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Movies, webtoons & drama’s recommended by BTS

Love 911 (Movie) - JK
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Anime) - JK
Cold Eyes (Movie) - JIMIN
Tong (webtoon) - JIMIN
Haikyuu (Anime) - TAE & JK
Leon (Movie) - RM
 Me Before You (Movie) - RM
Pained (Movie) - JHOPE
Hanzawa Naoki (Drama) - YOONGI
Slam Dunk (Anime) - YOONGI & JK
 Nodame Cantabile (Anime) - YOONGI & TAE
Parasyte (Anime) - JIN & JK
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Movie) - JK
5 Centimeters Per Second (Anime) - JK
Free! (Anime) - JK
Princess Mononoke (Movie) - JIN
One Piece (Anime) - JIN & TAE
Dragon Ball (Anime) - JIN
Bleach (Anime) - JIN
Boys Over Flowers (Drama) - JIN
Legal High (Drama) - YOONGI
The Perfect World of Kai (Anime) - TAE 
Howl’s Moving Castle (Movie) - TAE
Crows Zero (Movie) - TAE
Pretty Woman (Movie) - JIN
Summer Wars (Anime) - TAE
I Give My First Love to You (Drama) - JK
You Are the Apple of My Eye (Movie) - TAE
Born to Be Blue (Movie) - TAE
Derailed (Movie) - TAE 

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[TRANS] Harper’s BAZAAR March ‘16. Junho Interview


All this while we have underestimated Lee Junho. The impressive seven minutes in “Cold Eyes” made us keep our eyes on him, and in “Twenty” we became sure of his potential as a realistic young actor. He is now in the middle of filming drama “Memory,” and he says that it is still early to comment on his acting. The man who little by little emanates trustworthy presence, Lee Junho is exceeding the boundary.  

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[TRANSLATION] JUNHO Ceci Interview (January '15 issue)

“I’m not a natural-born genius, so I’ve always thought I would be having a hard time. Through this, it’s possible to succeed and be satisfied, and I realized this when I was 16 back in my trainee days.”


How have you been?
Right now I’m in the middle of a world tour with 2PM. Before that I released a solo album in Japan, and shot a movie “Twenty” while in the midst of 2PM promotional activities.
It sounds tiresome just by hearing this.
If you take care of your stamina, it’s possible. But the problem is the lack of sleep.
So you need some rest, right?
This was the first time that I’ve felt it. During our world tour stop in LA, we had some time and went over to the seaside. I really liked it even though we just sat there underneath the sunlight. I don’t know when I would have time for something like this again. But I’m not sorry about this. It’s okay to rest, but my work is urgent so…
You seem ambitious.
Actually, it took a toll on my body when I promoted with 2PM and shot the movie at the same time, but I held out like before because I really wanted to do that.


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