cold hard numbers

Let me tell you guys the story of what happened today.

I participated in a competition at my college called “Dolphin Tank”, which was supposed to resemble the Shark Tank show (though it didn’t for several reasons; I think it was just marketing). Essentially, teams of students had 5 minutes to pitch their company to judges to win one of three cash prizes of up to $1,000. Naturally, everyone who presented was a Business Management major except for myself (physics and chemistry). But there were only 9 teams who presented, so I had a ⅓ shot of winning a prize.

Frankly, there were a couple ideas that were highly nonviable (collided too much with legal restrictions and/or technical promises hard to fulfill) or had so much market saturation (ahem, restaurants) that there’s no way they were going to get backing. So my chances seemed pretty good.

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Dr Ferox meets the Animal Psychic

Apparently I have the sort of face that makes crazy people be completely honest with what they’re thinking, like they think I’ll believe them. Either that or they know the Boss will yell them out of the building if they try any rubbish like this, or the nurses like it when the joke’s on me.

Today looked like being an odd day. It started like this.

  1. Explained to a young man with very large diamond earrings that the ‘lump’ he was worried about on his dog’s chest was, in fact, a nipple. In fact, he had several 'lumps’ and they were all, unsurprisingly, nipples.
  2. A phone call about the family dog who had just eaten the family bird.
  3. What I thought was a shy but nice lady who turned out to be an Animal Psychic.

Now I generally keep an open mind, but the only Angels I give any serious thought to are good aligned outsiders with at least 12 hit dice. You want to believe that humans, animals and inanimate objects (specifically, vehicles) have 'angels’ what whisper to you, then that’s fine. I don’t believe, however, that these 'angels’ are providing you these unique insights when I’ve already told you what they’ve told you moments ago. The key points of the conversation went like this.

  1. Three weeks ago I say the pet’s cortisol levels appear to be normal. Today you tell me that their angels say their cortisol levels are 'now normal’. Honestly, how do your pets angels even know what cortisol is?
  2. I tell you that clinically the pet looks 'fantastic’ and much improved. You tell me their angels say they’re feeling much better.
  3. I tell you we *might* be able to reduce the dose of her medication, based on the blood test I’m about to you. You tell me that my angels (the angels of Dr DM Ferox) are telling you that we can lower the dose, without doing the blood test.
  4. You say the angels of the dogs on my poster are telling you what breed they are. That’s lovely, but it is a breed identification poster.

Now I don’t mind these angels of unspecified hit dice, but I do object to them telling me how to do medicine when the blood test is absolutely indicated before changing the dose, and it’s apparent that you just want to spend less on medication. If I do have angels, then they need a swift kick up the backside for condoning dodgy medicine of changing dose rates before having the evidence to do so.

I am not an angel communicator. I am a blood result communicator.

I am not a psychic artist. I am a veterinary scientist.

I am not a medium. I am a vet.

And I am absolutely confident in my method, diagnosis and treatment because the pet looks a thousand times better than she did three weeks ago.

The pattern of these conversations makes me wonder. If I say something, that they then paraphrase back to me later in the conversation and present it as a fresh and wonderful insight from the 'angels’, are they doing it deliberately or not? Because the way I see it, they’re either processing this information subconsciously and misinterpreting it as voices of angels, or they’re doing it deliberately as a well practiced con trick.

If I was not absolutely confident in my position and diagnosis, would I allow the calm words of a stranger confidently paraphrasing my own thoughts and ideas as messages from the supernatural to sway me? I’m not sure, but I could see how it could convince someone with question that can’t be proved. I don’t need to take the word of the 'angels’, I can measure the cortisol in the blood and base my therapeutic decisions off that. Cold, hard numbers.

So either this Animal Psychic is a nice but crazy person, or deliberately deceiving people. I would like to think they’re a nice person, so I have to assume they’re crazy.

Now I originally saw this pet for a minor, unrelated issue months ago. I said then that I thought there was a hormonal condition at play, and those angels had nothing to say about it then. In the six months prior, why did they say nothing about it? Is it because the owner didn’t think there was a problem, and so couldn’t hear information that they didn’t already know?

I’ve got my conclusions. I’ve also got my very own special client, because after explaining the situation to the Boss, he wanted nothing to do with this individual and has said so in no uncertain terms.

This one has to go in my top three on my list of crazy.

[RvB Fic]

Title: 5 Deaths Agent Washington Never Lived

Rating: R

Characters: Agent Washington, Carolina, Epsilon, Locus, Dr. Grey, The Meta

Warnings: Death. So much death. Injuries, blood. Also suicide. 

Notes: Written for @rvbficwars Bingo Wars, for the glory of Blue Team. For the square ‘canon divergence’

Summary: Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts.


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anonymous asked:

Do these people look at the cold hard numbers? Last season of Divas had lower ratings than the previous one, and every Deanee-centric episode had the lowest viewership across the board. Any competent business person would see those numbers and come to only one conclusion: nobody wants to see Renee Young or Dean Ambrose on this show.

No people don’t! It’s dumb when you have people shooting off at the mouth thinking they know things when they don’t look at the facts. No I can’t say  how well TD is doing overseas because I never saw those numbers but ratings were down this season not at a steady viewership from season one and WWE is not making money they lost money on TD. 

Sorry for the rant just annoys me when people don’t read facts. 

scientist: [sequences my dna]


scientist: what the fuck
The Most Shipped Couple of 2015 Is...
Come, Internet family. Let us all gather and sing the Shipper National Anthem together:

Come, Internet family. Let us all gather and sing the Shipper National Anthem together:

“And I will go down with this ship…”

You might be asking why we brought you all together today. We wanted to round up the shippers of the Internet to talk about Tumblr’s list of the Most Reblogged Ships of 2015. Since Tumblr is where ships are born and where they live, you know you can trust their judgement when it comes to the most beloved duos of the year. And they pulled from their own data, so they know what they’re talking about.

“We spent several weeks sorting through hundreds of lists pulled by a program that showed us the cold, hard numbers on the millions of different Tumblrs with billions of posts and quadrillions of notes on them,” Tumblr writes about their Year in Review lists. “We analyzed web traffic, follower growth, and so much more.”

You can scroll down to see the full list of the most talked about pop culture pairings below, but here are your top 10 most beloved ships of 2015:

1. Larry Stylinson

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, One Direction 

Tony Diversity, #OscarsSoWhite, and the Hamilton Revolution

The 2016 Tony nominations were announced today and for Broadway fans around the world, it must feel good to know there won’t be a hashtag protesting diversity this year. The uproar surrounding this year’s Oscars ceremony and the resulting #OscarsSoWhite fallout was a warning to others in the entertainment industry. Clearly, this year, Broadway got the memo.

The Tonys have an unprecedented amount of diversity this year - something Hollywood only wishes it could replicate. Of course, leading the charge is Hamilton, the game changing blockbuster from mastermind, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hamilton is nominated a record 16 times, which is once in every category it is eligible for and multiple times in a few of the acting categories. Lin himself makes up three of those nominations! But, Hamilton is only one of the many diverse shows making Broadway proud this season. Shuffle Along, Or the Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed is another standout this year with 10 nomination (although everyone’s favorite Audra McDonald, a six-time Tony winner and WOC, missed grabbing a nom this year). There’s also Eclipsed, the Danai Gurira penned production about five women surviving the Second Liberian Civil War starring Lupita Nyong’o, and the star-studded revival of The Color Purple. Four nominations went to Waitress, the Sara Bareilles composed musical with an all-female creative team, much like last year’s Tony winning production of Fun Home. The revival of Spring Awakening also garnered three nominations. The production, which starred many deaf or hearing impaired cast members, started a wider conversation about accessibility on Broadway. It also featured actress Ali Stroker, the first-ever wheelchair user to perform on a Broadway stage.

So let’s look at the cold, hard numbers. Of the 24 competitive award categories, 17 have people of color nominated. The nominees represent nations from around the world, including South Africa, Colombia, The Philippines, Israel, and Cuba.

And it’s never been more fitting that Broadway’s annual award ceremony is named after a woman - Antoinette Perry. Out of the 16 mixed-gender categories, 10 feature at least one woman.

And the diversity continues in the four non-competitive Tony categories that are awarded to humans (Paper Mill Playhouse grabbed the Regional Theatre Award!). The Isabelle Stevenson Award is going to Brian Stokes Mitchell and two of the winners of the Tony Honors for Excellence are women.

Out of the 24 categories, there are four that don’t have a POC or woman nominated. And the big disappointments come in the form of awards for Leading Role in a Play and Featured Role in a Play, where all 10 nominees are white men. So, needless to say, there’s room for improvement. But, I think we can all take some time to celebrate and be proud to tune in on June 12th for the Tony Award ceremony on CBS. In the meantime, let’s aim to get the Best Sound Award back, eh? What can I say - the Tonys aren’t perfect.