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Please read this, and if you’re non native, it is okay to reblog this, in fact I ask - no, beg - you to.

If you want to be an ally to indigenous peoples of the Americas, don’t be just reblogging stuff anti Col*mb*s, and especially don’t be just ignoring today.

Be reblogging stuff of native greatness. Be talking about us. Talking about our accomplishments, our ability to survive over 500 years of people against us. Talk about Charles Curtis, the first Native American (his mother was fully native of the Kaw, Osage, and Potawatomi tribes) vice president (to Herbert Hoover, served 1929-1933). Talk about the Native American Literature Renaissance throughout the 20th century. Talk about our water protectors out in the Dakotas.Talk about Nancy Reagan, a direct descendant of Matoaka (or as you probably know her, Pocahontas), and while her blood wasn’t much, she often volunteered and helped native communities, she was more native in her spirit than some full natives. Talk about the fact we have built our own media networks, both in movies and tv shows. Talk about how we fought in World War I, despite not even being American citizens (we wouldn’t gain citizenship until 1924). Talk about how the Navajo helped the Allies win World War II, with using their language as codes. Talk about all the great things we’ve done to make this country to how it is today.

And during this, don’t forget the modern issues. Kidnapping of native children and putting them legally through the adoption system (and usually ending up with white adopted parents) is today higher than during the residential school years. The United States to this date refuses to acknowledge or apologize for the schools. Many of our reservations are in water crises (including the Navajo’s who’s have been going on since 1942). Talk about the missing and murdered indigenous women that Canada refuses to acknowledge or help. Talk about that native women are the most likely than any other race to end up becoming sex slaves, and to end up facing rape and domestic abuse, usually by non native men too. Talk about that natives make up less than 1% of the United States and Canada, yet make up 1.9% of police brutality cases, making our rate higher than that of any other race.

Talk about resistances against these. Talk about the Oka Crisis. Talk about those water protectors I mentioned above. Talk about Idle No More.

Don’t forget that the alternate title to this day, and the title we are fighting for, is Indigenous Peoples Day.

Pay attention to us. Talk about us.

On 12th January 1777  Brigadier-General Hugh Mercer, the Scottish-born American revolutionary general died.

Hugh Mercer was born in 1726 to Ann Monro and William Mercer, a Presbyterian Minister, near Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He earned his doctorate in medicine at the University of Aberdeen and, later, served as a surgeon in the army of Charles Edward Stuart, a spurned “pretender” to the British throne who led a Jacobite uprising to restore the Stuarts to power. When British forces crushed the Jacobite resistance at the Battle of Culloden in 1745, however, Mercer became a fugitive in his own country. He managed to flee Scotland for the American colonies, where he settled in Pennsylvania and established a medical practice. 

By 1756, Mercer was serving the same army that had been his enemy only a decade earlier. During the Seven Years’ War, he received a commission as captain of a Pennsylvania regiment that accompanied Lt. Col. John Armstrong’s raid on the Indian village of Kittanning. Mercer was wounded during the raid but managed to escape through the woods, wandering injured, alone, and hungry for days until he reached Fort Shirley. He was subsequently promoted to the rank of colonel and, as a result, became close friends with fellow colonel George Washington. 

In the early days of the Revolution, Mercer took command of a small force of Virginia Minute Men from Spotsylvania, King George, Stafford, and Caroline Counties. Eventually, he rose to the rank of brigadier general in the Continental Army, and in the winter of 1776 accompanying his old acquaintance, George Washington, in the New York City Campaign, and subsequent retreat to New Jersey. 

Following the Patriot victory at Trenton, New Jersey, Mercer led a vanguard of 350 soldiers toward Princeton, New Jersey with orders from Washington to destroy the Stony Brook Bridge. On January 3, 1777, Mercer met a larger British force under the command of Colonel Charles Mawhood at Clark’s Orchard. The struggle between these two forces quickly turned into a race to secure the strategic position on the heights of a nearby hill. During the struggle, musket and rifle fire turned to hand-to-hand combat with bayonets. Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of Mercer’s men had no mounted bayonets on their muskets. As his men began to fall back, Mercer stepped forward and desperately rallied his men with the words “Forward! Forward!” His command was met by the forceful thrust of British bayonets to his chest, and he fell to the ground.

Finding Mercer still alive, Continental soldiers removed him to a nearby oak tree, which would later bear his name, and finally to the field hospital in the Thomas Clarke House, where he died of his wounds on January 12, 1777. The Patriots ultimately succeeded in driving the British from Princeton, and the legacy of General Mercer’s courageous efforts became a rallying cry for American troops.
The photo shows the painting, The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton, by John Turnbull.

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Rashaka pointed something out that I noticed about the finale and now I'm annoyed all over again. About how hypocritical it is of the writers to make Bellamy go through all this hell over his violent choices and doing his best to not kill any of the chipped ppl that were attacking them in Polis yet we're supposed to sit here and glorify &cheer on L killing all the chipped ppl in the city of light? Because hey it's romantic! She's protecting her girlfriend! *cringe* the double-standard is real.

Oh, yeah, I actually wrote a post about that right after 3x16. It’s in my review, I believe, of that episode and it’s totally buried in my archives.

lol. I like to call COL Le/xa Jason’s fanboy dream, because it broke the rules of the realistic/naturalistic world he created in The 100 and was glamorizing violence in a way he hadn’t quite done before. I mean, sure, she was a computer program so I guess he was able to glorify and romanticized it all a bit… but I still cringe because it’s just so jarring. Switching aesthetics is never a good idea, in my opinion.

But yeah, like I said, I already wrote in my archives about this topic, so I won’t go into it again.

I do have one thought though… killing people in COL killed people in real life, right? Maybe all those piles of bodies in the streets of Polis are from Le/xa? lol. Is it too much to hope that they realized that L/exa killing those 20+ people meant 20+ bodies needed to be dead on the streets of Polis? I hope so… but I’m not holding my breath (*rolls eyes*).

Where’s Magnus?“ he said. As he looked toward the kitchen, Clary saw a bruise on his jaw, below his ear, about the size of a thumbprint.
"Alec!” Magnus came skidding into the living room and blew a kiss to his boyfriend across the room. Having discarded his slippers, he was barefoot now. His cat’s eyes shone as he looked at Alec.

Cassandra Clare, “City of Lost Souls.”

So cute! :)


there was once a farmer of harrogate, who desired very greatly to grow broad beans bigger than any in yorkshire. to this end, he enlisted the assistance of col tom blue, who helped him grow beans as large as a man’s foot. col tom blue had enchanted the beans as a means to capture the souls of the little children. the little children were then carried off to the castles of the five.

«Ci penso io a te.»
«Due giorni e mi mandi a quel paese.»
«Una vita e sarò sempre al tuo fianco.»
—  Parlando col moroso - SeleneS.

This is something I worked on for way longer than I should have XD

Guren and the gang in Col. Mustang’s scene in the second FMAB opening. It was one of my favorite anime openings ever and I’ve wanted to draw a version of it since forever. It’s choppy and colored funny I’m sorry!

Man, the size restrictions on animated gifs are awful. See the full-size, high quality version here:

“Colonel, I’m like a son to you, aren’t I?“

"The Lebanese lad I never had”

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COL Gold: what's your favorite thing to do when Belle is in charge? Is she as creative as you?

It’s a little harder for her I think. She’s… gentler, in a way. She makes me serve her, care for her… Things like massaging her, brushing her hair, doing her nails, reading to her, cooking for her. I love doing these things. I also love it when she makes me beg. When I’m not allowed to touch myself and she makes me watch her as she… oh, the tension is delicious. 


1. Whitley and Dwayne’s son would be played by Tyler James Williams
2. Kimberley and Spencer’s son would be played by Leon Thomas III
3. Charmaine’s son would be played by Algee Smith
4. Jaleesa and Col. Taylor’s son would be played by Jordan Francis
5. Lena’s son would be played Noah Gray-Cabey
6. Freddie and Ron’s sons would be played by Chris O'Neal and Ethan Scheid