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WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd takes on Arn Anderson at Starrcade 1994. Anderson, the Enforcer, needs no introduction. Just look at him and you know exactly what’s up: rough and tumble, no nonsense, killer instinct that can cash any check his mouth writes. Johnny B. Badd might be better remembered as Marc Mero from his WWF days, but he was much better as the outlandish and flamboyant Badd in WCW. For you wrestling nerds out there, this one is definitely made by Arn who seamlessly cloaks all of Badd’s missteps and basically makes this match from start to finish. Not that Badd is a slouch, you just can’t expect to be as good as Arn fucking Anderson no matter who you are. For those who aren’t wrestling nerds, just watch as power faces finesse, cunning faces determination, and both men do their best to get the gold.

Thanks to BillWattsEra.

“Stunning” Steve Austin & Col. Robert Parker

I’ve said this before but I prefer “Stunning” Steve over Stone Cold. He was younger and hungrier and was a really good rassler too. Nowadays, he tends to downplay his technical ability but he was definitely one of the best.

Parker ruled too. Sure, he looked like a slave master but he was fucking awesome. His voice was really cool and the Stud Stable was the shit.