If you don’t live in Michigan, you may not heard of our Tea Partying, Koch addicted, ALEC cult member, Republican State Senator, Patrick Colbeck. In a town hall some mentioned “democracy” he said “We are not a democracy.”


When someone said, “We do not want government of corporations, we want government of the people.” he said, There are people in corporations".  If that makes a corporation a person then a bus is a person because there are people in busses.

Vote no on Michigan Senate Bill 0004

An open letter to Judiciary Committee Members: Sen. Rick Jones, Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker, Sen. Tory Rocca, Sen. Patrick Colbeck, Sen. Steven M Bieda

Did you know that you can be fired or denied housing in 29 states just for being or being perceived as gay? Even more ludicrous is that any company can fire you if your relative is gay. In 31 states you can get fired for being transgender or transexual. There are just no legal protections. [1]

This is highlighted in Michigan by a recent article of Rolling Stone that ran on November 24th entitled, “The 5 Worst States for LGBT People”. Michigan was the fifth worst state, beating Tennessee and North Dakota out for this “honor”. The main reason (among many reasons) is that Michigan has a disproportionate hate crime rate on the LGBT community, largely targeting transgender women of color. [2] Transgender individuals are about 400 times more at risk to be assaulted, murdered or commit suicide than the rest of the population. [3]

We can improve conditions for the LGBTQ community by updating Michigan’s Elliott Larsen Act. Act 453 of 1976 guaranteed protection for religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, or marital status against discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations. [4] However it appears the Michigan Congress has plans otherwise. Last month, the State House passed a dangerous bill, Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act (House Bill 5958, 2014). This bill died in the Senate when the legislative session ended. Senate Bill 0004 [5] appears to start up where that bill failed.

Senate Bill 0004 would legalize discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community. Under this legislation, a police officer could refuse to defend a mosque or synagogue, a guidance counselor could deny help to a gay student, or a landlord could refuse to rent to a single mother based on their religious beliefs. Senate Bill 0004 falsely claims to protect religious freedoms that are already protected by the current Elliott Larsen Act.

It is my belief that ALL humans should have the basic human rights afforded by the constitution. LGBT people live in every part of the world and are hard working members of society. By expanding the Elliott Larsen Act, it will give LGBT people a sense of dignity and allow them to better contribute to our economy.

David Ano
27600 Marquette St
Garden City, MI 48135






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Supertrawlers will be permanently banned from Australian waters, the federal government announced on Wednesday.

The move follows the temporary bans on supertrawlers imposed by the Labor government two years ago and re-endorsed by Tony Abbott in March. The first ban expired in November and the second was up for review in April.

The parliamentary secretary for agriculture, Richard Colbeck, said the government would stop vessels longer than 130m from fishing in Australian waters.

This definition of supertrawler does not take into account the processing capacity of a vessel, which proponents of the ban say is just as critical as the size of the vessel.

“This government will introduce regulations under the Fisheries Management Act to give effect to this decision,” Colbeck said in a statement released on Wednesday afternoon. “This decision will have policy effect immediately.”

Colbeck said the government “has consulted widely and accepts the legitimate concerns of many in the community, including those involved in recreational and commercial fishing”.

“The government is determined that Australian fisheries management remain among the best in the world,” the statement said.

Labor banned supertrawlers, or large freezer-factory vessels, after outcry from the public. The Stop the Supertrawler petition has nearly 63,000 signatures.

“Supertrawlers are large freezer-factory fishing trawlers that threaten our unique marine life and fisheries, and the recreational fishing, commercial fishing and tourism industries that rely on these,” the petition said.

“Supertrawlers are part of a global problem that has led to the devastation of the world’s fisheries, marine life and local livelihoods, and we don’t want that kind of fishing in Australia.”

Abbott addressed the House of Representatives in March, saying: “The supertrawler was banned from Australian waters … it was banned with the support of members on this side of the house. It was banned. It will stay banned.”

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