Post Colonization / AU Tuesday

Ok, we are technically cheating a little today.  Today’s recommendation isn’t *post* colonization, it takes place just before and during the colonization.  But we promise, we wouldn’t make an exception to the rule if the story wasn’t worth it, and this one totally is.  All Which it Inherit reads like a freaking movie.  There is so much action, surprises around every corner, and established MSR (yes, there are smut scenes, you thirsty bunch) to make this a ‘can’t put it down’ kind of read.  Be prepared to take the rest of your Tuesday night off, philes.  

Title:  All Which It Inherit    1: Insubstantial Pageant, 2: Melted Into Air, 3: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of

Author:  Brandon D. Ray

Rating: NC-17

Length: 465K / 

Synopsis:  After a surprise visit from Kurt Crawford, Mulder and Scully prepare for the impending colonization. 

Spoilers:  Anything up to Hollywood A.D.

Possible Triggers:  graphic depictions of violence, character death (don’t worry, not Mulder or Scully)

  • Marianne:When is a man to be free from such wit if age and infirmity do not protect him?
  • Elinor Dashwood:Infirmity?
  • Mrs. Dashwood:If Colonel Brandon is infirm then I am at death's door.
  • Elinor Dashwood:It is a miracle your life has extended this far.
  • Marianne:Did you not hear him complain of a rheumatism in his shoulder?
  • Elinor Dashwood:A slight ache was I believe his phrase.