coke logo

Adam Parrish and Neil Josten in faded Coca-Cola shirts. Both boys buy from thrift stores, and both boys were shirts that are definitely not their sizes.

neil gets his at least two sizes too big.

  • He would normally avoid logo shirts, cause people stop you to say something like “nice shirt!” or “[insert brand/logo] is the best!” and then he’s drawn attention to himself which is a nono, but he’s probably going to get stopped on the street anyway so what difference does it make (he’ll never get used to the feeling of someone recognizing him, it still makes his heart race and he’s always ready to run if he has to. He’s never had to). 
  • And let’s just say Andrew is a coke guy—who will never say that he likes coke better, because ‘they’re the same thing’
  • ‘no, there’s a difference!’
  • and the blank stare that always covers his face after those conversations, tells nicky that he couldn’t give less of a shit about soda. 
  • but maybe he can taste the difference, it doesn’t matter.
  • maybe he likes it when its hot out and neil drinks a cold coke to cool off, and Andrew gets to taste the sugar soda on his lips when they kiss.
  • And maybe he likes the way neil will buy it for him in the summer time, 
  • and the way he will steal sips of andrew’s every now and again and pretend he didn’t do anything when Andrew increases the “hate”-percentage™
  • ‘693%’
  • ‘how come?’

  • and maybe neil knows these things, or at least that Andrew likes coke better, 
  • maybe that’s why he comes home one day in a too large coca-cola t-shirt and a sixpack.
  • ‘want one?’
  • maybe red’s just neil’s color, 

  • it totally doesn’t bring out the highlights in his hair, and Andrew totally doesn’t notice the way it makes those damn blues eyes that much bluer.
  • ‘yes or no’
  • aaron is a pepsi boy because he loves to be difficult

as for adam, he gets his two sizes too small

  • let’s face it, adam is like the spokesmen for coco-cola
  • noah likes to find empty coke bottles and leave them places for him
  • So it wouldn’t be surprising if as more than a few different items with the coke logo on it (including different sized shirts)
  • but he has this one shirt, that is definitely too small,
  •  it makes his tan skin pop with adorable freckles, and muscles that seem so tone with the fabric tight around them.
  • and it does things to ronan,
  • he can’t help but stare at adam when he wears it, watching the way it rides-up when he stretches and reveals his cute stomach. 
  • ‘you look so pretty parrish’
    ‘I said you look shitty!’

but what if two sizes too big for neil (he is a smol bean), and two sizes too small for adam, is the same size.

  • And they end up staring each other down, in the middle of a store, causing a bit of a scence.
  • ‘I need this to harass my boyfriend’
  • ‘no I need it to harass my boyfriend!’

Alright, so there’s this vending machine that has been at my pool for as long as I’ve been working there. At the beginning of my second year working at this pool, the machine broke. We called the company listed on the side of the machine, only to find that the company had gone out of business. And since no one at the pool had a key to open the machine to try and repair it ourselves, nor was there anyone to call to remove it, the machine ended up being in limbo. Every year, we put up a new “Out of Order” sign to make sure patrons don’t lose their money to the machine (especially since we can’t refund them in any way).

Well yesterday as I was opening up, I walked past the machine, when I heard a loud thunk. Turning to investigate, I saw that a Diet Coke had fallen out of the machine.

Now just to be clear, this machine is not working. In fact, it is not even plugged in, and has not been for years.

And if that weren’t creepy enough, you can see that this particular Coke has a special logo to celebrate…the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Guys, this Coke was bottled when I was still in high school, and is older than the Obama administration. And this bottle of Coke now sits in the guard shack, because we’re all too terrified to try and open it.

anonymous asked:

I'm pretty sure she's holding the coke can in a weird way to make sure she's hiding the logo. If she was working with coke then the logo would be exposed, not hidden behind her hand.

Maybe you are right but everyone knows how their cans look like so… -D