cola bottle saliva

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random question but uhh what are your fav OLD phan videos? either dan or phil or both idk i want to binge watch old videos but dont know where to start i guess

since you don’t know where to start, here’s a playlist of every dan and phil video (along with other things they’ve been in) in chronological order. Lots of phil videos first, you really start to fall in love with him. 

As for my favorites that’s so hard because i absolutely adore their older content as well as their young selves. 

but here are a few of the ones I just recently watched: 

Cola bottle saliva
Worst Birthday EVER!!!

danisnotonfire (rip):
Uncle Ken
PSYCHO FRENCH TEACHER (and a link for those if it’s unavailable hehe)
How I got Fired

Good luck on your journey through fetus land, it’s always a good time