to help prevent a cold.

DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. And drink orange juice!

Try to stay away from dairy if your throat is sore. I like to eat a lot of soup, fruit, and rice when I’m sick.

Sleep!!! I know you want to go out, or have to go to work, but call out and get your rest, because your body needs it. Lay in bed and watch tv or read and sleeeeep all day. And if someone covers your shift, don’t be stingy and cover theirs in the future. Help each other out.

Keep lights dim to avoid headaches and migraines

Tan alka-seltzer plus cold formula!!! I know it tastes like shit, but it helps with symptoms. Zicam also helps with cold symptoms and doesn’t taste as bad.

Another thing, DON’T PANIC about stuff you need to get done or should be doing. You need to REST. I was so busy during Christmas, but as soon as the day after Christmas hit I woke up sick, and had no energy to do anything on my massive to do list. I got a little anxious about it, but I realized I needed to let my body rest!

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Thoughts past 5pm...

I just woke up from a nap, because alka-seltzer cold and flu meds are to be taken every 4 hrs, and that’s about how long I can sleep after taking it!

I… am.. sick. :|

I did go to class today, and one of the fun things about going to a big school like UCLA with a giant medical trauma hospital on campus is that no matter where you go, all these incredible doctors are all around.

Case in point, as I was walking back to my car, an older doctor in his doctor coat, was walking in the opposite direction, grabbed my arm gently, asked if I was a student with UCSHIP (our student medical health plan), and then after I said yes, he pulled out a little pen light, looked at my eyes, nose and did the “say ahhhh” thing.

He then pulled out a script pad, asked me a few questions about my medical history and meds, and wrote me a script for some meds right then and there lol

No appt necessary!

I’d like to say I was a brave boy and hid my illness well, but no, I was wheezing pretty hard walking from the class to my car…. and the stronger meds for my nebulizer are definitely helping :)

  • Bartlet: "Toby, I'm drinking the most fantastic thing I've ever tasted in my life: chocolate syrup, cold milk, and seltzer. I know it sounds terrible but trust me, I don't know where this has been all my life."
  • Toby: "It's called an egg cream, Mr. President. We invented it in Brooklyn."
  • Bartlet: "In Brooklyn?"
  • Toby: "Yes, sir."
  • Bartlet: "Not New England?"
  • Toby: "There are some good things in this world not from New England, sir."
  • Bartlet: "Toby, don't ever let me hear you say that again."
  • Toby: "Yes, sir."

I was bored and sick so I made Energon. It’s actually sprite with Alka-Seltzer cold tablets, food coloring, and cake shimmer dust XD That’s the same thing they use to make Viniq look so cool, but you can put it in anything. 

@ask-dr-knockout will be happy to know that I’m having some medical grade and getting rest (not! I’m actually procrastinating from grading XD )

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What turns you on the most?

In no particular order:

A fully charged phone, red-haired girls, a freshly vacuumed carpet, butts, sleeping until I wake up, dark-haired girls, making out, Mexican food, giving massages, short hair, going to the movies, noses, ice cold seltzer water from a fountain, eyebrows, jumping into a pool, legs wrapped around me, legs, blonde-haired girls, Otis Redding, passion for just about anything, stretching, hips, canvas messenger bags with leather straps and metal buckles, moles, fingers in my hair, driving, girls in leggings, foreheads, Arctic Monkeys, long hair, hotel rooms, boobs, dinosaurs, cold weather, thighs, colorful-haired girls, hands and fingers, Predator (the fictional alien hunter, not the drone aircraft), birthmarks, wordplay, eating really healthy food in a really messy fashion, freckles, self-check-out lines, collarbones, giving gifts, Johnny Cash, and lightly grazing/scratching fingers along her back.

Y’know, the usual.