cold girlfriend

Torn Heart

I was only able to hear silence when I walked in
I felt my heart pounding
I saw our picture torn, on the floor
But I wasn’t so sure which one was fully torn
My heart, or my favorite picture of us
As I laid on the cold floor
Trying to process it, i knew you never loved me
I knew I was the only one in love
I screamed into the pillow you left me on the floor
Maybe if I closed my eyes I would realize this was just a dream
Maybe you would come back
& not turn your back on someone who will never stop loving you

Bts reaction to you avoiding to show your feelings:

Anon requested: “Bts react to not communicating your feelings because you feel like you’re being annoying”

“BTS reaction to their girlfriend acting cold and they finding out it’s because she thinks was very clingy. I hope that not sounds confused, love your writing 💕” 


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I feel like he would be struggling with telling you it’s completely okay or just showing you that it’s totally normal to start ranting on about your day. Eventually he’ll settle on just coming home and complaining to you about his day, dropping subtle hints here and there to provoke you into letting all your feelings out.


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He’ll do both. ask you about it and telling you he’s more than happy to hear your complains, showing you that whatever you complain about won’t annoy him, but instead make him very happy. He doesn’t want you to feel lonely therefore opening up to you about it, listening quietly to whatever you have to say.


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Ok so Hoseok said himself that he’s more into quite responsible girls but shutting off your feels entirely won’t work with this crazy muffin. He will tell you to your face how much it annoys him that you are always reserved about your emotions assuring you that spitting them out will make him more relieved than irritated.

Rap Monster:

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He appreciates it most of the time and won’t even speak to you about it. You see somedays he just wants silent cuddles away from the whining of the boys and your arms are the best refuge. Yet he is one to quickly notice any changes in your mood and would sensibly try to get you to speak to him about it.


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Boundaries? with chim chim? I think not. He wont be having any of it when you shrugged off his “how was your day” and attempted a failed move at changing the subject. Jimin will drop whatever he was doing and rush to you like please please tell me. His eyes won’t be masking his hurt and you found yourself pouring your heart out comfortably. 

V/ Taehyung:

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Another member who I think will be having non of it because because it’s just impossible to build walls into your relationship and still expect it to keep going. He probs wont realize it himself, you just have to bring it up and once you did he would be doing his best with getting your tensed up heart to relax a little more

 “ I love your stories. Now give me a kiss because it’s your turn to speak”


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So, grown up or not he’ll still struggle with what to do. Jungkook is obviously worried and it’s probably he reason behind the black circles under his eyes. He isn’t one to “talk to you about it” so don’t get surprised when he tackles you to bed and swings a baseball bat over your head like how was your day sweety? No one will die though, and you will end up cuddling after having emptied all your pent up anger to your now smiling boyfriend.

Silver: Please just promise me you aren’t going to get my girlfriend killed. 
Flint: War is complicated. 
Silver: Yeah, but all I’m asking for is for you to tell me you’ll do everything in your power to make sure my girlfriend lives. 
Flint: War is hell. 
Flint: It’s only going to get worse from here on out. 
Flint: True.
Silver: In similar circumstances! I am pretty sure! you would not want him to get killed! even if it meant you would win the war! 
Flint: You’re not wrong. 
Flint: Listen, war is complicated. 

Whoop-de-frickin’ doo! One hundred days. I could get everything I promised done in one hundred days if I wanted to, but who cares about one hundred days? I don’t. I don’t care. Although I could have gotten everything done if I did care. But I don’t. But I could! But I don’t! But I could if I wanted to!
—  Donald Trump
BTS | Their GF is Clingy When She Gets Cold

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hello! can u do a reaction of bts to their gf is cold but can be clingy with them? sorry for my english. 

I don’t think he would mind so much if his girlfriend got clingy when she’s cold. But since he’s the mom of the group I could see that rolling over into his love life as well, so he would probably cocoon her in blankets and sweaters.

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When it comes to Yoongi it would depend on what he was doing if he would mind if his GF got clingy when she was cold. He spends a lot of time in the studio so if he was working he might get a little annoyed with the clingyness, but if he wasn’t working he wouldn’t mind the clingyness and he would probably have her nap with him so he could get her warm.

He would find her clingyness the cutest thing; it wouldn’t even have to be just the fact that she was cold. If his girlfriend was clingy with him, he would absolutely adore it and he would have a hard time controlling his emotions.

On the outside:

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On the inside:

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Rap Monster/Namjoon:
Like Yoongi it would probably depend on what he was doing. He also spends a lot of time in the studio so he might not be as happy with the clingyness if he was working. But if it was when he wasn’t working, he might suggest some activities that would get you both warm ;)

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“Jimin the Heater” at your service. If his GF was cold and clingy this boy would have no problem what so ever with it and would be ready and willing to cuddle her to get her warm.

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As soon as she got clingy cause she was cold, like Jimin he would immediately be ready to cuddle you…but like Namjoon this boy might suggest other activities.

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If his hyungs are around, he might be a little bit shy about his GF being clingy. But if they weren’t he would probably pull her in for a hug or offer her his sweatshirt.

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Got7 Scenario: Their girlfriend gets in a fight with his jealous ex and wins.

This is for @aegyoulzzangbtsexo, thanks for being so patient and sweet. I don’t know what I did to deserve a follower like you. 

I made this request more into a scenario instead of a reaction (actually I just wrote a lot by accident, oops!), plus I don’t really have a lot of scenarios. I also don’t condone violence so this scenario will be more of a verbal fight, I hope that’s okay and that you like it! 

P.S. Y/N means “You’re Name.”

Disclaimer: Gifs belong to their respective owners, they are not mine. This post also contains profanity so proceed with caution if you strongly dislike profanity.


The two of you decided to go watch a movie but Bambam wanted popcorn so you stayed inside the theatre while he went to get some. After you sat down you began to feel like someone was staring at you and when you looked in the direction of the gaze you saw her, Bambam’s ex girlfriend. She was glaring daggers and stomping towards you, to then stand towering over you.

You relaxed in your chair and raised an eyebrow completely calm, “Can I help you?”

She scoffed and looked around as if indignant by your response before yelling “I’m Bambam’s girlfriend you whore!”

You remained unfazed, “You mean you’re that girl Bambam broke up with a year ago?” 

Now she looked weaker and she lowered her voice to a normal level, “W-we didn’t break up, we’re just giving each other some time and space. We only had a fight and we’re going to get back together soon.”

You scoffed and raised both of your brows in amusement “Really? Is that why you keep stalking him everywhere he goes? Does he even talk to you anymore?”

She blushed a beet red and ran out of the theatre. That’s when you noticed Bambam had been leaning against a wall the whole time eating his popcorn, “That was better than the movie.”


It was your birthday and Jackson promised that he’d take you on a shopping spree and buy you whatever you wanted. You held hands as you walked into the mall, “Jackson, you don’t have to do this.”

He smiled as he lightly squeezed your hand “C’mon I just want to buy my Jaji everything she wants for her birthday.”

You pouted up at him, “But it’s a lot of money…”

He chuckled, “I earned it so I get to waste it on whoever I want,” he tapped your nose and smiled, “And I want to waste it on you.” 

You could hear a woman’s laugh from in front of you so you both looked up. It was Jackson’s ex. She crossed her arms as she smiled wickedly, “So he’s going to waste his money on you? Hah! He’s wasted thousands of won on me, so what if he buys you all the shit you want that ain’t nothing special.”

You remained calm, “Yeah you’re right it isn’t anything special.” Jackson turns towards you shocked and you look up at him with a gentle smile, “But there is one thing that IS special. He gave me his heart for free before I knew it was safe to give him mine.”

Jackson smiles lovingly down at you before rubbing his thumb against your cheek. He then looks at his ex with a serious expression, “Keep the wons. Y/n let’s go eat something sweet, this chick is too salty.”


Jaebum had had a long day at practice and was really tired but you weren’t any different, it had been a long rough day at work. You were the first to get home so you texted him:

You: I’m so tiiiiiiiired

Jaebum: Me tooooooo

You: I don’t want to cook…

Jaebum: Takeout?


Jaebum: Be home in a few, love you.

You: Love you too MUAH!

You ordered from your favorite takeout restaurant and Jaebum got home only a few minutes before your food arrived. You were prepping the table and excited to finally eat but you heard something hit your window. You opened it to find a note tied around a rock, it was a threat from Jaebum’s crazy ex. You looked out into the darkness and could make out a shadow behind a car.

You yelled “You bitch! He doesn’t love you! Keep fucking with us and we’ll get the cops on your ass!” There was suddenly a lot of noise coming from the direction of the shadow that had disappeared. Running feet, knocked over trash cans, and barking dogs. You slammed the window and turned around to see Jaebum licking some sauce off of his face just looking at you.

“So uh what’s wrong?” he finally said. You slumped down next to him and passed him the note, now feeling too emotionally drained to even eat. He read the note before sighing “Forget about her Jaji.”

You leaned your head against his shoulder, “I want her to forget about you… should we call the cops”

He wrapped his arm around your waist and kissed your hair, “I think my little tiger scared her away.”


You had lost count of how many times you and Jinyoung have run into his ex girlfriend in his favorite anything. His favorite cafe, his favorite department store, his favorite grocery store, his favorite gym, and even his favorite park. You were both nice to her at first but now it was getting awkward and annoying so you just avoided her. Both of you were in the car contemplating whether or not you should go into the cafe.

“Jinyoung, this has to stop” you said as you could see her looking around in the cafe through the car’s windshield.

He sighed, “What am I supposed to do? We said that we’d just be friends after the breakup…”

“Clearly she’s not your friend, she’s your stalker,” you got out of the car and he followed before taking your hand in his. 

You walked inside and she quickly ran to you, “What a coincidence!”

You stared he down with a menacing expression, “It’s not a coincidence because you stalk Jinyoung and go to all of the places you know he’ll be, so just leave us alone while I’m telling you nicely.”

She looked at you with wide eyes full of terror before looking at Jinyoung for help. He shaked his head “I’m sorry but I can’t keep doing this anymore. My heart belongs to Y/N so please just keep a distance from us.”


There was a very fancy restaurant that you were dying to eat at. Since there were hundreds of amazing reviews online of the restaurant Mark agreed that the it was worth going to. He made the reservations but they had to be made one month in advance to the actual date, so you waited and finally the day came. After around forty five minutes of waiting you were taken to your table which you gladly sat at. You were wearing a beautiful salmon colored dress that Mark had helped you pick out to match with his jacket, and your hair was in an up-do. 

Out of the corner in your eye you saw the shadow of a person walk past your table before you’re splashed with a cold liquid. Mark’s ex girlfriend smirks down at you holding an empty wine glass, “Let’s see if he’ll want to keep being your boyfriend looking like that.”

You glance at the people around you who look at the three of you in shock. You sigh as you keep calm, “To everyone here I look like an innocent girl who was physically abused by her boyfriend’s psychotic ex girlfriend, who can’t comprehend that he broke up with her three years ago and that he’s moved on.”

Her eyes widen as she looks at all of the people around her before blushing a deep red. She storms out of the restaurant with the tail of her dress trailing behind her.

Mark looks at you with a worried expression, “Jaji…”

“Don’t worry,” you take your napkin and dry your face before smiling, “We came here to eat and eat we shall.”



You had told Youngjae on numerous occasions that you loved his voice and wished you could sing like him. He always laughed and sang even more so that he could see your beautiful smile. Everything changed when he accidentally caught you singing in the living room. He had just come back from practice and you had the music turned up so high that you didn’t hear him come in but he could clearly hear your beautiful voice. From that day forth he promised that he’d record your voice and put it online because he knew you’d become internet famous in no time. Presently, the two of you were at an electronics store getting the proper equipment for you to be able to sing at home.

“Should we really be buying all of this? I mean, is it all necessary?” You looked at the coiled wires and funny looking boxes in the cart that you didn’t even know what they did.

He chuckled, “Yes Y/N, all of these are important so that your beautiful voice can be heard at the best quality.”

“I bet she sounds like a cat giving birth,” you looked in the direction of the voice and see it’s Youngjae’s ex girlfriend, “How can you even stand talking to her? Her voice is so annoying!” 

You rolled your eyes, “Oh he can stand my voice just fine but I can’t stand your little whiny bitch voice, that might be one of the reasons why he left a bitch like you.”

She scoffed and shoved some boxes off of a nearby shelf before running away.

Youngjae helped you pick up the boxes, “Don’t listen to her Jaji you have one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. I’m your number one fan.”


It was Yugyeom’s first weekend off in a long time and you were determined to have as much fun as you could. That morning you had made him a hearty breakfast with twice as many side dishes than you usually made. After that you went shopping for matching outfits which you quickly changed into once you got home. Then you went to a karaoke and danced as much as you could until you’re legs were too tired and you needed a break.

You sat down next to each other on the couch a sweating mess but giggling like idiots.

Yugyeom smiled widely, “Want to order something to drink?”

You nodded, “Yeah! A giant soda with extra ice.”

He laughed, “A giant soda?! What, a large isn’t enough for you?!”

“I need that ice Yugy!” You both giggled and he ordered your drinks. A man came in a few minutes delivering them but he had left your room’s door slightly open. Yugyeom had an arm wrapped around your waist and was drinking his soda with his free hand, as you leaned your head on his shoulder happily drinking your own soda.

“So you fuck him in the karaoke room, you sure are a slut,” you looked up to see Yugyeom’s ex girlfriend leaning against the doorframe misinterpreting your sweaty bodies.

“What we do in our spare time doesn’t matter to you because he already kicked you out of his life like I’m kicking you out of this room” you held up the karaoke remote that had a security button on it, so that she could see that you weren’t kidding.

She quickly ran out of the room slamming the door behind her. Yugyeom scoffed, “Who even let that crazy bitch in the building in the first place?”

Whooo! That was a lot to write but I’m back in the Kpop spirits! I missed writing about these dumdums. I hope you guys enjoyed this really long scenario! it’s always an interesting challenge to write reactions and scenarios but make up a separate scenario for each member. Here’s my Masterpost if any of you want to check it out where I have tons more of Got7 related content. See you guys around in Tumblr Land!