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Bucky x Reader - Welcome Home

Summary - Random Drabble. Bucky came home late from a long and tiring mission and when the reader wakes up, they enjoy each other’s company.

Word Count - 597

Warnings - None.

A/N - This is a repost because it kept glitching on my laptop. 

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When you woke up in the morning, you were cold; your personal heater was on a mission and had been for the past two weeks and still hadn’t returned home. The bed was empty and his side of the bed was left the same way it was when you had fallen asleep the previous night. You finally decided to have a coffee before facing the day.

Dragging yourself towards the kitchen of your shared apartment, you heard movement coming from the joint living room, caused by something to someone. You saw Bucky sprawled out on the couch. He must’ve come home late. Seeing him sleeping peacefully put a small smile on your face.

Instead of making coffee, like you had originally planned, you padded over to the couch and lovingly looked down on your beautiful boyfriend; eyes closed, limbs everywhere, chestnut hair all around his face, and still in his sweaty and dirty clothes. On your couch. Clean couch.

You started to take off Bucky’s damp, unneeded clothes. Starting with his shoes, you untied them and pulled them off, putting them by the leg of the chair, you took off his socks, and jacket, which he must have been in the process of taking off before falling unconscious because it was hanging off his left arm and his right arm was completely out of it. Carefully and slowly, you took off Bucky’s gloves, but you tripped a little and he stirred.

Before you could walk away to leave him to sleep, he caught your hand and yanked you back. Almost falling on top of him, you laughed at Bucky’s half asleep smirk. He wrapped his arms around the small of your back and pulled you down, at the same time leaning up to peck you on the lips.

You smiled down on him and held his metal hand in yours and started swinging it in the air. “Why didn’t you come to bed, James?” He sat up and grinned at you when he heard his first name. You were the only person who could call him by his first name without being seriously threatened, “I missed you.” You reached up and cupped his bruised cheek, he leaned into your touch.

“You was asleep, Doll,” you smiled softly at the nickname you had been given from the moment you two met, “I didn’t want to wake you up,” he pulled you down to sit on his lap, “you looked so peaceful,” you laid your head on his chest. You hummed happily as he started to draw circles on your neck with his flesh hand, metal one still holding yours, “so perfect.” Bucky kissed your hands and sleepily grinned at you.

You nudged his legs with your toe, telling Bucky to move. He shifted to laying down again, but left a little space beside him for you; sighing in contentment you laid back on his chest, while your legs tangled with his.

You listened to the sound of his heart beat, his breathing, smiled to yourself. “I love you, James.” You nuzzled your face into his chest. Beginning to drift off to sleep, he started running his fingers through your hair. Just before you slipped back into a, most likely, dreamless slumber, you heard him mumble his slurred reply.

“I love you, too, (Y/N),” Bucky kissed your hair lightly and began dozing off himself, his hand still holding yours, “I love you so much, Doll.” You smiled as you fell asleep, knowing that the two of you shared a love that would last a lifetime, maybe two.

things naruto loves likes about sasuke: (least to most)

•believe it or not, naruto really likes sasuke’s hair. despite the fact that it literally looks like a duck’s ass, naruto likes to fiddle with it when sasuke’s not paying attention, or sleeping… 

•naruto likes how sasuke insists (read as demands) that he eat more than just ramen. or well, he likes that sasuke fusses over him and his health so much. but he’s still angry that the first thing the bastard did when he moved in was throwing out his not-so-secret stash of ramen. 

•naruto likes sasuke’s warmth. you would think that he’d be cold (just like how he’s so cold-fucking-hearted), but sasuke is actually really really warm and naruto likes to use him as a heater on cold nights when their actual heaters decide to go to hell for the night.

•naruto likes that sasuke is extremely kind of possessive. naruto can hardly walk by someone without sasuke’s hand clenching around his, but thankfully they haven’t had any unnecessary confrontations (except for at the beginning of the relationship, but that doesn’t count. nope.) 

•also, naruto really likes that sasuke likes to hold his hand. it makes him feel wanted. plus, when sasuke holds his hand, his warmth spreads into naruto’s hand, up his arm, and into his chest, giving him this giddy, warm feeling of sasuke

•naruto likes the affectionate sasuke. the one who kisses his cheek, or holds naruto’s face in his hands, and whispers those soft ‘i love you’s that makes naruto’s heart race and his mind dazed.

•naruto also loves the cocky bastard sasuke. the one who shamelessly flirts with him with a smirk and a suggestive eyebrow raise (in public, no less!), even if naruto’s pretending to be flustered by it. (also it’s a lot easier to bicker with cocky-bastard sasuke) 

•of course, naruto loves to bicker with sasuke. It’s his favorite past time. they would bicker to their heart’s content, but they never meant anything serious in the bickering, a lot of it (though this only applied to later) was mostly endearment and the like. 

•naruto loves the fact that sasuke hates sweets. now he can eat all the chocolate in the house without worrying if sasuke wants some too. 

•naruto loves that sasuke likes him back

•naruto loves sasuke for who he is. 

naruto loves sasuke, damnit. he loves him a whole damn lot.


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Friends with Benefits

Request: Nah, just something my fingers wanted to type
Word Count: 1.4k
A/N: I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long, what’s it been 4? 5 months? I’m a mess, my bad. Here’s something to keep you guys going while I get my shit together. Requests are open, feedback’s appreciated.


She didn’t wake him as she got up to leave, she was used to their little system now. Fuck through the night, grab a quick power nap, leave his quarters before anyone in the Overwatch compound spotted her. Her relationship with Morrison was complicated to say the least. They had started this no strings arrangement years ago and it was definitely fulfilling but, and she knew this sounded so cliché, something was missing. They had begun as teenagers, fucking like rabbits as new recruits, but Jack was a man now, Strike Commander at Overwatch, he had become more passionate, perhaps without even meaning to - and he was definitely much more skilled. She had fallen for him and she couldn’t deny it any longer, the boy from Indiana she was friends with was now her rock, she was sure she couldn’t have gone through the training without him, their long talks on missions, covering each other’s backs on the field. She sighed, they had built such a friendship over the years, she couldn’t be the one to ruin this.

She glanced over her shoulder, admiring those blonde locks that always stuck out in odd directions the morning after. She blushed as she realised that was her fault and hoped he didn’t have to change in front of any of the team today, those claw marks down his back would certainly stir up a fuss. She moved further from the bed, trying to put some distance between them but still trying to remain quiet. This would never last, she had always told herself this, he would drop her in a heartbeat for any other girl around. She was just easy prey, fair game. She came when called and knew what he liked. He would never love her.

Heart heavy, she ditched his shirt from the night before, moving to find her own clothes. She had to get out of here. Get away from him for a bit. She couldn’t sacrifice their friendship just because she caught feelings, it was selfish and not fair on Jack. She found her underwear, slipping on the garments and turning to try to track down her pants and shirt. She spotted her shirt by the edge of the mattress and hurriedly pulled it on, suddenly worried that Jack’s breathing getting lighter was him beginning to wake up. She searched the room for her pants with no luck, sighing, she ran a hand down her face, only to see a hint of material lying up-

No. No. This was not happening. How did her pants get all the way up there? She stared in horror up at the pant leg just poking out from the top of Jack’s closet and she wondered how the hell she was going to reach it. Eyes darting across the room, she locked on to the chair abandoned at his desk. Cringing as she remembered what this chair had endured last night (surprisingly the cheap desk chair had managed to support the both of them) she manoeuvred in front of the heavy oak wardrobe. Her teeth worried at her lip as she eyed the wheels hoping the punishment it had endured last night hadn’t weakened it’s legs, she certainly did not want the thing to move whilst she was precariously balanced upon it.

Realising this was her only chance of not leaving Jack’s room half-naked, she held onto the wooden handle of one of those doors and lifted her foot onto the cushion of the seat, the thing letting out a little puff of air under her sock. Huh, easy enough. Letting go off the door handle she raised her other foot, the chair squeaked and spun round as she now crouched on it, her arms flying out to try and regain her balance. It stopped turning and she gulped as she now faced the bed, Jack’s eyes thankfully still closed. She shouldn’t have let go off the door handle. She reached behind her, grabbing onto the edge as she slowly nudged her self around until her nose kissed the wood. Great, halfway there. Gingerly she allowed her self to stand, arms anxiously fluttering about in the air to make sure she didn’t topple over - she had come to far to crash to the ground now.

“Don’t you dare spin again.” She warned the chair for a moment forgetting that she had to be quiet. Deciding that the chair was behaving she stretched her arms upward, her tongue poking out the corner of her mouth in concentration. She cursed herself for being so small as her finger just missed the hem of her pant leg, a hair’s width away. God fucking dammit. She tried again, stretching up on her tip toes this time but she was taken by surprise when two warm arms wrapped around her waist, a noise nuzzling at her back.

“Morning, sweetheart.” He rasped against her skin, husky with sleep. His thumb gently stroked across her abdomen, the small action making goosebumps appear across her skin. “Do you want some help reaching those?” He asked her sweetly, too sweetly. She let her arms drop in defeat. Why was he always so sweet to her? He placed a soft kiss to the back of her t-shirt and she felt her forehead meet with the door in front of her. Why did he have to make this hard?

“Are you okay?” He asked, relinquishing her waist as he let her climb down from the chair. He smiled as he easily reached her pants, tugging them down, chuckling. “How did these get up here, huh?” He held them out for her, his smile dropped again as his gaze landed on his face. She looked so stressed, so uncomfortable, was she cold? The heater was on full, it was winter after all. “Y/N?”

“Thank you, Strike Commander Morrison.” She replied bluntly, yanking her pants from his grip. She hurriedly set about putting them on and he crouched down beside her.

“You’re worrying me.” He said and she ignored him, fastening her zip and turning to leave. “Why are you in such a rush?”

“I thought I’d leave before I overstayed my welcome.” The words dripped with venom, stabbing into him almost as much as they hurt her. He frowned, words leaving him momentarily. He would never kick her out, he wasn’t like that, not anymore.

“Stay for breakfast. I’ve got bacon in the fridge, the good kind, smoked.” He said and she huffed as she ran a hand through her hair, brushing it through with her fingers. She was not leaving this room with sex hair. He moved closer to her, a hand coming to rest on her arm, losing the jovial smile to level with her. “Can we talk? I know something’s bothering you.”

“Talk about what, Strike Commander Morrison? What do you want to fucking talk about?” She yelled at him, smacking his hand away and his eyes widened, stunned at her response. She stormed for the door, but Jack was faster, he swept in front of her, letting his back flatten against the door. She made eye contact with him and her resolve broke a little, voice cracking as tears pooled in her eyes, threatening to spill onto her cheeks. “Why won’t you just let me leave?”

“You can leave as soon as you tell me why you’re so upset.” He said gently, he had never seen her like this before, fragile, so downright sad. In fact he was sure he had never seen her cry. His heart broke as he realised this was his fault, he had hurt her this way. Her back met with the wall and she sunk to the ground, knees hugged to her chest and he followed suit, moving away from the door to sit next to her. He moved to wipe her tears from her cheeks with his thumb and a wave of relief swept through him when she didn’t swat his hand away again. He bumped shoulders with her and her head fell back to bump lightly with the plaster of the wall, her hands limply hung over her knees. “Just tell me what I did wrong.”

“You let me fall in love with you.”

Low Battery

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x reader

Summary: Set a couple of months after Sherlock comes back, purely because I had a few lame comebacks I had to get off my chest. Anyway, you’re out shopping and your phone dies, and Sherlock panics.

Warnings: Reichenbach feels? Idk, it only mentions the Fall a few times. So unless you’re John Watson, it shouldn’t make you cry.

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(Not my gif)

You let out a frustrated groan as your phone screen faded to black, not responding when you held down the home button in a half-hearted attempt to switch it back on. Typical.
Shoving the useless device in your coat pocket, you squinted down the road in the hopes of seeing an approaching cab. The rain was pouring down in icy sheets, and you’d been soaked to the skin after just minutes of standing under the bus shelter. This day was not going well for you. First your bus had been cancelled, then your phone died, there were no taxis around, and to top it all off, it just had to rain. Like you said before, typical.

Sherlock let out a shaky breath as he pressed “redial” for what must have been the thirtieth time in the last few minutes. He let out a frustrated, and somewhat worried, groan as your voicemail message sounded again.
“Hi it’s (Y/N)! Sorry I can’t take your call right now, as Sherlock is probably using my phone for an experiment again-“
Sherlock dropped his phone carelessly onto the table, sitting down briefly in his chair before bouncing to his feet and striding to the window to peer anxiously out onto the street. His heart leapt every time a cab approached, and sunk every time it continued past the flat without anyone getting out. He continued this routine for nearly half an hour before something snapped within him.
“Lestrade, I need you out looking for (Y/N). She could be in danger.” He didn’t wait for the D.I to respond before hanging up the phone and dropping it again.

A relieved sigh escaped your lips as a cab pulled up in front of you. Climbing into the back and giving the driver the address, you stretched your legs out in front of you tiredly. You had learned your lesson; never ask Sherlock Holmes if he needs anything from the shops. Most people, normal people, would ask you to pick up a bottle of milk and some bread, but not Sherlock. Oh no. You weren’t sure if your arms would ever get back the strength to pick up a pillow again, let alone the dozen hardback books he’d asked you to get.
The rain was even heavier when you got out the cab at Baker Street, but that didn’t prevent you seeing the flashing red and blue lights adorning the police car parked out 221B. Worry crept into your mind as you climbed the stairs as fast as you could while carrying a dozen books, horrible scenarios presenting themselves as to why the police were at the flat.
“John? Sherlock?” you called, leaving the books in a heap and climbing the inner stairs two at a time.
The pale worried face of the detective appeared on the top landing as he followed the sound of your voice. A loud sigh of relief made his chest heave as he wrapped his arms around you tightly, pulling you impossibly close to him, your cry of surprise muffled by the way your face was buried in his chest.
“Never do that to me again,” he whispered, holding you at arm’s length and inspecting your face for any signs of injury. You frowned, growing even more confused as Lestrade appeared in the doorway beside John.
“What? Why’s Greg here?” you asked. Sherlock tilted his head to the side in confusion, and you sighed tiredly. “Lestrade,” you corrected.
“Oh. You were missing, so naturally I called him.”
You raised your eyebrows, entering the living room to find half a dozen more police officers sitting around. “And half of Scotland Yard as well, by the look of it,” you observed.
“Well, we’ll be off then, I suppose,” Lestrade mumbled, the officers following him out the flat, leaving just you, John and Sherlock.
“Why did you think I was missing?” you asked, peeling off your dripping wet coat with difficulty. You sighed, seeing that your jumper was soaked as well, clinging to your freezing skin just like your jeans were.
“You weren’t answering your phone. Anything could have happened to you,” said Sherlock, as if that explained everything. You raised your eyebrows, laughing humourlessly as you went through to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, leaving the two men in the living room.
“You didn’t answer your phone for two years, Sherlock, and yet here you are,” you pointed out. Even from the neighbouring room, you still heard Sherlock’s sigh and John’s words.
“You probably deserved that one.”
Sherlock knew you wouldn’t handle him reappearing in your life well, but it had been two months now, wasn’t that enough? How long did it take someone to move on?
“And anyway, my battery was dead. But don’t worry, it’ll come back to life,” you said, plopping yourself down on the sofa with a cup of tea cradled in your hands. “Apparently anything can, these days,” you added. John chuckled.
“Before you ask, you deserved that one as well,” he informed the detective. “Well, as long as you’re alright, (Y/N), I’ll be off.”
You smiled slightly at him. “I’m fine, thanks.”
Sherlock sat down in his chair across from you, his clear blue eyes never leaving yours. You sighed, placing your cup down on a coaster and raising your eyebrows at him expectantly. “What?”
“When are you going to move on and accept that I’m back?” he asked. There wasn’t an angry note in his voice, the question was genuine. All he wanted was to go back to life as it used to be, where you made snide remarks in his defence, and never to him.
“I don’t know,” you replied eventually. “It took two years to accept that you were dead, so who knows how long this’ll take?”
Sherlock nodded slowly, standing up and holding his hand out to you. “C’mon. You need to get changed, you’re going to get sick.”
Reluctantly, you put your hand in his and followed him into the bedroom you used to share with him. You didn’t even question the fact that some of your clothes were still in your old bedside table; you’d left them there yourself, not being able to bring yourself to move them out of the room after…it happened.
After Sherlock had turned his back and assured you twice that his eyes were indeed closed, you changed quickly into a pair of black leggings and a baggy jumper you were pretty sure you’d stolen from John. Oh well, with the weight he was putting on in his new life, it probably wouldn’t fit him anymore anyway.
“Well, goodnight Sherlock,” you said awkwardly, moving to leave the room. The detective turned, shaking his head.
“No, you should stay here tonight. You’re still very cold, and the heater doesn’t work in your room,” he said. You frowned; how did he know your heater wasn’t-
“You’ve been stealing John’s jumpers to wear to bed,” he added. “There are two possible explanations. One, that you are secretly in love with our old flatmate and feel the need to wear his clothes for a sense of connection to him. Two, which is more likely, your room is too cold.”
You smiled slightly despite yourself. “Army doctors aren’t really my type,” you joked. “Their jumpers, however, are.”
Sherlock chuckled. “And do you still have a thing for socially excluded detectives?”
Taking a step towards him, you squeezed his hand in yours gently.
“Only the curly haired ones.”

A/N: Hi, me again! I just realised something that I didn’t even write on purpose. “Army doctors aren’t my type. Their jumpers, however, are.” SHERLOCK IS AN ARMY DOCTOR’S JUMPER!!! Someone be proud of me.

“Articuno has had hosts who had accidentally died because of Frostbite.”

This was one of Articuno’s facts on the wonderful March Rewards on Surfacage’s Patreon that let us thinking a lot about how Blanche is affected by the cold. We knew already that Blanche wasn’t immune to cold and that she was very affected by it. Imagine them constantly looking for the closer warmth source, which is Candela. Spontaneously, without asking permissions or saying any warnings, just hugging her or leaning against her suddenly in the seek for the heat their body is gradually loosing.

There would be even some occasions where the cold would be even worse, and as we have headcanon them sleeping all together in the same bed in the Go Project Complex. Like Rainy Nights specially, where the temperature drops considerably.

Candela: Blanche, darling… you are trembling…
Blanche: … - shivering terribly, despite the handful of duvets and coverlets over them, but remaining a little stubborn to admit it - Not, I’m not.
Candela: …Silly. Come here, you stubborn icicle - Hugs them tightly against her chest -
Blanche: … - delighting in her warmth - Thank you.
Candela: You are wel- nnghhht! … Blanche, sweetheart, what are you doing?
Blanche: Your skin is warm.
Candela: Yes, but… you are grabbing my butt…
Blanche: Yes? It’s specially warm (?)
Candela: How straightforward, Alright, darling ♥ … - feels a pair of hands sliding to her boobs under her pajamas - … … Spark… what are you doing?
Spark: I’m cold too (?)

Bad Girl Ch 16: Kim Minseok(M)

Sorry this is late and sorry if it’s bad, I’m going to bed…good night lovelies, or good morning, or day or whatever…

I plop down in the familiar bed with a fluffy towel around my body. The door closes with a soft click followed by the sound of the lock clicking into place. I glance up at Minseok who is staring back at me with his back pressed against the door. He opens his mouth to say something but quickly closes it, obviously unsure of what his next action should be. His hand is still on the lock, I think he might be debating if should unlock it or not.

“It’s okay,” I tell him dropping my head back against the bed. “You don’t scare me anymore.”

“Anymore,” He echoes, coming closer but still a good distance from the bed.

I sit up, crossing my legs and running my fingers through my wet, tangled hair, I don’t imagine I look that good while doing it but Minseok still seems to be in awe of me. “You know holding a gun to someone’s head can cause a little bit of fear, not going to lie. Though it all makes sense now, at the time it was horrifying,” I admit feeling a bit guilty once the words are out there. Any playfulness we had between us falls away leaving us both of our hearts bared.

“I’m sorry for scaring you.” He’s at the foot of the bed now.

“To be completely honest it wasn’t the fear that got me in that moment, it was the fact that the first time we actually see each other in over a year you were crying. My heart shattered.”

He crawls up the bed forgetting the towel around his waist, leaving him in only his soaking boxers. I back up so my back is pressed up against the headboard, our eyes lock together and again I find normal clear eyes glossy with on coming tears. “I didn’t mean to heart that little heart of yours,” He mumbles to me softly as he kisses each of my ankles. “I just wanted to see this beautiful face again.” He leaves butterfly kisses up one leg before leaving a trail down the other. “I wanted to hear your sweet voice say my name.”

“Daddy Minseok,” I muse with a small smile. He surprises me by grabbing me by the back of my knees and pulling me down so I’m flat on my back with him leaning over me.

“Don’t tease me baby, I want to show you how much I worship you before you start screaming that.”

I trap his hips in between my legs with my thighs, “Now who is teasing.”

“That’s a promise baby.”

I smile, “While I’m waiting, sir.”

“You have such naughty mouth,” He chuckles.

“If I remember correctly you have a pretty naughty mouth yourself, I would like to see if I remember correctly.” I grab by the back of his neck and pull him into a deep kiss. He’s taken back by my forwardness, it takes him a moment to catch on and begin moving his lips with mine. His fingers gripping my hips catch the waist line of my underwear and slowly begins to drag them down my legs, his dull nails leave marks down my thighs.

Our tongues tangle together, he’s battling for the dominance I’m not giving him as easily as I used to. With my underwear discarded the only thing hiding me from his gaze is my towel, something he quickly notices. He pulls away and stares down at me like it’s the first time he has ever seen me. I watch on edge as his fingers skim around the edge of the cloth but stops when I wrap my arms around my waist.

“I have to tell you something,” I announce.

He gulps as he sits back on his heels, “Am I doing something wrong? I thought you…I thought this was okay…”

“You are okay, I just need to warn you about something.”

“Warn me?”

I gulp, “When I rushed out of the hospital to see Jiyong I moved one of my broken rips and it punctured my lungs and they had to open me up again.”

“Again?” He seethes. His hand grips the edge of the towel, “Baby, let me see.”

“I have other scars too but-” He doesn’t even let me finish before tearing the towel away revealing the scars that were so nicely covered by water proof foundation but is now most likely whipped away by the hours in the pool and a through drying with a towel.

We are both silent for a moment, his hands hover over my abdomen that is covered in scars for my time with block b but that’s not the only thing that seems to be holding his attention though I’m not sure if it’s the pastel colored dragon weaving up my side or the XOXO under my left breast. The tattoo was for them, I didn’t hide if from Jiyong and he didn’t question it because I came home with the dragon at the same time.

We lock eyes, “This.” He strokes the tattoo with this thumb with a small smile on his lips. “Is beautiful. Even this,” He frowns when he finally feels the three-inch long scar beneath it. “I hate them, I hate that you were hurt but you are still beautiful, you know that right?”

I smirk, “I have been told I have a pretty big head, so trust me, I know. Thank you.”

“My big girl,” He kisses me again. His hands slide up my chest, along my arms to tangle our fingers together as he deepens the kiss. His mouth is as sinful as I remember. I growl into his mouth when I want to deepen the kiss but his hands are holding mine down. He wiggles his way back in between my legs before releasing my hands to remove his boxers and towel. I bite my lip at the sight of his member standing proud between his thighs. “Mind if we skip foreplay tonight? I’ve missed your heat for too fucking long to wait.”

The rasp in his voice has me on fire. I eagerly nod and sink lower into the bed, my legs open wide, absolutely ready for him. I’ve missed this. I’ve missed the feral look in his eyes as he stares down at me. The way he takes in the sight of me like I am the most beautiful thing in the world, like I am his whole world. I missed his gentle kisses a long my jaw that are so different from the way his hands roughly grip my hips as he positions himself at my entrance. I’ve missed the sweet words he mumbles into my ear as he slides in slowly at first, as if he’s afraid to break me.

In this moment I feel like he could. With him fully sheathed inside of me I grip his shoulders, digging my nails into his skin, leaving little crescent moons. He rest down on his elbows, one on either side of my head, and we just stay their for a moment. My walls clench around him, both our moans echo through the quiet room.

“My sweet baby, oh how I’ve missed you,” he moans in my ear. “It has taken all of my strength not to jump you the moment I knew it was you.”

“Did you miss sex that much?” I have tease with a huff.

“No,” he mumbles into the crook of my neck, “I missed this moment.” Another thrust that has me lifting my hips to meet him half way. I rest my head on his shoulder as I rotate my hips to hit that spot in the pit of my stomach head on. “The moment you show your true face to me, blinded with pleasure and completely bare.”

“I thought you were going to make me scream,” I muse. “Right now all you are making me want to do is cry. You are making my heart heavy.”

“I’m sorry baby, you want me to make you scream?” He surprises me with another hard thrust that has me moaning. “Ah, that wasn’t a scream was it, I’m sorry I’ll just have to try a bit harder.” My nails drag down his back, hopefully drawing blood, to pay back for the way he begins pumping in and out of me. I bite my lip, not wanting to give him what he wants. I clench my thighs around his waist to try and slow him down, but he’s like an animal and as hot as that is it’s too much. My whole body is tingling from small brushes against the sensitive spot in the pit of my stomach.

My toes curl when he hits it head on again and again, “I’m done teasing baby so feel free to put your claws away.” He muses with a smirk. He is a man of his word, without another word he buries his face in the crook of my neck and begins mindlessly pounding into me as if his life depends on it. I curl around him, my legs wrap around his waist wanting him deeper.

“Daddy I’m so close!” I whine, rotating my hips once again.

“Baby daddy need a little more from you,” It’s barely above a mumble in my ear but I hear it.

“A little more?” I groan out, arching my back as I try to keep my orgasm at bay.

“Four little words is all I need, please baby, I need to hear them.”

Four words? I can’t focus on anything other than the pleasure rocking through my body. My mind is too much of a mess to think of more than one option that falls from my lips without any hesitation.

“I love you Minseok.”

He stops for a minute, “What?”

I don’t know if in my delirious state if I’m even making sense so I scream it, “I love you Minseok!”

“I love you too Jooyoung.”

My heart stops.


I jump when the bed dips. Xiumin sits up with his arm wrapped around me, his other hand holds a gun at who ever is in the darkness. I see a tall shadow with his arms up.

“Daddy Kris?” I grumble as I rub the sleep out of my eyes.

“Hi baby.”

“What the hell do you think you are doing here?” Xiumin snarls.

The younger is hesitant to answer at first but admits, “I wanted to lay next to her.”

“She’s mine tonight.”

“Daddy it’s fine,” I yawn and reach out for Kris to take my hand. “Come on Daddy Yifan, you must be tired.”

“Baby, you are mine for tonight,” Xiumin whines.

“We had our fun, what does it matter if he sleeps next to us? I was getting cold, it’s a good heater.” I ramble on in my half sleepy state, “Lay down.”

Xiumin groans, “Fine!”

I grin like an idiot when the younger finally obeys and snuggles in next to me. I curl back against Xiumin, letting Kris curl up behind me.

“I hope you know that this will not be a regular thing. I’m feeling nice tonight.”

“Thanks Hyung, and thank you baby girl,” Kris mumbles as he nuzzles the back of my head.

“I hear all of you have been having nightmares, this is the least I could do.”

“Don’t say that!” Xiumin snaps, “You are going to make him think it’s okay for him to bust into other peoples rooms because they had a nightmare.”

“Speaking of which, Daddy didn’t you lock the door?”

There is a moment of silence followed by Kris whining, “Ah! Hyung! That hurt!”

“You busted by door!”

I groan and roll over into Kris’s embrace, “Too loud.”

“No! You are not going to take her too!”

“You need to be quiet or you are going to wake everyone else up,” Kris advises.

“What is going on?” A voice from the hall way calls, and from the grumbling I hear from father down the hall I have a feeling it’s more than just one.

“Way to go.”

Sorry if the smut is bad! Also I realize while I was writing this chapter that Xiumin has never said her name out loud to her!

PS: Any of you going to BTS in Chicago?

Our True Love - Chapter 12

A/N: A couple of more chapters! Huuu. I hope you enjoyed it thus far. Let me know what you think. Your comments are greatly appreciated. <3 (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 2,282
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

I sit in the car while holding the papers up to read over the list. Steve sits next to me, staring out through the window at the snow covered sidewalk. I put the papers away into a folder before letting out a sigh. Another day of meeting. I look out the window at the people huddling into their thick coats.

Steve and I are on a business trip in Canada. Steve had meetings to go to and I’ve just been the one to sort out the files and notes taken during the meetings. After the first week, I feel my fingers getting cramped from the intense non-stop typing sessions. Even my back and neck is killing me.

It’s been a month since I last heard from Bucky. The last time I had seen him was on the rooftop. Then, nothing. He doesn’t answer any of my calls or replied to any of my texts. I even tried to call Rosaline and she didn’t pick up. When I asked Richard, he advices me to give them space. I don’t know what to do honestly.

I have been missing him so much. It feels so odd without him present in my life. I’m a little worried about how he is doing. How they are doing. Even though we don’t live too far, they were never in their house when I go to visit. I don’t know what is going on, but I hope things are okay.

“I called Bucky this morning.” Steve says quietly to me. I shoot up to look at him.

“He answered?? How is he doing?” I lean in to him excited and worried all at the same time. Steve lets out a small scoff before smiling.

“He’s good. He’s been seeing a specialist about his mind. He’s trying to improve things for himself.” Steve says looking down at his hands. His blue eyes still seem a little troubled. It was a relief to hear that Bucky is still all right, but I’m a little hurt that he didn’t return any of my calls.

“But…?” I ask. I know he has something else to say.

Steve’s eyes find mine. I can see that he is trying to read my emotion.

“He and Rosaline aren’t doing so well.” He says. I let out a sigh while tightening my ponytail. Again? I thought things are okay now.

“I need to see them when we get back.” I say, thinking about them.

“Don’t.” Steve says while looking at me. I look at him confused.

“Why not?”

“Let them sort this out, Y/N. It is their marriage, so it is their business.” I raise an eyebrow.

“Says someone who would jump in to help his friend out regardless of the rules.” Steve chuckles while looking back out onto the snow.

“I know. But, Bucky needs to sort this out himself. We have provided all that we could for him. But this, this is something only Bucky can decide for his own.” I look at him.

“Decide? What do you mean?” I ask. Steve smiles before shaking his head.

“He’s a grown man and can take care of himself. Don’t worry about him.” He says while sighing out. I look down at the folder on my lap.

“Can he, though? With his mind in such a wreck like that?” I ask.

“Who knows? But Bucky needs to be conscious of that. Of what his mind is doing to him. I’m sure he’ll able to be the one to control it instead of vice versa soon. I told you before didn’t I?” Steve adds.

“Didn’t you also say he needs the physical reminder of the people in his life?” I ask keeping my eyes on him. Steve sighs. I’m worried. What if he forgets about me again? Forget about our memories together like before? I don’t think I can go through with that pain again.

“I know. But if he is able to control his own mind, then he won’t always need that. Rosaline is compromising things for him to make it work. He won’t say what exactly, but he did reassure me that they are doing the right thing for their marriage.” He says as gives me a warm smile.

“For now, we’ll continue to be the friend he needs. But we won’t interfere with any decisions they make in their marriage, all right, Y/N?”

I nod a little while looking out the window. I wonder what Steve is talking about. What decision in their marriage? The car comes to a stop.

“We’re here, sir.” Steve nods to the driver. He looks over at me.

“Let’s go.”

I exit the car and pull my coat in closer to my body. The cold breeze is biting me through the coat. I look around at the people walking quickly on the sidewalk before they freeze outside. My mind is replaying what Steve had just said. I had been so lost in helping Bucky that I didn’t even realize I had been interfering with their marriage so much. I had wanted Bucky to be happy so that’s why I stepped in to make things better.

Had I wanted them to work out so I have a reason to move on easily? Was I afraid to be the very reason if their marriage fails? Was I afraid to lose the Bucky I knew if it did fail? The idea of losing Bucky terrifies me, which is why I was willing to do anything to keep him happy. But, am I even keeping him happy if I, myself, don’t know really what makes him happy?

Steve is right. I shouldn’t interfere anymore. Let Bucky and Rosaline decide for themselves of the outcome of their own marriage.

As I was about to step into the building, I caught a glimpse of someone standing by a lamp post. He looks rather familiar. I could’ve sworn it was Bucky, but he looks a lot smaller than Bucky does.

“Y/N.” Steve calls out, holding the door for me. I look back at where the person was, but he’s gone. I blink, trying to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. I sigh out before running inside from the bitter coldness.

• • •

The night is freezing cold. Even the hotel lobby is ice cold despite the heater. I sit patiently, waiting for Steve to come back so we can have dinner together. I wrap the coat around my body tightly to keep warm. I look around at the different people walking in and out of the hotel.

I look at my phone to check any messages, but I have none. When I look up, I notice a man sitting in another set of couch on the other side of the lobby. I don’t know if he’s looking at me, but from the angle of his face, it does look like it. He’s wearing a black coat and hat. It looks like he just got in from outside because of the amount of snow on his hat.

I look away, hoping that the man doesn’t see me. I start feeling uncomfortable. He looks exactly like the man I saw earlier. I busy myself on my phone. Inside, I pray that it was just nothing and it is just my over reactive feeling.

I glance up to see if the man is there again. Sure enough, he was. This time, I’m sure I can feel this man’s gaze at me. His eyes felt large from the other side of the lobby. I swallow while looking around the area. Maybe I’ll return to my room.

When I pick up my bags, I see the man standing up as well from the corner of my eyes. My stomach twists and I felt scared. I can practically hear his footsteps from the other side of the room. I should probably not go to my room. I’ll go to the security room instead. I turn around and about to make my way to the elevator when I feel a hand grabbing onto my shoulder.

I jumped and slap the hand away before turning to look who it was. It’s just Steve. He is just as startled as I was. He can probably see how pale I had gone. His brows furrowed.

“Y/N, are you okay?” He asks. I take a deep breath and nod slowly. I look around the lobby to see where the man is, but he’s gone yet again.

“Y/N?” Steve calls out to me again.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I lied. But from behind Steve, I catch the glimpse of the man stepping outside through the hotel door.

• • •

I lie on the fluffy bed of the hotel. It feels like I’m lying down in a pit of marshmallows after such an intense and hard day. How come I never noticed this heavenly feeling before? Probably because I would pass out the second my head did hit the pillow.

Message notification of my phone startles me a little. I fish my phone out of my purse, not moving too much from my comfortable spot. I look at the message.

Richard [10:33PM] – Hey, Cherry Princess. How is the business trip going?

I smile to myself.

You [10:34PM] – Great. I just got to the hotel. I should be back next week.

Richard [10:36PM] – All right. I’m glad to hear. So I got some good news.

You [10:48PM] – Oh yeah? What is that?

I walk out of the bathroom after getting showered. I quickly gone and take a shower before reading the good news Richard has for me. I pick up my phone to see if he had replied or not. My heart jumps at his message before I yell out happily.

Richard [10:51PM] – I took your advice and took the leap of faith. Guess who’s got a boyfriend now?

You [11:30PM] – Are you serious?? Oh my God! I’m so happy for you, Richard! Is it Harry? Tell me it is!

Richard [11:32PM] – Yes it is. I was so nervous, but I told him. I never felt so happy in my life. Thank you, Y/N.

You [11:35PM] – I did nothing. You did it yourself. This calls for another celebration! We need to play something when I get back.

Richard [11:39PM] – Sounds good, Cherry Princess.

You [11:42PM] – Oh, have you heard anything from Rosaline or Bucky, btw?

Richard [12:01AM] – They are working things out. Don’t worry about them.

You [12:02AM] – How can I not? You are so silly. But are they okay?

Richard [12:05AM] – Honey, worry about your trip first, okay?

I let out a sigh. He’s not going to tell me anything. I check over to my messages to Bucky.


You [10:30PM] – Bucky, call me back when you can.


You [08:10AM] – Bucky, are you okay?


You [01:49PM] – I came over to your house. No one is there. When can I see you?


You [10:45AM] – Bucky, seriously! Pick up the phone!


You [11:58PM] – Bucky, talk to me…

I let out another sad sigh. Why isn’t he responding to me? I place my hands over my face, feeling the tears well up. I was so angry at him for not responding to my texts or calls. I was even very worried about him. What is he doing that is so hard to just pick up and reply to me? Takes 30 seconds to type, ‘I’m fine.’

But then again. I might murder him if he just gives me that cheap response after leaving me hanging for over a month.

Keep faith in him no matter what happens. He seemed so sad and afraid to say that to me in the elevator. But how can I if he doesn’t even call me or text me back? At least he knows that I’m waiting for him.

My mind plays back to the man in that black coat and hat. He could just be an innocent man walking around. Or just someone with the same outfit. A lot of people wear black coats here after all. It could just be nothing.

But then again, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there is something off about that man. Even Steve is worried about me, but I just reassured him it was nothing. I’ll probably tell him tomorrow or sometime. I don’t want to worry him when his mind is filled with these other businesses.

A notification bell. I quickly pick up my phone to see who it is.

It was just Sharon. When I open it, my heart jumps. I feel the whole world shift. I grab my room key card with my phone and run out of my room to Steve’s. I nearly run into someone as I was running down the hall.

I quickly turn to apologize as I run, but my voice is nowhere to be found. It’s that man. Now that I get a closer look at his face, there’s another sense of familiarity with it.  The lower half of his face is covered by a scarf and those eyes… Those eyes… I immediately turn the corner to Steve’s room.

I pound on his door, waiting for him to open all the while keeping my eyes open at where I came from to make sure the guy isn’t following me. When Steve opened the door, I push him in and close the door behind me. I look out through the peephole, but never see the man pass by. I breathe out before looking at Steve. He is wearing a shocked face.

I then remember the reason why I made my way to his room in the first place.  

“Steve!! Did she tell you??”  

He nods with his hand over his mouth in disbelief.

★ ★ ★

A/N: I hope you truly enjoyed this chapter! We are nearing the end of the series. So get ready for it~ I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you think. Thank you so much for reading! Much love! <3

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guess who finally found their stylus :D

jumping on @boopliette ’s “Sonny does not wear appropriate winter clothing” headcanon like there’s no tomorrow because I love it (and her, and all her art) with a practise sketch!

heavenly-lucius  asked:

The impending blizzard on Tuesday that's gonna hit NY..... Can you write a gency blizzard shut in story? Could be at HQ, mercy's house, etc.

Ah yes of course! I hope headcannons are alright ♥

  • The storm hits just as they get to her home. The wind nearly slams the door shut as they hurry inside. Mercy has always enjoyed snow, but this is the worst storm she has seen in a while.
  • While Genji goes to make sure all the windows are closed, Mercy begins making hot chocolate. When he comes back, Mercy makes sure he has a sweater on, not wanting his metallic parts to get cold even though the heater should be kicking on soon.
  • Just as she gets their mugs full, the power blinks out. She gasps, the sudden darkness making her blind as she reaches her hand out. He’s already there, pulling her close as his body’s lights come on. The green cutting through the howling wind and freezing cold.
  • Mercy laughs softly, saying they might be spending the night locked in. Genji only brushes her hair back, before saying he’ll go find blankets. 
  • They move to the living room now, bundling up on the couch. Genji makes sure there are plenty of layers between his body and hers so she doesn’t get cold on his metallic parts though he’s warm enough. 
  • Mercy ends up talking about snow days when she was younger. How her parents helped her build snowmen and make even better hot chocolate then what they’re sipping at right now. She gets quiet, and Genji’s fingers brush against her hair, bringing her back with a gentle smile.
  • They end up buried under five blankets, Mercy laying on top of Genji as they watch the snow fall through the window. Its a heavy storm, and Mercy guesses it won’t go away any time soon. 
  • Grinning up at Genji’s distracted face, she kisses his chin, before giggling and throwing the blankets over her head. He wraps his arms around her waist, claiming she won’t get away with it. Hiding under the covers with her, he kisses her eyelids, making her laugh against his chest as their warmth keeps them through the bitterly cold night. 

My keeper added some air plants to my enclosure!

I’m probably going to be annoyed that they’ll have to be taken out weekly to be watered and fed, but that’s unavoidable, I guess.

Don’t worry about the ceramic heat emitter on the right; it’s not as close to the glass as it looks, it’s nearly 12″ away. The room I’m in sometimes gets a little cold, and having the heater overhead heated up my warm side WAY too much. I like it to be around 90 on the floor, and overhead, the heater made it over 100! From the side it helps keep it around 90 degrees both air temperature and belly temperature.

The butterworms also got here today! They look like really HUGE waxworms and are kind of reddish. One was almost too big for me to eat, but I managed. I ate about three big butterworms and two waxworms then was done. The first thing I do when I hear my keeper come into the room or come near my tank is to poke my head out because, when I do that, he just HANDS me my food, I don’t even have to walk to the dish to get it! HA!

I’m liking the more crowded setup, it makes me feel less nervous because there’s less open space and I come out of my hide more–though I’m in it now because my keeper was poking around and making a lot of noise getting things rearranged.