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OTP Meme: Carol Peletier + Daryl Dixon

[¼] locations: on the motorcycle

“Love is the feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle." - Hunter S. Thompson x

Hogwarts houses spring aesthetic
  • Hufflpuff: The way rose petals feel in your hands, scented lotion, tea parties, a growing garden, oak trees with new buds, the feeling of the sun on your back, daffodils, newborn bunnies, dancing in the rain with your best friends, seeing kites high in the air, puddle hopping, staring at the sky
  • Slytherin: Baseball games, hopscotch, iced tea, singing in the rain, reading books by the window, big umbrellas, pranks, new sandals, trying on swimsuits, letting your hair blow in the wind, letting balloons go, sitting outside a coffee shop with cold drinks, bike riding, long walks, swimming even though the water’s still cold
  • Ravenclaw: Going to the library to get out of the rain, feeding ducks, picking flowers, picnics, making plans and forgetting them when the moment comes, looking for constellations, matching clouds to animals, making candy, popsicles, birdwatching, play tag, setting up hammocks
  • Gryffindor: Bonfires, football, catching snakes, rock climbing, sleeping outside, finding bugs, fishing, street hockey, drawing with chalk, water gun fights, going to the zoo, skipping rocks, catching fireflies, singing loud at night, running, climbing trees, daring each other to do crazy things, napping in the sun
"Biology" RPNAU HiJack Part 30 -- END

Part 30. THE HIATUS IS OVER. \o/ Sorry for the wait, and thank you for being so patient, but I just needed to take a break for a little while. Now I’ve finally finished this chapter off… and that concludes Biology!

…wait, what?

Yes, I know I said I had another entire story arc, AND I DO. But in the last little while I’ve ended up with a whole sequel story to Biology (Chemistry) planned, which the second story arc is going to be included in instead. So the story isn’t over, it’s just moving on to the boys’ college years~

I’m going to post some Author’s Notes later on, too, so if you’re interested then look for them later. ♥

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My new poagies.

These are from Dogwood Designs in Two Rivers, Alaska. That town is 3,065 miles from my house.

They work very well. Last night I went out for a ride. Even with decent gloves my fingers get cold on winter bike rides. Using heavy mittens just doesn’t work very well for me on a bike. With the poagies I was able to wear some light gloves and my fingers never got cold.

They’re also called moose mits or bar mits. My father-in-law gave them to me for Christmas.