coke lord

i just remembered that yesterday i had a conversation with a woman in the circle k about the difficulty of finding names on coke bottles and then realized after the fact that she had an ICP tattoo and i’m lowkey still reeling

I drew Hater, Wander, and Sylvia as old peoples :B (I didn’t draw Peepers cuz…. IDK. /shrug)

random headcanon made up right on the spot: Zbornaks never stop growing, so as they get older they just get bigger and bigger. at this point both Wander and Hater have compressed a bit with age, but Sylvia’s probably gained at least 2 feet of length and height.

(also, this is kinda what I’d headcanon these three to look like late in the Skelly Litter continuity of things - after all the kids have grown up and started their own little families. GRAMPA WANDER!)