I have seen and heard several people complaining about having a cold so here is a soft reminder that thyme is an antiseptic and antibacterial. I recommend drinking an herbal infusion of fresh thyme, lemon, and honey. You could also add them to your favourite tea.

Note: Crush the thyme to get the most out of it. You can substitute the fresh thyme for 1 tsp. of dried thyme.

And once again, I lay in my bed, thinking of could’ve-beens. It’s cold, dark, and silent. And as I close my eyes, I see you. You are beautiful, god you’re beautiful. I can see you smile and as your eyes meet mine, I feel my cheeks rise until I can barely see. You have this strange way of making me happy and it’s amazing.

But after a while, your smile fades. Slowly. You look down, and turn around. My eyes water up. In the distance, a guy was standing. You walk to him and grab his hand, and as your fingers interlock with his, you turn your head and look at me. You smile at me for the last time. I couldn’t smile back, I can feel my tears slowly fall down my face. I can see how happy you are with him. I know… I know because that was how you looked when you were in love with me.

—  LA // excerpt from a book I’ll never write