colbat blue

the signs & their lucky colors
  • Aries: red,coral,bright pink,and white.
  • Taurus: brown,russet,green,and turquoise.
  • Gemini: peach,yellow,and light blue.
  • Cancer: light emerald,silver,pale purple,and pale yellow.
  • Leo: gold,royal purple,and orange.
  • Virgo: pale green,grey,beige,and lilac.
  • Libra: ivory,white,pink(or rose),and turquoise.
  • Scorpio: scarlet red,black,midnight blue,and emerald green.
  • Sagittarius: ultramarine blue,tan,magenta,orange,and colbat blue.
  • Capricorn: chocolate brown,royal and navy blue,dark green,dark grey,and black.
  • Aquarius: silver,Aqua,purple, and electric pink & blue.
  • Pisces: pale green,purple, rose,grey-blue,lilac,and violet.