my indoor goals:
  • get a good weapon picture
  • get a good weapon picture
  • get a good weapon picture
  • get a good weapon picture
  • get a good weapon picture
  • get a good weapon picture
  • not die by the end of the show
  • get a good weapon picture
  • get a good weapon picture

part 2.

ugh practice tonight...

ughhh my instructor is freakin crazy. these tricks & shit are not okay for my hands -__- lmao i dont mind cuz its gonna look good but these bruises on my hands..? no bueno. im kinda pissed at this jersey weather tmw, it needs to be warm for a little bit longer so i can go outside & spin & not just do spins in my room. /: whatevaaa. i guess i just have to wait til the next practice. i think the only thing i really liked about todays practice is my solo rifle 6 (; exciteddd.

Color Guard Survey

  1. Name: Isha
  2. Guard(s):  High Voltage Winterguard
  3. Equipment handled: Flag, Rifle, Sabre
  4. Years in guard? 6th year!
  5. Have you mastered the art of putting on makeup on a bumpy bus ride?: Almost! i refuse to try eyeliner and eyelashes though!
  6. Do you walk around 24/7 with a “Hey, I’m happy to be here” cheesy grin?: Not at all… lol, as much as I love guard, it hate it a lot at the same time.
  7. Can you make up a guard show to ANY random song that comes on the radio?: I always think to myself, wow, this would be a great spot for a flag feature! or something like that, lol
  8. Have you become immune to the pain of a rifle/sabre?:  Not at all! If you hit the same spot with your rifle, youre not gonna be immune!
  9. Are the muscles in your wrists, arms, legs, and foreamrs big?: theyre SOOOO big. i hate it sometimes lmaoo. but it comes in handy when you wanna toss 7’s on rifle & do double angle tosses on flag & all that crazy stuff.
  10. Do write your own choreography in the middle of your houre with no music?: when i was younger my friend and i would make up routines & pretend that we were teaching it to little kids. lmao so kind of.
  11. When you run or jog do you find your self subconsiously jazz running?:  Yes! every time someone sees me run they say i runn very gracefully! its just a common thing now lmao.
  12. Are you accustomed to waking up everyday with sore muscles?: Yup! I dont really feel that anymore.
  13. List ALL your guard realated injuries?: bruised anything and everything, i sprained my finger, uhhh i got hit in the face with a flag, and my equipment has fell on my head a couple of times. 
  14. Do you write your own choreography?: nopee!
  15. Do you critique others choreography?: nahh, id never do that to my instructor… i dont want him to blow my head off!
  16. Do you complain when your drill design is too easy?:  Not at allll! omg i love easy drill lmfao. i get enough hard drill in marchinig band…
  17. Do you have all of the stretches known to man/woman and can can you perform them properly?:  Not at all, im not a terrible dancer, but its definitely my worst thing, and dancing & stretches are hand in hand yaaa know? so yeah lmfao
  18. Can you re-tape (or tape) a rifle or sabre or flag in under 5 min?:  Nooooo! i am the WORST person to tape a flag. everyone knows to never come to Isha to tape your equipment! & we dont tape our rifles & sabres lol.
  19. How many brusies do you have at the moment from guard?:  I dont really have a lot at the moment, but i just got one under my nail tonight, one on my ankle, one on the tendon behind my ankle, and like a permanent one on my leg. i swear, its a lump thats never gonna go away.
  20. Do you have the years averaged for how many more years you can audition for a guard/drum corp?:  Uhh, I could do drum corps now if I wanted to, I actually went to an audition camp for Jersey Surf, but i dont think i’m spinning this summer. but i think the age out year is 23? so I have 8 more dci years lol.
  21. Do you (Have you ever) designed yor own flags for no reason what-so-ever except personal satisfaction?: nopeee.
  22. Have you ever danced to a song an realized your moves have come from past coreography?:  hahah well, i do purposly sometimes.
  23. Does your rifle/sabre/flag have a name?:  nope!
  24. What is it?: I feel like im not a real guard girl cuz my equipment dont have names… my old rifles name was rifey (real creative huh) but then it broke…
  25. Do you get upset when someone picks up your equipment…and drops it!?:  YES. only my sabre just because i got it for christmas, and i want it to last you know? & i have this paranoia that every rifle i drop its gonna break cuz i’ve broken 2 rifles…
  26. Have you ever had a conversation with your equipment?: i’ve told my rifle that i hated it before… maybe thats why it broke…
  27. Have you ever kissed your butt? (rifle butt that is):  before every show!
  28. Do you find yourself at practice just “playing” and realized you were doing past years work?: nooo. lmaoo.
  29. The one song you WISH and PRAY you could do as a guard show?:  you know, that one imogen heap song? lmfao im totally kidding if you saw the shit guard instructors say video you would get this. but im not sure, a lot of groups that i see i’m jealous of their music lmao.
  30. When you ‘grow up’ do you want to instruct colorguard/winterguards?:  thats my plan! 
  31. Do you have any pre-show rituals?: me & lisa & kelly give a pep talk to the guard on the bus, then i eat my wawa hoagie & listen to the take care album& ignore everyone lmao. then at the show before we go on we hold hands in a circle & we say all of the bad things that happened that week of practice & we spit it out & say bleeeeeh. then we sing i feel good & sing milkshake by kelis. lmfao