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Shiro: Keith, you can’t keep training with the Blade of Marmora AND lead Voltron. You must make a choi-

Keith: Blade of Marmora. 

Shiro: W-what?

Keith: I choose to keep training with the Blade of Marmora. 

Shiro: But-

Keith: I’ve literally never wanted to lead Voltron. Not even hypothetically. I’ve been against this from day one. I’m not even that good at it. This was a terrible decision and thanks for the opportunity or whatever but I’m out.


Keith: Better start bonding with your lion, bitch.

the losers club aesthetics

bill denbrough : the smell of fresh cut grass; papercuts; the feeling you get when you chug a glass of ice cold water after a run; sloppy handwriting; bitten nails; being afraid, yet thrilled, about getting lost; sprinting across an empty football field; burning your tongue on hot drinks; photobooths; pushing friends in a cart in the store

stan uris : the first inhale after coming up from swimming; clotheslines; baby blue; freashly clipped nails; cold lips kissing warm hands; tracing shapes on a lovers back; violin music; gasping between kisses; fruit infused water; tears on your best friend’s sweater; calling friends swear words while grinning; the shuffling sound of a deck of cards

richie tozier : jumping into an autumn leaf pile; the feeling of a big drop on a roller coaster; hands caressing a lover’s cheeks; long eyelashes; thin blankets; hickeys; screaming at the top of your lungs; headrushes; throwing a punch at someone; writing on a chalkboard; washing dishes alongside a loved one, humming, and kissing each other’s cheeks; party tricks and hidden talents; 

beverly marsh : french braids; lighthearted debates that turn into yelling matches; ice cream melting on your fingers; fish tacos; button up shirts with dainty underwear; caffeine addiction; long nails tapping on a desk; a sharp inhale when making out; feeling light-headed after a sleep in; winning a stuffed bear at the fair; giving someone a thirty dollar tip; warm coffee going cold; 

ben hanscom : whistling; finding an onion ring in your fries; picking up bits and pieces of languages while traveling; waking up ten minutes early; a collection of partially filled notebooks; the crack of a baseball hitting a bat; the sound of shes against loud wood floors; studying on the green; wearing someone else’s jacket; writing with your non dominant hand; 

eddie kaspbrak : blushing from ears to chest; lightning bugs on your hand; aching fingers and wrists; cursing when spilling coffee over your notes; running your hands over tall grass; doodling on a lover’s skin; your lips and fingers turning red from berries; resting your head in someone’s lap; sloppy handwritten love letters; sneaking into an open window; the moment before you get picked up for a first date

mike hanlon : tilting your face towards the sun; jumping as high as possible on a trampoline; tapping toes to the beat of a song; apple cider; the scent of an extinguished match; broken cinnamon sticks; the smell of sharpened pencils; dancing in the rain; random bloody noses; eating all of the chocolate in an advent calendar at once; 

Stargazing and controlling mothers JugheadXCooper!Reader Oneshot

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Fandom: Riverdale

Warnings: Does Alice Coopers existence count? 

notes: Lmao sorry for the long wait but I got hella busy and also sick. what can you do :/ anyways enjoy my PG fluff.

You stared at the ceiling, lost in thought. You were supposed to be doing math homework, but the glow in the dark star stickers that you had superglued to your ceiling in 4th grade were much more interesting. So you stared at your makeshift night sky and thought about everything.

You thought about your sister Polly, and how much you missed her.
You thought about Jason Blossom’s death, and how you didn’t miss him.
And you thought about your boyfriend, Jughead Jones, and how you really missed him. Your disapproving mother didn’t exactly know you were dating him, and you hadn’t been able to sneak off to see him in the past couple weeks. Everyone else knew, and you wished you could share that part of your life with your mom, but there was no way in hell she’d be okay with you dating the son of a Southside Serpent.

“(y/n)? Are you still awake?” Your sister Betty’s voice came from the other side of your door.

You tore your eyes away from the ceiling and ruffled a hand through your hair, “Yeah Betts, I’m still up. Come on in.” Your door creaked open and Betty walked in. She closed the door behind her and crossed the room to stand next to you.
You sat up and nodded, “So, what’s up?” you asked.

Betty smiled sadly before taking a deep breath, “I’ve just been thinking about Polly lately. I mean, I know Mom won’t let us see her. And even if she did, Polly might not even be herself. But I really wish we could, I really miss her.”

You flopped back on your bed, letting out a long sigh. “Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like Mom’s trying to erase Polly, She won’t talk about her, won’t let us see her, and I hate it. I hate the whole thing. I miss her. I miss the way things used to be.”
Betty laid down next to you, the both of you staring at the star covered ceiling. You sat in silence for awhile. But after a few minutes Betty broke it with a complete subject change. “So, how’s Jughead?”

You grinned, “Good as far as I know. With your recent cheer-bellion Mom’s been cracking down on me with little errands for the newspaper. Trying to keep me busy, I think, so I don’t get any ideas about following in the scandalous footsteps of my sisters.”

Betty laughed lightly, “cheer-bellion?”
“Yeah. You know, Cheering-rebellion.”
Betty just laughed again.


The next morning you woke up before your alarm and rolled out of bed, your (e/c) eyes still bleary from sleep.  
You got ready for school quickly and threw your stuff in your bag. You climbed down the stairs and wandered into the kitchen. Betty was eating an apple and studying her history textbook at the kitchen table when you walked in.

“Are you studying at seven am?”
“Do you have a test today?”
“You terrify me.”
You shuddered jokingly and went to steal a sip of Betty’s orange juice, but she slapped your hand away. “Get your own (y/n)." 

You huffed as you grabbed a muffin from the box on the counter. "Nah, gotta get to school. Meeting…people.” Just as you had bit into your muffin, your mom walked in, already dressed for the day and chatting on the phone.
“Bye mo

m, I’m heading to school.” You waved before turning to walk out of the room. But Your mother’s voice stopped you.

“Where are you going, Sweetie? School doesn’t start for another hour.”
“I’m going early to work in the library for a bit.” You lied easily. You were meeting Jughead early today because you hadn’t been able to see him (other than the short lunch period) for weeks.

You grabbed your bag, muffin in hand, and walked out the front door. You walked to the school with a dorky smile on your face. There was a definite lovestruck idiot vibe coming from you.

When you arrived at the school, Jughead was waiting for you at the front doors. There were very few people hanging around the building, most teenagers didn’t show up an hour early to school.

When he spotted you he smiled. “Hey–” Before he could get out a greeting, you gave him a chaste kiss. When you pulled back he had a faint blush on his face, bringing a grin to your face. “I know you have a no PDA rule, but there’s barely any people around so. I feel like it shouldn’t count.”
He smirked, “I’ll let it slide this time.”

“Hey, guess who doesnt have newspaper things to do tonight!” You switched the topic to your evening of freedom from your mother’s incessant errands.
“Is it some unattainable version of you?” Jughead asked jokingly, but you sensed a tiny hint of sadness behind the teasing tone.
“Sorry to disappoint, but it’s just regular me. Shocker, right?”
He grinned, “So does this mean I can actually see you tonight?”
You nodded while smiling broadly.

You and Jughead sat and chatted for about half an hour until the school was overrun with your classmates.
You stood up to head inside, “I’ll see you at lunch?” Jughead asked. You grinned and nodded in confirmation. Then you went inside and headed towards your locker.

Later that day you opened your front door, immediately heading for your room, But before you could get even to the stairs, your mom stopped you. And she did not look happy.

“(y/n), are you dating the Jones boy?”

You froze and internally cursed. “What?” you asked, blindsided by her question.
Your mother held up Betty’s Diary and fixed you with a stern glare. Dammit. You knew she had been reading that fucking thing.
“You are aren’t you? You know how I feel about him! (y/n), I don’t think you should see him anymore.“

"I am not going to stop seeing my boyfriend just because you can’t get past who his father is!” Your temper was flaring. You crossed your arms, giving her a defiant glare.
She rubbed her temples. “(y/n), I just want what’s best for you–”
You cut her off, “No, you want what’s best for you.” Your tone was cold and clipped. 

She could control everything else, you didn’t care. You would not let her control this. Alice Cooper was not going to stop you from seeing Jughead Jones.
You readjusted your bag on your shoulder and stormed back out the front door.

You showed up at the Twilight Drive, completely pissed and on the verge of tears. You knew Jughead was working that night and he was the only person you wanted to see right now.

You knocked on the door to the little projector building, tears threatening to spill from your (e/c) eyes. Jughead opened the door, looking somewhat annoyed. His face immediately softening when he saw it was you, and not some unhappy drive-in patron. You didn’t say anything and just wrapped your arms around him, burying your face into his shoulder. Your breathing was shaky and unsteady from the overwhelming wave of emotions you were experiencing. Jughead put his arms around your waist slowly.
“(y/n)? What are you doing here?” Jughead asked you, his voice laced with concern. You mumbled something into his shoulder, nearly impossible for him to understand.

You untangled yourself from Jughead’s arms and looked up at him. “She said she didn’t want me to see you anymore.”
Jughead sighed. “We both knew that was coming.”
“Yeah, well…it’s not like I ever had any intention of listening. She can control whatever else she likes, but not this. Not us.” You closed your eyes and exhaled heavily. You didnt want to fight with your mom, didn’t want to wish she was someone else, but that’s just how it was. “Can I hang out here for a bit? I don’t really want to go home right now.”

Jugheads lips quirked up a bit at the corners and he nodded. You smiled and climbed up the chain link fence before twisting and pulling yourself onto the roof of the pink projector building. Jughead’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. Even he had never thought of doing that.

He followed you up and sat next to you, the movie screen illuminating the whole lot. There were a few scattered cars around, but most people didn’t see movies on weekdays.
“So, where’d you learn to do that?” Jughead asked as you leaned back, staring at the stars overhead.
You grinned.

“When I was 9, I had no friends other than Betty and Polly. This was around the time Betty had a bit of a phase about her little sister hanging around. Although, I think that was ‘cuz she didnt want me tagging along with her and Archie. And Polly had her own friends. So I was alone most of the time. So I got bored a lot and used to sneak over the fence and onto the roof here so I could watch whatever was playing without being caught. Mom wouldn’t pay for me to come here whenever anything she deemed inappropriate was playing, which was pretty much everything. So I had to get creative.”

Jughead snorted, “I guess we were both pretty adept at getting in here without being caught.” There was a trace of bitterness in his words. He got that whenever he talked about anything even remotely relating to his family.
You put your hand on top of his in an attempt to comfort him.

Jughead shook his head slightly as the movie credits rolled in the distance. “I’m okay. I just need to go take the reel out of the projector.” He lowered himself of the roof as you watched the people in cars pack up and drive off.  You heard the chain link fence rattling as Jughead appeared back on the roof, laying down next to you.  You put your head on his chest and stared up at the night sky.
“Don’t you have to go home?” Jughead asked, his chest rising and falling steadily beneath you.

You closed your eyes and smiled, “Probably.” But you didn’t move. You didn’t want to go home, not yet anyways.
You couldn’t say how long you and Jughead stayed like that, just watching the stars in comfortable silence. And pretty soon you fell asleep, your hands intertwined and your head still on his chest.

The next morning you were woken up by someone calling your name. “(Y/N)!?” you sat bolt upright and glanced around, Betty was wandering around the drive in calling your name. You almost had a heart attack when you realized it was morning.
You stood up and waved your arms to get bettys attention. “Betty! hey!” Jughead stirred at the sound of your voice, While Betty headed towards the building.

“What’s happening?” Jughead asked groggily.
“I’m going to die. That’s what’s happening.” You ran a hand through your hair and laughed ruefully. Your mother may actually kill you.

You and Jughead climbed down the fence and Betty grabbed you in a bear hug. “No one knew where you were and no one could get ahold of you! We thought you were dead! There’s a murderer running around!” Betty scolded you angrily.
You checked your phone and the screen was black, signalling it was dead.
“Oops?” You offered sheepishly.

Jughead leaned against the building and watched Betty scold you.
“Oops?! Mom is ACTUALLY going to kill you this time!” Betty grabbed your hand and tried to drag you while texting with her other hand, letting everyone know you were okay. You tugged your hand out of her grasp and walked back to where Jughead was standing.

“If this is truly my end, I love you Jughead Jones the Third.” You grinned, an overly dramatic tone in your voice. You kissed his cheek and ran back to where Betty was standing. He was frozen with shock. That was the first time either of you had said I love you.

“What?” You asked innocently.
Betty laughed lightly, even though she was still beyond angry with you. Your mom’s car pulled up and Betty leaned over to you. “Any last words?”

You would’ve laughed if you weren’t so terrified.
Totally Worth it.”

Let Me Take Care of You (M)

Originally posted by 93kihyun

Summary: When Y/N gets an unexpected opportunity to live with Monsta X for a year, she jumps at it. One member, however, is less than pleased at the turn of events.

Pairing: Kihyun x Reader, appearances from all members, BestFriend!Wonho

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 8,139

Warning: slapping, sexual themes, mild power play, oral sex, unprotected sex, language

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Altitude (m)

Word count: 5,187

Warning: Jimin smut


You take a swig from the bottle in your hand, savouring the sharp flavour on your tongue you’ve been waiting for all day long.

The boy next to you, impatiently holding out his hand, rolls his eyes when you let out a fulfilled sigh. “Dude, it’s just vodka with fucking water.”

“Fuck off, Yoongi,” you respond, showing your affection for the guy by taking a sip. Only when he basically rips it out of your hands do you hand it to him with offendedly. “Fine, take it.”

Yoongi leans back until his head hits the brick wall, then copies your actions. “Fucking hell, Jimin again today.”

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BREAKING: Serial Killer Ian Brady Dies Aged 79

The second half of the infamous ‘Moors Murderers’ duo, Ian Brady, has died in Ashworth Hospital, Merseyside, of lung cancer. He took with him the secret of what happened to Keith Bennett, a twelve-year-old boy Brady murdered alongside his then-girlfriend, Myra Hindley, in June 1964. His body was buried in Saddleworth Moor, and has never been found to this day. 

 Brady was born in Glasgow, and had a difficult adolescence spent in borstals. He met Myra Hindley at a work party in 1961, and the pair of them awkwardly courted for a few months before becoming a couple. Hindley nourished Brady’s sexual sadism, and he relished in her willingness to do whatever he wanted. 

Between July 1963 and October 1965, Brady and Hindley murdered five children - including Keith Bennett - in the Manchester area. All but one were buried on the nearby moors; their last victim, Edward Evans, was discovered in an upstairs bedroom a day after his murder. Brady made the fatal mistake of including another person in the murder - in this case, Myra’s brother in law - and within hours the ‘Moors Murderers’ had been charged and arrested. Brady and Hindley were clipped and cold during trial, where they calm denied everything. Both were sentenced to life sentences,  or detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure. 

Myra Hindley died in 2002 of a stroke.  She was 66 years old. 

Ian Brady spent the last thirty years of his life on a consensual hunger strike, as he believed he belonged in a medical facility and not in prison. During his final hours several detectives apparently begged Brady to divulge where he had buried Keith Bennett, but the convicted killer remained silent to the very end. 

I was in an angsty mood and this is what happened. Anyway, this takes place towards the beginning of their relationship. 


The words where a sharp jab to Hamilton’s ego. Even after he constantly reminded the other man that he didn’t like it, the nickname persisted. He turned his head to the side jerkily, narrowing his eyes at the general.

“Don’t call me son,” he hissed. He expected the rest of the scene to play out as it usually did. Washington would look at him quizzically but would let him go anyway, and they’d go about the rest of their day normally. He was slightly startled when his commander spoke again.

“Why?” Washington asked simply. The general’s expression gave away nothing as he locked eyes with Hamilton challengingly.

“Why what?” The smaller man replied, his voice clipped and cold.

“Why do you detest being called ‘son’ so much?” Washington pressed, voice equally icey. Hamilton balked at the general’s bluntness. His face fell for a quick second, and he quickly scrambled to regain his composure.

“S-sir, I hardly think this is an appropriate conversation-”

“No, It’s a perfectly appropriate conversation. Overdue, in fact. Why do you hate it so much? In fact, you reject any form of affection I try to give you,” frustration seeped into Washington’s voice. Hamilton stood there, frozen, staring blankly back at him.

“Well?” Washington pressed, voice growing increasingly impatient.

“Fine, you want to know why I don’t like it? Because the only other person to call me son abandoned me. Left me and my mother to die. I hate my father. I don’t want to associate any of those negative feelings with you. And as for everything else? The last thing I need is for everyone to think I got to where I am because the general favors me for whatever reason. And if you go around calling me ‘your boy’, that’s exactly what they’ll think,” Hamilton was breathing heavily by the time he was done speaking. He glanced up at Washington, expecting his commander to be angry with him. Instead, the other man was staring down at him, eyes wide and shining with concern.

“Alex I- I’m so sorry,” Washington’s voice was barely above a whisper. Hamilton felt his shoulders slump.

“Don’t pity me…” He said half-heartedly. Before he could register what was happening, Washington had crossed the room and was pulling him into a tight hug. Hamilton felt his anger ebbing away, and he melted into the general’s embrace.

“I’m not pitying you,” Washington said softly “I’m apologizing,” The two were quiet for a few moments, until Washington broke the silence again.

“You do know that’s not why you have the job that you have, right? You’re my aide-de-camp because I think you’re brilliant, not because I think you need any handouts,”. Hamilton blushed furiously at the praise, and he was glad his face was buried in the general’s shoulder so the other man couldn’t see.

“I know. And I’m sorry for snapping at you like that,” he replied. He knew he should pull away then, knew that embracing any longer would be unprofessional, but Washington was rubbing small circles across his back and his scent was intoxicating, so he was content to stay where he was.

I Can See for Miles and Miles // Kit Walker

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A/N: I’m trying to take care of the older requests before I get to the new ones. So here, have some Kit smut. Also trying a new POV so let me know if ya’ll like this better or not.

Also, I truly adore the shit out of this fic. It’s short but I think it’s so cute.

Side note: Shout out to my cool ass dad for giving me such an awesome taste in music and a slight dose of alcoholism. I remember going to the Moose Lodge with him when I was like five or six, this playing on the jukebox as I hung around a bunch of old ass veterans while my dad got hammered until my mom got off work to get me.

Warnings: Smut, language.

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Happy New Years!

Author’s favorites.
Not safe for work.

               Another day, perhaps another year, spent by his side and in his arms.
         The two of you spent the holidays with just one another and a crackling warm fireplace. While the two of you celebrated with your own pleasurable fireworks as the both of you converged as one.


             Trapped underneath Laito, the both of you lay by the crackling fire which popped as it ate away at the logs, on layers of soft blankets. As Laito held your wrists above your head with his hips pressed against yours as he lead down and moaned in your ear,
    “How about we celebrate the New Years by becoming one?” He blushed as the fantasy of you panting and moaning his name passionately as he played mercilessly with your body. As Laito groaned your name in your ear, as a blush of warmth blossomed throughout your body and pooled between your legs. With Laito’s thick harden length pressing against your center, as a soft whimpered slipped past your lips. While your eyes grew hazy with lust,
   "Ah~ what an erotic face little bitch, for that I’ll give you more pleasure.“ Laito cooed as he teasingly thrusted his hips against yours, grinding your hips as he watched the blush grow heavier on your cheeks. As he let go of your wrists and grabbed your hips holding them more as his movements grew rougher,
   "Beg for me to love you all over.” He groaned as he sunk his fangs deep into your skin, ripping through it painfully as you let out a meek whimper that excited Laito even farther. As you begged for him, while you wrapped your legs around his waist. When Laito let go of your wrists and ran his hands down your sides before running them up your shirt.
   Panting, “Ngh, little bitch I’ll ravish your body to the point of exhaustion.” He cooed as he watched your crimson blood flow from the deep mark, as he ripped your bra down freeing your breasts.
   "So feel my love deeply little bitch.“ Laito growled playfully in your ear.


             Gently kissing you, Kanato slipped a small half of a warm chocolate coated strawberry past your lips. As you groaned into Kanato’s mouth at the creamy and juicy flavor of the two mixed together. When Kanato pulled back with a soft smile and his lavender eyes dancing with delight,
    "Ne~ delicious is it not?” Kanato questioned as he watch you savor it’s flavor before agreeing with him with a grin. When Kanato’s smile twisted into a predatory smirk as he pushed you down onto the fluffy blankets.
    “But wouldn’t the chocolate and strawberries taste better if I ate them off your nude body?” He mused with a soft cooed as his eyes began flicker with desire as he picked up the knife. Which gleamed from the glowing light castes by the fire. As Kanato swiftly ripped through your shirt and bra as the tip grazed your skin, splitting it as blood began to well up along the cut.
    Sharply yelping Kanato’s name as his eyes lowered to the cut that was in the dip between your breasts,
    “Perhaps the strawberries and chocolate will taste even better mixed wth such sweet blood.” Kanato cooed as he dropped the knife next to you and picked up the hot bowl of melted chocolate drizzling into yours breasts. As it makes sure to coat your nipples, before taking strawberries and placing them on your soft buds.
    Panting softly with your cheeks a soft pink flush as you whimpered Kanato’s name, he drunk in the sight greedily as he groaned,
    “Ah, my little doll looks so cute coated in sweets while wearing such a naughty face.” Reaching down Kanato ran his slender fingers through your hair as he promised with a deep and husky voice that made your eyes widen as your heart fluttered.
       "I’ll make sure to devour you painfully as I claim all that you are.“  Kanato leaned down and ate a strawberries


               Running your hands through its soft red hair making it messy as Ayato rested with his head on your chest. As he watched the fire crackle and leap as it danced on the log it burned. When he suddenly pulled away and looked down at you where you laid underneath,
       "Nn,” Ayato grunted with a smirk as his yellow green eyes sparkled with desire as he admitted, “listening to your heart pumping blood is making me excited, all I want to do is mark you all over, but first,” Ayato ripped off your shirt, reducing it shreds as he threw it on the floor. Before leading down, his breath hitting your skin softly as he snapped your bra with his fangs.
   Letting out a startled whimper as you eyes went wide with shock and you exclaimed Ayato’s name. As he grabbed your breasts roughly as pain flickered in your eyes at the abuse.
     Growled possessively,
    “These are mine, you are mine, everything you are belongs to me.” As he sunk his fangs deep into your skin just above your nipple, as he groaned at the taste of your blood as it began to rapidly pour into his mouth.
     "Only give your blood to me!“ He ordered as he moved between your breasts and ripped your skin open with his fangs,
     "Allow ‘this pain and everything am into you. As I teach your body over and over who it belongs to.” He groaned as your blood dripped from his lips and onto your skin,
     "Never show this cute face to another person ever.“ Ayato commanded as he ran his hands down yours sides and to your hips,
     "I’ll make you addicted to me, so that you only ever crave my touch and yearn for my fangs.” Ayato proclaimed as he ripped off the rest of your clothing, leaving you bare as he said softly, the pride in his eyes fading to show his unsure vulnerability,
     "Because it’s more than enough to stay by my side as we cross into another year, isn’t it?“

Safe for work
Sakamaki’s Eldest Three
Worked on by two friends and myself, but one seemed to vanish from online. So in their honor and the permission of the other I will post what we have created together.

He will never allow you to escape, now that he finally has you cornered.


           Wrapping your legs around Ayato’s waist, and your arms were draped around his neck, with the tips of your fingers nuzzled into his red hair. As you arched into Ayato, with your head held back by Ayato as he held your hair in a firm grasp.
   "Tell me. That I’m the best and all you need is to remain by my side.” Ayato’s voice started off rough as it slowly began softer and vulnerable as he leaned down to kiss you. His lips cold and soft against yours as his arm that held you by your waist tightened. While his fangs softly grasped your bottom lip before he shallowly pierced it.
   Making you yelp against Ayato’s mouth as blood began to filled his mouth while he groaned loudly. As he pulled away,
   "I’ll mark you over and over, so be proud and display them with pride.“ He commanded with a smirk as he lightly kissed your jaw while scrapping the tips of his fangs against your flesh.
    "The blood closest to your heart will taste the best, I bet.” Ayato commented as he let go of your hair and removed the red bow, dropping the flimsy fabric onto the floor.
     "Do you wish for Ayato-sama to mark your breasts and claim for my own?“ He questioned with a purr as a flush burned in your cheeks as your breath hitched. While Ayato slowly unbuttoned your shirt, exposing more and more of your skin to the cold classroom air. As the possibly of someone walking in on the both of you began to dawned on you as you voiced your cornered.
     "Let them, everyone should know the best prey belongs to me!” Ayato smirked as he suddenly ripped your shirt as you loudly gasped and questioned why.
     "So now you’ll be forced to wear my jacket to cover yourself. It will be clear to everyone whose you are now.“ He explained as he leaned down and pulled your bra down so that it pushed your breasts up. As he dug his fangs into your flesh just above your heart. While pain coursed through your body at his harsh bite as his hand began to run up your backsides before running down your sides.
      "Your blood, I can feel it coursing through my vines. I need more.” Ayato growled when he pulled away as your blood stained his lips and dripped onto your flesh. As it ran down the curve of your pushed up breast while Ayato groaned and a possessive desire flickered in his eyes.
    “Everything, I’ll take everything and consume you completely. Your mine.”


         "Need I even questioned what you desire? When lust and greed tell me such a honest story as they dance in your eyes and dominant your body.“ Reiji purred as he told you in taunting amusement,
      "What lustful prey you are, hot and receptive to my simplest touches, I believe I need not ask, only act.” Smirking Reiji added,
       "So quickly are you reduced to nothing but basic desire.“  You blushed with embarrassment at Reiji teasing words, as you looked away sheepishly and softly denied it.Causing Reiji growled dangerously, his eyes narrowing while Reiji stopped with his hands placed on your hips, while his grasp become harsh, as you whimpered out in agony,.
     "How deplorable you are, denying me so boldly.When I so graciously decided to pleasure you in ways that are unimaginable. Perhaps my affections where misplaced?” His words were cold and clipped as your eyes widened with a different type of fear and you yelped out a distressed protest. As Reiji smirked in amusement and bloodlust flickered in his sharp, cool, eyes.
    “Then I’ll strip you of everything. Your humanity, pride, peace of mind, dignity, everything. As I train you, whip you into perfection.” Your heart stopped at his words before it began to pounded painful, as your breathe caught and your eyes filled with uncertainty.
    “Is that what you hoped for when you picked me? To lacking any flaws and be my treasured prey?” He questioned with a soft coo, as he ran his hands gently up your sides, his eyes softening only slightly. When you whispered Reiji’s name and told him with a gentle yet determined voice that you would endure anything he sought fit to remain by his side.
    “Such willful prey.” Reiji praised you before,musing with a dangerous smirk, “I wonder how much pleasure your mortal body withstand in a single night?” As he lowered his head, his breath hitting in shallow dip just above your collarbone only for a moment before the tips of his fangs teasing grazed the soft skin as he moved below your collarbone.
    Sinking his fangs in deep, ripping through your skin with ease as pain and pleasure laced throughout your body in an intoxicating manner that had you mewling his name desperately. While Reiji lightly groaned and pulled away, taking pleasure at the sight of your blood rapidly trickling from his bite mark as it started to pool, while Reiji rhetorically questioned,
      “How long before you give into unconsciousness?”


      Shuu’s lips were cold against your warm skin as he lazily trailed kisses down from behind your ear, along your jaw and to your neck. While you melted in his arms, which were wrapped loosely around your waist, with your back pressed against his chest. As your cheeks began to burn with a deep scarlet blush that slowly spread throughout your body became warm with a soft lust.
    Shuu drawled, “Heh, your such a lewd woman, becoming excited from such simple actions.”, his chest lightly rumbling as he spoke, while your heart began to race as you feebly protested.
     "You say as such yet your blood is calling to me, begging for my drink it slowly.“, smirking as he taunted you, Shuu scrapping the tips of his fangs painfully on your skin and over an fresh and healing bite mark as you let out a sharp gasp.
     "I haven’t event bitten into you and your already making such erotic music.” He purred as you whimpered out a weak denial, that he chuckled in amusement at, continuing with more taunting words designed to fluster you more.
     "Even your body pleased for me to pierce it with my fangs.“ Shuu’s baby blue eyes began to dance with bloodlust tempted by the idea of bitting into you.
      Shuu voice grew husky, as his throat began to burn and while his thirst grew, and the sound of your heart rapidly pumping your sweet blood nearly tormented him.
     Such a troublesome and scary woman, tempting me in such a way.” He hummed as he lightly licked the healing bite mark which has been torn open slightly by the tips of his fangs causing your hot crimson blood to slowly trickle out. While you squirmed, moaning at his feeling of his cold touch on your now burning wounds.
    “I’ll satisfy you till you pass out from exhaustion. All you have to do is surrender and offer up yourself as easy prey.” Shuu groaned before sinking his fangs in deep, reopening the bite mark allowing the blood to spill out and flood his mouth. As gave a low and pleasured moan, while his addiction to your own personal flavor grew.
         The sharpness of the pain and the sweetness of pleasure swirled through into a thought consuming sensation that you gave yourself to as you closed your eyes and whimpered out a soft moan of Shuu’s name.

Affection in Public Headcannons
Safe for work


Deep and longing kiss on your lips to leave you breathless.

        These kisses of Shuu’s always attracts attention to the both of you and never fails to leave you flustered with embarrassment and panting. To which he teases you about being lewd getting excited from a simple action in such a place. As Shuu takes great pleasure in the display he creates with you, also more important it shows others you have already been claimed.

Sneaking off to drink your blood.

        Your flustered face often makes him thirsty as Shuu yearns to to see more of your lewd face. As he takes you to a less populated area or even into an alleyway where your fear of being caught excites him to do more to you. As he slowly undresses you and creates more and more mark. Which sometimes leads to you making sounds loud enough to catch someone’s attention to which Shuu teases you about the lewd music you make.

Holding your hand, almost always.

       Having no desire to lead where the both of you go, most of the time. Shuu just holds your hand and allows you to take him wherever you please. This is always a way from keeping Shuu from wondering off, or prevent him from being left behind, since he normally ends up in trouble if left alone.

Wrapping an arm around you, or holding you from behind.

      This public display of affection also shows his claim on you. It also keeps him warm, since he is unable to create his own body heat he just steals yours. Though this mainly occurs while the both of you are checking out to which he clings to you from behind, with his head resting in on your shoulder. But when the two of you are sitting down he wraps an arm around you so he can kiss you or you can feed him if the two of you are eating.

           "I think someone else heard the lewd music you were making. What a naughty woman you are wanting everyone to watch.“ Shuu purred as he pinned you into the wall in the alleyway between the building. With his arms wrapped around you while you quickly protested Shuu’s claims,
   "Then why are you moaning so loudly?” He taunted, “Do my fangs pleasure you so much?” He mused as you soft whimpered his name, as his words burned you and made your breath hitched,
     "Should I do more than? To satisfy your lewd desires?“ He questioned his voice husky as he slipped your shirt down and off your shoulder exposing another mark, but Shuu didn’t stop there as he pulled your shirt lower still. While your breast began to press against the cold bricks as Shuu exposed them,
     "I don’t care how loud you get, either way I’ll do what I like to you even if countless come to observe us.”


Possessive and rough kisses on your lips, that leave them tingling.

          Out of desire, embarrassment and possessiveness Subaru will randomly kiss you either to get you to shut up, because he wants to or jealousy. Either way Subaru is jus as rough in a way that nearly bruises your lips but always leaves them tingling as it lingers from the roughness that he can’t always control.

Gentle kisses.

        Subaru always rather be gentle with you since he does treasure you, so you never know if Subaru’s kiss will be tender or rough. But these kisses leave you just as dizzy and surprised.

Forcing you to leave with him so he can satisfy his thirst.

          The thought of anyone else seeing or hearing the way you act when he pierces you with his fangs is unacceptable and angering. Because that’s a sight for Subaru alone as he will force you to leave with him, but he does attempt to restraint himself until you do something that drives him mad.

Wrapping his arm around your waist.

          Even though Subaru denies it he enjoys holding you close and feeling your warmth, it’s comforting. Even though he claims that it’s to keep you from being bothersome and getting lost. It also sends a clear sign that you belong to him.

              Wrapping an arm around your waist, Subaru held you close to his side as he glared at the male who had been stare at you from behind the counter of the ice cream shop. As ice cold dread sapped away at their coloring leaving them paler as they looked away causing Subaru to smirk with amusement.
   Focusing on you Subaru watched as you took a bite of ice cream, as he suddenly grabbed your chin and made you look up at him. As he leaned down to lightly kiss you, parting your lips with his own. Subaru slipped his tongue instead your mouth tasting the ice cream as a blush began to color his when he suddenly pulled away as you swallowed with a blush that matched his.
    “Let’s go right now, I can’t control myself much longer.” Subaru growled in a raspy voice as your eyes widen and he stood up, pulling you with him.
   "It appears my claim on your isn’t good enough, I’ll have to make more when we get home, so prepare yourself.“ He whispered in your ear as he smirked and warned,
    "Once I start I won’t stop till I satisfy my hunger with your body and blood.”

Now Is the Time to Know (That All That You Do Is Sacred)

For @starscythe and the beautiful art she made for Dark OQ Week, Day 1: Getting to Know You. Title taken from Hafiz. [ffn | ao3]

Special thanks to @repellomuggletum15 for being a badass beta, and to @robin-of-locksley for inspiring a line in this.

They got acquainted with each other’s bodies first.

One drink had turned into two (he insisted on buying that one as well), and their coy little glances had grown bolder, heating and opening up to one another in clear looks of want.

And oh what a glorious mess they had made of the tavern that night.

It was strange, in the beginning, to know him and yet not – in a purely physical sense, they were nearly identical, these two Robins who had both breezed into her life at a time when second chances felt like something impossible to her.

The same blue eyes. Those same strong arms (the way they learned to hold her, too). Even that scar up his bicep, the long lines of muscle that swooped down his waistline and tensed whenever she traced them with her tongue.

But the similarities ended there.

The way that he moved, the sound of his groan as he pressed into her – trying to remember a different Robin in him was like opening a book to find the chapters had all been rewritten, and it took a few moments of fumbling with this new kind of intimacy for her to realize how little it mattered in the end.

She was not the same Regina, nor the same Evil Queen, and her different with his different came together so naturally that she eventually decided it was useless to question or dwell on it too long.

She’d made a vow not to waste any more time with this man.

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Legacy Pt.3

Pairings Jugheadxreader

Warnings: lil violence and angst and swearing probably.

A/N: really glad you like this series, ever so slightly worried with every new edition I ruin it hahaha please please please continue to let me know if you like it or don’t. Also shout out to the readers who spotted the fact that YN called Jughead, Jughead when she was saying goodbye and not Bonehead. Gold l star to you. This is kind of short but only because I was unsure what ye want ref. The message in bold.

Also can you please let me know if you’d like a lil Bettyxreaderxjughead love triangle in this series because the gang will be in the next part (if ye want a next part) and then will be the perfect time to do that so if yed like just let me know please!


Jughead POV

After I left I spent the weekend trying to get in touch with yn but to no avail. I just wanted to make sure she was okay, she was undoubtedly harbouring guilt and the next week made that clear.

Every single lunch, yn sat down the other end of the table with Sweet Pea, alternating writing and eyeing the Ghoulies. I attempted to talk to her but Sweet Pea was always lurking around her. I have a feeling that after the attack was reported to the Seniors, her security was out on high alert. She’s a like a real princess except she has a gun not a tiara.

I stood by my locker waiting for her to attend to hers alone like she did our second encounter. I did this every evening for the week and finally on Friday it paid off.

“Hey YN…”

“What do you want Bonehead?” Oh great, we’re back to Bonehead.

“I just wanted to see if you’re alright?”

“There’s no need to, of course I am” her words were clipped and cold but I was determined to wiggle my way back into her good books. I just wanted to be there for her.

“Yeah you can say that all you like but I don’t believe you”

“I said there’s no need to I’m fine!” Her voice rose as she half slammed her locker and began storming off.

“Hey listen! It’s not our fault that what happened happened! If you had been there it still would have happened!” I tried to sound supportive but I think she took it as me calling her weak minded. She quickly swung around on the heels of her battered boots.

“Listen here Legacy-” she was ever so slightly…very condescending and I was kinda very over it.

“MY NAME IS JUGHEAD!” Okay why am I shouting though? I’m not even really that mad at her.


“HOW COULD I FORGET YOUR HIGHNESS! WE ALL MUST BOW DOWN BEFORE THE ENTITLED SERPENT ROYALTY!” she slapped me across the face then. Not particularly hard but enough to kind of shake me. I put my hand to my face, couldn’t quite believe what happened and by the look in her eyes I don’t think she could believe what she did either.


“No, save it yn” my turn to be angry, for real this time.

“Jughead I'm…”

“No, save it! Because you know what yn?! The Serpents can be in your life but they shouldn’t be your whole life and I’m trying to offer you something that’s more than just a gang!”

“Yn come one let’s go, SP is waiting in the car” Toni rounded the corner clearly unaware of what she was stumbling in on. Yn and I stared at each other. She took a deep breath before turning and walking away, I think I might have struck a nerve.

I closed my eyes tight and slid down the locker. That was definitely not how I wanted that to go.

I arrived at the site and saw the car Toni described. This was not how I wanted to spend my Friday but Toni seemed to really need me to do this. I jumped into the car and waited for my co worker to arrive and of course who rocks up and into the passenger seat, YN.

We sat in silence for a good 20 minutes before I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Yn Im sorry I shouted at you…” she just raised her hand up in reply. Okay rude.

“There’s no need to be like that I’m trying to apolog-”

“Shhhh shut up!”

“Stop talking to me like tha-” I didn’t get time to finish my sentence as YN had hopped out of the car and was darting, gun pointed, towards a deal that was going South very fast. I dug around the car for any kind of weapon, the only thing I could find was a handgun. Why does it have to be a gun?! Okay okay okay time to be brave like yn, brave like yn.

I came barreling out of the car, totally uncoordinated, directly into the frenzie. I’m not sure if at this point my dad would be incredibly proud, or incredibly embarrassed.

I caught sight of Yn and instantly headed closer in her direction. The place was in chaos but unlike at the Warehouse, here there were regular sounds of gunshots, yn actively taking part. She was amazing to watch…in a weird twisted way. Agile and dead on and kind of looked a small bit like she was loving it…then again I suppose this is the family business.

Then I saw what I knew she couldn’t. From my angle I could see a non Serpent lurking in the bushes, taking aim at my yn. Without hesitation I instantly ran and dove in front of her. Searing pain and a screaming yn, tingling throughout my body. Blackness.


Much Love Xx


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