coke bust

jumping from ship to ship in a sort of demented doomed ecstacy, like i’m aching for meaning but really i’m just heading nowhere–and fast
everything around me is sinking slow, like an army of titanics, or melting quickly like the ice caps we like to ignore, i don’t know–
i don’t know what i’m doing or where i’m going, not really–
i feel like i’m wasting away in a castle made from irony and bad jokes, loose dreams, coke bottles that are busted beyond repair– they are dirty on the inside, wouldn’t wanna reuse them.
i’m not good at singing songs or kissing my lovers but i’m good at trying my hardest and when i try my hardest my lungs grow wings and my heart sprouts a mouth– and acquires a voice that it had been longing for for ages
—  i’m seeing mountains where i should be seeing stars (what’s wrong with me?)
Permanent Mission
Coke Bust
Permanent Mission

If you believe in freedom you wouldn’t support killing women and children no matter where they live.
If you support the troops, you won’t send them off to die in a war.
Spending billions of dollars spreading democracy all around the globe and we can’t feed our own poor.
We have piles of problems; we have needs of our own and struggles… without going offshore.
A permanent mission that started with vengeance and hatred still lacks an objective.
There’s even more violence and we’ve angered our enemies. This war has been ineffective.
So what the fuck are we doing and better yet tell me what the fuck have done. In fear of attack,
We’ve made an institution, and created a culture of imperialism and they can’t take it back.
Cheap lives, cheap gas. War economy, got to renew the contracts.
Keep going, don’t stop. Not just Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.
Keep going, don’t stop. 3,000 dead and I know you never forgot.


Flowerhead - white tapes limited to 150, willowtree records
Voodoo Leather - yellow tapes limited to 200, heartworm press


excerpts from an upcoming zine called “As Bad As It Is”

interviews with members of hoax, coke bust/magrudergrind, loma prieta/punch, creative adult, merchandise, l'antietam as well as photos and reviews from assorted people

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“Degradation” - Coke Bust