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Father!Yoongi (Werewolf)

And now it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, the second member of the hyung line, my highkey spirit animal whose English is so cute?!?! Like I love that he’s doing his best and speaking more English bc I l o v e his lil accent so much I’m such a voice person and his voice in Korean, English any language really is so nice, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • So there are a few links for werewolf!Yoongi, there is part one (here) which is the description of him as a wolf, part two (here) is him falling in love with a human, there’s the werewolf boyfriend post (here) which describes him as a boyfriend and there’s werewolf!Yoongi as a father part one (all of the father related posts are here) which is about him and the pregnancy
  • You don’t have to read any of those to understand this post, you could very easily read this on its own but those other posts are all of the backstory posts for anyone that’s curious or maybe wants to have a werewolf!Yoongi night
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Yoongi, he has one daughter but I made another version where he has a son and now it just doesn’t feel right to not include bby boy in father!yoon stuff so I’m gonna use the version where he’s got a bby boy as well as his bby girl
  • They are his entire world, he loves them with all of his heart, they make him so happy
  • Just picture this for a second, you come home from visiting one of your friends to see the three of them in the kitchen together and yoon’s got on an apron and he’s trying to tie their aprons on as delicately as he can bc he doesn’t want it to be too tight or too loose and they’re also kids so they’re squirmy
  • You join them bc you’ve missed them so much even if it’s only been a couple hours those are your teeny tiny munchkins and your hubby how can you not miss them
  • You’re not fully sure what Yoongi’s doing, you’re not sure he’s sure either but whatever it is seems to be working out well and it smells good and the kids seems excited for it
  • Absolutely 100% calls them his pups
  • Playfully complains when they wanna play but is so quick to join in
  • They take a minute to realize that they can turn into wolves, bby girl of course discovers it first bc she’s older but the minute she does, she’s off to tell bby boy
  • Bby girl’s pretty smart bc Min and she notices her cousins (the boys’ kids) can do it and she knows they’re all werewolves and she knows she’s one so she puts two and two together and asks Yoongi about it
  • Yoongi has to teach them how to turn back and forth so they don’t get stuck in one form bc that has happened before when they turned into lil wolves while he wasn’t home and then they didn’t know how to get back so they kinda just chilled like that until he got home
  • He doesn’t really care how long they spend in their wolfy states when they’re at home, he’s more than happy to join them tbh bc it’s easier to keep up with them like that 
  • There’s this one day where it’s really cold it’s snowing the bbys are all bundled up with huge ass scarves and gloves and coats, the works so they should be fine
  • You two are walking down to a local cafe to get some coffee/tea and hot chocolate for the kids bc you’d done a bit of shopping together and all of you were cold and wanted something to warm you up before you continued on with your shopping
  • You’re waiting for your drinks when they decide it’s just a better idea to go off into their wolfy states bc they’ll have their fur to keep them cold
  • Yoongi’s pretty calm on the outside like he’s really quick to rewrap the scarves around their necks and buttons their coats back up and explain to them they can’t do that in public but you can see the “fuck fuck fuck” in his eyes as he’s making sure no one’s paying attention
  • They get really sad bc they’re cold and just wanna curl up together and take a nap maybe so Yoongi sits on their side of the booth and lets them snuggle into him
  • His coffee gets a bit cold bc he’s too busy blowing on their hands to warm them up and making sure they don’t burn their tongues on the hot chocolate and you’re just heart eyes bc Yoongi had a lot of things about him that you adored but seeing him be a father is one of your favorites
  • At home, they’re forever back and forth between human and wolf, some days they run into the room on two legs, giggling and sometimes they run into the room on four legs, their tails wagging with Holly chasing after them
  • There have been so many times where you walk into a room and see wolf!Yoongi on your bed with the two mini wolves curled into his side and Holly right next to them and they’re all taking a nap so you just join them bc family nap time?? Yes plz!!!
  • Takes a m i l l i o n pictures/videos of them, it doesn’t matter what they’re doing, eating, playing, sleeping, just being goofy, wolf or human, he loves saving all the memories
  • Full moons are always pretty interesting bc it used to be just Holly that you two would bring, before you had the munchkins and now Yoongi has three pups following him around, wanting to play
  • Yoongi as a wolf with his lil wolf ducklings, greeting all the other wolves tell me that doesn’t sound adorable they’d be small compared to him
  • They don’t seem to care about the size differences between them and the other wolves, they’ve got no issues trying to surprise attack kook, even if he’s the biggest wolf there
  • They‘re playing with yoon, they’re playing with the boys, they’re playing with their cousins, they’re playing with you
  • They mainly chase after yoon and it’s actually kinda cute to see how much he holds back with them
  • He’s always been really gentle with them and you’re so in love bc you know he’s got a lot of strength, more than he’s ever shown but he still has no issue letting them nip at his tail
  • He’s v v protective over them at full moon gatherings though like he never leaves their sides and if somehow he isn’t next to them, he’s got his eyes locked on them and he’s ready to jump in at any moment
  • He trusts his pack wholeheartedly but he still makes sure they’re doing okay the entire time he makes sure they’re not getting too tired and that no one’s bothering them and that they’re hydrated and don’t wanna go home
  • Even as wolves, they would look similar to him okay this is one of my biggest head canons
  • Werewolf!Yoongi as a father is v v patient and sweet with them and he takes such good care of them and he loves them so much and they love him just as much

Do you think there was ever a time, before the beatings started, when Maxon looked up to his dad? Was there ever a time Maxon told Amberely he wanted to be as good of a king as his dad? Was there ever a time Maxon longed for his dad spending time with him, and when it happened, it was the only thing he thought about for weeks? Do you think there was ever a time when Clarkson softened on a 5 year old Maxon and spent time with him? Do you think there was a time when Clarkson hadn’t broken his son? Do you think I’ll ever stop crying over this??


[*TODOROKI ARRIVES FINALLY* any way feel free to ask todoroki things !! Give him some love guys, every one has like cool introductions for their muse and here I am with todoroki B'V
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