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It’s Been 5 Years Since Max B Got Sentenced To Life In Prison

5 years ago on this day, one of the most original rappers that had his own wave but was riding along Dipset/Byrdgang and penned down one of the biggest hits crew ever had, (yall remember  "We Fly High" by Jim Jones) received the verdict that said life in prison. He also served as a mentor to young French Montana in his rap beginnings, but his promising career came to a stop when he got arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault and murder. The story is Max B sent his girlfriend and stepbrother to a Holiday Inn to rob two men, something went wrong and one of them got murdered. On trail Gina Conway testified against Max B and he got sentenced to a 75 years in prison, despite claiming he is innocent.

The Free Max B movement is getting weaker by the minute, ‘cause when you are gone people forget you. Guilty or not let’s keep his name alive if for anything, for all the great music he had done. We found his discography for you if you ever wished to own it. 

Share a coke with Lucas

Dear Lucas,

Today has been a lazy day! mummy slept most of the day as she is still recovering from her c-section and i’ve been suffering with awful headaches ever since, you spent quality time with daddy on his first day off after going back to work thursday. I love watching you two together and spending time with you both, you are my world.

I’ve been lacking on the photo taking the past few days, but will be making sure i change that starting tomorrow. You’re growing so quickly and dramatically changing before our eyes and I would hate to look back and not have enough pictures. 

This picture was taken on friday, Mummy went to get a drink and cash from the shop and as she picked up her coke, she was shocked to find your name on it. COMPLETE COINCIDENCE. It was really cool and as i take the picture  of you next to it i realise just how little you really are.

Nearly bedtime little one, You’ve had your bath, cuddles, book, bottle (as i’m breastfeeding and bottle feeding) and got into your pajamas and now it’s nearly time to put you into bed with your lullabys as you fall into dreamland.
“Look out for our bedtime routine post coming up”

Love you to the moon and back
Mummy xxx