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sometimes i get really messed up thinking about Erebor. 

  • it’s hugely vast - Thorin says there are “halls upon halls beneath the mountain” and i imagine it stretches vertically as well as horizontally, so like lots of levels climbing upwards and downwards and just a HUGE amount of square footage, an entire city (perhaps larger than Minas Tirith) literally carved out of the interior of a mountain
  • on that note, travel around Erebor must be facilitated by something. what if they use goats or ponies? imagine little carts, coaches, etc., driven by dwarves and transporting dwarves and visitors from point A to B, ex: the residential level is the main level but the market is three levels below - no one wants to haul groceries by hand up miles of stairs/ramps and damn like, who has enough hours in their day for all that walking? draft animals it is then. (for that matter, oxen could also be involved, in which case they would need cows to keep supplying offspring to be turned into oxen, and that means some dwarves could be dairy “farmers”).
  • which brings us to… what are all these pack animals eating? hay would be easy enough to purchase from Dale or other neighbors but then it needs to be stored. and if there are lots and lots of load-bearing animals needed for everyday life in the mountain (and also for mining operations, lots of material to be hauled there) then that’s a LOT of hay and other feeds needed.
  • so maybe the dwarves have something akin to a pasture somewhere in the mountain, high up, with an entire exterior wall made of glass or a similar transparent substance that lets sunlight in and creates sort of a giant greenhouse or cold frame, so they can grow grass year round for the ponies and goats and cattle to graze. otherwise hay expenses could be astronomical. 

i don’t know. just. Erebor everyday life stuff. fascinating. 

The good: I have over 36,000 words of nothing but backstory, setting, and plot synopsis for potentially seven novels, all generated in the past couple months despite being distracted by other projects, severely unmotivated, and asleep like 12+ hours per day.

The bad: I now have to properly outline the first novel and then fuckening write it, before attempting to find a publisher.

The ugly: The 200,000 word novel I finished last year, just to get all the ideas down? Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. Most of it is essentially unusable.

Been sleeping most of the last week again, only just started to be able to actually get any work done on the March 1GAM again. Going to be submitting it before the deadline as I’ve got to travel for appointments so now have five days to make something playable.

I’ve decided main priorities to get the build into some sort of basic “playable” state, though it still really won’t be much of a game, are:
> player controller based on camera input
> design and model some basic plants, both generic and hero “plantable” types
> hero types have multiple stages of growth
> player can collect and plant cuttings
> individual planted pots’ logic for their cuttings growing
> “next day” trigger to continue progress
> plant growth progress dependent on being watered and where they are placed (some need sunlight, shade, greenhouse, cold, or dark areas)
> basic GUI tutorial/prompts telling player what can be done in the build

If I get to return to this game project of course I’d love to build a cozy and convincing little town with NPCs, and have the game include information cards for the plants, and an expansive set of environments to explore. One day. <3

Making sure the cuttings are the right height for the player to grab with one of the animations.

If I continued development on this game I’d scrap the three “grab cutting” animations, I’ve got something else in mind for collecting them.

Asides from making some of the stand-in plants today, I’ve been progressing on the scripting for the planted pots.

I’m likely going to be sleeping the majority of the time for at least the next couple of months, but I’ve decided not to stress about making super gameplay oriented games each month.

Long term goals, I want to find work as a 3D generalist in a small studio, or a rigging TD/tech artist in a studio that requires me to specialise. So I’ll be pretty happy if I can find the energy to focus on learning to make more professional assets and integrating them into simple games to better learn how different cases SHOULD be made to suit a game engine and for best optimisation.

What grew grew high and tall well rooted. High and tall into efflorescence. Coaxing flowers up from the ground is good. Pulling out roots is good. This season is done this season is past.

Cold fingers rinsed greenhouse pots of old dirt windows of pressed sweet pea prints. Rinsed away a season of sparks and muted gleaming. Old flowers, dry stems, dead moths, cracked and crackling heart. Let’s go in there’s a good fire on. Let’s go home we might be able to find it.

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What If This Storm Ends? 

AN: you asked for this anon….

For @hpshipweeks

Synopsis: Seamus struggles with his feelings while Dean is dating Ginny. 

Surprisingly enough Seamus didn’t realise his feelings for Dean until the yule ball in their fourth year and even then Lavender Brown had to point it out to him. 

“Seamus I know you’re besotted with your best mate and all but you’re still my date so you have to dance with me at least once.” Her soft voice was laced with sarcasm as she looked at him with bored eyes.

He had spat out his pumpkin juice and spluttered for a solid ten minutes that she was mad if she thought he liked Dean like that. 

Lavender in turn only raised an eyebrow and responded with, “Number one I never said it was Dean and number two you’ve been staring at him all night it’s actually kind of creepy.” 

So ever since then Seamus has been tormented with the knowledge that he likes his best friend as…well more than a best friend. 

And honestly that was fine. 

He could handle the desire to kiss him whenever they were in the same room (which was literally all the time), he could compliment Dean’s drawings of pretty girls while resisting the urge to question why Dean never drew him and most of all he could stomach it when Dean admitted to him that he thought Ginny Weasley was quite fit. 

Seamus could deal with all of that and he did because Dean was his best friend and as long as there was some tiny glimmer of hope that they could…be something someday then he would suffer through the torment of pretending everything was normal. 

But then Dean started dating Ginny Weasley and suddenly the walls that Seamus had carefully built to block out any pain of his unrequited feelings came violently crashing down. 

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Herb of the Week-Foxglove


Common Foxglove
Deadmen’s Bells
Fairy’s Glove
Folk’s Glove
Purple Foxglove
Witch’s Bells
The herbal plant known as the foxglove can reach six feet in height. The foxglove has a straight stem without branches and grows as a biennial plant. During the spring bloom, foxglove flowers hang in bunches on the stem - the flowers have a dull pink or purple coloration, and often come with white spots on the corolla. The large sized leaves of the foxglove possess distinct and prominent veins running along the lamina.

Among all the traditional medicinal plants of old, the foxglove is considered to be among the loveliest, the most significant, the best known and even the most lethal. The plant poison called digitalis is simply the powdered down dried leaves of the foxglove plant. Digitalis is a well known cardiac stimulating compound that has helped millions of heart patients stay alive due to its property of stimulating the cardiac muscles.

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“Tell me, does this town always suck so fucking bad?” Bex rolled her eyes, sitting at the bar but not comfortably. No amount of alcohol would make this cold ass greenhouse of a country comfortable. “Come on, blondie, you got to know something.”


While the cold greenhouse isn’t fully put together (gravel isn’t fully/evenly distributed inside, and the roll-up poles won’t be added until spring/summer) I can at least say overall it’s completed for winter! I had recently discovered that the gravelbed we added isn’t quite the kind of gravel used inside a greenhouse (this gravel is far too heavy and locks together too much compared to the gravel I’ve seen in other greenhouses. They seem to use more pea-gravelish stuff) but HEY we were building blindy with much of the greenhouse construction, we didn’t have the experts guiding us in that department. The size of the greenhouse I’d still say is perfect though; small by greenhouse industry standards but huge to a hobbyist (apparently everyone thought we were gonna build a dingy little greenhouse thing? DO THEY REALLY THINK THAT’D SUIT MY LARGE PROPAGATIONAL APPETITE???). This baby will hopefully be a useful asset for me for years to come.

The seedbed I’ve been wanting in the greenhouse has also been built and just needs some wettened peat moss thrown in to insulate between the seedpots that are inside now. Still wish I knew we were gonna be THIS LATE with the seedbed sooner, otherwise I would’ve sowed the majority of the cold-stratified seeds (which is pretty much everything) asap rather than waiting and waiting and wasting months of precious stratification time………. but hey better late than never?? Even if that hadn’t been the case some seeds were late collected/donated (bless you John the hunter, you may be the one man to help boost my seedling numbers without costing me a penny. Birch saplings/seeds aplenty thanks to you) so it couldn’t be helped. Luckily many seeds I have only need 3 months of cold at best, so we have that on our side.

This winter has been a freakishly mild one so far so I’m not sure how well it’s been really protecting the perennial plants/saplings I have inside now (besides keeping them from DROWNING in freezing rain), but it’ll be truly put to the test come january if what the farmers say is true. Gonna need to add a thermometer in that building to better tell when I need to air out the greenhouse or not.

Photographed December 14th 2015