All My Children 7/22/2013

I’m not completely sold, but I’m liking this relationship or whatever it is between David and Colby on All My Children.  He seems to understand her more than most people and they can easily communicate with each other.

I’m also glad that Cassandra is going forward with the abortion.  The poor girl gets kidnapped by sex traffickers, raped, forcibly overdosed (it was heroin, right?), and finds out that she is pregnant.  Her recovery will be hard enough and she can’t take the added stress of a pregnancy.  And there is no promise that the child would be healthy.  I love Angie, but no one should make Cassandra feel like she has to continue with the pregnancy.

Watching Wednesday’s All My Children, and I am NOT digging this new Colby Chandler. It’s nothing to do with the actress, she’s fine (and gorgeous, btw), but the character herself…what have they done to her? Colby hasn’t been this petty, whiny, bratty, and bitchy since she was first aged and recast when Ambyr Childers played her around 2007 or so. Even her incarnation of the role had mellowed out by the time she helped deliver Krystal’s baby, hadn’t she? So why, after like three more actresses had played her, would they revert her character to just a shallow and selfish child?

L-R: Brooke Newton, Sal Stowers, Leslie Miller, Rich Frank, Lindsay Hartley, Vincent Irizarry, Cady McClain, Heather Roop, and Denyse Tontz looking fabulous at the 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards!