cola flavor

The signs as condom flavors

Aries: Cola

Taurus: Vanilla

Gemini: Chocolate

Cancer: Mint

Leo: Banana

Virgo: Grape

Libra: Tropical

Scorpio: Strawberry

Sagittarius: Bacon

Capricorn: Coffee

Aquarius: Scotch

Pisces: Orange


Took a visit to Capcom Bar in Shinjuku! First I ordered a Devil May Cry Dante drink with Ebony and Ivory shaped Ice cubes. Ebony was cola flavor and the drink was berry and soda.

The Monster Hunter plate was MMM SO TASTY! I feline nori made me so happy but the meat itself was really good and cooked perfectly. I didn’t actually use the sauce. One was ketchup and one garlic shoyu.

Lastly was the Phenix Wright Edgeworth desert set! All of the desserts were delicious and even the tea was amazing.

Honestly I had an amazing time here. All the waiters were especially friendly and extremely knowledgeable of all the games and items. My waiter came and said “Checkmate” with my drink and was so unbelievably pleased. There were also little events and games that were fun. If you’re a Capcom fan I would highly recommend you try this place you will have an amazing time.


Remembering Ice Station Cool, the big brother of Club Cool at Epcot.

Ice Station Cool was an Epcot exhibit by Coca Cola, showcasing Coca Cola flavors from around the World. The theme was an artic expedition base, and inside, guests could enjoy free samples of the beverages. The entry way made to resemble a polar expedition with a big snowmobile outside the entryway. Once inside the exhibit you were greeted with a sign welcoming you to Ice Station Cool It read: “This is a recreation of the most recent Refreshus Maximus expedition site where we made one of our “coolest” discoveries yet. You’ll discover him just around the corner. “You would then come up upon “Refreshus Maximus” which was a man stuck in the ice reaching for a bottle of Coke. Ice Station Cool closed in June 2005, and reopened as Club Cool on October 17 2005.


Ever had a craving for cola-flavored potato chips? Well, Namco thinks you do! They partnered with food company Calbee to produce some potato chips (or “crisps” for our friends across the pond) that taste like cola. They come in conventional bag packaging and in a bucket form that contains TWO bags worth of the snack.

However, these chips are not sold in stores! They can only be won as prizes in crane games at roughly 200 Namco-operated arcades and game centers around Japan.

What's in Bucky's Backpack?

We know there’s twelve notebooks in there (I call them Bucky’s Dozen lol :D), but what else?
This is my personal list, and I’ll probably keep adding to it.

*Her Majesty the Queen is a friend of mine who had some ideas of her own that were too good to pass up :D*


A key ring with a compass attached to it, but no keys.

A loaded standard-issue handgun and twelve extra rounds of ammunition.

A pack of cherry-cola flavored Tic-Tacs with only six candies left inside of it.

A few inkpens that have definitely seen better days, six pencils, and a thick Sharpie.

A small edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English.

Several different articles on Steve and the Avengers that he tore out of the newspaper.

Two knives; one a small Swiss army knife, the other is a hunting blade that you could dress a deer with.

A pack of cherry Twizzlers (Her Majesty the Queen thought of that one).

A pack of medical standard issue rubber gloves (in case he wants to use a touchscreen or open a jar, also from Her Majesty the Queen).

A can of WD-40 (for his arm).

A wallet with no identification in it, but it’s stuffed with a mix of both foreign and American currency.