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Another coloration of a sketch by the talented Dil. This guy is incredibly awesome and draws some of my favorite art so definitely go check him out : D. He’s been kind enough to let me color his sketches if and when i’m feeling down and out and it’s definitely helped out a lot.

What Happened (in the room where it happens)


part one

Warnings: Sex, dirty talk, sass, begging, teasing, thomas jefferson, face fucking, bath sex, alexander is needy, he’s also kinda an ass, so is jefferson though
Word count: 6616
A/N: Part two of my Jamilton colab with@aaronburrisadouchebag! I love her and you all should go follow her!  I love her deeply and she’s absolutely wonderful! Also a bomb ass writer 

Chapter two: It Got A Little Wet

Jefferson sat next to Hamilton in the carriage, lazily watching the world go by from the window as they traveled downtown. He took up a lot of space in the small carriage; his legs were splayed wide and he sat leaning against the door. He glanced over to Hamilton occasionally with a smirk, knowing that he was occupying an unnecessarily large amount of space. “Are you comfortable, Alexander?” He asked teasingly.

Hamilton shifted in his seat uncomfortably, trying to use the little space he was given. He lightly rested his hand on Thomas’s knee, shifting upwards the Southerner taunted him. He looked down to Jefferson’s muscular thighs which commandeered most of the carriage bench, the magenta fabric of his pants straining over them. Alexander moved his thumb in small circles, raising his hand further up his thigh before retracting it, grinning at the Southerner. “I’m quite alright,” he said, a tinge of sarcasm in his voice as he shifted once again, “and yourself, Thomas?”

Thomas chuckled softly, watching Hamilton’s hand inch a little further up his thigh before going away. “I am more than comfortable, but you look a little squished. Perhaps you’d enjoy a more comfortable seat?” He inquired innocently, patting his lap. “You’d know that it’s the most comfortable seat around…”

Hamilton blushed hard. He wanted to sit in Thomas’s lap and feel him pressed against his body, but, looking into the eyes of his rival, he felt a moment of hesitation. “Well, if you say so,” he said breezily before beginning to move himself into the Southerner’s lap, the velvet of the man’s coat brushing against his skin.  

Jefferson couldn’t help but laugh lightly at Hamilton’s hesitance. “What happened to your spirit, Hamilton?” He taunted, pinching the other man’s ass. “Cat got your tongue? Or did a Virginian cut it off?” He leaned forwards, nipping swiftly at Hamilton’s bottom lip before leaning back again.

The New Yorker reached forward, trying to catch Thomas’s lips with his as the other man pulled away with a smirk. He settled back, “No, Thomas,” he straightened his back, trying to project an air of confidence to match Jefferson’s cocky demeanor, “I’m just enjoying myself, as all.” He leaned forward, planting a passionate kiss on the Southerner’s lips, a free hand moving to rest at the back of Thomas’s head, pulling him closer.

After another moment, Hamilton pulled away, smirking as he gazed at Thomas, “and besides,” he continued, “the best seat in the house also seems to come with the best view in the house.” Smiling innocently as he watched Thomas, Hamilton rested a hand on Jefferson’s thigh, erring a bit close to the Southerner’s cock.

“Mmhmm.” The Virginian hummed, pressing his lips to Hamilton’s in return. He pulled back and watched the man talk, shifting slightly as Alexander’s hand slid closer to his cock. He was opening his mouth to reply when the carriage stopped. “We’re here,” said Jefferson, gently sliding Hamilton off of him.

He opened the carriage door and exited it, then waited on Hamilton to follow. As soon as he did, Thomas walked the short way to the door of his home and unlocked it before leading the way inside. “This is my northern abode, Alexander. Come in,” he smirked, waiting past the threshold for Hamilton. “Close the door.”

Following behind Jefferson, Hamilton did as he was told, stepping through the threshold of the door, shutting it behind him. He took a few more steps into the foyer, meeting Thomas. “And I presume you keep your slaves here, too?” he rolled his eyes, raising an eyebrow and the Southerner.

“Actually, no.” Thomas said with a sneer. “I have one maid, who I pay, that works from nine to five.” He turned away and headed to the small library room. There was a loveseat, a small chair, and rows upon rows of books in the room. “You wish I kept slaves here so you could try to ridicule me.”

Hamilton followed Jefferson into the library, immediately gravitating to a bookshelf, his fingers dancing over the spines of the books. “No, Thomas,” he glanced at the Southerner, “I only wish that you practiced what you preached, ‘all men are created equal’, right?” He rolled his eyes, now thumbing through a book.

“All men are created equal, but you must read through the lines, Hamilton. Each man has special privileges.” Jefferson refuted, raising his eyebrow. “I have more privileges than you, and you have more than my slaves. Except for right now. For now, you’re mine.”

Hamilton felt a shiver creep up his spine, closing the book, he listened to Jefferson’s voice move throughout the room, coming closer to him. “Is that so?” he asked, testing the waters.

“It is. But you could make this more fun… offer some… dominance, resistance… you do want to put me in my place someday, don’t you?” Jefferson suggested with a knowing smirk. He leaned back on the lounge chair after he removed his magenta coat. He observed Hamilton’s hesitance and grinned brightly. “You aren’t afraid of me, are you?”

Hamilton set the book back in place with a soft thud, moving to where Jefferson sat on the arm of the chair, “God, no.” he growled, his body pressed close against Jefferson, dwarfing him, “if I had my way, you wouldn’t be doing very much talking during our cabinet meetings, Thomas.” He continued, a hand moving to Jefferson’s shirt collar, twisting through the soft fabric.

“Is that so?” teased Thomas, allowing his large hands to drift down and rest on Alexander’s hips. “What would you rather me be doing?” He asked, tilting his head to brush his nose against Hamilton’s. His dark brown eyes were eager and curious as they met Alexander’s.

“Ideally, you would be choking on my cock,” he whispered, “shut up your ramblings for a bit.” His hand tightened in the fabric, pulling Thomas closer to him. He placed a fierce kiss on the Southerner’s lips, biting down gently.

Jefferson inhaled softly at the treasurer’s filthy words. “Fuck,” he murmured, kissing Alexander back. He hissed as the man bit his lip, then shifted further into the chair so Hamilton would have room to climb on top of him.

Hamilton pushed himself against Jefferson, climbing on top of him. He bit down on Jefferson’s lip again before his lips trailed down to his neck, his hot breath lingering on the Virginan’s skin, “All the times I’ve watched you pace the floor, fantasizing about fucking you senseless on the desk, Thomas, fuck.” he growled, biting down on Jefferson’s earlobe before placing a series of hot kisses on his neck.  

“You want to fuck me?” Jefferson asked, pulling back with a scoff. He tugged back, lifting Hamilton up and grasping him by his hair. “You wanna do that, boy? Huh? I don’t think you can.” He taunted ruthlessly, yanking on Alexander’s hair. “You’ll have to overpower me.”

Hamilton mewled in response to the tug on his hair, biting down on Jefferson’s neck, leaving a dark red mark before he returned his attention to the Southerner’s lips. He brushed his lips against the other man’s, their eyes meeting, “Watch me.” he said conclusively. He pressed another kiss onto the man’s lips, biting down more harshly, his hand released the fabric of the frilly dress shirt, now tangling itself in Jefferson’s hair, pulling.

A short gasp left the secretary of state’s plump lips as Alexander kissed him roughly. He growled as he feistily tangled his tongue with Hamilton’s, both of them pulling at each other’s hair. Jefferson’s cock was growing harder every moment, and he released Hamilton’s long hair to begin removing the man’s shirt.

Hamilton smirked against Thomas’s lips, feeling rather pleased with himself as Jefferson began to hastily undo the buttons of his vest. He tugged a bit harder on the man’s hair before pulling him in closer, their tongues tangling as they fought for dominance. He pressed his hips against the Southerner’s, feeling the man’s erection on him. “And,” he started, pulling away from Thomas’s lips, lingering only centimeters away, “it feels as though you’d rather enjoy me fucking your tight ass, isn’t that right, Thomas?” His eyes maintained firm contact with Jefferson’s.

“I won’t know if I’ll enjoy it or not unless you get to do it, Alexander.” Thomas teased lightly. He allowed his eyes to shut halfway. He shifted his hips upward slightly, biting his bottom lip. With a grunt, he pushed Hamilton off of him. “Bedroom, come on.” He murmured, tugging Alexander along by his hand. When they reached the bedroom, Jefferson smirked. “I’ll let you be in charge for now, Hamilton.”

Alexander followed Jefferson to his bedroom. There room was clad in complimenting shades of magenta and cream. He rushed into the room with the Southerner, with his own half-unbuttoned vest hanging around his shoulders, Hamilton eyed Jefferson hungrily. “Strip.” he commanded, still watching the other man as he undid the buttons of his own white-ruffed shirt.

Thomas smirked, eagerly unfastening the buttons on his vest and shirt, shucking them to the floor with ease. His shoes soon followed. His muscular brown chest was revealed to Hamilton for the second time that day, but this time it was clear that there were a few noticeable violet hickies. He approached Hamilton slowly, hips swaying from side to side. He pushed the smaller man into a plush chair that was across from the bed and straddled him.

Hamilton grunted as Jefferson pushed him into the chair, his body sinking into it as Jefferson’s bare chest against his half-covered chest, the linen of his shirt still resting on his shoulders, a few hickeys visible on his own chest as well. He traced his fingers over Jefferson’s muscles, admiring his sculpted beauty before he tangled a hand into the Virginian’s hair, pulling him close.“Undo my pants,” the Treasury Secretary commanded before biting on the other man’s lip.

With a low moan, Jefferson nodded his compliance against Hamilton’s lips. “Mmhmm..” He murmured, tugging his lip away. His cock twitched, painfully hard in his maroon trousers. He slid his body town Hamilton’s until his knees hit the floor in front of the chair. His dark gaze ravaged Hamilton’s body and the noticeable hickies as he slowly removed Hamilton’s shoes, breeches, and underclothes. Once he was fully naked, Jefferson licked his lips and met Alexander’s gaze. “What next, Alexander?”

Hamilton smirked at the man, his lidded eyes watching the Southerner as he looked up at him from the floor. Power surged through his veins, finally getting what he had fantasized about for so many months and he was not going to waste it. “Beg for it,” he began, his hand wrapping around the base of his cock, slowly stroking up and down, “beg for me to fuck your face, you whore.”

Jefferson allowed his lip to curl up into a snarl. “I won’t beg for you, Hamilton.” He said spitefully. He eyed the other man’s cock, however, and was practically drooling for it. He looked from the treasurer’s cock to his eyes, still glaring. “I won’t be made your slave, Alexander,” Thomas snapped, his large hands resting on Hamilton’s thighs.

Hamilton leaned forward, his face inches from Thomas’s as he continued stroking his own cock. “Oh, you’re going to beg for it, Thomas.” He enforced, his eyes fixed on Jefferson, “You’re going to beg for me to fuck your pretty little face, and then beg for me to fuck your ass. You know why you will, Jefferson?” He snarled, leaning in closer to Jefferson, his eyes intense. “Because right now, I’m in charge, and you’re going to be my good little slut.” He raised an eyebrow at the man, leaning back into the soft chair, looking expectantly at the Southerner.

The Secretary of State leaned back slightly, hesitating. He still kept his hostile appearance, brown eyes ablaze, but he was still clearly turned on. “What happens if I don’t?” He asked lowly, resting the side of his head on Hamilton’s thigh. He pressed a few kisses there, occasionally nipping at the tan skin. “Will you take advantage of me? Fuck my face anyway while I’m talking? Maybe you can shut me up that way.” He sneered softly, then bit Hamilton’s leg a little harder. His dark gaze drifted back to where Alexander was stroking his cock, lust washing over him once more. He wanted it so badly.

Alexander’s eyes narrowed at Thomas as he tried to suppress the small moans that were threatening to leave him. “Well, under normal circumstances, I would do that, Thomas,” he swiped his thumb over the head of his cock, collecting a bit of precum. “I would shove myself down your throat to shut you the hell up and you’d love it, wouldn’t you?” He continued, removing his hand from his cock, pressing his come-covered thumb to Jefferson’s lips, “I think you’d love it a little too much. I see you looking at my cock, Thomas. I know you want to have it down your throat, so I’d recommend that you start begging now.”

Thomas looked up at Alexander, his thick lips slightly parted as the man smeared his precum across them. He quickly licked and sucked the treasurer’s finger into his mouth, tasting the salty liquid with a hum of approval. With a knowing smirk, he pulled away and released the finger. “I want it rough, Alexander. I won’t degrade myself to begging until you’re cumming down my throat.” Jefferson growled huskily, digging his nails into the scotsman’s thighs.

Hamilton glared at him, “very well,” he grimaced as his hand reaching for Jefferson’s hair, fingers tightening on the back of his skull, pulling him forward as he lined the head of his cock up with Jefferson’s mouth, prodding his lips apart as he began to thrust half-way into the secretary’s mouth, letting out a soft grunt as he pumped further into the man’s mouth.

Jefferson opened his mouth just enough for Hamilton’s cock to fit, allowing the man to control the speed and depth of his thrusts. If Thomas could handle Lafayette’s thick member, he surely could handle Hamilton’s for a while. He looked up at Alexander with lust-filled eyes, allowing his tongue to drag along the vein on his cock. His own member was throbbing with need, and Jefferson shifted a hand down to undo his trousers and stroke it.

Moaning in approval, Hamilton watched Jefferson take his cock, his thrusts becoming deeper as he used the grip on the man’s hair to give him leverage. “Fuck,” he grunted, his fingers tightening. “I’ve needed this for so long,” the man moaned.

Watching as Jefferson slid a hand down to meet his own erection, Hamilton leaned forward, pulling Jefferson off of his cock, taking his wrist. “This is about me Thomas, not about you. And, as much as I know you love taking my cock, you’re going to have to wait for yours.” He brought the Southerner’s lips back to the head of his cook, thrusting into his mouth deeper.

The Virginian let out a small whine of protest, pulling away from Hamilton’s cock. He opened his mouth to reply to Hamilton’s smart-ass comment, but the immigrant had taken the opportunity to begin fucking his mouth again. He growled, the noise sending vibrations along Hamilton’s erection. He didn’t want Alexander to make love to his mouth; he wanted to be fucked and punished. To signal this, he lightly scraped his nails along Hamilton’s thighs.

Hamilton tightened his grip in Jefferson’s hair, using the firm grasp to raise and lower Jefferson’s mouth onto himself as the thrusted deeper. “Fuck,” he muttered “you’re such a bad little whore, aren’t you?” he taunted, slamming into the Virginian’s mouth harder, “put that hand to use, Thomas,” he released his grasp on Thomas’s wrist, lowering it by his cock.

Jefferson moaned as Hamilton began fucking his throat. He made obscene slurping noises as his head was moved back and forth along the man’s member, saliva pooling at the base of Alexander’s cock. At the immigrant’s command, Jefferson eagerly began to massage and rub his balls. He wanted Hamilton’s thick cock in his ass, but that could wait for a bit. He tried to lift his gaze, desperately wanting to catch Hamilton’s eyes with his own. He wanted the scotsman falling apart because of him.

Hamilton’s thrusts became deeper as he neared his orgasm, his eyes catching Jefferson’s as he watched the treasurer slurp on his cock as he thrusted in in and out of his warm mouth. In a quick moment, he pulled Jefferson off of his throbbing cock, holding his face near it as his grip remained strong in the other man’s hair. “Are you ready to beg for me to cum down your throat now, slut?” He taunted the Southerner.

The Virginian panted heavily for a moment after Alexander pulled him off his cock. He relished the feeling of the man’s hand in his hair, his lips shiny with spit and precum.  “Y-yes, please… Alexander, please, I want you to fill my throat with your seed.” He pleaded, mouth open for the treasurer’s erection. He let out another soft, needy whine, trying desperately to lick Alexander’s cock. He needed more now.

Alexander craned the Virginian’s head back, his eyes staring at his intensely. I’m not quite convinced, pet. Try again.” He commanded, watching the other man to form a full sentence.

Biting his lip and letting out a growl of frustration, Thomas leaned upwards. “Mister Secretary, please… Please, I want you to fill my throat with your hot cum. Please, let me swallow it.” He begged lowly, sweat dripping down his forehead. “Please.”

Alexander moaned at the use of his formal title, he looked at the Secretary of State again, relishing the look of submission on his face. After his moment of power, he pushed Jefferson back on his cock, quickly filling his mouth as the thrusted. “Good whore,” he whimpered, quickly fucking the Southerner’s mouth, “I’m–” he was cut off by his mouth opening in bliss as he began to cum, his thrusts slowing as he pumped Jefferson’s mouth and throat with his cum. His moans echoed through the room as he finished, releasing his hand from the man’s hair.

A high-pitched whine erupted from Jefferson’s throat as Alexander began to cum. The salty, tangy flavor filled his mouth and he waited until the man was finished before he removed his mouth from his cock. Thomas opened his mouth, showing Hamilton his mouthful of white, sticky cum, and then closed it again and swallowed. He then smirked. “Did you enjoy your moment of dominance?” He inquired lowly, rising to his feet. He grabbed the tired man by his chin and pulled him up to his feet, gazing over him. “Because now, it’s time for mine.”

Hamilton let out a whimper as he watched Jefferson swallowing his load, admiring him as he proudly swallowed it all. “Fuck,” he grunted as he watched Thomas rise to his feet. Upon hearing Thomas’s declaration, the feeling of the man’s hand around his chin captivating him as he struggled to make out a sentence, “Thomas, yes, I– fuck,” he tried to form the words, still jumbled as he came down from his high.

Thomas shoved Alexander towards the bed, swiftly discarding his pants and underclothes. He pushed the man’s chest into the bed, then reached over to the nightstand where a small bottle of oil lay. He slicked up his cock, assuming that Hamilton’s ass was still pretty stretched from earlier that day. He pressed the head of his cock between the treasurer’s ass cheeks, smirking. “Come on, darlin’. Got anything to say for yourself?”

Hamilton yelped as he felt himself being pushed onto the bed, his head and chest meeting the plush comforter as he felt Thomas ready himself, the head of his cock prodding at his hole, teasing him. “Thomas,” he moaned, trying to press himself onto the man’s cock, “let me be a good boy for you, please Sir.” he begged, craving to feel Thomas inside him again.

“Good, good boy.” the Secretary of State murmured, gently pushing the head of his member into Hamilton’s hole. After that first inch, he smirked as he slammed the remainder inside. A moan of pleasure escaped his lips, and he began harshly thrusting in and out of the man. He kept one hand on the center of Alexander’s back and the other on his hip, controlling his movements. “You like this, darlin’? You like taking my thick cock?”

Alexander let out a scream as Thomas thrusted his member into him and continued to let out loud moans as he was given no time to adjust to Jefferson’s large size. “Y-yes Sir,” he whimpered, gripping onto the fabric of the bedding as he took Jefferson’s cock slamming into his ass. “You fill me up so much, fuck, I love it.” he grunted between his yelps.  

Jefferson panted heavily, occasionally grunting. His pace was relatively even, but his hips began to falter after a few long minutes of rough fucking. He leaned over as he slowed his thrusts, sinking his teeth into the skin of Hamilton’s shoulder. He pulled back to look at the skin, which was beginning to bruise, and smirked. “Am I as good as Lafayette? Huh? Did he tell you I would be this good?” Thomas taunted, quickening his thrusts once more.

Biting down on his lip, Hamilton tried to suppress a scream as Thomas continued to thrust into him, biting at his neck. He nodded quickly in response to Jefferson’s taunts. “Yes Sir,” he cried, mewling in pleasure as the Secretary hit his prostate. “You’re so much better than him,” he moaned, feeling Thomas’s length crash into him, “and fuck, you’re better than he said you would be. Please Thomas, make me your good little whore, please.” He cried out again, gripping at the sheets frantically, trying to steady himself.

The Virginian nodded, even though Alexander couldn’t see him. He powered through a few more thrusts, then shoved himself as far as he could inside the man as he came. A shout left his lips and he arched his back, shuddering for a moment as he spilled his seed inside of Hamilton. Jefferson slowly began to relax after his orgasm, his breathing labored. He remained inside the scotsman for a moment, trying to give Alexander some time to calm down.

Alexander’s breathing remained heavy throughout the Southerner’s orgasm, mewling out as he felt the other man begin cum inside of him. His legs shook vigorously as he felt Thomas grip his hips hard, spilling inside of him. His chest collapsed on the bed, his breaths steadying as he felt the Secretary of State stayed inside of him, allowing for him to come down from the intense pleasure.

Jefferson finally pulled away, his cock now soft as it exited Hamilton. He stumbled away, falling back into the chair. His chest heaved tiredly, and his eyes were half-shut. “We… We need a hot bath…” He mumbled, gazing sleepily at Alexander. “Gotta… Start a fire to warm the water…” He groaned.

“Mmmhmm,” Alexander whimpered lazily, feeling a rope of Jefferson’s cum drip out of him. “Couldn’t agree more. I have two loads of your cum in my ass. I need a bath,” he babbled to himself as he turned into his back, forcing himself to sit up to face Thomas.

“I-I’ll get you a bath.” Jefferson promised, his voice slightly scratchy. He grimaced. It had been a while since anyone had fucked his throat, so he was bound to be a little sore. He rose and headed to the bathroom, grabbing the pail for water.

After fetching the water and heating it by the fire, Thomas poured it into the tub and scented the water with French oils. He returned to the bed for Hamilton, lifting him up and carrying him to the bath.

Hamilton let out a small whimper when he felt Jefferson pick him up. He instantly curled his body against the man, leeching his warmth as he was carried to the bathroom– which was equally as decadent as the bedroom– as he let himself be coddled by Thomas. He hummed softly, smiling as he was brought into the bathroom.

“You can get in first,” he mumbled into Thomas’s muscular shoulder, “you probably need it more than I do.”

With a scoff, the Secretary of State set Alexander down in the hot water. “You just mentioned that you have two loads of my cum inside your ass. You’re getting cleaned up.” He said, stepping into the tub as well. Thomas leaned back against the end of the tub, watching Hamilton. “Come here.” He said softly, trying to save his voice. He grasped a bar of soap and waved it at Alexander.

Alexander, his stubbornness getting in the way of Jefferson’s kindness, stayed on the side of the tub Thomas had sat him in, watching as the blue water ebbed against the Southerner’s muscles. “No,” he whined, reaching for the bar of soap that was waved in front of him, “you just took my cock down your throat, it made your voice is all scratchy.” He smiled to himself, a bit proud. “Let me take care of you first.”  

Thomas let out an indignant grunt of disapproval. “Nice try, Alexander, but your body is more worn out than mine.” He held the bar of soap out of reach, meeting Alexander’s brown gaze, then set it down on the side of the tub. He looked around for a moment, then hummed. He found a rubber band and scooped his curly hair into a ponytail. “Do I look like Lafayette yet?” He teased with a laugh.

Hamilton smiled at the man, watching as he pulled his hair up, his muscles flexing through his movements. He instinctively moved closer to the man, “you do,” he let out a chuckle, his hand running through the side of the Southerner’s hair, soothing the skin of his scalp that he had been tugging at earlier. Reaching for the bar of soap, dipped it in the water, smoothing it between his palms, reaching out for the Secretary of State. “Now, let me take care of you.” He insisted, his tone sounding more like a pled than as the command he had intended it to sound like.

Jefferson’s eyes drifted shut as Alexander stroked his hair. He allowed Hamilton to get close before he kissed him, smiling against his lips. Thomas grabbed the bar of soap away from Hamilton and broke the kiss, chuckling. “Not until you’re clean.”

Hamilton whimpered against Jefferson’s mouth, his soap-covered hands tracing over Thomas’s shoulder. “Well,” he said matter-of-factly, “that’s not going to happen.” He smiled before pressing another kiss to the Southerner’s lips, amused by their shared competitiveness. “And if you insist on doing this on a basis of who needs it more, then I’m sure I could do something to change your thinking as to who really needs it more.” He pressed another hard kiss onto the Virginian’s lips.

The Southerner grunted against the immigrant’s lips. “What could you do?” He whispered, pulling away and opening his eyes. He put the bar of soap out of reach once more, smiling. “Just don’t get my hair wet, Hamilton.”

Smirking against the man’s lips, Hamilton pouted upon feeling him pull away. “Since you fucked me so well in there,” he gestured to the hall leading to the bedroom, “and back at the rightful capitol,” he gently teased, “I figure I might be able to return the favor.” He bit down on his lip, his eyes trailing down the Southerner’s body.

Jefferson stared at Alexander lazily for a moment, considering his words. “The capitol belongs in Virginia with me,” he purred softly, “And I suppose you may have a turn inside me, darlin’.” Thomas leaned forwards and pressed a gentle kiss to Hamilton’s chin.

Hamilton moaned that the contact, his hand wandering down to the Southerner’s cock, loosely stroking it in the water. He whimpered again, feeling his lips trail against his hot skin. Using his free hand, he pulled Jefferson closer to him, his fingers digging into his soft flesh.

The Secretary of State moaned softly, trying to save his vocal cords. His member slowly began to harden due to Hamilton’s touches, arousal heating his body. He reached into the water as well, gently grasping and stroking Alexander’s erection. He slid partially into the other man’s lap, almost dwarfing him.

Pulling Thomas closer, the treasurer moaned as the Southerner stroked him lightly, “fuck,” he murmured against Thomas’s ear. Alexander gave the man’s cock a few more strokes before moving the hand that had been wrapped around his shoulder down to his hole, teasing the other man. He gently circled his finger around Thomas’s puckered hole before slowly inserting his finger in a knuckle deep. “You’re so tight around my finger, Thomas,” he grunted, inserting it deeper, “I can’t wait to feel you around my cock.”

Jefferson inhaled sharply as Hamilton began fingering him, and he leaned down to kiss the man’s forehead. “More, please, Alexander.” He murmured softly, removing his hand from the man’s cock. He gently rolled their hips together, groaning as their members rutted against each other. The water sloshed around them, and Jefferson prayed it wouldn’t get on the floor. He grasped Hamilton’s shoulders, lavishing his face with kisses.

Smirking against Thomas’s lips, Hamilton listened to the man softly beg, choosing not to call his attention to it yet. He worked his finger inside the Southerner, teasing him with the knuckle of a second finger. He pressed his lips against Thomas’s again, passion surging through him as he softly bit down on the man’s lip. Alexander moaned as Jefferson’s hips rocked against his, causing his erection to strain as he became eager to be inside Thomas.

The Virginian kissed the Scotsman back deeply, moaning. He was caught between pushing back on Hamilton’s finger and rocking their hips together. “Alexander, please!” He hissed sharply against his lips. He pulled away, kissing down Hamilton’s neck. “Please, fuck me.”

Hamilton smiled at Jefferson’s neediness, chuckling at the man’s desperation, he slid the second finger completely into Thomas, stretching him as the man continued to beg. “Not yet, Thomas,” he warned, a moan escaping him as Thomas continued to kiss his neck, driving the treasurer wild. “I don’t think you can take me yet,” he teased the secretary.

With a whine, Thomas tugged on Alexander’s long, damp black hair. “If I can handle Lafayette, I can handle you.” He groaned needily. He dug his fingernails into the flesh of Hamilton’s back, scraping roughly. “Come on if you really want to fuck me so bad.” He taunted.

Alexander’s fingers quickly left Thomas, growling at his taunt,  he pulled the man closer to him, lining the head of his throbbing cock. He moaned as he slowly pressed into him, “Thomas,” he groaned, his head falling back once he was fully inside Jefferson, his hands now resting on his hips, helping him bounce on his cock as he began to rock his hips, thrusting into the larger man.

“Fuck!” Jefferson exclaimed, his voice cracking sharply. He had little time to adjust, but he figured that he deserved it for taunting Hamilton like so. He tried to slowly sink down all the way to the base of the treasurer’s cock, gasping as he did it. He allowed Hamilton to slowly bounce him on his thick erection until he could speed up. “Alexander…” he moaned softly, bracing himself on the man’s shoulders as he slid up and down his member.  

Alexander grunted, his fingers digging into the man’s flesh, “what?” he taunted, slamming his cock into Thomas with a greater force, his speed increasing, “maybe I’m not quite as easy to take as Lafayette, hm?” he teased, panting as he thrusted into the secretary of state. “Fuck,” he repeated, biting down on his lip as he slammed into Thomas again.

The Secretary whined softly. “You’re so good, Hamilton.” He mumbled, eyes glazed over with lust. Water was spilling slightly over the edge of the tub and he grimaced. Too late now. He helped Hamilton by shoving himself downward roughly onto his cock. “Harder, please.” Thomas groaned, arching his back.

Hamilton let out a loud yelp as the Viriginian forced himself onto his cock. He did as the man asked, thrusting harder, hitting his prostate as he dug his fingernails into the man’s skin, one hand desperately clawing at his ass, trying to give himself some leverage. “As good as Lafayette?” he asked, too aroused to make any sort of stern face as he thrusted deeply into Thomas, his pace increasing, “or, better even?” he punctuated his sentence with another hard thrust, moaning out as he felt the Southerner’s tightness around him.

Jefferson clenched his hole tightly around Alexander’s member, panting as he slid up and down. “Good, good, better…” he hissed, his own cock throbbing. “I-I’m gonna cum, Hamilton.” Thomas pressed his face into the curve of Hamilton’s neck, his muscles wound up as he neared orgasm.

Alexander panted as he helped Thomas bounce harder on his cock, his thrusts becoming quicker and deeper, one hand leaving Thomas’s flesh to rest on the back of his neck, gently stroking it as the men neared their orgasms. “M-me too Thomas, fuck, cum. Please, cum.” he pleaded, pumping himself into the man with the little energy he had left, his head falling forward, resting by Thomas’s. “I’m gonna cum in you, Thomas,” he grunted, biting down on his lip to suppress his moans as he began to cum inside of the Virginian.

At Hamilton’s command, the Secretary of State came with a broken shout, his member twitching as he spilled his seed into the lukewarm bath water. Thomas panted heavily, allowing his brown eyes to close. “Fill me up, Alexander…” he murmured, trying to relax as the immigrant fucked his ass. After they both came, Jefferson allowed his body to relax against Hamilton’s, practically crushing him. “Now we can’t get clean… our bath is too dirty.” He complained.

Hamilton’s moans echoed through the air of the bathroom as he finished cumming into Thomas. When his moaning stopped, he became aware of the larger man’s weight on top of him, feeling rather safe he stilled his cock, giving them both time to recover. “It’s alright,” he murmured, his hands resting on the Southerner’s back, fingers tracing small patterns as he nuzzled himself against him, “did you really think we were gonna get clean anyways?” He joked, smiling against Thomas’s skin.

Thomas squirmed uncomfortably at the feeling of Alexander’s cum lingering inside him. “I quite like being clean.” He muttered, pulling off of Hamilton’s softening member. He wrinkled his nose at the cold, dirty water and rose to get out. As he stepped out of the tub, water rolled off his dark brown skin. He picked up a towel and began drying himself off, huffing impatiently as he cleaned up the semen that dripped out of his hole. “Come on, dry off and get in bed.” He smirked.

Hamilton waited in the bath for a moment, watching as Thomas began drying himself off. He stood, stepping out of the bath onto the soaked floor. He took a plush towel from a rack, patting it over his skin. “Bed?” he asked tiredly, “Are we going to fuck again?” he inquired, remembering the paper he had signed, “I don’t have much energy left in me, Thomas. I can’t.”

Jefferson tossed the towel to the floor and rolled his eyes at Alexander, shaking his head. He gently tugged his curly hair out of its ponytail, meeting Hamilton’s gaze. “No, Alexander. I’m not as young and spry as I used to be.” He huffed softly. “Sleep is what I need, and so do you.” Jefferson turned away and headed to the bedroom, leaving Alexander to dry off. He slid into bed, nestling under the magenta and white covers with a hum.

Alexander quickly finished drying himself off, messily folding the towel and setting it down on the bathroom counter before following Jefferson to his bedroom, seeing the man already comfortable cocooned in his bed. “I thought you just wanted me here to see if I was as good as Lafayette said I was, which I’ve clearly proven that I am.” he said cockily, “I thought that was all I was here for?” he asked the Southerner, still confused as to why Jefferson wanted him to be in the bed with him. “And, for your information, I am just as capable as I was in my youth, I don’t need to rest.” He yawned shortly after, his body betraying him as his eyes grew heavy.

Gritting his teeth, Thomas glared at Alexander. “That is all you’re here for, but would you rather sleep on the floor or here with me?” He spat, shifting over in the bed to make room for Hamilton. “You’re dead on your feet. Come here.” Jefferson said, noticing how tired he was as well. He laid his head down on his pillow and rolled over onto his side, trying not to notice whether the treasurer got into bed or not.

Hamilton nodded sleepily, crossing the room to the bed, eyeing the deep magenta fabric that encompassed Thomas. He pushed the covers back, settling into the bed. The sheets were soft against his skin, soothing him as he let out a deep exhale, his body melting into the bed as he turned onto his side, facing away from Jefferson. The men shared a moment of silence, listening only to the sound of each other’s breathing until Hamilton broke the silence, “Thomas?” he mumbled, his voice cracking.

“Do you ever shut up?” The Virginian frowned and rolled over, looking at Hamilton. “What is it?” He asked. His voice softened, noticing how Alexander’s had cracked. Thinking something was wrong, he shifted closer and curled around the man, laying an arm over his side. “Are you alright?”

Alexander recoiled upon hearing Jefferson’s harsh tone however, he noticed a distinct change in the Southerner’s demeanor as he felt him draw closer to him, the larger man’s body curling against him. “I was just–” he stuttered, embarrassed, “could you, um, could you hold me?” he asked innocently, his voice small as he feared the Virginian’s– who was technically, his enemy– ridicule.

“I already am, Hamilton.” Jefferson smirked, pressing a kiss to the back of Alexander’s neck. “Come on, what’s eating at you?” He pressed, cuddling the smaller man closer. He wasn’t used to this kind of affection since he left France, but it would do. He could handle it. Right? No attachments….

Hamilton blushed, thankful that Thomas couldn’t see his face as he pressed his body closer against Jefferson’s, pulling the Southerner’s arm tighter around him as he let out a comfortable sigh. He didn’t want to tell Thomas about the growing feelings he had for him, the feelings that had been brewing for months, which was only part of the problem he had. Otherwise, Alexander was just needy for affection after all the rough sex they had had, he just needed to be in Thomas’s embrace. “Nothing,” he lied, his eyes fluttering shut as he relaxed against the Secretary of State.

Unsatisfied but too tired to protest, Thomas let out a grunt and closed his eyes. Listening to Hamilton’s breathing, it didn’t take him long to fall asleep.

Hamilton laid awake a bit after Thomas fell asleep, savoring the feeling of his around him as he slowly drifted to sleep.


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