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Worth The Fight

Summary: A life threatening encounter finally brings you and Dean to the realisation that you’re better off together than you are apart.  

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: + 3k


demons being demons, kidnapped reader, SPN type violence, injured reader, mentions of blood, language, angst, smut, unprotected sex, fluffy fluff

*gifs are not mine

Based on this request- I saw that your request are open may I request a deanXreader . The reader and dean are more than hunting friends and he ends up saving the reader from a demon attack. some smut and fluff - @captainemwinchester

A/N: Thank you for the request. I hope you like it! <3 

As always, feedback is loved!


It was dark and cold when you eventually woke, a dull throbbing pain at the back of your head. You tried to move your hand to check for injuries, but it was no use, they were bound behind your back with you lying on your side, your ankles also tied together and the ground beneath you becoming increasingly uncomfortable in your current position.

You groaned, eyes squinting closed as the lights were suddenly turned on, the brightness making it hard to adjust.

Once you got your bearings, you soon realised you were in some sort of barn. Wooden beams ran across the ceiling and dirt covered the ground, the only exit being a large door at the other end of the barn and with your arms and legs tied, you were sure breaking out would be an unlikely concept.

“I would apologise for the accommodation, but I don’t really want to.”

Looking up you saw the large wooden door slide open, a woman stepping inside wearing a long coat with jeans and boots. She strode towards you, a cruel smile over her face. She blinked and in an instant her eyes turned pure black, a sickening feeling soon washing over you.

“You’re a long way from home,” you gritted out, glaring back at the demon with pure disgust and hatred.

“Well, I’m having a lot more fun up here. You hunters are just a blast to play with.”

She squatted down in front of you. “And do I have a great game for us girls to play. It’s called truth or truth, and if you lie to me, well,” she clicked her tongue, “I’m just gonna have to get creative with the little torture techniques we have in hell. Your boy Dean-o knows all about them.”

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Wish (Part 3)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 4]

Pairing: Kagehina
Show: Haikyuu!! 
Summary: Howl’s Moving Castle AU, in which Kageyama makes a wish upon a falling star, and gets Hinata instead.

The days that followed passed by with ever-growing tension. Upon reaching a safe distance from the town, Tobio had carried a limp, rapidly cooling Hinata onward, up into the mountains, where he found a cave deep enough to seek shelter.

There, he built a fire of his own, contained in a little pit made of stacked stones, and he laid the demon out beside it to keep him warm. He fed them both with dried wood that he gathered outside the cave, and when he cooked for himself, he slipped Hinata his egg shells, seeds, or cut-off strips of meat, but it was difficult. Hinata was barely present enough to eat. Tobio spent his time crushing, grinding, or even chewing up his food enough for Hinata to swallow it down.

All the while, the little hollow in his chest where his heart used to be grew colder. In the hours when the weather beyond the cave was dismal and the fire not enough, the empty space in him ached with the chill, so much so he had lifted Hinata up into his lap before the flame, and wrapped his arms about his chest to hold in what little heat he had.

It helped to warm him, but the pain remained all the same.

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The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.” - Jung 

Aries is an angel. Innocent, pure, protecting, and battle scarred. Aries is a demon, aggressive, compulsive, egocentric, and unforgiving 

Taurus is an angel. Inviting, protective, comforting, beautiful. Creative and inspired. Taurus is a devil, gluttonous, greedy, compulsive, knows the cost of everything but the value of nothing 

Gemini is an angel. Blowing fresh messages from person to person. Flittery and flirty, filling the air with communication like a gentle breeze. Gemini is a demon, unfocused, manipulative, deceitful, emotionless, and dramatic 

Cancer is an angel. Maternal, gesturing, empathetic and guardianship. Cancer is a demon. She is the dark mother, possessive, controlling, martyred, hysterical, emotionally disturbed 

Leo is an angel. Beautifully creative, protective, childlike, illuminating. Leo is a demon, full of undeserved pride and delusions of grandeur, martyrdom, and narcissism

Virgo is an angel. Quietly flittering to serve, help, and heal. Humble and gentle. Serves larger than personal needs. Virgo is a demon, addictive, witheringly critical, negative, and demanding 

Libra is an angel. Personable, intuitive, beautiful, caressing, poetic, and amiable. Libra is a demon, unable to decide right from wrong, a hall of mirrors without an exit 

Scorpio is an angel. Ferociously loyal and protective, penetrating to the Truth with courage that would confront the devil. Scorpio is a demon, controlled by disturbed moods, rage, fear, self isolation, and aggression 

Sagittarius is an angel. Flying like a jet plane from land to land, leaving a fresh ray of laughter. Joyful, interested, global minded. Sagittarius is a demon, gluttonous, lying, exaggerating, indulgent, bombastic, and over confident 

Capricorn is an angel. Expressing the labor of love to build a better world for humanity. Understanding, discriminative, wise. Capricorn is a demon, compulsive, cold, overly cynical and critical, and lonely 

Aquarius is an angel. Pouring elevating knowledge from a higher plane. The mother of humanity, has a romance with the universe. Beautiful, feeling the suffering of all mankind. Aquarius is a demon, cold and unattached, robotic and sterile, delusions of grandeur 

Pisces is an angel. A gentle flight from soul to soul with healing honey. Empath, all knowing, cosmic consciousness, loving, insightful. Pisces is a demon, substance or escapist riddled, deceitful, living in an etheric realm without justification or remorse


Chosen (Death Angel au)

Part One

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 4665

Warnings: mentions of death, mentions of blood, eventual smut

Summary: You’re Jimin’s Taker, assigned to watch over him until just the right moment. When that moment comes, you’re instructed to kill him. But what happens if he lives?

Lmao I’m on a roll and posting two parts of two different fics in one night. It’s a Christmas miracle. Anyway, here is the first chapter of this Jimin fic. :’) 

For @inktae and her consistantly painfully beautiful fics. 

Some may say that life is far more lonely and tiresome than death. In life you face loss, and tragedy, and betrayal, and heartbreak. You build a life and knit a name for yourself out of the yarn made from circumstance and opportunity, only to have an Angel of Death slither behind you and unravel everything with just a light tug on a single thread exposed at the seam–your entire being slowly unravelling under their fingertips. In life, all of your work and suffering is for naught, because your Angel of Death is always a breath away.

Some may say that life is more lonely, but the Angels of Death begs to differ.

Contrary to popular belief, the Death Angels are not heartless and cold demons sent to steal your essence as you draw your last breath. Oh, no, they’re hauntingly beautiful and immeasurably troubled by the weight of their duties. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they’re probably the most empathetic and caring of all the angels. There’s a whole fleet of them–thousands of Death Angels assigned to care after their Chosen until their End Day, all of them kind and caring individuals, though some are more attached to their Chosen than others.

They see everyone in their weakest moments, our true selves appearing as the light slowly leaves our eyes. They know the cowards from the bravest souls. The heaviness that their supernatural duty entails makes it nearly impossible for them to spread their silky black wings and soar to their next Chosen. The job is tedious and painstaking, having to watch their Chosen for the entirety of their lives, until just the perfect moment when they’re designated to be taken.

None of them enjoy stealing humans away from their lives on Earth. Honestly, who would? Hearing them beg and plead for their lives back after their spirits leave their bodies and see the Earthly shells lying motionless and unattended. For the first hundred years or so of being an Angel of Death it might as well be torture, growing so close to their Chosen only to separate them from everything and everyone they love.

Everyone is assigned a Death Angel. A Taker. They have all of your information–your name, blood type, the way you’re meant to die and when. You don’t always see them, and if you do, you probably don’t realize that they’re your Taker. But they’re always there, that tiny inkling inside your mind telling you that something is dangerous. Rerouting your way home if they spot someone in your path who is unhinged with a gun and the intention to kill.

Takers do the unthinkable–even if it means being painted as the villain–just to keep the world turning. Because an Angel of Death is an angel nonetheless.

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And the Hard Rain Fell

The hard rain fell.

I wrapped my coat tighter around my body, the sheets of rain pouring off my hood like a steady waterfall, masking my face.

Good. It hid the tears.

I didn’t want to be here. I’d have chosen anywhere in the world to be, rather than here. But sometimes, you don’t get to choose your moments. Sometimes, they choose you.

He would be home soon. I watched as headlights passed me by, one by one, none of them him. My eyes looked to the street-light above, hoping for some guidance; some light on whether I was doing the right thing. It didn’t even acknowledge me, but simply hung its head, unmoving, across the river below.

I watched as old winter leaves, floated along the streets, destined for the world below. An endless whirlpool of dizziness and cold. I knew its pain.

The water rushed forth, sending a small tidal wave to cover the sidewalk, soaking my shoes. I simply watched as the water parted round the leather, carrying along further down its path. I looked up to watch the car settle, but the engine still ran. Would he need a quick getaway?

I swallowed the tears down my throat as he exited the cab. Was there someone on the other side? Did I see blonde, or was it a figment of my imagination? My exhaustion. My eyes fought to adjust, like in some drunken stupor, a kaleidoscope of memories, fragmented throughout my brain.

He closed the car door gently, not moving far from its grasp, and just stood. I swallowed once more, too old for childish games, but in this moment, I could have been all of fourteen, my heart breaking for the first time.

He stole a glance to the sky as his red hair quickly lost its curl to the violence of the skies. Some strange wonderment in the back of my mind suddenly sent my mind whirling in a pool of curiosity. Why did he not put his hood on? It just lay there, cradling his shoulders, but he made no move to shield himself.

Instinctively, my hand reached out, a desire to cover and protect him, always close at hand; always the most natural of thoughts. But I didn’t walk forward; my arm just hung in the rain like some forbidden touch.

I slowly dropped it, as he closed the distance separating us. I could see his tears through the rain. They fell…differently, down his face. I suspected they did the same for me. He tilted his head to the side, and with barely a moment in time, his finger crossed my cheek to fold his open palm around my head, pulling me to his breast.

Still, the rain fell.

I sank into his body, the tears turning into full weeps. He didn’t try to hush me. Didn’t try to make it something other than what is was. There was no easing of pain. No words he could say, that would change the outcome of this day.

I gripped his coat, turning my head to the side. No. No blonde in there. Not this time, anyway.

I pulled back, my mouth opening, begging to call out his name. But if my voice had crossed my lips, it was lost in the sounds of the flooding night.

He took my hand, guiding me into the building. I vaguely recall the cab pulling away. She wasn’t in there. I know. I would have seen. But my mind played tricks, weaving along a spider’s web, from little white lie, to a magnificent trap of deceit.

The fluorescent light from the hallway, initially harsh and offensive, softened in my haze-filled mind. The fog of tears, making it almost ethereal. I sighed, my eyes closing as I listened to their soft hum. Angels singing? No. Angels weeping.

He pulled me from the hall into his dark flat. The heavy rain, snarling at the windows, casting a moving abstract across the shadowed floor.

I don’t remember the hitch of the door, leaving us in the glow of the watered-down streetlights outsides. I don’t recall him tugging on my sleeves, ridding me of my drenched coat. What I do remember is the coolness of his lips against my wet skin, almost reptilian, cold, like some demon, seducing me back into its grasp. I was aware of it all, and yet, my feet did not run.

His lips travelled around my neck, and with each moment, I felt the chill of the room grow colder. A new piece of clothing falling heavily on the floor.

And still, the rain fell.

I never turned to him. I never made a loving gesture or gentle caress. He did, though. He played me like a man picking up a finely tuned instrument, feeling its curves and flesh for the first time. Falling in love with each detail and dying inside as he played it, all the while, never feeling so alive. He knew the strings to play and the notes to pluck. And when he laid me down, my naked body below his, he conducted my body as if I were his magnum opus.

My legs around his thighs, sliding along his sweat like a steel guitar as he pushed inside me. His fingers, frolicking atop my clit, like a pizzicato on a violin, before the long, slow, push, deep inside me, joining his manhood, opening me to the first climax of our opera.

We were mostly silent, our gasps coming out in short breaths, but no words were spoken. It was rough and soft and all the wonderful things in the middle. It was racing to the end, and loitering around the beginning. It was two teenagers, learning each other’s’ bodies for the first time and it was two people, that had loved each other their whole lives and couldn’t bear to let go.

His body, blanketing mine, was still, save the shallow thrust of his hips. We had climaxed several times; the sheets, stained with all we had left to give, felt cool and tainted. No longer sexy and erotic.

I turned my head to the window as he held me tight, his lips imprisoning a taut nipple. I couldn’t go back. Too much had happened. My heart, bruised and tattered like so many before, had ceased to beat. At least, for him, anyway. There was a numbness when his name was spoken, like some distant song you struggle to hear, as the rest of the world falls away. Too many stories were told; too many photos scattered across the floor.

I couldn’t hear him anymore. His voice, no longer the sound of happiness and titillation inside my body. His lips, no longer speaking the words of passion and beauty. His caress, like icicles forming across my skin on a cold December night.

Ever still, the rain fell.

He had fallen asleep inside me, as he had often done before. But the faintest of memories, told me I had once loved that feeling. Held him tighter still. But now, now there was this unyielding, cruel, weight across my breast. He felt wrong. A momentarily sadness floated through my mind that I shouldn’t feel this way, but I pushed him off anyway. When he fell alongside me, I breathed an air that felt fresh and invigorating, like a drowning child, being pulled from the waves.

His eyes jumped, like a frog leaping from stone to stone, as I watched him sleep. What was he dreaming of? After weeks – months - of strain, I finally saw it there. The curve of his lips as his body relaxed in sleep. The rumble of his chest as he softly snored. A man, that only found true peace, when the rest of the world fell away. I etched out his form in my mind, memorizing and cataloguing every ripple of muscle and each vein, strong and proud. Each slope of his knees and freckle upon his flesh. The way the curve of his hips, guided your eyes to his groin, and the sharpness of his collarbone, you wanted to slice you lips on as you tried to bury yourself in his body. And his fingers, with their gentle stroke and whip of pleasure, his thumb drying my tears, before the middle and index fingers joined in a marriage of pleasure, pushing inside my body, calling forth the ecstasy that lay hidden deep within me.

I inhaled his smell, my own sex, twisting and catching in my senses as well. I closed my eyes, sealing each piece in memory, like strands of hair nestled in a locket.

I eased my way from the bed, gathering my clothes from the floor, my eyes never leaving his sleeping face. He was beautiful once. We were. But too many lies and too many schemes, had taken their toll. He wasn’t mine anymore, but I suspected, I would always be his. In his thoughts, late at night, when the world is asleep, and the phone is set to silent as the glow of the computer is extinguished, and all he has left are his thoughts that he fights so hard to rid himself of; he’ll recall me. And I might just come crawling back, like a wounded animal, begging for love and mercy. Or, just maybe, I may hear his haunting voice calling my name on the breeze, calling me for comfort, to lay in his bed and in his arms, and promptly shut the window.

And with the twisting of a handle, a tug on the door and the strongest will I could gather to not look behind, I left the dark, and welcomed the light.

And the rain fell silent; its rapping on the walls, no more.

themarshmellowsnowqueen  asked:

I had this cute thought that Susan and Bendy dance together all time when music is on and just laugh. Which it's basically their thing to do. Henry and Darlene thinks it's really funny and cute. I don't know, I couldn't help it, it's an adorable image. Let 'em boogie lol.


Susan initially has two left feet and is thus awkward and shy about dancing. Bendy will have NONE OF IT and proceeds to make it a mission to teach her how to dance.

Cute little tapdancing lessons between set dressing/in the corner of the dressing room at the theatre, dorky swing lessons all over the living room, the works.

They are adorable and I love them.

Naked Cuddles - Sebastian Michaelis

30 Day Smut Challenge

Fandom: Black Butler

Warnings: Nakedness, sweet Sebastian.

F x B

You sigh, laying down on the cool silky sheets of your bed, the night had been horribly hot leaving you in a sweat. You woke up with beads rolling down from your brow, sighing you stripped from your thin night gown and folded it and laying it at the end of your bed. You wished Sebastian was here to cool your off with his abnormally cold body, being a demon seemed to have those perks. You stared at the ceiling trying to find sleep once again but the heat made it too uncomfortable to do so. You rolled your eyes in annoyance and walked over to the already open window, looking up at the starry sky with a glare you couldn’t help but let out another forced sigh. “My, what has gotten you so annoyed,” You heard Sebastian’s sweet tone flow through your ears “and naked.” He finished, a smirk evident in his tone.

“It’s so hot in here Sebastian.” You said, glancing over at him, seeing him already discard his tailcoat and tie.

“Well let me help you with that, my love.” His voice was much closer now, his arms wrapped around you from behind and his scent invaded you from all sides, his tall frame fitting yours. You almost immediately felt relaxed as your sweaty body was brushed with his cold hands.

You looked up at him, “Please.” You pleaded pathetically. If you weren’t his lover he probably would have laughed, even though he did find it amusing he didn’t want to embarrass in a time of need. Plus it gave him the opportunity to have you against him, in the nude.

“Of course.” Sebastian stepped back a bit and began to strip himself from the rest of his clothes. He neatly folded them in a small pile and set them elsewhere. You were guided to the bed and sat down as Sebastian tucked you under a thin sheet, his cold body soon joining you.

“Is this better?” He asked as you nuzzled greedily into his neck, your body practically on top of his.
“Much better,” You sighed “Thank you.”

He had a small- and genuine- smile on his lips as he looked down at your form, “Well, what kind of husband would I be if I could provide such a simple task for my wife.”

You smiled at the overused line, never getting tired of hearing it. You kissed at the crook of his neck, hearing him let out a sigh of contentment. “Sebastian, what took you so long today?” You asked in a quitter voice, your mind already drifting in and out of sleep.

“Well I was helping the Young Master solve a case and we ended up running into that annoying reaper again, I swear he’s been stalking me.”
“Why don’t you just kill him if he’s so annoying?”

“I’ve tried but that’d cause a lot of trouble for me, reapers would come left and right for my head.” He brushed his fingers gently down your spine, making you shiver.

“Well we don’t want that now do we?” You draped your leg over his, the skin on skin contact was blissful as the once horrible sweat had faded into nothing. After a while of comfortable silence you started to drift off once again for the night.

The last thing you heard was Sebastian wishing you a good night, you murmured back to him quietly before your dreams surrounded your mind.

Normal couple

This was a request for @differentandstupidhuman! I hope you guys like it! I really like the idea of Tom being a lot more sweet and senstitve around Marco, and not just a cold angry demon. And I also love the idea of Tom having a bunch of pets!

Tom waited outside Marco’s dojo and played nervously with his hands. He kept peering in through the door. He was afraid that every person passing the dojo and saw him waiting there knew WHY he was there. Were they judging a demon for having a human boyfriend? Did they all think Marco deserved better? Couple stuff was weird, did it work like this? Was he doing it right?

“Tom?” Marco’s voice interrupted Tom’s thoughts. The demon smiled big and spun around to see Marco standing there. Marco stood on his toes and gave Tom a kiss on the mouth. Tom blushed deeply and turned away.

“Marco!” He cried. Marco giggled and held Tom’s hand.

“What? We’re dating, what’s the big deal?” Marco asked. Tom blushed and rubbed the back of his head. He then looked around and then bent down to give Marco another kiss.

“I guess, it’s just really… new is all.” Tom blushed deeper. “Star and I dated for royal standards. We were either under supervision from Moon, or we were just running around and getting into trouble. We had fun but it wasn’t like this.” Tom explained. Marco grinned and moved closer to Tom, leaning up to be close to his face.

“And what is this like?” he asked. Tom blushed.

“Well… if anything it makes me nervous.” He admitted. “And… happy.” He added. Marco smiled and gave Tom another kiss, pulling him down to be next to him. Tom grinned against Marco’s lips and wrapped his arms around his waist, holding the human close. The two snuggled on the sidewalk for a long moment until they saw somebody pass them and give them an odd look. Marco broke away and Tom giggle.

“PDA.” Tom joked. Marco smiled and held Tom’s hand, beginning to walk home with his boyfriend. Tom smiled and kept glancing down at Marco’s hand. Finally Marco giggled and looked at Tom curiously.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

“We’re holding hands.” Tom smiled. Marco rolled his eyes and gave Tom a kiss on the cheek. Tom kept laughing and held Marco’s hand more securely. “I’ve never held hands with anyone before.” He admitted, a little embarrassed. Marco tilted his head.

“Never? How come?” Marco asked. It was a little odd, something that common.

“Well… I have trouble controlling my flames, and I get flustered easily.” Tom admitted, blushing. “I was always too afraid to burn anyone.” he told Marco. Marco smiled and gave Tom’s hand a squeeze.

“Well I’m not scared of that, I trust you.” Marco promised. Tom felt his face heat up and he and Marco kept walking off towards the house. Marco felt Tom’s hand get warmer, but not enough to burn him at all. The two kept walking and Marco would occasionally put his head on the demon’s shoulder.

When they made it to the house, Tom held Marco’s hand a little tighter. “So… are we still going to dinner tomorrow?” Tom asked. Marco nodded and gave the demon a kiss, he was standing on the step so the two were at the same height.

“Of course, where are you taking me?” Marco asked.

“Who said I have to be the one to take you anywhere?” Tom joked. “I expect you to take me on a nice date.” He giggled. Marco smiled and gave Tom another kiss. The demon pulled away and stroked Marco’s hair. “Ew, you’re all sweaty.” Tom made a face and Marco rolled his eyes.

“I had karate practice.” He defended. Tom smiled and gave Marco another kiss.

“Well, jokes aside, I’m going to take you one the best date very tomorow night! I have something to celebrate.” He grinned. Marco gave an excited yet curious look. “Come on! You know what we’re celebrating!” He giggled. Marco thought for a moment.

“It’s neither of our birthdays, it’s not our anniversary, it’s not Marshmallow’s birthday…” Marco listed all of the important day’s Tom had in his calendar. Tom shook his head.

“I told you this last week!” he grinned excitedly. Marco shrugged.

“It must have slipped my mind, what are we celebrating?” Marco asked. Tom smiled big, showing he was hoping he could announce it to Marco. He reached into his pocket and pulled out something green.

“I got a pet toad!” He exclaimed. Marco looked at him oddly.

“Has he been in your pocket this whole time?” Marco asked. Tom nodded.

“Yeah but don’t worry, I made it habitable.” He promised.

“What does that mean?” Marco asked, worried about the response.

“I put mud and bugs in my pocket.” Tom responded. Marco stared at Tom for a long moment.

“Tommy, I love you, but if that toad is on our date tomorrow I’m leaving you.” Marco threatened. Tom rolled his eyes.

“You will not, you said the same thing about Marshmallow and he’s been on several dates with us!” Tom reminded. Marco giggled and shook his head.

“Okay fine, the toad can come on ONE date.” Marco told Tom. Tom made a face and crossed his arms, after placing to toad on his head.

“Five.” He negotiated. Marco narrowed his eyes.



“Two and a half.” Tom tried. Marco sighed and nodded.

“Fine, he’ll come to dinner with us twice, and then the first half of movie night.” Marco agreed. Tom beamed and lifted up the toad, holding it out to Marco. “Okay, okay, okay. Put it back in your pocket.” Marco told him. “And Tom! If you have bugs in your pocket on our date tomorrow I am leaving you!” He assured.

“Well how else can I bring him along? A travel cage?” Tom suggested.

‘I don’t care! Just don’t put mud and bugs in your pocket!” Marco commanded. Tom made a face and set the toad down on Marco’s head.

“He looks good on you.” Tom told him.

“You know normal couples don’t do stuff like this right?” Marco asked. Tom all the sudden got very confused.

“Then what kind of dead-boring relationship are they in?” Tom asked, in shock. Marco was about respond but then saw a lizard poke it’s head out of Tom’s other pocket. He looked up at Tom’s concerned face and he looked so hopeful. Marco felt his heart melt and love for the unorthodox demon well up.

“I have no idea, Tom.”

EXO as Demon Boyfriends

aww, thank you! ;) I hope you like this too! I felt like using the same scenario for each guy would be boring so I changed it up … hope that’s ok! Oh & you’re a human in this :)


  • is rather quiet and harvests souls only bc it’s his way of surviving, not out of cold blood. can seem uncaring but he simply sees it the same way that humans see a cow or a chicken; food
  • but a soul he could never take is yours, leading to him wanting to protect it instead
  • a group of rogue demons once found out about the scandalous love affair & tried to take your soul for themselves. but minseok surprised everyone by turning into a ruthless, vicious killer
  • he was a good guy but no one got away w threatening his friends or family. it brought out the cold demon in him and while scary, it’s also kinda sexy, ngl
  • intense sex that leaves you with bruises and your neighbours wondering if you’re being murdered

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo


  • seems like a small, delicate demon. the other demons tease him for his “feminine” looks. but when he’s hungry for souls or it’s mating season, he turns into … well, a demon
  • he’s unstoppable & surprisingly strong & ruthless
  • one night, he catches the scent of the tastiest soul he’s ever smelled & stumbles upon you showering at home. deciding whether to devour your soul or your body was such a hard decision luckily he picked the latter or else you’d be dead rn
  • your relationship is a constant mix of hunger/lust for him as he doesn’t know if he wants your heart or your soul more. but don’t be afraid, he would never hurt you … you think

Originally posted by yoonterlude


  • gives off an aura of over confidence
  • he doesn’t like being treated as inferior & will stand up for himself. this makes him seem arrogant or like he only cares for himself but he’s rather modest about his talents/strengths
  • and is very humble towards you, as he cares for you very much
  • it’s this self love & love for you that leads him to being so strong, which is what comes across as arrogance
  • has complex feelings but is bad at expressing them so sometimes he may do devilishly bad things when those feelings build up and explode. but you’ll always be there to pick up the pieces

Originally posted by fyifan


  • the alpha who doesn’t seem like one on the surface
  • he acts kind & friendly only so outsiders let their guards down. but if anything threatens his family/pack or you, then he will stop at nothing to eliminate that threat
  • feels sorry for humans but knows that their souls are the only way he’ll stay alive so he still kills but does so painlessly
  • spoils you
  • makes you sit on his lap during meetings, so everyone knows you’re the alpha female, even though you’re not a demon. bc human or not, the others know to listen to you. or else they’re on suho’s bad side & no one wants that

Originally posted by suhocean


  • he is intelligent, patient & hardworking. but also lazy :/
  • so he goes through phases of collecting endless souls then none & his boss lowkey hates him
  • during one of his hardworking spells, he encountered you & was immediately smitten
  • but before meeting you, he saw human souls as worthless. he wasn’t cruel, mind you, he wouldn’t hurt a human just for fun but they were still below him
  • so the fact that your soul drew him in so much astonished him & he didn’t even try to fight the pull.

Originally posted by lullabyun


  • a cunning trickster who knows he’s beautiful
  • uses those looks to lure ppl into selling him their souls
  • when he found someone he couldn’t lure so easily, that “someone” being you, he fought hard to change that. but no matter how many tricks or sexy winks he sent your way, your soul was unattainable & during this chase, he fell in love
  • he’s witty & sarcastic, which can lead to trouble w stronger demons, but he’s not looking for a fight. esp. not if he has you to worry about as well. your safety is everything to him
  • now he focuses his cunning talents on providing for his life with you, not on stealing souls

Originally posted by ohbaekhyuns


  • a playful demon
  • he spent hundreds of years just blending in, taking souls as he pleased & enticing the women or men he wanted to bed. in fact, he always just got what he wanted
  • the first struggle he faced was falling for you, which ended up all rosy since he won you in the end
  • the thought of taking your soul does admittedly cross his mind sometimes, but as he imagines a life without you, he decides he’d rather not eat your soul but something else ;)

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  • playful, fun guy on the surface
  • but surprisingly heartless inside
  • he acts cheerful so others aren’t on constant attack mode around him. but, inside, he knows that if he wants to continue living, he can’t be all merry & carefree. esp not when he needs to take care of you too
  • in his spare time, he taught himself how to play numerous instruments & plays them while singing to lull you to sleep

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  • doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, isn’t talkative, & seems cold and uncaring
  • but he’s actually very gentle & kind, something a demon can’t be, which is why he hides it
  • except around you. you get to see the real kyungsoo
  • he’s dedicated to keeping you both safe, so he can live out the rest of your life in loving harmony. he doesn’t even want to think about his life when your fickle human one ends; “let’s just live for the moment” he tells you often

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  • doesn’t like to fight but will if he has to
  • is mistaken as weak but proves the other demons wrong as he’s actually the pack’s strongest fighter. the only thing that holds him back from showing that off often is his good nature, that doesn’t take pleasure out of hurting others
  • feels embarrassed for some reason after feeding on souls (even though you know he does) so will come home & act like he was simply hanging out w some friends
  • loves attention & cuddles but teases you about doing the same for you; “you want me to hug you? wow, I must be irresistible”

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  • is known throughout the demon world as a fluid fighter, since his moves are so effortless and graceful as he takes souls and kills enemies
  • is seen as a ruthless killer
  • but truthfully he’s just a big child and loves dogs (but they hate demons so :/) and he loves you
  • likes that he can let his guard down around you and relax. lots of make-out sessions in sweats, esp after he’s been working out or just devoured a soul; his blood is pumping and he feels so full, but what’s the harm in a lil dessert? ;)

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  • a bratty demon
  • hates having to answer to a boss & reap xxx amount of souls
  • would rather just wander aimlessly, experiencing ppl & life
  • he sneaks out one night to do this & that’s how he met you
  • sometimes you forget he’s a super old demon, since he looks so cute when he pouts and can be so childish sometimes
  • has no shame in telling you “yeah I killed 43 people today when my target was only 40. I’m so great. I deserve a raise, don’t I?”

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