If Elizabeth 3rd had a route
  • Elizabeth: *meow*
  • MC: I know Elizabeth; but I'm sure that this will work out
  • Elizabeth: *meow meow*
  • MC: I know it's tough. Maybe it's for the best if we were to meet
  • Elizabeth: *mow*
  • Elizabeth: *mrow*
  • MC: Yes I had lunch
  • Elizabeth: *meow*
  • MC: Yes, Does Jumin Han is Gay?

this is a fic @blurryfaceimagines and me wrote for the third day :3
It was sooo fun to write! I hope it came out okay ^^

It got a little long :P and a little angsty

Sasuke felt his tail twitch and the ears at the top of his head perk up. On the one hand his common sense stated this was impossible while on the other hand his instincts were screaming that it was him. That he was here! While both sides warred furiously inside, Sasuke stood frozen, unable to continue on his way or to turn around. He suddenly wanted to run. The urge was overwhelming.

Fists clenched tightly and with teeth grit stubbornly, Sasuke decided to ignore his instincts for the first time and to walk away instead of turning around. That’s when he felt it. Something coming at him. No, someone. Urgently. They were running. Breaking another record, he decided to ignore his instincts again, telling him it wasn’t just a someone but instead it was him.

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