This was for a request sent to me by the lovely @taylortut forever ago. Love ya space mom! Hope you enjoy 2000~ words of sick Yuuri and a slightly germaphobic Victor who is doing his best  ❤️

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Phanniemay18 Day Twenty-Five: Cold

Day Twenty-Five: Cold

Genre: General

Words: 1063

Like any regular person, Danny hated colds. He used to get them all the time before the accident, at least six to eight times a year. Jazz suggested that it was probably a weakened immune system due to too much exposure from his parents’ ectoplasmic experiments from a young age. Ironically, it was one of their experiments that ultimately strengthened his immune system from any kind of cold or common sickness.

Or so he had thought. Apparently, while he was resistant to most human diseases, he could still get ghost sicknesses. Which were even worse.

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