coke burn

trick shot (m.)

;pairing — jimin/reader

;warnings — heavy drinking | cursing | oral sex | jimin being sleazy | hoseok being an asshole | lots of pool references | just adult things

;summary — jimin’s the bartender, you’re the billiard hotshot who frequents his bar and challenges him to a clean game of 9-ball after hours. “see if you can make this shot with my hand down your pants” au

;word count — 8k

part i | part i.v | part ii

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My bucket list ideas!

Hi! My name is teenytinymixture and I do videos on youtube for my bucket list ideas! Go check the channel out and if you like it then go subscribe!

Also this is a list of what I have on my bucket list! Enjoy! and give me some awesome bucket list ideas, challenge and dares!! 

Bucket list ideas


Leave inspirational quotes everywhere (20/04/14)

Leave a note in a library book for fun (22/04/14)

Be able to do a one handed push up (26/04/14)

Do 100 sit - ups challenge in 5 mins (04/05/14)

Do a handstand (04/05/14)

Make a rubber band ball (30/04/14)

Leave a nice note on someones window/door (30/04/14)

Sticky note a car (28/04/14)

Bubble bath with clothes (13/05/14) 

Write: this way to the Ministry of magic in a public toilet (13/05/14)

Put up a “Lost dog” poster with a picture of a cat on it (14/05/14)

Have a tidy room (13/05/14)

Make “open when” letters (10/05/14) 

Post funny jokes on parked cars windscreens (12/05/14)

Bread challenge - 30 seconds without water (20/05/14)

Eat a lemon without pulling a face (18/05/14) 

Milk & coke (18/05/14)

Burn a dandelion (16/05/14)

Tie wishes to a tree (30/05/14)

Drink a glass of coffee ( 16/05/14)

Watch ‘The bucket list’ (15/05/14)

Put a message in a telephone box (21/05/14)

Try and balance as many books on your head as you can - 7 - (20/05/14)

Paint each nail a different colour (20/05/14)

Drink 3 glasses of water first thing in the morning (01/06/14) 

Write notes and put them up around your town (30/05/14) 

Keep a blog about the bucket list (30/05/14)

Send a message in a bottle (14/06/14)

Try yoga (22/06/14)

Write 'you’ve got one unread message’ on a postbox (26/06/14)

Get some chalk. Play hopscotch and draw (14/06/14)

Poker face challenge - you have to pull a straight face while friends try to make you laugh. See how long you last (21/06/14) 

Just draw with chalk (21/06/14)

Go for a walk around your town (29/06/14) 

Do a handstand against a wall (29/06/14)

Not done! 

  1. Crave my name in a tree
  2. Make a video at 1:00am 
  3. Do a 365 day photo challenge 
  4. Steal someones boxers
  5. Mix two milkshakes and drink it 
  6. Do a gummy bear challenge 
  7. Eat a cake without using my hands just my face 
  8. Eat a whole jar of nutella 
  9. Have a nice long chat with the trees 
  10. Eat an onion 
  11. Have someone smash a pie in my face 
  12. Sneak a love letter into the one I love’s pocket 
  13. Destroy a watermelon 
  14. Vlog for one week 
  15. Throw paper planes off a bridge
  16. Have a bbq on the beach 
  17. Wear a fake moustache 
  18. Make 365 day 1 second videos 
  19. Text “I hid the body” to a random number 
  20. Mentos & coke
  21. Jump in puddles 
  22. Paint with bubbles 
  23. Water balloon target practice 
  24. Let go of 1oo balloons all at once 
  25. Make melted art 
  26. Tie messages to balloons and let them go
  27. Eat sushi 
  28. Fill eggs with paint and toss them at a canvas 
  29. Eat a whole roll of hubba bubba at one time 
  30. Make lemonade 
  31. Buy flowers for someone for no reason 
  32. Make a giant sandcastle 
  33. Try a juice cleanse - get a bottle and put water and fruit in it 
  34. Learn how to mediate 
  35. Eat a box of raisins in 30 seconds 
  36. Eat a whole sugar dount without licking my lips 
  37. Down a yogurt 
  38. Drink vodka with a straw 
  39. Make jello worms - put jello in straws 
  40. Laser beam challenge 
  41. Glow in the dark bubbles - cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution 
  42. Eat only fruit for a month 
  43. Prank your friends by freezing mentos in ice cubes and make them time bombs 
  44. Eat a whole watermelon with a spoon 
  45. Try butterbeer - Harry potter 
  46. Go to London 
  47. Make a dream catcher 
  48. Go on holiday with my bestfriend 
  49. Go on holiday with my boyfriend 
  50. Make rainbow roses 
  51. Achieve six pack abs 
  52. Benchpress my own weight 
  53. Climb a spiral staircase 
  54. Do 25 straight pull ups 
  55. Do 10 push ups for 10 days 
  56. Exercise for 3 months 
  57. Take photos in a photo - booth 
  58. Make a daisy chain 
  59. Paint rocks with nice messages on them then leave them for people to find 
  60. Make a collage 
  61. Go to the pub 
  62. Build a snowman 
  63. Wear a boys jumper 
  64. Glow in the dark bowling (using water bottles and glow sticks) 
  65. Sit on a rooftop 
  66. Run through a field of flowers 
  67. Make tie - dye shirts 
  68. Complete an 1000 piece puzzle 
  69. Roll down a hill 
  70. Put a random items in peoples shopping trolley 
  71. Get buried in the sand 
  72. Walk behind a stranger and copy them 
  73. Accomplish three pull - ups 
  74. Complete the 100  pull up challenge
  75. Baby food and baby drink challenge  
  76. Saltine cracker challenge - six saltine crackers in a minute without water
  77. Go 30 days without sugar 
  78. Be a tourist in your own town 
  79. Climb a tree 
  80. Release sky lanterns 
  81. Try different teas 
  82. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back 
  83. Pose with manicans 
  84. Solve a rubix cube
  85. Roast marshmallows 
  86. Spend an entire day watching Disney movies 
  87. Drop a water balloon of a tall building 
  88. Do an infinity sign with a friend 
  89. Make a gummy bear and sprite popsicles 
  90. Build a gingerbread house 
  91. Drink form a coconut 
  92. Do cotton - ball challenge 
  93. Do make - up challenge 
  94. Sit in a trolley and get pushed around in the shop 
  95. Go into a bed store and sleep on the bed 
  96. Flour bombing fight 
  97. Make a blanket fort and sleep in it 
  98. Do a cartwheel in a shop 
  99. Prank someone 
  100. Glue something (pound) to the ground and watch people try and pick it up 
  101. Do a music video
  102. Be blind for a day 
  103. Spend a whole day bare foot 
  104. Put on sunglasses when it’s raining 
  105. Do a twenty - four hour silence 
  106. Do something for a homeless person 
  107. Go camping 
  108. Order room service 
  109. Try 10 new fruits 
  110. Crazy glue something in a weird place 
  111. Fly kites 
  112. Walk around a shop with pink fluffy bunny ears on 
  113. Always try different food 
  114. Try deep friend mars bars 
  115. Do a halloween prank 
  116. Get a flat with my boyfriend 
  117. Go to Disneyland 
  118. Got to Italy ( Dream ) 
  119. Go to a concert 
  120. Own a “nemo fish”
  121. Go to a build a bear factory and build a bear 
  122. Do paintball darting 
  123. Breath in helium 
  124. Have a kitten 
  125. Vist a chocolate factory 
  126. Use a fake name in starbucks 
  127. Dance in a fountain 
  128. Try every flavour of vitamin water 
  129. Make jello shots 
  130. Try macarons 
  131. Try chocolate covered bacon 
  132. Try American food/drinks 
  133. Eat with chopsticks 
  134. Make smoothies 
  135. Try every Ben & Jerrts ice cream flavour 
  136. Go on a road trip 
  137. Have a dog for it’s entire life 
  138. Go mini - golfing 
  139. Have kids 
  140. Write something in we cement 
  141. Play messy twister 
  142. Participate in a charity events 
  143. Get married 
  144. Go bowling 
  145. Go paintballing 
  146. Order pizza 
  147. Swim in a baby pool full of ice 
  148. Crave a pumpkin 
  149. Learn how to bake 
  150. Have a pizza day 
  151. Make a pizza from scratch 
  152. Travel places 
  153. Have a picnic 
  154. Have a paint fight 
  155. Put soap into a fountain creating bubbles 
  156. Stomp grapes 
  157. Camp on the beach 
  158. Put glow sticks in a pool and go swimming 
  159. Learn origami 
  160. Jump into a pool of whipped cream 
  161. Put mud on me then get water over me 
  162. Teepee something 
  163. Invent a new pizza 
  164. Learn how to use a pogo stick 
  165. Make something out of playing cards 
  166. Disney song challenge - give 10 Disney movies and you have to remember the songs from the movies 
  167. Movie quote challenge - Give 25 movies and for each movie you have to give a quote in the accent of the actor who said it 
  168. M&M challenge 
  169. Try mikado, strawberry and cream 
  170. Explore a cave 
  171. Write a love not on the bathroom mirror 
  172. Create an ice - cream flavour 
  173. Bake cupcakes for my friends 
  174. Go to a cheesecake factory 
  175. Bake a kitkat cake 
  176. Own a minion toy 
  177. Make a snow angel 
  178. Plant a tree 
  179. Have a hippy day. No phones or electronics. Sleep outside and eat only organic food 
  180. Finger paint 
  181. Try long-boarding
  182. Have a girls night
  183. Throw a dart at a map and travel to that place wherever it lands 
  184. Ride in a red London bus
  185. Vist pixar studios
  186. Participate in a colour run
  187. Go on a date to the zoo
  188. Explore a castle
  189. Have a silly string fight
  190. Watch the fault in our stars
  191. Go to vidcon
  192. Blow bubbles inside a bubble
  193. Place flowers on peoples doorstep
  194. Make an oatmeal face mask
  195. Write a fan letter
  196. Eat dinner outside
  197. Learn how to shoot the cap off of a water bottle
  198. Make 3 kinds of lemonade (strawberry, lemon and raspberry)
  199. Potato printing
  200. Make chocolate covered strawberries
  201. Read the hinger games books
  202. Have a sandball fight
  203. catch a ladybug
  204. Make flower headbands
  205. Make flubber
  206. Play pin the tail on the donkey
  207. Put grapes in the sun and see if they turn into raisins
  208. Do a cartwheel
  209. Learn how to play piano
  210. Wear as many glow sticks as possible
  211. Make a tire swing
  212. Shower under a water fall
  213. Go to starbucks everyday for a week
  214. Take webcam pictures at the Apple store
  215. Feed the ducks
  216. Play frisbee
  217. Pick strawberries
  218. Hula hoop
  219. Go to the aquarium
  220. Write 5 (nice) letters and put them through peoples letterbox
  221. Scream at the top of your lungs
  222. Make a banner and hang it somewhere public
  223. Put random stickers on cars
  224. Hug a tree
  225. Write memories on a white top
  226. Connect a whole bunch a straws together, then drink a can from across the room 
  227. Hang our shoes on a telephone wires 
  228. Throw confetti onto cars from a bridge 
  229. Get a 'stay positive’ shirt 
  230. Attend a gay pride parade 
  231. Own a charm bracelet 
  232. Buy cinnamon candles 
  233. Try frozen watermelon 
  234. Draw funny faces on all eggs in my fridge
  235. Sandboarding
  236. Make little paper boats and float them somewhere outside
  237. Paint yourself
  238. Drink from a chocolate fountain
  239. Slide down grass in cardboard boxes
  240. Mikado & ice - cream in a jar
  241. Drink colourful cocktails
  242. Vodka soaked watermelon
  243. Buy a pair of white shoes and write on them everyday
  244. Randomly start dancing at random times
  245. Wear two different shoes for the whole day
  246. Catch a fish with our bare hands
  247. Do 200 sit ups
  248. Make pottery
  249. Do some science experiments
  250. Go on an ice - cream date
  251. Lean to knit
  252. Have a pillow fight
  253. Hold a butterfly in my hands
  254. See the big ben in London 
  255. Play catch with eggs
  256. Play real life fruit ninja 
  257. Watch the clouds 
  258. Watch a sunrise or sunset 
  259. Blow bubbles 
  260. Buy converses 
  261. Build a ship in a bottle
  262. Make rainbow fruit kebab
  263. Own a rainbow umbrella
  264. Make soap
  265. Become a nanny 
  266. Go fishing
  267. Try bubble tea
  268. Jump in a foam pit
  269. Get a teddy from an arcade machine
  270. Eat frozen yogurt 
  271. Make a olaf mug
  272. Eat a wonka chocolate bar 
  273. Go to harry potter world 
  274. Collect herbs 
  275. Burn sage 
  276. Dance in the rain 
  277. Learn sign language 
  278. Play tennis with apples 
  279. Start a fire without matches 
  280. Participate in a zombie walk 
  281. Learn how to juggle 
  282. Learn how to roller-skate 
  283. Go on a hike 
  284. Eat cookie dough 
  285. Read every novel written by Stephen king 
  286. Sit in a field of lavender
  287. Own a pair of doc martens 
  288. Be a gamer on Youtube! 
  289. Make a glow jar
  290. Watch baby turtles hatch 
  291. Make homemade jam 
  292. Own a pair of black milk leggings 
  293. Go to M&M world 
  294. Have a lord of the rings movie marathon 
  295. Make homemade yougurt 
  296. Go to a fireworks display 
  297. Be a vegeterian for one week 
  298. Do a mud run 
  299. Put handprints somewhere around your town with paint 
  300. Make a daisy chain crown 
  301. Play with sparklers 
  302. Start a wall collage 
  303. Buy a venus fly trap 
  304. Take old toilet paper rolls and cut out eyes in them then place glow sticks in them then place them in random bushes late at night and freak people out 
  305. Glitter balloons 
  306. Buy a polaroid camera
  307. Get a disney balloon
  308. Make a memory jar
  309. Cuddle by the fire
  310. Jump in a pile of leaves
  311. Go on a breakfast date
  312. Own a gameboy colour 
  313. Build a book fort 
  314. Own a snow globe
  315. Take a selfie with a cactus
  316. Walk bare foot through a forest 
  317. Own a pair of superhero underwear
  318. Eat an entire bottle of whipped cream in one sitting 
  319. Make a jar of lucky paper stars 
  320. Buy a new pair of uggs boots for winter 
  321. Try every lush bath bomb
  322. Remember to stop and smell the roses
  323. Go to aquarium
  324. Make a lava lamp 
  325. Make body butter
  326. Own a hunger games bracelet 
  327. Own combat boots
  328. Take a picture half over and half under water
  329. Make homemade candles
  330. Bake nutella cupcakes
  331. Cook everything in the unofficial Harry potter cookbook
  332. Help the environment
  333. Pull an all-nighter
  334. Shake a soldiers hand
  335. Eat at one of chef Gordon Ramsay restaurants
  336. Bake every single thing in a cookbook
  337. Collect Disney stuffed animals
  338. Go to a spa 
  339. Drink a Martini
  340. Vist the beach everyday for a week
  341. Bob for apples
  342. Go indoor rock climbing
  343. Have a glowstick fight
  344. Play in a giant ball pit
  345. Throw a bucket of water at someone
  346. Try eggnog
  347. Go to a forest in fall
  348. Collect train tickets
  349. Donate gifts to children in need
  350. Make someone less fortunate smile on christmas
  351. Go to the circus 
  352. Bottle feed a baby lion
  353. Catch every Pokemon
  354. Complete skyrim
  355. Spend a weekend in a hotel with someone I love
  356. Do a take what you need poster
  357. Hand out smiley faced balloons
  358. Get a henna tattoo
  359. Swim in jello
  360. Go eye bombing 
  361. Spend a whole week with my bestfriend
  362. Eat ice - cream out of a coconut 
  363. Throw a boomerang
  364. Prank call people
  365. Go on a shopping spree with my bestfriend
  366. Try oreo cake
  367. Make and try bacon pancakes
  368. Go fall candle shopping
  369. Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
  370. Ride the London eye
  371. Shower outside
  372. Dip dye my hair
  373. Go on a date
  374. Go to comic con
  375. Improve my flexibility
  376. Learn how to do a backflip
  377. Make a slip n' slide
  378. Shave my head for someone with cancer
  379. Take a photo at the perfect moment
  380. Kiss under mistletoe
  381. Learn how to pen spin
  382. Sleep in a car
  383. Sleep on a hammock
  384. Use glow paint
  385. Run for race for life
  386. Sleep in a teepee
  387. Vist Westminster Abby
  388. Own a sexy lace dress
  389. Write on a snowy car window
  390. Own a goldfish
  391. Breathe in helium, then walk up behind someone and say "follow the yellow brick road"

It Doesn't Mean Anything

JayTim week day one: Tattoo

(with beautiful art by the lovely @tanekore)



“Now, before you say anything, I want to put it on record that it was all Roy’s fault,” Jason mumbles into his coffee, not quite meeting Tim’s stare. The curtains over every window have been pulled back and the late morning light beams into the apartment, highlighting the dark bags under Jason’s eyes and his bare chest. Tim can’t look away from that chest.

“Jason, babe.” Tim leans his elbows hard on the kitchen table, rubs the stubble growing on his chin. “You are the Lord of the Idiots.”

Roy is the Lord of the Idiots. As I just put on record. Pay attention.”

“Roy isn’t the one with the Red Robin symbol tattooed on his chest.”

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awesomeeyeroll  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 5 people in your activity! xo

1) SuperHubs and the SuperKids

2) Costuming a new show

3) Icy cold, super bubbly diet coke that burns when it goes down

4) My bed

5) The color orange

and bonus #6) a community of FRIENDS where someone is always awake and ready to chat and make me laugh and feel better. I love you ladies.

Here you all go, a long chapter. Warnings: Smut.


It was now Wednesday, only a day apart but Rae could not wait to see Finn. She didn’t mind that he continually text and called; it was nice to feel wanted. Although most would feel suffocated; Rae didn’t. Rae loved and craved his attention, she could drown in it. It was the night of the boxing and Chloe had invited Rae round for pre-drinks. 

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anonymous asked:

Nat's the one who tracks Bucky down and convinces him to come home.

#Buckynat Week Prompt Meme 2015
A/N: It’s not exactly what you asked for but it’s late and AO3′s down and I’ve got tons of projects I need to look over tomorrow so I guess this is the best I could come up with?? Also, this got super long, which was unnecessary (and can you imagine that it’s supposed to be longer??). But I had fun imaging the scenarios, so I supposed it was okay :)

Summary: In which Natasha and Bucky are not cheesy rom-com plotlines where they keep exchanging notes with each other but it also kind of feel like it is. ―Natasha/Bucky. Post-CATWS.
Also: Posted on AO3.

Tracking a ghost is hard.

Natasha should know. She’s tried it once, remember? But then again that was 2009 and Steve Rogers was yet to discover and the Winter Soldier was a myth and there was no James “Bucky” Barnes―there was just a bullet wound, a shiny new scar. But it’s not 2009 anymore.

And she’s got Steve. And she’s got, she thinks, a friend. And you’d search a ghost for a friend. (Right?) Except she’s never really expect to find him, but she’s there somewhere in Canada (can you believe it? Of all places? Canada.) and it’s drizzling a bit but she’s got a new pair of warm boots that she bought with her own money (that Maria helped transit out before the government takes everything out of SHIELD) and he’s there. Like actually there.

Just sitting there, right now, just across the street, kind of staring at his coffee or tea or whatever that he buys but never drinks; looking rugged and lost in a worn cap and hoodie (that he never looks comfortable in) with a glove that’s a little too big for his metal fingers.

She makes it obvious. She wants him to know that she’s there. And of course he does. But he’s good at playing pretence. Excellent at it, actually. But she’s not bad. 

And so they act like he’s never tried to kill her like, thrice before, and she acts like he’s not some wanted man that over twenty Intelligent Agencies around the world are looking for.

It works out well for a while.

Until one day he leaves a bright neon pink post-it notes in front of her motel door with a scratchy strings of alphabets strewn together to form sentences that makes Pepper’s handwritings look like… well, like Barton’s handwritings. Yeah. He’s that good.

What can she say. She’s impressed.

The note says:

Go away.

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My baby did a Coca-cola spot.  Take a look!

My Review Of's INDIE 500 Review

    In the first sentence of’s review of INDIE 500, a reviewer who is associated with music review site writes abut how I criticize and then distance myself from celebrity straw men with the line “celebrities be making money on the powerless, their silence in the face of injustice is just cowardice.” He then goes on to suggest that I myself could be viewed as one of the these celebrities that I am critiquing because I “visit eateries with Anthony Bourdain, debate politics with Bill Maher and engage in public arguments like the one with Don Lemon.” As if to suggest I do these things strictly for celebrity currency and not on my own terms. What this reviewer fails to mention is that Bourdain had me on the last episode of No Reservations because it was set in Brooklyn, and I rep the borough well. I was invited to Bill Maher show not because I don’t speak up against injustice, but precisely because I do. I didn’t call Don Lemon out about CNN’s Ferguson coverage from CNN’s New York headquarters, I did it live from Ferguson Missouri. At night before the cameras showed up I got  chased by police carrying tear gas, I was face down with a rifle in my back, not in some truck safe with Don Lemon somewhere.
    What the reviewer fails to mention in the first paragraph alone give me reason to be suspicious of this review. I understand reviews must be concise but to say I can be viewed as a “celebrity straw man” and list things like my argument with Lemon as proof, but neglect to mention the argument took place in Ferguson, not in some cushy studio, is purposefully leaving out important context in an attempt to make a very weak point stronger. The reviewer clearly sees me as this “celebrity straw man” regardless of the reality the evidence suggests. This makes me realize this review will have some taint. The reviewer seems to think an artist cannot be as well known as I am and still completely connected to grassroots activism. He is incorrect. There are artists nowhere near as connected to grassroots organizing as I am, but who still use their voice for good. Does this make them disingenuous or “straw men?” I don’t agree with that.
    In the second paragraph of the review, the reviewer, Mosi Reeves, writes “the album title seems to be repurposed from the Indie 5000 parties that briefly flourished in 90’s New York during the Rawkus/Fondle Em years” and then writes “sadly” there are no appearances by Moodswingas or Juggaknots here.” First, no. While I appreciate this showing off of obscure hip hop scenester knowledge, this is incorrect, nor does it “seem” like that’s what we were trying to do. This sentence “seems’ to be here purely to show the reader how long the reviewer has been doing this for. Even though I’m a fan of MoodSwingers and Juggaknots, I also see no reason to be “sad” they are not on an album they clearly had nothing to do with, especially when you have folks like NIKO IS, Problem, Bad Lucc, Rapsody, GQ, Halo, MK Asante, Planet Asia, K’Valentine, Slug and Brother Ali all turning in what are in my opinion, stellar performances.
    I was pleased that Mosi Reeves recognized my commitment (his word) to culture and jessica Care moore’s powerful poem at the end of These Waters. After this, Mosi goes on to write how INDIE 500 “loses focus” but is not really able to articulate why he felt that way. His examples? He says Pay Ya Dues lacks “competitive tension, but is a nice display of the trio’s lyrical skills.” Well Mosi, that was the point of the song. Mosi then describes my “humble brags” on Lo -Fi as “perfunctory.” But again, he misses context. Taking the line “promoters will walk me right to a table and be like this is your spread” completely out of context to satisfy an indefensible point comes off as very insincere. For context, here is are the rest of the bars-

“Pull up to any club on a moped with some dirty ass Pro-Keds looking lo res
The bouncer be like go head
Promoters will walk me right to a table and be like this is your spread
surrounded by the dope and the coke heads burning candles at both ends”

    How is this a humble brag? It’s not. It’s a slightly self deprecating critique of the ridiculous pretentiousness of velvet rope club culture, not a brag about how I pop bottles in the club. Had the writer not lifted one bar out of context for the sake of turning in a quick review, he might have caught that. This illustrates a larger problem in blog reviews of art that people put their heart and soul into. Blogs are trying to keep the eyes, literally by the second. This means constant, non stop content and reviews of pieces of art that are lauded for being first, not fair. How could a writer, any writer, take in an album that took us a year or two to put together, in one day? One week? They couldn’t. So they rely on personal bias and past musical knowledge to fill in the blanks, which is where that whole “celebrity straw man” thing came from. They rush their reviews, so they make assumptions and write reviews that are factually incorrect. They take lyrics completely out of context and judge them for the world to see, all because they didn’t have the time to let the lyrics sink in. This makes it very ironic when Mosi writes that the “execution felt rushed” in terms of INDIE 500.
    Mosi writes “Kweli appears on all but 3 tracks yet the album sounds more like a compilation than a concise effort between him and 9th Wonder.” This sentence is one of my biggest issues with this review. This album was never supposed to be a “concise effort” between 9th and I. We’ve never said that, we never presented it as such. We ALWAYS said it was a compilation. So if it feels like a compilation to Mosi, then guess what, we did our job. Well. If Mosi was paying more attention to what people like 9th and I actually say and do, as opposed to what blogs say about us, then he would have caught that. If Mosi review is based on him thinking this album was something it never was, than his review is flawed and cannot be taken seriously.
    As if to drive home how little he knows about what he is actually listening to Mosi then writes that 9th doesn’t “experiment enough with his beats” as if 9th did every beat on this project, or was supposed to. He credits 9th for his work on Technicolor Easels and Understand, but never mentions that its not 9th but Khrysis who did those beats. If the reviewer can’t even be bothered to find out who did what beats, again, how can this review be taken seriously? Isn’t supposed to be the gold standard when it comes to reviews? But this misinformation is acceptable?
    Mosi says that “in spite of it’s flaws” there are two can’t miss moments on INDIE 500. But even in trying to give us props, he shows just how little he was paying attention to this album he was “reviewing.” He credits MK Asante with a speech given by 9th Wonder at the beginning of the song Bangers. MK and 9th sound nothing alike. He then credits me with a verse from MK Asante. MK and I sound nothing alike. That’s two mistakes on one song. Do your homework Mosi!
    In spite of his many flaws and factually incorrect info, Mosi does have some nice things to say about the album. He seems to be experienced and widely regarded as a competent journalist, which is why the many factual errors are surprising to me. These are not just circumstantial errors either, they are the kind of errors that would affect how you are listening. If you don’t know who you are listening to, which Mosi proves he doesn’t beat wise and lyric wise, then the scale you are judging by cannot be trusted. It seems that if a writer like Mosi Reeves actually had enough time to let this album sink in rather than having to rush a review, he would not make these mistakes. I cannot be mad at anyone’s opinion of my work. But when that opinion is informed by incorrect information, I become suspicious of it. I also think that if you are going to write a review for a platform as respected as, you should try your best to not have factual errors in your review, especially the type of errors that can taint your judgment.  It’s EXTREMELY unfair to the artists. Who edited this review? Do they not give a shit or are they just bad at their job? Clearly they don’t care about having accurate info on their site. But when it comes to accurate info about me and mines, I care.

That’s my review of that review. I give it a 3.6.