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Honeymoon || Colbee


They had arrived just about an hour ago to the resort. This wasn’t like their two times at Wadigi where Colby had rented out the entire place so it was just them, and those who were at service. There were other people here, some couples, some people vacationing with family. But everything was pretty spaced out, so Colby and Bianca had lots of privacy, for sure. Right now, after they were given the run down on the staff and their hours of service, they were given a map of the resort, and offered to be taken on a tour. Colby spoke up before Bianca could even think about it. He said they would tour themselves, and would be fine. But thanked them anyways for the offer, and appreciated it. He looked over at his wife and smiled at her before taking her hand into his and heading out into the open space. The first thing they saw was the beach, of course.

“So, at night this all lights up.” He went on, even though he knew that Bianca knew that. They both picked it out, of course. “Really hope that’s just.. some nature thing, and not chemicals in the water.” The wind was a nice breeze to their figures in the hot sun. Keeping them cool enough to not be dying from the heat. “I imagine.. when I’m not doing you and making you scream. You’ll be working on some sort of tan out here, huh? Then going for a dip when it gets all cool looking.. I can join you. If you want, I mean.”

Thirty-One || Colbee

Today was a pretty good day, in Colby’s eyes. His morning started off pretty interesting, or if you wanted to count that as last night. Either way, it was still all going great. He had spent the entire day home with his wife to be, and their son, Gabriel. Opening small little gifts from his son, that he knew Bianca went and picked up, or made. Like a pictured frame of the three of them, which he swore to keep in his bag, so he could always open it and see them. He had his phone filled with images, of course. But, this was really nice too. There were also a few things from Bianca, which is accepted obviously, and gave her some kisses to thank her. And after eating the cake they had got, well.. after Bianca had devoured half of it by herself, the sitter had arrived to pick up their little one. They packed his things and sent him off. Waving bye and sending air kisses until he was out of sight, then the door was closed. He turned to his fiance and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Thank you for the birthday, baby.” He then leaned in and gave her a quick kiss to the lips. “It wasn’t anything spectacular but.. I loved it. I love you.”

Lying for Love || Colbee

The whole week, Colby had a huge smile on his face. Of course, it wasn’t questioned by his fiance, which was good. Because he felt extremely bad for lying to her this whole time. A couple of days ago, she had asked what his plans were for the 14th. And, well? Colby told her he didn’t have any plans, and acted completely oblivious to the fact that it was Valentine’s Day that day. The truth was, that he had already planned something a week in advance to her question. He was ready for this day and was actually a little happy about his re-injury. It meant he got to stay home and plan it some more. First, it was simple. They would be heading to an afternoon drive-in theater and watch the new La La Land. After that, he was taking them back home so they could get ready for dinner. It was this nice five star place he took her to before, actually. So he knew she would like it. After all that? He planned on taking her back home, and since he knew Gabriel wouldn’t be with them, and instead, with the nanny. He wanted to skinny dip in their pool. Might seem unorthodox to some. But.. this was them. He knew all of this fit their style.

4:43 P.M. on February 14th, 2017

Colby just got back from dropping Gabriel off with the nanny. Explaining to her they would be all night, and wouldn’t be back til the morning. Bianca didn’t know this. Not yet, anyways. Because Colby told her that he was just taking the child with him to pick up a few things they needed. But, obviously that was another lie. It was going to be worth it though, he was sure of that. “BeeeeeeeawwwnnnnCA.” He drew her name out, echoing through their home. “Bianca!” He hadn’t waited for a response the first time, and called for her name again. He walked into the kitchen to grab an apple from the counter plate of fruit. Peeling the sticker off and biting into it. “BEEEE!” He called a third time. Making his way down the hall towards the bedroom. But, he had stopped. He noticed the small crack in the door to her studio room. He assumed that she must be in there. Turning the knob and swinging it open, he found her. A bright smile on his face as he chewed on the fruit.


another new chapter || colbee sh
  • July 6th, 2017
  • 2:34 P.M.
  • Des Moines, Iowa, United States


Colby had asked Bianca to put on a blindfold before leaving his parents house. They arrived in Iowa and stopped by there first, just so this whole plan of his could work out. He didn’t want her to feel scared, obviously, so his mother was along with them in the back with their son. “Alright.. don’t take it off til I say so, okay? I’ll help you out, just hold on.” Colby parked, turned the car off, and got out before moving over to Bianca’s side. He opened her door and carefully helped her up to her feet outside. “Keep it on, okay? I’m serious.. I’ll tell you when you can take it off.”

We’re Alright || Colbee
  • Tuesday. August 8th, 2017
  • 11:19 A.M.
  • Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Colby got in late. The flight from Toronto to Des Moines was pretty long. When he arrived, he placed his bags down by the door and then headed for the living room. He slept a couple of hours on the couch before getting up, showering, and putting on fresh clothes. He tied his hair back before slipping his hat on. Next, he walked into the room he shared with his wife, Bianca, and noticed she was still asleep with Gabriel in their bed. Gabriel on the other hand was awake and playing with his blanket. Quite, and seemingly happy. Colby smirked his way before leaning down and picking him up. He walked him to his room and changed his diaper, as well as changing him out of his pajamas, into a pair of fitting shorts and a t shirt. Next came his socks and tiny shoes, which he slid on easily. “There we are, little man. You ready to go wake up mommy, huh?” He was essentially talking to himself, but smiled at his son anyways. Colby picked him back up and headed for his bedroom again. “Bianca.” His voice was stern, as he called for his wife. “Come on, get up. We’re going to the doctor. I’ll be back up here if I don’t hear that shower running in five minutes. Come on, let’s go. Get ready.” And with that, he left her alone to wake up, and get ready. Heading downstairs with their son, he had to feed him. Pulling a bottle out of the fridge and feeding it to him while the dogs played around on the floor. Occasionally running to their own dishes and eating. Today didn’t seem like such a bad day. But it was only beginning.


Birthday Adventures || Colbee.

After minutes of struggling with the set of keys. Colby managed to push them into the lock, and twist it. Unlocking the door, which allowed him to slump against it, and push inside in his drunk state. Usually, he would be greeted by two little pups. But they had been sent to a sitter for the night. “Bianca!” Colby hollered back out the door. Looking for his wife, and other drunken half.

Stupidity || Colbee

He arrived at her apartment building. The building she should have been able to leave the very next day and move back into the home they would once again share. Hopefully that would still be the case. After ringing her room and waiting for the door to open. He made his way up the stairs. A hand running down his face before he opened up her door, and stepped inside. “Okay, listen..”