Anderson .Paak just destroyed on Colbert.


  • brad colbert:nate fick?? nah I hate all the officers, what a — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of nate fick spill out of jacket] w-what a fucking ivy league prick- I- these aren’t mine I’m just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen I just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of nate fick scatter across the floor] shit fuck I’m holding them for everyone else in bravo 2 just listen

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals Perform ‘Silicon Valley’ & 'Carry Me’

.one of my favorite live performers right now.



a night out // ara colbert & francesca rundlett

     It had taken less than an hour of her arriving home from her run for Francesca to become a human hurricane, rummaging through her closet as she tried to find the perfect outfit to wear on her night out. Francesca had never been one to succumb to her nerves – not before performances, training, or even during the interviews she had been forced to take when she was in foster care – but for whatever reason, she couldn’t help the jittery feeling that clutched at her muscles and the fluttering feeling in her stomach as she thought of her prospecting date with the man from the coffee shop earlier. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she hadn’t been on a date since college, or maybe she was nervous because she barely knew anything about Ara other than the fact that he was an accountant. Either way, there was no denying that her nerves were beginning to get the best of her.

     Francesca had barely placed the finishing touches on her makeup before the sound of the interior intercom buzzed. Was it already eight o’clock? Swiftly stepping around Pharaoh, her Egyptian Mau, as she made her way to the solitary white box near her door, Francesca glanced at herself in the mirror hanging above the dresser in her living room. Her hair wasn’t even close to dry, but at least her makeup was done. Taking a deep breath, Francesca pressed the button, giving a slight sigh. “Ara?” She asked, waiting for a confirmation. When she received it, she invited him up to her apartment, hoping it would give her enough time to finish drying her hair.

     She had barely taken the rollers out of her hair before there was a knock on her door, a sound that sent Pharaoh running to the entrance to greet their guest. “Coming!” She exclaimed in the direction of the living room, rushing to unwrap her curlers before she slipped into her dress, grabbing her shoes as she made her way towards the door (clumsily, really). Francesca straightened herself as stood in front of the wooden door, taking a deep breath in a last ditched attempt to calm her nerves. She smoothed the front of her dress, double checking her makeup in the mirror before she slowly opened the door, revealing her date for the night. “Hey, you made it,” She stated almost breathily, her face brightening with a smile.