cold days off work


Wow, I took a month off and everything went crazy around here.  Hello to all my new followers!  I actually made three pies over Christmas, two cherry pies and one egg nog tart, but I was too lazy and busy to bother photographing them.  Also there are only so many cherry pies a person can look at before they become boring.  I mean, theoretically.  I have yet to reach that number, but I’m sure it exists.

Today’s midweek mini pie is brought to you by a terrible head cold, a day off work, and a gigantic box of organic nectarines that got delivered to my household last week.  I figured I should make ‘em small, since probably cooking for other people while you have the plague is a bit of a faux pas, and I wasn’t sure I could eat a whole pie myself.  Having actually tasted this, though, I reckon I could.  It’s sooo goooood.

The nectarines are sweet and juicy and perfect, and I added just a little sugar, a splash of bourbon and a drizzle of maple syrup to make the sauce for the filling, plus a couple of tablespoons of cornflour.  The pastry is a mini batch of my usual pie crust, I just halved the quantities.

Being sick is THE WORST but fresh summer stone fruit and pastry seems like a good antidote, or at least a nice distraction.  A quick and easy entry back into my fifty pies project, and not a bad start to 2017 - the year of the pie!


mark tuan 💖

cuddling w mark tuan, bro don’t even get me started. i imagine cuddling mark on a cold rainy day. It would be his time off work and he would rather spend it with you. Like usual he would show up looking fluffy as ever. He would show up with a sweet and simple grin on his face. He would take your hand in his and drag you to your bedroom. Taking off his shirt and tossing it towards you, signaling you to put it on. He would lay down right next you with nothing but his sweats hanging low on his waist. He would squish his arms around you hips pulling you closer to him.  His hands loosely hanging on your hip and thigh and your caressing his hair and face. He would lean down towards you placing small pecks all over your face. You guys would talk about whats been going on lately, just catching up. He would ask you about your day and you would him about his. You both telling each other how much you guys missed each other. He would tell you about the stupid mosquitoes that invaded his room after he came back from tour and how’s he’s been sleeping in yugyeom’s bed because of it. telling you he rather sleep in your bed … with you. You would just giggle and tell him that he’s welcomed anytime and that he should really get the mosquito problem fixed lol. You guys would just spend endless hours looking into each others eyes and just talking about anything. The only times you would be getting up is to use the bathroom or to pick up the food you guys ordered other than that you wouldn’t move. You would stay in each others embrace slowly drifting to sleep. 


just a smol lil drabble i had written a couple days ago!!! hope you guys like it !!! hey guys please report or send us the link if people keep stealing our works!! 

- Ericaaaaaaa 

stellar-snowfall  asked:

you got a new job? is it any good?

Oh yeah~ I cut chicken for restaurants. Factory job but it’s pretty consistent! 8 till 430 mon-fri

First job was at a general store that had me coming in for shifts anywhere from 6am till 10pm all week. So this new job is like, practically a vacation.

So yeah I’ve been pretty non-existent these past few days cause I came down with a real bad chest cold. Was so bad I had to call off work three days in a row.
But I should be a little better by tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to jump back on the bandwagon and catch up on kallura week!

Here’s a photo of my breakfast, since I have nothing else going on this week. Fourth day off from work due to this lingering cold. I’m on the mend, but my coughs and sneezes are still not acceptable in the office - I hate it when other people come to work sick, so am taking my own advice and staying put at home… at least Netflix is getting a nice workout😁


Vivian spent the next few days falling into a normal routine. Well as normal as it could be with an infant and a witch as roommate. Thankfully she didn’t hear from Jonas anymore though word was he took a few days off of work with a “cold”. She couldn’t be more thankful to her roommate for helping her out of that bad situation.

One fine afternoon she closed shop early and gathered together some food and met Camille and Lucas at the park. Picnics were one of the many joys in life. A time were she could stop and appreciate her surroundings.

Lucas chuckled falling back into her lap while playing with his daughter. “Oops sorry Viv.”

She giggled patting his cheek and tickling the little girl. “It’s okay.”