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“I’m not going to put myself in a situation I know I’ll be uncomfortable and stressed in,” shouldn’t warrant being told to just “give it a chance,” after months of “"giving it a chance,”“ and shouldn’t warrant being forced to do something that will make you unhappy, and after you don’t give in it still shouldn’t warrant the silent treatment and anger.

Handling a situation with maturity and calmness should not result in hostility from the other person.

You should always have the right to refuse going into a situation.

Simsrena: the big surprise...

Well, I have an almighty cold. 

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And what do we do we have an almighty cold and a day off work? We watch Orange is the New Black and write a Simsrena update - oh yeah, I know how to live it up!

So in the last update, we found out that Serena was pregnant! Yey!! Let’s add a new tiny person to the family. So with Serena about ready to pop, our little family decided to take it easy and just spend some quality time together. That means, lets all sit in a room and watch Cam play. 

Yeah, whatever floats your boat guys. I’d have spent it making out with my woman but hey this is cool too. 

While Bernie was putting Cam to bed, Serena wandered off and when Bernie found her… oh shit we’re in labour! 

It’s ok Bernie, keep your shit together… oh wait… she’s not keeping her shit together. 

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What is it with you guys? Bernie, you’re supposed to be the one with the cool head, the one that can put aside her feelings when there’s shit to be done…

Ok, you’re just panicking. Fine. Whatever.

Well, even with Bernie flailing around the hospital like a crazy person, Serena managed to pop out her kid! 

Look at her!

Welcome to the world baby Jason. 

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And… wait… who the hell is that?

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Oi! You lot - look! They had twins! 

It’s Jason and Elinor. I just… my heart can’t take it… I mean… I really shouldn’t be this excited about my sims having twins but they’re… THEY HAD FUCKING TWINS!

Serena is holding Jason and Bernie is holding Elinor… I think… I’m purely basing that on the fact Bernie is standing in front of the pink crib… well whichever is which, welcome Jason and Ellie!

Bernie and Serena are pretty happy, I’m pretty happy, I hope you guys are pretty happy too but you know who ain’t happy?

HAHAH! It’s ok little Cam, we still love you!

I don’t know about you lot but I’m feeling pretty happy. Cold? What cold? My sims just produced two tiny people - I don’t have time to have a cold! I’m too happy to be ill! she says as she crawls under her blanket

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This Simsrena update is especially for @midlifelez. And a special shout out to @rizzthebizz, @christmascactus and @shitscribbles x

A Choice: Hamilton Fanfic (Fem!Reader x Alexander, John, Hercules, and Lafayette) Chapter 1: Prologue

Summary: The boys were your best friends, you loved them. And they loved you. But what happens when their love runs deeper than friendship? Will they manage to suppress their feelings for you or will they be willing to sacrifice their friendship to be with you. Either way, you have to make a choice. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own any Hamilton characters, those all belong to the great Lin-Manual Miranda.  I don’t own any references here either. The plot is inspired by the many otome animes I’ve watched. No shame. 

Quick Author’s note: This is my first Hamilton fanfic and it will be a series. i don’t know how long it will be but if it goes well I might prolong it a bit. This chapter is only to get the gist of the relationship you guys have at the moment and to know what everyone does. The real juicy stuff happens in the next chapter. Well I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope I accurately portrayed the characters. Enjoy! 


You were fumbling with your keys, trying to open the door so you can enter your nice, warm apartment. It’s been a long and cold day at work and you want nothing more than to strip off your work clothes, put on your fuzzy pj’s, and sit down with a nice cup of hot chocolate, while watching your favorite Netflix show.

You finally managed to open your door and happily sighed as you entered. However, that sigh of content quickly turned into a groan of annoyance when you saw two of your best friends already on your couch, watching the new Spiderman movie.

“Y/N!!” yelled John, as he saw you enter, “You’re home! How was work?”

You only grunted in response as you took off your coat and shoes. You turned and saw John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton, two out of four of your best friends, just laying on the couch with popcorn all over them.

“Jeez, guys. Would it kill you to eat like decent human beings?” You exclaimed as you gestured towards all the popcorn.

“Aww c’mon,Y/N, don’t be like that. Sit down and relax with us. You can even sit on my lap.” John cheekily replied.

You rolled your eyes at him, already used to his flirty personality. Alexander throws a piece of popcorn at John’s face.

“Shut up, John, she’s not in the mood for your advances today.” Alex said. He then went over and hugged you. “But you can always sit on my lap too.” Alex whispered in your ear, with a shit-eating smirk.

You scoffed and pushed him off of you. He only laughed at your reaction and sat back down next to John, ignoring the looks John was giving him.

“You guys are unbelievable, where is Herc and Laf? Are they here too?” You questioned as you made your way to your room.

“They went to go get pizza, they should be back in a couple minutes.” Alex called out.

You nodded and went to your room to change into something more comfortable. You came out a minute later in your fuzzy Hello Kitty pants and a gray cropped sweater. You sat down in between John and Alex and took the bowl of popcorn from John’s hands.

“Hey!?” John exclaimed looking at you with annoyance

You only stuck your tongue out at him and then stuffed your face with popcorn. John shook his head and smiled at your cute actions.

About five minutes later, you heard the door of your apartment open and Hercules Mulligan and Marquis de Lafayette, the remaining two, came in with three boxes of pizzas.

“Hey guys!” You greeted from the couch.

They both looked up and smiled at you, as they took off their coats and shoes.

“Bonjour, mon ami! Comment allez-vous?” Laf said as he went to hug you and kissed your cheeks.

You blushed slightly before saying,”I’m fine, Laf. Did you get my favorite?” You went over to Hercules and hugged him.

Herc smiled down at you and hugged you back. “Hey there angel, of course we got your favorite. It’s the top box.”

You smiled at him and got the box. You sat back down on the couch, opened the box, and took a bite of the warm pizza. You moaned at the taste.

“God, I have been craving this all week.” You said as you took another bite.

Herc laughed as he set the other boxes on the coffee table and sat beside Alex.

“I can tell, you look exhausted. Rough day at work?” Hercules asked.

You nodded as you finished your first slice. You worked as a songwriter and music producer at Longtales Records Corporation. You loved your job, but this week you had to make four hit pop songs for a bratty teen idol. You didn’t like his style of music or his attitude, but you luckily finished the songs and got a nice paycheck.

“I hate working with entitled stars, but anyway, how was your week, Herc?”You asked.

Herc worked as a fashion designer and made clothes for various companies. He prefers not to start his own company at the moment, since he just wants to enjoy simple life. He has had many of his pieces represented on the run away, however, so he won’t have any trouble making a successful company.

“It’s been great actually, I finished the spring collection Michael Kors wanted. Oh, and Lady Gaga contacted me, she wants a dress for next year’s Grammys.” Hercules stated happily.

“Wow, Gaga? That’s big man, congrats.” John said, patting Herc on the back.

“Thanks man, what’s up with you?” asked Herc to John.

John shrugged, “Alex and I are probably going to get promoted at our law firm.”

John and Alex both worked as lawyers at Washington’s Law Office. John was an environmental and civil rights lawyer, while Alex was a criminal and immigration lawyer. John also was a successful painter, having many of his paintings displayed at several art galleries.

“I might not take it though, I still have my campaign coming up in two years, I don’t want to be overly busy.” said Alex.

Aside from being a lawyer, Alex was also running to be a state senator for New York. He talks, or complains, a lot about his opponent Thomas Jefferson.

“Then, Washington is going to give that position to Burr.” said John

“I rather have Aaron Burr be a better lawyer than me, than Jefferson win against me.” grumbled Alex.  

Lafayette laughed at Alex’s mood. “Oh mon ami, relax, your campaign won’t start for another two years. No need to worry about Jefferson now.”

Alex only pouted in response.

You looked back at Laf, “Hey, Laf, how’s the cafe?”

Lafayette owned a local French cafe. It has gotten very popular over the years and is a hot spot for many tourists. It does especially well during the winter.

“Fantastique! There are more tourists this winter than last year. Business is, how you say? Um, skyrocketing?” Laf said, unsure.

“Yup, I’m glad it’s going well.” You said.

Lafayette nodded, then said, “We are thinking of becoming a franchise and spreading all across the U.S. One of my co-managers even said that it will be possible to open a cafe in France as well!” Laf exclaimed excitedly.

Everyone clapped for all their successes, it was always encouraging to see how far you guys have gotten since college. Back when you guys were always drunk or high. You’ve all made a name for yourselves and all love your own jobs. It was these moments where you were all truly happy.

You glanced at the clock and noticed how late it has gotten. You stood up and picked up the empty pizza boxes.

“It’s getting late, are you guys staying over tonight or are you all going home?” You asked the boys.

The boys all looked at eachother before Alex said,”We’re staying the night.”

You nodded and told them to help you clean up the living room. After the expensive apartment you have was clean, you all went up to your room. You had at least two other bedrooms in your apartment, but the boys liked sleeping with you.

You all crawled up to bed and you felt John lay beside you with his arms wrapped around your waist and his face curled into your neck. Hercules laid in front of you and tangled his legs with yours. His hands holding yours and your foreheads touching. Lafayette laid beside John and Alex laid beside Herc, wrapping his arms around him.

You hummed in content having everyone’s heat keep you warm this cold winter night.

“Goodnight guys, I love you.” You said sleepily.

“Goodnight Y/N. We love you too,” The boys said.

You fell asleep oblivious. Oblivious to the boy’s real affections. Oblivious to the emotional storm that was to come. And oblivious to the hardest choice you will ever have to make.


mark tuan 💖

cuddling w mark tuan, bro don’t even get me started. i imagine cuddling mark on a cold rainy day. It would be his time off work and he would rather spend it with you. Like usual he would show up looking fluffy as ever. He would show up with a sweet and simple grin on his face. He would take your hand in his and drag you to your bedroom. Taking off his shirt and tossing it towards you, signaling you to put it on. He would lay down right next you with nothing but his sweats hanging low on his waist. He would squish his arms around you hips pulling you closer to him.  His hands loosely hanging on your hip and thigh and your caressing his hair and face. He would lean down towards you placing small pecks all over your face. You guys would talk about whats been going on lately, just catching up. He would ask you about your day and you would him about his. You both telling each other how much you guys missed each other. He would tell you about the stupid mosquitoes that invaded his room after he came back from tour and how’s he’s been sleeping in yugyeom’s bed because of it. telling you he rather sleep in your bed … with you. You would just giggle and tell him that he’s welcomed anytime and that he should really get the mosquito problem fixed lol. You guys would just spend endless hours looking into each others eyes and just talking about anything. The only times you would be getting up is to use the bathroom or to pick up the food you guys ordered other than that you wouldn’t move. You would stay in each others embrace slowly drifting to sleep. 


just a smol lil drabble i had written a couple days ago!!! hope you guys like it !!! hey guys please report or send us the link if people keep stealing our works!! 

- Ericaaaaaaa 


Summary: Getting the same order every day following the afternoon classes you took at the University, your life had been your education. That is until Kylo, a Barista at Java the Hutt’s cafe, walked into it. Suddenly, your world was stained by love and Kylo’s past, causing everything to change.

A/N: Hello and thank you all for enjoying this mini series! It went by so fast but it was worth it! Here’s the final installment, enjoy! Feedback is welcomed :)

Warning: None (although it may seem like NSFW at the beginning)

Word Count: 3.5K+ 

Tagging: @stressedoutkylo


Sitting back in the chair that outlooked the window, your mind on the paintbrush that moved through the acrylics you had just bought that week and a soft smile on your lips, you sighed and lifted the brush to the canvas. The texture of the rough edges running through the painting and the details that you had articulated staring you back. A soft breeze ran through the curtains and ruffled your hair, which fell over your shoulders. Still tangled from the sleep that had been wiped from your eyes on your way over with steaming coffee in your hand.

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In Gotham 3x09, one of the reasons Nygma thinks Isabella’s death was fishy is that she supposedly fell asleep at the wheel four blocks from her home. He says “Who falls asleep four blocks from their home? NO ONE!”

……..idk where Ed got his data from but I myself have almost died about five times because I nodded off on the curve a thousand feet from my home

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Bakugou wearing green to match with Izuku. Izuku petting Bakugou's hair and laughing because it's so soft. Bakugou being worried about Izuku.

Oh, anon. Bless

1. Absolutely yes. Half the time he does it on purpose to match with Deku, or to show of that YEAH, I’m fucking dating this NERD, what of it??? And the other half of the time it’s unconsciously, so he’ll show up to hang out with Kirishima wearing a green shirt or something without even realizing it. The whole time Kirishima’s ribbing him like, “Awww, you’re such a good bf, maaan,” and Bakugo is steaming like a pot of noodles.

2. YES x 10000 I imagine Izuku’s hair is scruffy and coarse like a dog’s coat, while Bakugo’s head feels like petting a fucking kitten. The first time Izuku touches it, he has the same reaction as touching a soft baby animal–recoiling in surprise with a “woah,” and then slowly sinking his hand into his hair until the petting motion comes to him naturally. Bakugo probably reacts the same way a kitten would, too.

3. I can only think of one situation where Bakugo would be worried about Izuku. Especially once they become heroes, Bakugo would know that Deku can take care of himself. It’s not like he’d ever be worried if Izuku came home late, or if he was out on a mission. He’d trust that Deku would come back, smiling his stupidly cute smile. However, I can totally see Bakugo freaking out if Izuku ever got sick. He never wants what happened to All Might to happen to Izuku, so the minute Deku so much as gets a cold, their apartment is on lockdown, Bakugo takes the day off work, and he immediately runs to the store to buy the entire soup aisle. He swears he’s just trying to help and it’s no big deal…while Izuku is buried under five different blankets with a cold pack on his head. And Deku appreciates the gesture, but sometimes thinks it’s a little much.

wow, thank you, anon, these were some good ones

BTS Series; Are you bulletproof?

PART FIVE<<                                                                             >>PART SEVEN

PART SIX “Rival or friend?”

Word count: 4k

Intro:  Training and three years has never been so rewarding, until your recent comeback has made it to the top for weeks. As the only girl member in BTS, you couldn’t help to feel like you were dragging them down. You were worried that it was your fault that BTS never got the recognition they fought so long for. The recent comeback that pulled the older audiences hearts, with the lewd movements and the beat that would flow through their veins made sure you weren’t going to give up, just yet. Until now, the more popular the boys got, the more problems went your way and you weren’t quite sure how to tackle it or for how long it will continue…

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Welcome welcome!! Might i request some headcanons of Hitsugaya-taicho with a cold/fever and his s/o trying to get him away from doing paperwork? Loved your Shunsui scenario and the blog is wonderful! I wish you the absolute best out there! :)

Honestly, yes. Yes you fucking can, because I think this is adorable. Thank you so much, also! I’ll do my best! (I also really love your blog, lol. My favorite Espada deserves the world and more…)

Toshiro Hitsugaya

–Let’s be honest, this guy a literal workaholic. It would take more than a little cold to get him to even consider taking the day off work, and even then he’d be thinking about it all day to the point where he wouldn’t get much rest. He would pretend there was nothing wrong, ignoring your obvious concern, and shooing Rangiku along when she inevitably chastises him for not taking care of himself.

–To get him away from his work would take a lot of persuading on your part. Not only is he serious about getting shit done, but he’s stubborn. He wouldn’t want to admit that he was in a weakened state, but you’re not stupid. He knows you’re not stupid, and this would fluster him because you’re trying to dote on him and make him relax.

–However, logically he knows that he should probably take it easy, so while it would take a while for you to break down his pride, a little pleading from you about how you’re worried because his usually pale countenance is feverish, and his eyes are a little glossy would bring him around. Especially when his body starts to feel heavy.

Really, you’re not stupid, Shiro. Paperwork can wait until tomorrow, you need to rest!”

Yes, yes, alright. At least allow me to finish this document before you haul me off to god knows where.”

–It would be one of the few times he wouldn’t get moody at you bossing him around. You’d really have to make Rangiku promise not to tease him when he came back, too, because I think he would just die internally if she mentioned how cute it was that you took care of him. 

–When you’ve successfully quarantined him to his barracks, honestly he won’t have the will the even really fight you. He’ll just let you treat him–a cold rag on his forehead, switched out regularly to try and keep him at his usual icy temperature, making him something light to eat to keep his strength up. He’ll draw the line at you feeding him, however, stuttering with pink cheeks (that have nothing to do with the fever).

T-That’s not necessary! I can feed myself.”

…But thank you…for the food.”

–Also, in a sort of fever-induced haze, he would easily tell you that he likes the feeling of your hands on him. That your presence is soothing, and your hands feel good, cool, on his skin.


Wow, I took a month off and everything went crazy around here.  Hello to all my new followers!  I actually made three pies over Christmas, two cherry pies and one egg nog tart, but I was too lazy and busy to bother photographing them.  Also there are only so many cherry pies a person can look at before they become boring.  I mean, theoretically.  I have yet to reach that number, but I’m sure it exists.

Today’s midweek mini pie is brought to you by a terrible head cold, a day off work, and a gigantic box of organic nectarines that got delivered to my household last week.  I figured I should make ‘em small, since probably cooking for other people while you have the plague is a bit of a faux pas, and I wasn’t sure I could eat a whole pie myself.  Having actually tasted this, though, I reckon I could.  It’s sooo goooood.

The nectarines are sweet and juicy and perfect, and I added just a little sugar, a splash of bourbon and a drizzle of maple syrup to make the sauce for the filling, plus a couple of tablespoons of cornflour.  The pastry is a mini batch of my usual pie crust, I just halved the quantities.

Being sick is THE WORST but fresh summer stone fruit and pastry seems like a good antidote, or at least a nice distraction.  A quick and easy entry back into my fifty pies project, and not a bad start to 2017 - the year of the pie!

Sun Rise >> Yongguk, You (Scenario)

Don’t know how I’m always ending up with more than 1k words XD Enjoy!

Quote: “ Love in such a way that you make the person feel free.” 

It was three in the morning, when you heard your phone ringing beside you on the night stand. You had a long day at your work, a really long tiring day, for some prank night calls.  

Opening your tired and heavy eyes, you groaned shifting your body to the side, reaching for your phone, ready to snap at whoever was calling at an hour like this.

Without seeing who the caller was as you barely could open your eyes, you put the phone on your ears and sighed.

“You are sleeping?” A voice said from the other side, which you couldn’t recognize as sleep was taking over you again.

“Whoever you are, you will get your ass kicked. I promise. Who the hell won’t be asleep at a time like this?” You murmured, but frowned when you heard a soft chuckle from the other side.

“You are really a sleepyhead.” The caller said, making you wonder who the hell he think he was, talking as if the both of you knew each other for years.

Lifting the phone from your ear, blink to clear your vision, you smiled and half laughed when you saw who the caller was and your voice changed 180 degrees, from annoyed to cheerful girlfriend mood on.

“Oh! Why are you calling now?” You said, softly.

“You sometimes freaks me out.” He laughed and you whined, cutely.

“What is it?”

“Can you open the door?” He asked. “I’m freezing to death.”

“You are outside.” You exclaimed, kicking the blanket away from you as you ran downstairs to the front door, opening it.

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Hey can I get some adult toshiro (he's a babeeeeeee) hcs please?

Okay, so I’m not sure if you meant you wanted adult headcanons or just adult Toshiro in general, but I did what I do best: gave you some filthy deets on adult Toshiro. (A babe indeed.) Thanks, anon! ~V

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Adult (in more ways than one) Toshiro Hitsugaya Headcanons

  • Toshiro rarely has free time, both as a captain and as someone who feels the need to assert his grown-up status because he just hasn’t grown all that much, okay? This leaves very little room for quality time with his S/O. Although he’s initially oblivious to it, after a few salty comments from you and a little bit of grind-n-whine, he’s gotten thoroughly worked up and takes some action. (You hope this means taking a day off.)
  • Toys are something that Toshiro never paid much attention to until he found yours. His favorites are the ones you can wear throughout the day: your plug and your ben wah balls. You nearly choked when he said, “Put them in the freezer first.” Toshiro loves knowing that the almost painfully cold toys are driving you crazy throughout your day.
  • When the wonderful Day Off Work™ finally arrives, Toshiro could not possibly have more pent up energy. He’ll want all clothes off, doors locked, shutters closed, (why is his lieutenant always interrupting everything), and will immediately get you going. He’s dominant at first—that part of his personality, while probably over-utilized in the workplace, is pretty engrained. He wants you shivering and begging. And he really wants you to call him “Taichou.”
  • After some initial romping, the power dynamic becomes a lot more fluid. Ride him slowly and drag your nails down his sides and he’ll be a moaning mess—and this boy is definitely a moaner. He’ll dig his fingers into your hips and thighs no matter what position you’re in, and yes, his hands are as cold as you think they are. Toshiro’s favorite way to get you off is with his hands while you’re still riding him. You’ll get so caught up in your own orgasm that your legs stop working and it’s a perfect opportunity to flip you over and take back control
  • Again, Toshiro’s a little louder than most would expect. When he finishes, (inside of you always), it will be with a gorgeous moan that makes you blush even after you’ve seen him turn to putty. He’ll like to cuddle for a while afterwards, but once he falls asleep make sure to give him some space—he tosses and turns. Much to his dismay, you’ll be counting little marks on his marble-like skin for days.

*Quick note to my kinky readers: if you want some of those icy, Shiro feels, be careful putting toys in the freezer! Any sort of kegel balls should only be left for a few minutes. If they’re metal, cold water will work. For plugs, stick with silicone for longer wear. Don’t put metal in the freezer, yo.

iconic shadowhunters styles to consider

• Alec Lightwood, right, but wearing a t a n k t o p. His arms completely free from sleeves. Just really out there. Getting tan during the summer and maybe (maybe!) his hair getting a little lighter at the tips.
• Clary Fray in a romper!! Specifically during the spring or summer when she has her hair up in a loose ponytail, brushing between her shoulder blades. Reds and pinks and yellow colors with sunglasses on her little button nose. Jace and Isabelle need CPR
• SPEAKING of Isabelle. A suit. Like a tux. Tailored to fit her exactly with her smirk cutting sharp against her cheek because she looks good and she knows it. Bright red lipstick. Leaving stains on all the wine glasses she drinks from at a party.
• And okay even Shadowhunters have to protect themselves from the rain so Jace?? Jace Whatever in a YELLOW RAINCOAT. Clutching his striped umbrella to stay dry. His hair a little messy from the humidity and when he looks up at the sky you can see his sharp jawline from miles away.
•Luke Garroway! Wearing! Plaid! Spending his weekends camping with the Frays with his red and black plaid and his big comfy hiking boots. Wearing the knitted friendship bracelets that little Clary made him around the campfire proudly on his wrists.
•You’re not ready for this one: Magnus Bane in pajamas. Sitting on his couch with leftover Chinese in his lap, loose pajama pants pooling around his legs as he stretches out and rubs his tired eyes, smearing makeup everywhere. His hair flops over his eyes as he dozes off after working all day.
•Simon Lewis gets cold really easily okay so look, he wears lots of sweaters. Bomber jackets!! Hats covering his messy curls! Scarves covering his face so that you can only see his little red nose and the light little freckles over his face.

Fall cuddles w/ Seventeen!

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL OF THE YEAR~! Christmas time? Pfft no, i’m talking about fall! We have Halloween, puffy sweaters, the changing of the leaves, PUMPKIN SPICED EVERYTHING! How would it feel to cuddle this crazy group of boys on a cold fall day?


  •  This boy would love to cuddle his S/O any day, but adding a cold, brisk morning would be the cherry on top.
  • This would give him a chance to look at his handsome or beautiful S/O and truly take in all of your small features and love them. 
  • Not to mention he would probably trace small and slow circles on your back without even realizing it. 
  • Just imagine a cinnamon scented room, while you’re buried under soft blankets. Nothing, but warm and fuzzy feelings on a cold and windy morning.


  • This boy’s favorite season would probably be autumn.
  • He would be the type to cuddle and watch movies on the couch while wearing sweaters and fuzzy socks. 
  • A few short pecks might be exchanged, but overall he’d be too busy looking at you and not the movie!
  • A popcorn smell would float around while you two catch up on the latest drama or cute lil’ Halloween cartoons. 


  • Small bean would enjoy cuddling while in the studio. A cold fall day won’t stop him from working his butt off!
  • You would quietly sit on his lap while he softly rests his chin on your shoulder. You would listen to him record and create new rhythms in his own quirky way.
  • At some point you’d take a break and bring in coffee, causing the room to smell like pumpkin spiced tea and muffins.
  • But both of you don’t mind, it adds to the cool fall effect.


  • He would be the type to enjoy playing his guitar for you while huddled close. So close that you can feel the vibrations of the acoustic guitar. 
  • He would softly strum and hum along to his little tune, while you slowly fall asleep.
  • He would probably be screaming at how close you were, but you know he would love the contact.
  • Eventually you’d snore away and he’d smile while strumming away. All you could smell was his soft cologne.


  • It’d be a rainy fall day, and all he’d want is to just hold you under a warm blanket and never let go.
  • He’d play soft music while the rain rages on in the background.
  • You two would go back and forth with choosing songs, and each would have it’s own personal connection. The music would be mellow in order to fit the relaxed and cool atmosphere.
  • All you could smell was the cold rain while the music and him made you intoxicated with a drowsy happiness.


  • Days like this would be extremely relaxing for him. Nothing but the silent sounds of you two together keeping warm.
  • He’d be another one to want constant contact with you no matter what. He’d love to just face his beautiful or handsome S/O and enjoy a quiet moment with you.
  • There may even be a few moments of talking about anything and everything.
  • He’d fill you with the scent of fresh bed sheets and the warmth of his laughter and cuddle.


  • I can’t really see him as enjoying to cuddle frequently. He’d be the type to do something spontaneous…like baking to Halloween songs!
  • So you’d turn the stereo or whatever device all the way up and enjoy each other’s terrible or maybe even amazing baking skills.
  • You’d make a mess in the end, but hey that means you can listen to music even longer and joke around.
  • As soon as it’s time to let the pastries bake, you two would finally cuddle. It may be more of a ‘Wow, i’m tired from baking cuddle!’, but those are just as cute! You would enjoy a simple snuggle on the couch while being overwhelmed by the scent of cinnamon and sugar.


  • This is another energetic one! I’m sure there are days where all he wants to do is sleep in and just stay in each other’s warmth. 
  • This would be on an especially cold day. Most likely a day where he’ll get up to make you both hot cocoa or some tea and just relax with you.
  • All your cuddles would be you dozing off and waking up constantly. Where typically it’s Hoshi’s chance to stare at you with utter happiness. 
  • Your semi-frequent snores would fill the room as he watched and thought to himself. And the room was filled with nothing, but the smell hot cocoa and tea.


  • This shy boy would freak at the touch of you. Granted he would love the idea to cuddle you, but expect him to be flustered the entire time!
  • His favorite type would most likely be where he’s the big spoon. In this position he can latch onto you and intertwine your legs in a jumbled mess.
  •  He’d really enjoy the aspect of just holding you close and basking in each other’s warmth. 
  • There would be moments of sleep, conversation, and maybe a few exchanges of small affection.


  • This ray of sunshine would jump at the chance to cuddle you, no matter the situation!
  • His favorite way to hold you would be a tie between the ‘Koala Method’ and by being face to face so he could stare at his beautiful or handsome S/O!
  • By being face to face, he would be able to hold quiet little conversations and enjoy the warmth that you give to him. By doing the ‘Koala Method’ he’s able to hold you close and never want to let you go.
  • You two would face each other with bright smiles, despite the cold weather outside, because, quite frankly, you two are in your own little world.


  • He would love to just cuddle and do nothing,but talk and hold you close! 
  • The cold never bothered him anyway, so you could probably get away with being a blanket hog??
  • Not only would he enjoy talking to you, he would enjoy seeing your cute, half-asleep face. He’d enjoy hearing your groggy voice, but would cover it with utter shade.
  • “You honestly sound like an old man when you wake up. Where is my beautiful/handsome S/O?????”
  • Sassy pants would love to just have an early morning session, just so he can see your adorable face longer. It would just be the two of you and the smell fresh bed sheets.


  • We already know that this meme enjoys sleep, but he loves you even more. The slightest mention of a cuddle session would make him a little flustered, but he’d act as cool as possible.
  • Since he’d be a little flustered he’d look for a small distraction like a manga or watching an anime while snuggled up. 
  • You two would waste the day away watching nothing but anime and catching up with the latest manga. As nerdy as it is, you too would probably argue over which character would win in a fight against (insert character name here.)
  • And of course, with every anime marathon you gotta have snacks. With those snacks the air would be warm and filled with a salty smell from the potato chips and other junk food.


  • Awe this young bean would be so frazzled and happy that you wanted to cuddle while it’s cold outside!
  • His way of cuddling would be similar to Minghao’s, where he isn’t facing you but has you close to his chest. Every once in a while your legs would probably tangle together.
  • This boy would probably want to listen to music while with you. You already know it would just be Michael Jackson and maybe a few k-pop songs. 
  • You would share earbuds and just enjoy the close contact while the cold and miserable day passes.

Awe I really liked writing this one, the idea of autumn was a really great idea! Keep the requests coming! I finally opened my askbox, so go ahead and ask away~!

- Admin Ryn

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Since Papyrus doesn't want to talk about the DayQuil incident, I want to talk about the DayQuil incident. What is it?


Undyne:  It was five years ago. It was a Saturday, so Papyrus had the day off from work, but he had a cold, so he decided he was gonna take some of this DayQuil stuff. Well, I had to work, so I left him to it, but apparently he misread the directions, SOMEHOW— 


Undyne:  –So when I come home, I see him slumped over on the couch looking all out of it, and he’s scolding this pile of blankets for sleeping in the middle of the day, which was admittedly pretty freaking funny—he kept calling it Sans—but he notices I’m there after a second and tells me he made spaghetti. 

Undyne: When I look in the kitchen, there’s a pot on the stove…filled to the brim with nothing but sprinkles. At this point I knew something was up, and then I look over and see this empty bottle of DayQuil and I just start laughing my ass off, because, I mean, Papyrus getting drunk off cough syrup like some of the idiots I have to bust? That’s hysterical!

If it would have ended there, it would have been great!

Undyne: BUT IT DIDN’T.

Undyne:  I go to check on Arial? She’s just sitting there in her room on top of a pile of bones, playing with them like nothing’s happening. I try to hop in the shower? There’s this giant bone sitting there, in the tub, with a shower cap on and everything. 

Undyne:  I look out at the garden in the backyard? BONES. IN THE FLOWER BEDS. And they’re not just scattered around, no, they’re standing straight up like they’re actual plants, all exactly the same distance apart and neat as can be! I try to go to bed that night? FULL OF BONES. 

Undyne:  He wakes up the next day completely fine, doesn’t remember a thing, of course, but weeks later, I was still finding bones around the house. Shower’s clogged? That’s because there’s A BONE SHOVED DOWN THE DRAIN. Bones in the garbage cans. There are bones laid out on cookie sheets in the oven. Bones in random places just buried in the yard. A month later I had to fix a leak on the roof and found a bone up there somehow! 

Undyne:  But it didn’t even stop there! Later that year, when we went to get out the Christmas decorations, they were all missing. Not a single decoration. What was there instead? BONES! 

We let Toriel do an Easter egg hunt here with some kids from the community a couple years ago, since her place was getting remodeled—that was a mistake. Guess what these kids manage to find, partially buried in the ground? 


Arial: Mom, that’s two quarters in the swear jar!

Undyne: Except this time they’re not just lying around. No. When we go to try and dig them all out, they’re all arranged in a particular order, and we figured out they’re in the shapes of letters, to spell something out. What does it spell out? 

 “Asparagus.” That’s it. No idea what it means. No context. Just “asparagus.” 

Undyne: We still find stuff every now and again. Bones in the basement, buried in the flowerbeds…I honestly have no idea what was going through his head, or how he found time to do all of it.


Undyne: In a weird way, it is kind of impressive…and it’s also impressive that in fifteen years of being a cop you’re still the weirdest drunk I’ve ever seen.

Papyrus: IT’S A GIFT. 

((Ahh I forgot to edit this in but this is based on this post from my other blog! Me and @undyrus-forever came up with the idea one night.))

Omggggg. Anyone else have like ideas for two hundred and seventy three different oneshots and they’re all just a mess in your head but you just don’t have the time to get them all out ? And when you actually have a day off work , you’ve got a cold and so your brain won’t work properly to write things down ???

So now I just have flashes of Betty bitch slapping someone for talking about her man (Bughead) , Waverly being adorable with daisy chains (WayHaught) , Lydia thinking she’s not good enough (Stydia) , Jughead head over heels for Archie (Jarchie) , Steve being obsessed with Buckys mouth (Stucky) , Clary being tattooed from head to toe and for some reason flying (Clace) ????

Send help ! 😷😭🤧😨🤒

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prompt: muggle au where lily's marriage is arranged to someone else and her boyfriend james is trying to figure out what to do about it

He sneaks in through the window, getting stuck on the hinge like always and probably cancelling out any secrecy that comes from climbing in the window by swearing profusely every time his legs get stuck. Which is every time.  

“He’s not even home” Lily says, sitting on her kitchen counter with her legs in the sink and drinking a beer. There is just something better about sitting on the kitchen table, she can’t explain it, every time she does it she is thirteen again and Petunia is asking if she wants some watermelon.

He straightens up. “Yes, but if I came in the door it wouldn’t be a real affair” He is brushing imaginary dust off his shirt, which appears to be stolen from Sirius.

“You’re ridiculous. I have no idea why I even let you in.” He’s opening the fridge and pulling out a beer- Heineken- which he hates but its Louis’s favourite so it’s what they have in the house. There is something in her throat, she gulps more beer.

He leans against the island opposite her, doing that thing where he looks at her and she can feel it right in her stomach, guttural. Most of the time it is like this, when Louis is late at work they’ll sit on the roof and talk or eat chips right from the bag and then she’ll hear the door, go slithering back through the window while he climbs down the gutter.

“Where is he” he says casually, not looking at her.

“Barcelona. Four days.” She has a sudden urge to turn the tap on, let her feet get soaked, catch a cold and take time off work and lie in bed for days- James would complain about how she was going to get him sick and then order Thai and then watch movies he’s already seen again just so he could tell her she was wrong when she tried to guess the ending.  She can see it as if it has already happened.

He looks back, and reaches his foot up to nudge against her thigh. “Alright?”

This is a question, but she just takes another swallow and feels the beer slide down her throat, along all those nerves. The ring on her finger weighs a thousand pounds, it is a wonder her arm can support the weight, that it doesn’t just rip right off- landing on the kitchen tiling, a bloody mess to clean up.

“Lil, are you alright?” his voice pulls her back, and this is very bad- because she has dreamt about him every night this week and they weren’t wild, adventurous things where they got married in Paris or fucked against the bookcase in the library. They were just, normal, they went shopping in one. He sat in the trolley and she wore his shirt. In another he stacked the dishwasher in an apartment that didn’t have any Heineken in it and she was eating cereal while telling him about some crazy cab driver Marlene had had yesterday in the city.

“Yeah-yeah I’m just- “she hops off the counter, feet leaving mist marks against the tiles, “I’m just wondering how jealous I should be knowing that you and Sirius are swapping shirts.”

He reaches round the back of her head with one hand, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “Please” he says, walking over the couch and jumping on it like he’s done it before-like he’ll do it again, “me and Sirius are purely platonic. Its Remus you need to worry about.”

Two months later, when Louis comments on how many chip packets there are in the roof gutters, she’ll blame it on the kids down the street- the ones who always toilet paper their house on Halloween. She’ll go up there later, sweep them all out- heart in her throat as if it wants to say something, like an apology, or his name.

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Can I get some hcs for how Iida and his boyfriend who's sensitive to the cold spend snowy days

- Iida much prefers to go on runs when it’s cold out, but never in the morning. He likes to stay in bed a little later on particularly freezing days, an arm thrown around his boyfriend’s back and cold long forgotten in favor of sharing body heat

- Iida made sure to buy a thick carpet to put by the bed (the fewer instances of tile chilling his boyfriend’s toes in the morning, the better) and even some fluffy socks in case the blankets aren’t enough 

- He prefers to dress lightly if at all possible, but never fails to bring along an extra scarf, or pair of gloves just in case his boyfriend gets cold when they go places together

- Snow tends to mean days off from work, blankets piled high on the bed, or couch. Iida always makes an excess of tea on those days, warm food and drink never once forgotten on such an occasion

- Iida leaves his jackets and sweaters everywhere on snowy days. It’s uncharacteristic of him (everything is otherwise clean), but his boyfriend doesn’t mind in the least. He gets to wear them