Stresemannstrasse Berlin in 1985. A more regular shot than the previous posting, but still with the filter. The building seen over ‘The Wall’ is Stresemannstrasse 128-130, which was the last remaining building on this section of Stresemannstrasse. It is now part of the Ministry for the Protection of the Environment. When the wall first came down, an Italian restaurant opened up in this building. I had a meal there once, it was OK.


Eilean Donan Castle- Scotland by
Via Flickr:
It was a cloudy day, no rain. I never thought I could catch a long time exposure with such vivid colors on that day.


Here is part two of our photos with Morgothia Cosplay! Instead of talking more about how awesome absolutely everything is with this outfit, it might be nice to share a little bit about how we took these photos. We shot in a very green, wooded area, so it took a lot of working with the colour to give the photos a warmer feel like they appear in the game. The bottom left and right photos were taken with a Cokin Sun Soft filter to give the glow-like effect. It sort of looks like the bloom one would find in the game’s graphics. Well, we hope you like these photos!