col. ellis

Probably my favorite scene of all SGA is in the episode First Strike (ep 320). In that ep, Atlantis is under attack - again - and there’s this huge laser beam trying to fry their shields and McKay and Sheppard suggest to a disbelieving Col. Ellis who’s temporarily in command to send their F302s to Lantea’s moon and have them drag an asteroid over to intercept said annoying beam. That proud “Ain’t it a great idea, sir?” grin McKay and Sheppard share in that scene while Ellis’ jaw basically hits the floor in a “Are you effing with me?” expression is just priceless. 

Nobody has ever come up with more out-of-the-box ideas than these two. For them, the box actually never existed. And while Zelenka & Lorne, McKay’s & Sheppard’s 2ICs, respectively, tended to just sigh and roll their eyes and go with the flow, all used to their bosses’ mad genius strokes, outsiders just ran scared.

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