more colby and annabelle~

part of our rp that i thought was super cute~<3 there are so many more i want to draw of them so kinda expect it xD

this was when colby was cudding annabelle during the storm it was embarrassing but she felt quite safe like this with him

they also have kissed a few times but still not “officially” together

i didint color it cause i wasint in the mood and im tired

colby belongs to @foreverafterall

annabelle belongs to me

doodle of annabelle and colby~ so these two arint offical (yet hehehe) but colby stayed after a date they had because it started to rain and annabelle is super scared of thunder

he refused to let her sleep alone so he slept with her and cuddled the crap outa her <3

i am in love with these characters so much they are so cute <3 <3

(also annabelle is wearing a nightgown its just hard to see)

annabelle belongs to me

colby belongs to @foreverafterall