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Hi, could I ask for the reaction to their gf wearing sexy clothes but with the other members (Jooheon, Wonho and Shownu)?

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Shownu - A nod of approval to you, but the nostril flares of disappointment to his members. Although he’s the oldest, he doesn’t want the other guys to get some sort of idea that involves you. Sure, he’s going to be silent but when he comes home, he’ll be deadly. He wouldn’t say much and instead put his jacket on you (even if you had one on already) and say, “Honey, it’s cold outside–” “No it isn’t.” “Honey, it’s cold outside. Wait for a minute outside, I have to tell the members something.” When the door clicks, he’ll give a glare at them and point two fingers at his eyes and back at them before he leaves. No one really knows how Shownu feels at this point. It’s not anger– he just wants to make sure you’re not giving them any ideas.

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Wonho - Wonho would turn red at the sight of you showing off your legs or how well you did your hair that night. He’d be all over you but when that whistle coming from Minhyuk, he’s going to smirk his way to your grave. “Yeah that’s right, own it.” And just chuckle because this boy can’t be serious for that long. He’d probably stand by you and act as if the two of you were models. “Work it, work it, work it…” Wonho would laugh and just say goodnight to the other members before heading out with you. Wonho wouldn’t really get offended because he trusts his members enough that they wouldn’t make a move on you (like in Minhyuk’s reaction) and that instead he should just cherish this time with you and only you. 

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Jooheon - I feel like Jooheon wouldn’t pay attention to the other members and just focus on your beauty. He’d think the both of you are a power couple and can rock the sexy look. “We should perform a special stage together. Just the two of us,” might be something he’d say. When the other members would check you out, Jooheon would be ready for photos and glamour as the two of you walk out the door and on your way to your special night. He wouldn’t get that jealous, other than having a few second thoughts but brushing it off in the end. Jooheon knows what’s going on and trusts them enough to keep their junk in the trunk.

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Name: Tudun
Nickname: Tudun-tun
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Hogwarts house: idk
Height: 1730 mm :DD
Orientation: vertical at the moment :DD
Ethnicity: soooooo many types of blood  in my veins
Favourite fruit: none
Favourite season: which the not rainy
Favourite book series:
Favourite fictional characters: difficult question, I like many characters
Favourite flower:   dionaea muscipula is the best
Favourite scents: scent of metals
Favourite colour: all colors and their shades :3
Favourite animals: another difficult question, animals are best in this life, I can’t chose one or two
Favourite artist/bands: Flybyno, Austin Wintory, Andreas Waldetoft
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: water!
Average sleep: 6-…

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2-3, more if outside cold winter night
Dream trip: trip with my trip’s friends
Last thing you googled: I forget what I googled xDD
How many blogs do I follow: 121
Number of followers: 60
What do I usually post about: wh40k, my metalsmith’s things
What is your aesthetic: METALS! And minerals, blueprints
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(( OOC: So, for some reason, this uploaded with really poor quality and I’m not sure how to fix it… but… by popular demand, here’s some terrible singing… some cheesy acting, some mediocre British accents, and some goofy cosplay.

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