In Low Places

Pairings: platonic!Colfaguire, Crisscolfer (sort of)

Rating: G

Word Count: ~650

Notes: For Julia. Unbeta’d.


Rob knocks smartly on the trailer door before letting himself in, balancing a lunch tray on one arm and holding Chris’s phone in the other hand. Chris is sitting on the ugly but stupidly comfortable burgundy couch, feet propped up on the low wooden coffee table. He looks up from his laptop screen when Rob clears his throat pointedly.

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How to vote for me And why

Fic: Ah, L’Amour

Chris/Roberto, ~1500 words

a/n: A Colfaguire highschool!au. I’ve been meaning to write one for ages. And here it is! For Julia. Unbeta’d.


It’s the third Monday of his senior year. Chris is eating lunch alone, doodling in the margins of the notebook he uses to jot down story ideas, and trying to calculate how many Mondays he has left to endure of high school.

Chris doesn’t notice him until the guy has already set his lunch tray down in front of the seat across from him. He glances up from his notebook, startled, and sees that it’s the tall, dark-haired boy that’s here on exchange from…somewhere. He’s in a few of Chris’s classes, but they haven’t spoken. Chris doesn’t even remember his name.

“Uh, hi?”

The boy smiles brightly, and woah, his teeth are perfect. “Hello. Do you mind if I sit here?”

He speaks with an accent. Chris is pretty sure it’s French. “No, by all means. Um.” He gestures vaguely at the empty chair. “Go ahead.”

Still smiling, the boy sits and extends a hand in Chris’s direction. “I do not believe we have been formally introduced to each other. I am Roberto.”

Chris suppresses a small smile at the formality. He shakes Roberto’s hand. “Chris.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Chris.”


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