cold brewed iced coffee

And today we were out of...

Black tea
Green tea
Cool Lime Refresher juice
Berry Hibiscus Refresher juice
Strawberry Acai Refresher juice
Trash bags
Grande/Venti Iced flat lids
Cold Brew
Iced Coffee
Small straws
Caramel syrup
Coconut syrup
Mango syrup
Peach syrup

Today was a shit storm

rafe adler + more headcanons

- even though they had central heating in their house and they could easily have afforded it, Rafe’s father almost never let anyone turn the heat on (unless it was absolutely necessary to keep the pipes from bursting in the winter. even then, it was barely on). the house had a few fireplaces and they’d be kept lit during the winter but for the most part the house was cold (typically between 57F-62F in the fall/winter/early spring). 

- Rafe hated being cold as a child, but he adapted and now he can’t stand heat. He almost never turns the heat on in his own home (even when he’s cold, hearing his father’s voice in his head telling him he’s weak). The result is, his hands and skin (and often his lips) are cold to the touch. 

- he also likes to have a fire going at home for the same reason

- he prefers cold brew coffee over ice, even in the winter (which means his mouth is usually cold too) 

- despite hating hot air and weather, his showers are always scalding hot

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