cold is nice tho

Instead of the nickname “ice sculpture”, I think the more accurate term for Louis is “frozen cinnamon bun”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Here it is~! After 2 days– cuz I’m really busy at school and I just got back from school and a strong wind blows me away with the rain. It’s really exhausting…

But anyway, have this sexy ‘n hot Joel~! I remake it for @yukirunran74! I hope you like it~!

Today is the beginning of.. uh. Saturday I guess?

3 months ago you inexplicable passed out in the middle of this town and you pretty much just woke up. You seriously have no idea what you were supposed to be doing in here or what you were supposed to be doing in general for that matter.

Something to do with dragons? I guess.

Boy, is it cold tho’! Thank god you are well equipped with this nice armor set some folk gave you after you joined a club or something. Or was it a guild? Ah- No matter.

It’s a brand new cloudy-as hell-day and you are ready for whatever it brings you!

Also. Why does your chest feel lighter than usual?