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SNSD reaction » Crying

» reaction: SNSD reaction to their almost emotionless girlfriend crying for the first time in front of them

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She wouldn´t make a big deal out of it. Tae Yeon would be happy that you trusted her enough to crumble down in front of her, letting go of your cold facade. She would comfort you as it was a normal thing, and not anything rare.

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She would become really concerned, as it took a lot for you to even show signs of sadness, not to mention to actually cry. She would worrieldy ask what happened, while trying to calm you down.

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It would be a huge surprise for her, since she was used to your coldness. Sun Kyu would probably tease you a little, but if she saw the situation was very serious, she would wait until you were okay.

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Much like Tae Yeon, she wouldn´t think much of you crying. She would listen to you talk about what brought you to tears. trying her hardest to cheer you up. After you´ve calmed down, she would pretend in never happened.

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She would pull you into a hug and wait for you to calm down without saying aything, afraid the words would make it worse. If the reason behind your tears wasn´t serious though, she would poke a little fun at you to lighten the mood.

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Seeing you cry would make her sad too, whether you were crying in front of her for the first time or not. Yuri would hear you out and give you some advice before scolding you for almost making her cry too.

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At first, she would think you were only joking, but after she realized your tears were real, she would go into a full dork mode in order to bring a smile to your face. But, of course, she would use the situation as a blackmail in the future. 

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The second she would see tears in your eyes, she would cry too. She wouldn´t adress the fact that you were crying in front of her for the first time. Yoo Na would be more worried about you and what happened to bring you to tears. 

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Dork number two. Just like Soo Young, she would try to cheer you up before teasing you as much as she could. If she saw you were becoming upset by her teasing she would stop and apologize, changing the subject.