i got so many doodles out of my system and it feels great! this was so much fun and i really want to do more sometime

from left to right across

eve and a baby colby found in the forest the baby looks just like byren cause hes part gyftrot like byren is

annablle i wanted to draw her the way i think she looks like when she sees colby~

colby this was a challenge from faa to try to draw her style and i just chose him i think i did pretty god!

a super happy spell in a simple sketch (reason his head is rounded) faa said it looks like hes going yay tentacles!

second row

me and faa singing fuck you

the venny gif but not in gif form

expression practice with my sona

third row

bay just being happy

panicked venny

and a random girl doodle

colby and faas sona belong to @foreverafterall