Imagine... #1 Birthday Surprise

You wake up and Colby is about to surprise you for your birthday

You woke up, and you were confused that you didn’t see the beautiful blue eyes that you see every morning when you wake up.  

“Colby? Where are you?” You called out, hoping he’d answer. No answer. You got out of bed and you noticed the flower petals on the floor. Your face brightened. “Awe! Oh my god… Colby…” You said. Then you pulled on some shorts and you were following the petals down the stairs. They led into the kitchen.  

“Colby Brock.” You said. He was standing there in his pajamas. He had a pie next to him on the counter. You walked up to him.  

“Happy birthday, princess. How’s your morning?” He asked as he pulled you in for a hug. You hugged him tightly in response.  

“Great. Too bad I couldn’t see your beautiful face when I woke up.” You said as you looked into his eyes. You massaged your hands into his hair.  

“Well, in that case, here’s an apology pie. I got pie instead of cake because you always tell me how much you’d prefer pie.” He explained.  

“How sweet!” You kissed him. You turned to get some paper plates out of the cupboard. You turned around to meet with blueberry pie in your face. 

“COLBY!” You yelled as you wiped away the blueberry pie from your eyes and mouth. He pulled out his camera.

“WELCOME TO THE PRANK WAR!” He said in response. “I love you, princess. I’m sorry!” He said as he gave you a kiss. Then, you took your mostly covered face and smushed your cheek and forehead into his and got it all over his face too.  

“I love you too.” You said.  

“Happy birthday princess. I’m so sorry.” Colby said as he turned off his camera and picked you up and carried you upstairs. 

The perfect start to a nice, happy and colby-filled day.