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[Person: When you’re at the hotel room and you have to pay for the water. Shut the hell your mouth. There’s free water right here you fucking asshole!
-upbeat song playing-]

Married life #1

Quick note: Speech in italics is the reader’s thoughts!

Tears streamed down your flushed cheeks as sharp, irregular breaths escaped your lips. A pounding sensation in your head caused your vision to blur and you felt small beads of sweat begin to trickle down your forehead. Messy locks of Y/H/C hair stuck out in all directions and sunken eyes were fluttering shut - you were extremely panicked! The sheer upset which possessed you was enough to make you sick. So many conflicting emotions arose within you and in truth you did not know what to do. You sat on the bathroom floor crying and sobbing when others in your position would have been jumping for joy! You sat on the bathroom floor all alone when you had so many people in your life. If this was the start then you had no idea how you would survive the rest of the pregnancy….


Y/N’s POV:

You mustered up all of your courage as you walked the hallways of the Cortez. Normally you would have smiled at your surroundings which were a product of your husband’s hard work but right now it was just a reminder of how negligent he could be towards you. He had always loved his ‘work’ and always assured you it would never take your place but you were never too sure about that. Your husband was an entrepreneur; a fine business man and also a dedicated murderer. You remembered the first time you caught him hacking up a body; blood stuck in his thick, brown locks and a sick smile on his face. Was it really safe to raise a child around a man like that? Hell, you were confused as to why you were still with him! You let out a deep sigh when you realised you had gotten to Room 64 - his office. You were terrified to tell him of your pregnancy and honestly hoped he would take it well. James was an unpredictable man and the slightest movement could turn him from a charming gentleman to a ruthless killer. 

‘Well, let’s just hope we don’t end up in one of those chutes of his!’ you thought sardonically while rubbing your stomach.

Taking a deep breath you knocked on the door of his office. It was quiet for a few seconds until you heard an out of breath ‘ Enter’ and slowly walked in. You saw James sitting down in his desk area casually and one would have thought he was doing paperwork- that’s if it wasn’t for the droplets of blood splattered on his face.

“Ah my darling Y/N! You look positively radiant!” he jested cheerfully.

Oh yeah…he’s been killing alright!

In response you gave an awkward toothy smile and nod of the head. He furrowed his eyebrows but his smile never left his face.

“Well my dear…what brings you to my place of work? I trust everything at home is okay?” 

You sat down in the chair opposite him; facing him and looking into his deep brown eyes. Your eyes widened and you replied with a high pitched voice.

“What?! Oh yeah things are- are fine! Better than ever but umm well-”

“What is it?” James spoke with clear concern in his voice. His eyes were wide and he pressed his lips together in anticipation.

“Umm… James please don’t be angry! I’m begging you - do NOT be angry!” You spoke worriedly and put emphasis on the ‘not’ which made his nostrils flare.

“Y/N I’m going to ask you again and you will give me a real answer. What. is. wrong?” He spoke with gritted teeth and an angry expression.

“I-I-I’m pregnant!” 

Oh lord…I’m really in for it now!

The second part will be posted tomorrow guys! Sorry about the length but I’m thinking of making  a series of imagines between James March and the reader as his wife. Tell what you think because I want to make the reader a really quirky, awkward character for a change. - Mavis


30 Days OTP Challenge!!

Day 6:Wearing each others’ clothes:

At first I was only gonna draw the first doodle but then I thought it would be nice if I showed them fully ;;w;; TBH I’ve wanted to draw this thing since I entered the fandom haha but I was saving it for this challenge ewe 

Since Killua is taller than Gon I thought it would be cute seeing him struggling cause Gon’s shorts are too short on him OwO and of course Killu’s clothes are even more baggy on Gonchan >w< and he looks like he likes it haha

It's only one night - Amazingphil Imagine

The snow was just piling higher and higher. You could hardly see through it. You felt nervousness spread through your body as the snow got thicker and thicker.

You were an up and coming musical artist whose following was growing. More and more people had been asking for merch. You didn’t know the first thing when it came to producing merch, so Phil, your long time friend, had suggested you ask his brother. You’d loved what Martyn had done for Dan and Phil’s shop and also Crabstickz as well, so you decided to start texting him. However you felt odd going to meet Phil’s brother and talk to him about all the things you wanted done, so you’d begged Phil to come along. Phil had seen your designs and knew about this kind of stuff, so you’d wanted him there. You’d actually met Phil’s Mum who was the sweetest, and Martyn and Cornelia who were both really helpful. Well, everything had been going nice until you and Phil had started driving back, and the snow had begun.

“Can you turn the radio off real quick,” you asked Phil. You were a nervous driver as it was and this snow was making you a bit snippy.

“Yeah,” Phil said quietly, able to tell you were on edge.

“I’m so sorry Phil,” you sighed as you pulled into a parking lot. “I can’t drive the rest of the way, were gonna have to stay here, I really can’t see.”

“It’s fine y/n” Phil said placing a comforting hand on your arm, and despite the cold weather you felt warm. The two of you piled out and finally made it to the lobby.

“Two rooms,” you gasped when you reached the front desk. The man pushed his hair back and pursed his lips.

“We actually only have one room left,” he said.

“What?” You said incredulously.

“Must be the storm,” Phil muttered.

“Do you mind if get one room, I can sleep on the floor,” you asked desperately, you just didn’t want to drive anymore.

“It’s fine,” he smiled gently. So you got the room, and the two of you dragged your luggage to your suite.

In the room was no furnishings and really hardly any room space either. There was just one queen sized bed. It looked like they’d spent all their money on huge beds and forgotten how small their rooms were.

“Oh dear,” you muttered.

“It’s just one night,” Phil shrugged. “We can sleep together,” he said and then paled. “Well I don’t mean, I mean you know what I meant.”

“Yes I did,” you giggled. He didn’t need to be so worried. Though you weren’t quite thinking straight either. The idea of sleeping with Phil was sending heat all over your body.

The two of you got ready quickly in the bathroom since it was already pretty late. You were in bed first, feeling the bed move when Phil got in.

“Night Y/n” he said softly. His deep, soft, voice was comforting.

“Goodnight Phil.” Except it wasn’t. You were aware of Phil’s every move, of his breathing, of how badly you wanted to roll over and hold him. You had to clasp your hands to keep them from playing with his hair. It was so hard, yet so wonderful to be this close.

“Y/n,” you heard him whisper. At first you thought it was your imagination because of how much you’d been thinking of him, but then you realized he’d actually said your name.

“Yeah?” You breathed.

“Can you sleep?” He asked.

“No,” you admitted and turned over. He did as well so that you were facing one another. You inched closer almost involuntarily.

Phil was illuminated in the sparse light of the moon coming through the blinds. His eyes were dark shadows, his pale skin like moonbeams. His lips looked delicate and slightly blue from the lights color. He was a masterpiece if ever you’d seen one, and you had to keep from shuddering.

“Have I been keeping you up?” you asked worriedly.

“In a way,” Phil said and slowly moved his hand to push the hair from your face. He wouldn’t meet your eyes.

“I’m sorry,” you said slowly, needing to think carefully about your responses.

“Don’t be,” he said in a barely audible whisper. His hand stayed on your face after he’d finished tucking your hair away.

“I’ve always thought,” he said in a low voice. “I’ve always thought you were so beautiful.”

Where he was touching felt like hot electric wires were brushing your skin. His words filled you with a kind of happiness you’d never felt. How could this lovely, practically angelic being think you were beautiful?

“I’ve always thought you were too,” you said earnestly. “Your eyes are such a beautiful mix of blue and green and gold, and your hair always looks so soft. Your skin is so smooth, and your lips-” you cut yourself off, not wanting to sound foolish.

“I probably sound like an idiot,” you laughed trying to cover up your mistake.

“No, not at all,” Phil said thoughtfully.

“You know what else,” Phil said and moved closer.

“What?” you asked. He moved his head slightly so that the moonlight caught his eyes. It was all you could do not to gasp they were so lovely. He was so close now you could feel his breath, and you wanted more than anything to kiss him. You wanted to melt into him, and touch every part of him. You wanted to breathe his air, and interlock your souls.

“Since I met you,” he said in a deep whisper, almost too low to hear, like he was afraid to speak too loud. “I’ve wanted to know what it would be like to kiss you.”

“Then why don’t you try it?” You responded almost immediately. He nodded, in a way that made him look like he was psyching himself up to do this. He placed his lips on yours and immediately you moved into him. You let your body form to match his. His hand drifted down to cup your hip, and you clutched his waist. You laid there kissing as though it was your last day on earth. Finally when you separated you both looked dazed and brilliantly happy.

“That was better than I imagined,” he chuckled placing his forehead against yours.