cold hearts beat slower

Look blizzard can’t tell me widowmaker has altered physiology then just give me “She’s Blue cuz she’s So Cold”

Like….please…u turn blue when ur not gettin enough oxygen, or like, you’re a dead body that drowned…AND WHEN COLD YES but that’s different that’s Oh God, Frostbite is here my skin is Literally Freezing and Dying here comes the gangrene

Like I guess Cold Skin fits with Slow heart, but does that just end up w her having poor ass circulation or what, what’s the advantage
Is her heart bigger now, big hearts beat slower

Is she Literally cold blooded??? Bc I’m pretty sure the ability to thermoregulate is an advantage and she would not be too quick in the Icy Russian Winter bc it’s cold zzzzz nap time

What if her blood was blue instead?? Hemocyanin works well in low oxygen/cold enviroments? But it’s not too great in other ways, so maybe it’s some special sci fi blood that has perks of Red AND Blue

And…for some reason she’s cold. Bc I like that, that’s good

I don’t know why any of that would make her Emotionless, that’s gotta be some like. Separate Intensive Conditioning or smth

At The End Of The Road.

{ You are very depressed because Harry, your previous boyfriend, just broke up with you.} 


My cold hands are in my pockets, deep. I walk around town like a zombie. Rain drips on my coat, dribbling down and falling on the ground. My hair is a mess, I have bags under my eyes and my feet hurt from walking so much. The cold morning wind is blowing in my face, making my cheeks hurt. I’ve been walking around the whole night. I had to think about stuff. Since I barely have contact with my family, don’t have any friends except for Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn… why am I still alive? Nobody gives a shit about me. I reached the end of the road, which led up to a beach. I slowly kicked out my shoes and walked down the stairs. No one was here. I inhaled and exhaled. The cold water hit my feet over and over again, making them numb. 

Tears start to fall, hands start to shake and my mind starts to race. How am I ever going to be able to keep up with this? I feel so fucking alone, it hurts. It hurts to think about how everybody left me just like that. What am I doing wrong? I don’t get it. I really don’t. I bite my lip and look at the sea. Somehow, the ice cold water looks like a solution to my problems. Without thinking clear, I run over to the small cliff where Harry and I always sat and talked about random stuff. Soft sobs escape my chapped lips as I reach the edge, I look at the waves hitting the stones. I grab my phone and text Harry. I think he should know what he did to me. 

To: Harry.
Hey, I know we didn’t speak for 2 moths now, but I just wanted to let you know this: I’m going to the end of my road, hurting. 
Bye, Harry.
I love you.

I tap send and drop my phone next to me. I take a last breath and focus. My phone buzzes and I look to my right. 

From: Harry

What ??

What are you going to do (Y/N)?!

Where are you?

Don’t do anything stupid! I’m coming!

I kick my phone into the water and take a few more breaths. This is going to be it. My end. The end of my story. Book closed.
My feet let go of the ground, my mind let’s go of it’s thoughts and my heart beats slower when I near the water.

Cold waves of water hit me, harder and harder. My headache slowly fades. My memory slowly fades. Oxygen slowly fades. Everything slowly fades.

About to pass out, a large hand grabs my arm. My lungs are already filled with water. The only thing I see is brown hair and a tattooed arm holding me up. Unable to breath, I panic and before I can do something about it, everything turns black. 

’….. Please.. please baby wake up. Don’t leave me here without you.. please…‘ Is the first thing I hear when I open my eyes. Water is stuck in my mouth and lungs. I get pushed up and spit out all of the water inside of me. Having a hard time to breath, I grab my shirt and cough. 
I sob and put my head on my knees. 'Why didn’t you just let me die?!’ I scream and turn around. Two green tear-filled eyes stare at me. 
Harry saved me. He.. saved me? 'Don’t be mad at me… I can’t live with the idea of you dying because of me.' He grabs my wrist but I get up. A little too fast. 'You.. y..’ The world spins around once again and I stumble into Harry’s arms. 'Be mad at me later, you have to rest.' He picks me up bridal style and walks over to the road. He mutters all kinds of things while he puts me in his car.

 My teeth are chattering and goosebumps cover my damp body. 'It’s not far from here, please try to…. just don’t leave me. Okay?' I don’t answer his question. After about 10 minutes of shivers and rubbing my arms to gather a little heat, we pull over at his house. Well, our house. We bought it together. Maybe we moved too fast. Or too slow. 
'Come here.' He whispers, helping me out of the car. My eyes are heavy and my headache is back. He closes the door behind us and all of the sudden, he pulls off his shirt and wraps his arms around me.
'You need to warm up, or else you’ll get hypothermia.' Without giving him any response, I put my freezing hands on his chest. 'God damn you are freezing..' He grabs my jacket and pulls it off. Tears are once again starting to well up in my eyes, coming out in soft sobs. 'Oh no baby please don’t cry, you’ll be fine.. I promise.' He grabs a sweatshirt from his closet and takes off my clothes, but quickly putting his sweater on my cold body. He sets me down on the bed and pulls off my soaking jeans and shoes. 'get under the covers, I’ll make some tea.' He pulls the covers over my body and walks out of the room. Still unable to really understand what the fuck just happened, I stare at my hands. They are red from the cold water and my legs are still tingling. After about 5 minutes he comes back into the room with two blankets and a cup of tea. He quickly wraps me in the blankets and sets the tea on the nightstand next to me. Tears stream down my face. He crawls into the bed next to me and wraps his arms around me. He pulls me up to his chest. Tears fall on his sweater, leaving little dark spots. I grab his shirt a little tighter while he rubs my back.

'Why did you do it?’ He asks. Too tired to explain it, I point at a huge canvas of us hanging above the bed. It was when we went picnicing with the boys and they took it of us. 

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I look up to him. He bites his lip and looks away. 'I miss you too, (Y/N).’
I grab his hand and tangle our fingers together. 'Why did we broke up?’ My voice sounds weak and soft. 'I got scared. I was so scared of losing you that I just.. cut it all off. To prevent myself from hurting, but instead of preventing people from pain, I gave you pain. That’s the last thing I want to do. I love you. God, I love you so much it hurts. I know.. that was so selfish of me and I’m sorry. I can’t promise you that I won’t hurt you again, but please… let me try..' He kisses my hair and plays with the hem of my sweatshirt. I slowly nod. 'What? What’s wrong?' He looks down at me and I look up, directly in his eyes. 'I’ll get back together with you, if you promise me, even though you can’t, you won’t leave me. Not for such a reason.’ He smiles. 'I promise.' He says, before kissing me.

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